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Rick Clark, pimp of all things new and exciting, has created a phatdaddy rorDoom map. You wanna play it? Well be prepared for all sorts of true3D goodness. But please, keep your keyboard clean while playing the game. The name for this new map: Brickhouse. Go get it you lazy basrad!

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Guest Anonymous User

Heh, leave it to Rick to get the jump on RorDoom mapping. :-)

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Guest Levendis

Once again, Rick Clark shows himself to be on the forefront of everything by releasing a level that serves as both a proof-of-concept and a fun level in and of itself. It does not feature "plenty of room-over-room" as the text promises--just an upper story corridor--but it's quite sufficient. The level doesn't feel like a novelty--it feels just like Doom ought to feel. It's as if something has been missing from the game for a long time and is just now getting added.

I would like to add that, considering all the stuff we can do in separate ports, maybe now might be the time to consider one engine that we're all working off of. It would need the following features:
1. Removal of map limitations (duh)
2. Scripting (by which I mean both ACS for map effects and DDF for new item/thing effects).
3. An updated renderer. DoomGL renders levels as polygons--why can't this be done in software mode, like Descent and Quake?
4. Room-over-room.
5. Internet play. No, make that good internet play; Doomserv is somewhat lacking.
6. Better music and sound. I've been using tracked music (.mods, .s3ms, .its, etc.) in a bunch of levels I'm working on, and it's very hard to go back to "plain" midi :). 7. Ability to play all the Doom-derived games with one engine, dependant only on the IWADs you have.

With these changes what we will have is a VERY easy-to-edit, yet very powerful 3D engine capable of running Doom maps. I foresee a revival not just in Doom itself but in all the spinoffs and in editing in general. Given that the engine would be comparable to the newest ones (Q3A and UT), I wonder which will the fans pick?

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JHexen looks decent, though I can't run it :/ zDoom is my pick for that port :) (When Randy finishes Heretic and Hexen compatibility code ... )

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