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Anyone handy with graphics work?

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Is anyone here handy with graphics work?

I have the Sky2 texture from Requiem, where I'd like to delete the buildings in the foreground, and change the texture to just an orange sky without the cityscape.

I do have Adobe Photoshop CS5, if anyone familiar with the program can recommend some appropriate tools for the job.

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Getting rid of those buildings would be tough, since they're really the majority of the picture. Might be better just to look for a different sky.

Since it's a 1024 px wide sky, it's probably doable to patch the orange sky from different patches into one 256x128 px sky, don't know how great that would look though.

Though, CS5 should have that "content-aware fill" tool, I think it's called that anyhow, it can do a lot of interesting things. It might be worth giving that a try. I don't have photoshop but here's a little tutorial that might help you: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/content-aware-fill-cs5/

edit: I'm getting some pretty good results with the GIMP version, Resynthesize. Let me know if you want me to work on it more.

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I will take it!

I was fiddling around with Adobe on my own end too, but it didn't quite turn as smooth as this one.

Thanks a ton:)))

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