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  1. Noiser

    why did doom avoid dithering?

    For the most part, dithering was used as a technique when you had to work with a very limited color palette - which is the case of the Sega Genesis, for example. Doom and other VGA games were considered more advanced in that regard, with a high-standard 256 palette. So dithering was not seen as a necessity the same way as before. Nowadays we see dithering and pixel graphics as an art-style (which is awesome btw) - but at the time it was more a matter of usefulness over aesthetical choices. Most of those checkered pixels would get blurred on a CRT-composite screen, showing solid colors on the screen or even creating a transparency effect with whatever was kept on the other side of the grid.
  2. Noiser

    Ultimate Doom Builder is not user-friendly.

    Try Doom Builder X. It have a cleaner interface and less buttons. Not the best option if want to make advanced UDMF maps - but it's great for learning the basics, imo. People have different opinions on that, but I recommend starting on Doom 2 format or Boom if you are still learning the essentials on level design. Of course, what works for me may not work for you.
  3. Noiser

    WADs/Mods far away from the Doom/FPS formula

    Other classics from the 00's: Ghoul's Forest 3 (horror), Action Doom 2 (beat n' up) and Foreverhood (adventure)
  4. Noiser

    WADs/Mods far away from the Doom/FPS formula

    Virus, a Descent-like standalone made for ZDoom in 2009 Operation Echo, a very impressive side-scrolling\platformer for GZDoom
  5. Noiser

    What country are you from?

    Brazil, São Paulo
  6. Noiser

    In defense of negative feedback (split derail)

    I'm glad you DM'ed him and admitted your overrraction. Criticism is important, even the harsh ones - but when you start calling someone else's work "a piece of trash", it's where you cross the line. It's not helpful or informative, just shitty. Keep in mind we are all here doing this stuff in our spare time, to have some fun.
  7. This is gigantic! Have to deal with DOS is a pain in the ass sometimes (especially the whole DeusF merging stuff). Having all of that on an easy interface is very useful for new modders. I recommend pinning this thread somehow.
  8. Noiser

    What're Your Favorite 90's Wads?

    Memento Mori 2, Dystopia 3, STRAIN, Hell Revealed, Perdition's Gate, the Inferno series.
  9. Slot: 06 Name: Crash N Burn Vertices: 64 Midi: Turbo by Mark Klem Difficulty Settings: Yes Co-op: Yes (not tested) DM: Yes (not tested) Tested on: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom Download link
  10. I would like to take map06, please :-)
  11. Take it with a grain of salt, but here's my impression on it: Each decade have a somewhat cultural zeitgeist, which includes a different approuch on art, aesthetics and narrative. The early 90's for example was very focused on vibrant and strong colours - probably reminiscent of the new wave\memphis-style that started on the 80's. Not only that, but also embraced the kitsch and the silly as part of their identity. On the late 90's, the dark\gritty took it's place in terms of visuals (Quake or Duke instead of Wolf 3D), but the craziness somewhat survived in one way or another. The 00's however was marked by a futuristic, sober and clean design - with plain or curvy aesthetics. In many cases, roman numbers was perceived as non-futuristic, too random or simply inadequated. However, these numbers kept their popularity on more historical or fantasy oriented games like RPGs or other media that represents an old time period. Here's an example of typographic styles from the 90's (Sonic CD) and from the 00's (Sonic Adventure 2): And here's a comparison between Ultimate Doom and Doom 3: Repare how the "goofy" skull cursor and the bright red letters got replaced with a minimal interface in Doom 3. Of course, that seems to be an overall tendency, not a set-in-stone group of rules - but you can still notice that pattern on other franchises and other types of media as well.
  12. Noiser

    Replacement for NOVERT - MMOUSE

    It melt my heart when I see people caring for DOS or DOS games at the point of creating new tools for it. Congrats!
  13. I was looking forward for this. Can't wait to try it out!
  14. Noiser

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Best of wishes Lee. You was part of my childhood, my teenage hero (as a musician) and now - as a full-grown man - you also inspire me with your bravery. Keep fighting the good fight, you will get better soon!