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  1. The DWmegawad Club plays: Hellbound

    Yes, Hellbound is amazing. I'll follow this thread.
  2. [ZDoom] Make Doom Great Again

    As a brazilian, I'm offended by this wad.
  3. I'am looking into some ideas for an egyptain themed map

    Deus Vult 2 map20
  4. Favorite movie quote?

    Chucky always have the best lines.
  5. Wads with realistic lighting?

    This one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziKutzI4uHg
  6. Best Doom Mappers?

    Romero, Daniel, Arch, skillsaw, the guy who made HellBound, the guy who made Phobos Revisited
  7. Why has no one made a fan made doom 64 sequel?

    How UDMF is harder than zdoom format?
  8. Is there a Doom 3 textures pack for Doom or Doom 2?

    Legacy of Suffering has some doom 3 textures.
  9. Why has no one made a fan made doom 64 sequel?

    Trust me, Zdoom colored lightning will look awful with Doom 64.
  10. Most recent movie you saw

    Pixote. Totally brutal and shocking. Actually tops City of God in the category awful stuff happening to poor kids.
  11. Why has no one made a fan made doom 64 sequel?

  12. D4D: Doom(4) for Doom [WIP]

    This is great. When people will start to convert the maps?
  13. What are your top 5 PWADs?

    NeoDoom, KDIZD, Hellbound, Deus Vult 2, LOS