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  1. snapshot

    Random Image Thread

  2. snapshot

    Doom 3 Fan-games?

    Chex Trek Beyond the Quest, Hexen Edge of Chaos, Quake: Shambler's Castle, Rivensin, The Dark mod, Grimm, Z-Hunter, HardQore, probably a few others I'm missing
  3. snapshot

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    not sure what will change with elon musk buying twitter other than no doubt a bunch of obnoxious people getting unbanned in the name of frEeZe PeAcH
  4. snapshot

    Random Image Thread

  5. snapshot

    Rub It in other peoples faces

    this thread: you asked for it lol
  6. snapshot

    Random Image Thread

  7. snapshot

    Elden Ring

    im a level 37 vagabond tank and still can't kill margit even with spirits and a cooperator cuz too stubborn to learn his attack patterns, but at least i can now go elsewhere and loot stuff and farm runes before confronting him again, lost count of how many bosses i killed so far, the golden warrior on the horse back, that one warrior in the cave near the beach, the big tree guy near that orange tree, the lion lizard looking guy in the very bottom of the map, that witch looking thing on a boat, and that dragon in the swamp area in the north west of the map, whatever it was called, actually feel like im cheating cause some of them let me fight while still on horse back, barely taking any hits. its freaking massive, opened a chest and was transported to a completely different area with a giant stone statue boss, used 2 keys near the starting area and died countless times to that giant spinning saw/blades thing before finally reaching a stake of marika and dying a couple more times to a dragom-like creature there, some giant crawling hand attacked me while i was killing the small ones, found some sort of underground mages library and got killed soon after taking the stairs cause some mages decided to spawn in behind me, a portal below a cliff that took me to a deserted area full of small creatures that can insta kill me in 1 hit. seen games that look worse, kinda has a stylized art style that makes it look like a painting sometimes, i don't mind it very much, wanted to go with samurai cause he looks so badass but everyone and their mothers kept shouting vagabond is best starter class so that's what i ended up choosing
  8. snapshot

    How smart are the demons?

    they can sense u punching the air, their intelligence level is beyond human comprehension
  9. snapshot

    Why Does It Feel Good To Kill In Video Games?

    spec ops the line had a story? all i remember of it is how godawful the cover controls were lmao, don't think i ever finished it
  10. snapshot

    Your pc Specs?

    msi b250m mortar intel core i5-6400 2.70 ghz x2 8gb 3000mhz corsair vengeance rgb pro zotac gaming geforce rtx 3060 x2 300GB toshiba hdds x1 240GB adata ssd plan to replace the motherboard and cpu but, not enough cash, stranger (at least not yet, working on it though)
  11. snapshot

    Sony is purchasing Bungie.

    bungo announces ps5 exlusive oni 2
  12. snapshot

    What is the difference between the types of likes?

    soulsphere is generic like/agree/ty/whatever megasphere is when soulsphere isn't enough partial invisibility looks like an eye so obviously for things that make you raise your eyebrows/grab your attention invincibility is el risitas laugh equivalent