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  1. If that's your in-game name I'm pretty sure we've been on the same team a couple times last night.
  2. Don't touch anything until the menu comes up.
  3. you should chill out too
  4. Executable's preloaded, lobby is up, no servers yet though.
  5. App in steam is now showing up as "Closed Alpha" with the white on black Doom logo.
  6. the dummy part at any rate
  7. just renewed last year it checks out
  8. Doomworld is sending out emails from the forum software now, so the most likely answer is that emails to you from DW are being blocked somewhere. Doomworld is being blocked by mail servers because's ip address is listed by various RBL lists. I'm shepherding the process of getting it delisted. This is the problem with virtual hosting, finite IPv4 allocation, and the ease of setting up spam servers etc. We're working on a general email solution (people who are listed as contacts for doomworld right now do not have working email, including ling) and I hope to have that ready soon (sooner than valve time soon).
  9. this is correct
  10. is $40/year on registration alone and the point right now is trying to be as lean as possible
  11. fyi that level of paranoia isn't healthy
  12. anybody who's on windows and is using something other than MSE is a fucking tool
  13. this is actually the right answer
  14. nah I did the math, we don't do more than 2.5 posts a second so we can store all of doomworld on the bitcoin blockchain
  15. now that i actually come to tell this story to someone else