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  1. Noiser

    Your own "Lost Media"

    I have to say tho, I'm cringing hard with that tiny window record. I don't have any idea why I did this lol
  2. Noiser


    I'm a bit dissapointed as I found the "medieval" part of Doom Eternal the weakest and most generic of the game. But hey, who knows... I'm still curious to see what's gonna be. I would like to see a heretic\hexen crossover at least.
  3. Noiser

    Learning a new Language

    This forum has been a great place to learn and improve my english, so this place has been my main experience with the language. I'm here since 2015 :-)
  4. I need to give a shout out to E3M4 The House of Pain, the map have its own torture chambers (the crushers on the outside area and the inacessible room with hanging guys behind the window). Good stuff!
  5. You can't beat Lou Reed, that's factually correct!
  6. Noiser

    Doot Eternal Restrospective Video Series

    Great video! I'm glad by the inclusion of Talosion Incident, a very creative music set indeed
  7. Noiser

    WADs focused on 100% item completion

    Which is quite dumb btw, because there's nothing wrong about arrows in maps. But of course, this is one of those "genius" quotes from Civvie who got repeated ad nauseum for some reason
  8. I think it's important to not stereotype newer generations. All of us had our silly phases on the internet and that's definitely not exclusive to one group or another. I had tons of interesting conversations with gen z people - on the other hand, I can count on my hands the amount of people of my age who wasn't a cynical, ignorant a-hole. So there's that.
  9. Noiser

    WADs focused on 100% item completion

    That's not possible on vanilla or the majority of ports, as far as I know
  10. Which is a shame, definitely one of the coolest megawads of the last year! I think it deserved at least a brief mention as I missed it when I read the Cacowards. Well, it still a winner in my heart!
  11. That's a very nice color palette!
  12. Impressive map with detailed cityscapes!
  13. Noiser


    I love how you made your thread! And I'm very intriguing with the complevel 1 requirement *_*
  14. 200% of health for Lost Souls Weaker pistol 100% of damage for revenant missiles Arrow sectors on all levels
  15. Noiser

    how to stop decalcification as a femcel?

    This is the stupidest argument someone can make. An economic system exists by force, there's no choice here. Asking someone to not live in the capitalist system is the same as wishing him to die. And you don't have any right to ostracize anyone because of it. That said, OP: take care of your health and hygiene. There's no contradiction in going to medical institutes, because that's what we have. You need to go because negating it will be A LOT worse for you. It's a matter of survival, put that in your head.