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  1. For being the first person to ever make a forum and being one of the first ever members, my hats off to you. Hopefully you return but I highly doubt so considering its been about 9 years.

  2. covaro

    10 Years of Doom(world)

    And don't anyone ever forget that. :P -Cov
  3. covaro

    Not Dead, Just Sleeping

    Good god, I sure wasn't expecting this when I posted my thoughts on me little old blog. Basically what I was trying to say was that DW as we have known her is pretty much done. I never said anything of the community behind Doom itself. A community is its members, not the game they are centered around, the game is the community. The Doom community is a wonderful group of nutjobs, and will probably always exist, but look at it this way, DW the way she was when she was a newborn is no more. Will she continue on and rise from the ashes of her former self to become something different? Probably. And it was more of a prediciton than anything else. No reason for you guys to get all worked up. =P -Cov DW News Bitch v1.0
  4. covaro

    The /newstuff Chronicles #282

    Nice... I made the pic for the /newstuff article on the front page. Been to long since I had anything on the frontpage here. -Cov
  5. covaro

    Doom On DVD!!!

    Well screw it, I just went ahead and ordered my copy. *sighs* The things I do for this game. -Cov
  6. covaro

    Freedoom For Freedom!

    What you really should promise is to get version 1.0 out before machines will no longer run Doom. =D -Cov
  7. covaro

    Doom On GameCube Linux

    could be cause no one has a gamecube... or something like that. Damn flaimbate... oops. =D
  8. covaro

    iDoom 1.1 Released

    Check out the video of it playing on the Nano: http://www.acc.umu.se/~hyarion/highbw/iDoom_nano.mov And that's right, give me credit bitches. -Cov
  9. covaro

    Doom Movie Score Available

    NIN is played during the 3D FPS portion of the credits.
  10. covaro

    Doom Style FPS Video Circa 1996

    Um DUH... I've been using DW instead of Doomworld since we started this site as an abbreviation. What I meant was those ingrates were ignoring me. After everything I did for this site back in the day... you would think I deserve a little mention after coming out of hiding after 3+ years. -Cov
  11. covaro

    Doom Style FPS Video Circa 1996

    Again see: * Campy * $0 Budget * Crappy Sound FX =D And I wasn't the camera guy on that scene. Friend of mine. Besides it was supposed to be a battle. Also, that is just a small snippet of a much larger scene from the movie... so the music fits in better at the beginning of the scene. -Cov
  12. Well, since it seems that the news@dw.com addie doesn't work anymore, since they didn't bother posting this to the front page... I figured I'd offer up my "original" Doom Cam sequence from my 1996 10th Grade World History Project. It's campy, and we had a budget of $0, and the quality is horrid (damn tapes degrade), but it's kinda funny. Especially with the cheap gun sound fx we used. But hey, I beat the Doom movie to it by like 9.5 years! Anyway, for those who are interested, go download it... http://www.notmyblog.com/2005/10/28/the-original-fps-movie-sequence/ -Cov
  13. covaro

    Doom's #1

    Well hell, I'm sure the movie rights alone were upwards of $5 mil. John can buy quite a few new Ferrari's with that... although if I remember correctly hasn't Carmack gotten out of the car thing in favor of his aerospace project? -Cov
  14. covaro

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Goat had the shotgun. -Cov
  15. covaro

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Well since I went out and bothered to see the movie tonight I figured I'd throw in my two cents: http://www.notmyblog.com/2005/10/21/doom-the-movie/ I know, you guys never thought you would hear from me again did you? I'm just full of surprises. -Cov