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wtf is wrong here???

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ok i just want to know, is there a better way to edit .deh file's while not using DeHacked? ok know i kinda know how to use it but, what the hell is frames? and why does it have to be so complicated? i mean you got tons of editing stuff for everything else but just one .deh editor? can some one tell me what to do to make a monster use different weapons? like in twilight worrior. the imp shoots rockets. im not talking about puting in new sprites, i want the imp to realy shoot rockets!! and i dont like anything elese but zdoom and doom legacy. please no one tell me i need to use edge cus i aint abought to go into all them files. can someone HELP me!!??!!?? and is there a really good instruction manual for dehacked(not a help file. a kind of "user guid")

damn im angry

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Think about the .deh format. .deh... deh... Dehacked. It was MADE for Dehacked for use by Dehacked. Frames are the individual, well, frames of the monsters. Like the walking frames, the attack frames, etc etc. If you want the imp to shoto rockets you just open up http://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/codep.txt and see where to go. In this case, go to frame 454 and change the code pointer to 685.

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Guest c-d-w

Complicated? Dehacked?
If you read the documentation that comes in the archive, you should have no problem getting started.
Check cdrom.com in the pub/idgames/utils/exe_edit/patches directory for billions (approx.) of example .deh files.
Dehacked is a great program so don't shit on it, please! : )

As for .bex files, they are exactly the same as .deh files, except easier to read (and don't work with the dehacked interface):
So a .deh file contains this crap:

Pointer 10 (Frame 16)
Codep Frame = 1
Pointer 17 (Frame 30)
Codep Frame = 31
Pointer 41 (Frame 60)
Codep Frame = 84

Text 20 23
Picked up the armor.Armor Vest
Text 24 27
Picked up the MegaArmor!Combat Armor
Text 21 23
Picked up a stimpack.Stimpack

A .bex file would contain this:
Frame 16 = NULL
Frame 30 = Light2
Frame 60 = BFGsound
GOTARMOR = armor vest
GOTMEGA = combat vest
GOTSTIM = Stimpack

See? easier to read (but no interface...)
For all the info you need for DeHackEd, read the documentation in dhe31.zip,
For all the info you need for .bex files, go to www.teamtnt.com , and look for 'Boom' related documents (what .bex was made for).

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