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  1. Noiser

    ACE Engine - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    I'm seriously thinking of making something special for this. The engine looks incredilble!
  2. Try using -merge, instead of -file when loading your wad file. See if it works
  3. Noiser

    Duke Nukem Evercade Release

    Interesting, I like what they are doing with the Duke 1 and 2 remasters. Smooth framerate and parallax scrolling are nice additions that doesn't alter the artstyle or gameplay. A lot better than the Crystal Caves\Monster Bash remake imo.
  4. Noiser

    CHIVALRY (512x512 vanilla)

    Hey, this looks quite interesting! I will play it asap
  5. Noiser

    Adrian Carmack texture sketches

    Now that's what I call HD!
  6. Noiser

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    I still don't know if you tried with -nodeh Try this command line and see if it works: [SOURCE-PORT] -file [PWAD] D4V.wad -nodeh -deh D4V.deh [WEAPONS HERE] Example: crispy-doom -file SCYTHE.WAD D4V.WAD -nodeh -deh D4V.deh 2_MARKV.deh 3_REAPER.deh 7_GAUSS.deh
  7. I love most of "wolf3D clones". Wolf3D, Blake Stone, Corridor 7, Nitemare 3D. Each one have their own atributes and game ideas, besides they look pretty cute. It's a different kind of game, made for people who likes dungeon crawler exploration with a Gauntlet-style combat system. Even some of the fire mechanics are distinct (hitscan for example), so If you try to play them as it is Doom you will get frustrated. Rise of the Triad is a different case though. Despite using the Wolf3D engine, it's pretty clear they were trying to compete with Doom, so I always put it together with Doom clones. I think they succeded on create a unique experience at least. The huge variety in gimmicks compensates the limited layout of the levels in my opinion. There's also the inclusion of platforms which can be used to create "room over room" scenarios, something that would not be possible in Doom.
  8. Noiser

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    You just need to use the -nodeh parameter. You can find more info about it on the txt file.
  9. Noiser

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    *___* Geeeeeezzz!!!!
  10. Noiser

    Which games are you waiting for ?

    I want to buy a digital download of Alien Abduction - a brand new Atari 2600 game by the same author of H.E.R.O.
  11. Noiser

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    I can confirm that both Bolognese or Nash Gore works very well with D4V! Not sure about other mods though. Brutal Doom is obviously a no.
  12. Noiser

    2D peaks: Mario vs Sonic

    2D Sonic, 3D Mario
  13. Noiser

    That Damned Gate - DOOM II Vanilla Style Map

    GZDoom is not the best good choice for vanilla\limit-removing testing as it's too far away from the original engine. I recommend using Crispy Doom or prBoom on cl2 (for limit removing) or Chocolate Doom (for vanilla).
  14. Very interesting concept for a megawad, Erik Alm would be proud 8D