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easter egg revealed on IGN

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Ok, let me complain: (oh, I love complaining!)

1) Why do they spoil this stuff? Easter eggs should be found by careful players, not spoiled to players before the game even got released. This is ridiculous! It's like if id Software told anyone that the final boss of Doom 2 is Romero's head before Doom 2 got released! Stupid!

2) Why this particular part of E1M2 is so bright? In original game it's very dark and with blinking lights. They should've kept the original look!

3) I watched the video at 360p60 (lowest quality) and it still kept buffering! This has nothing to do with my Internet speed, but it's because of the crappy video player.

4) IGN sucks.

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haha I agree! but they did say there would be one in each level to find...plus i turned away from the video when they say "ok, this is where we are going to show you this easter egg" so I would still have to look for it when i play. lol

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One thing's for sure, they're going to have to implement lighting if they intend to make full versions of these levels. Unless they want to completely ruin the key trap in E1M3.

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