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Trying to recall a VERY old DM bot mod

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Does anyone remember one of the early mods that featured bot DM support? It was before Boom, Legacy, and ZDoom. It was a standalone program I think that had modified monsters that attempted to act like players. I think it came with 5-7 maps and one of them was this sort of elongated star shape. 


The bots were ridiculously difficult - basically they had 100% accuracy. I want to say one of the default bot colors was grey? Did anyone else play this and remember how silly the bot aim was? I'm not positive but I think each one was assigned a weapon? 



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It's a long shot but you could be talking about something like http://www.geocities.ws/teeprint/dehacked.html


Mr.DooM Solo DM is a Computer DeathMatch patch for DOOM II which uses all of MrDooM30 Wad's 30 levels. There's also options to use Mrdsolo in a REAL deathmatch and to use other Pwads. I've playtested the REAL dm option and it's a blast. With all the action going on it's hard to tell which DooMer is real and which is a monster. Using other Pwads is also fun and you can imagine the unpredicable results with some of the wads out there


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