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Yet another thread for debugging assistance

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I am creating a short wad of several levels. With the idea that each level is more detailed than the last. Already, I am having issues with map 4.

Map 4 is a weird temple-ish wad of caverns and the like that's supposed to be in the side of a mountain. Again, it's box-y square rooms since it's early on in the set, but there's detail there.

I have several switch activated doors opening up the moment that the player hits their 'use' key on the door instead of the corresponding switch that's half-way through the level, or the switch puzzle at the end of the map.

Several doors in the courtyard area are taking the ceiling texture as their door texture rather than using their allotted selected textures. Browsing the bugs, or known issues on the doom wiki for a little research hasn't given me the reasons as I couldn't find the issues.

Here's my wad as a dropbox download link, https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fjaqo1kwh9nqr0/SkyTemple.wad

Any assistance would be welcomed. I attempted to do my own videos explaining the bugs in detail, but my microphone seems to be busted.

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Kinda hard to understand what's the bug you're talking about when the whole map looks buggy due to missing textures.
You shouldn't have zero-tagged SR doors unless you're targeting zdoom-based ports.
Also I guess you shouldn't have doors with a sky ceiling I guess?

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Ok, tried it in GZDoom with plutonia iwad and yeah, I think the problem is that you use the F_SKY flat as a ceiling for these doors. That always looks wrong.

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