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  1. Noiser

    Is Plutonia fair?

    None of that happens on Plutonia iirc. All situations (or at least most of them) are manageable if you react quickly enough
  2. Noiser

    Galine - First single player map

    This is really impressive for a first map. It's very well made and fast-paced, I love it!
  3. Noiser

    What is the best idtech1 game?

    I like Hacx a lot. It's just not as influential as the other titles.
  4. Noiser

    What is the best idtech1 game?

    Gameplay: Plutonia Nostalgia: Doom\Heretic Visuals: Heretic Ambience: Doom 64 Capabilities: Strife Campaign: Heretic
  5. It's alright, thanks for understanding.
  6. Still would be a false claim. Even if I hadn't fixed them, these were very rare occurances. The first was shown on NUTS, which isn't a stable vanilla map by any means. Then pointed through the Vortex Rifle, a new feat that pushed the engine to the limit - it took less than three days to be fixed (thanks to Linguica who helped me through the entire process) and I posted some videos about it. You didn't make any effort to realize that before doing such a serious claim about my mod. It's fine, shit happens. But I had to answer because you're a respectable programmer and people would take your word for granted. That's all. You are right. I tried to not make a shitstorm, but it matters for me when people think I'm misleading them. I'm chill though and will not derange the thread any further (I apologize for that).
  7. No, not at all. The most stable way to play D4V is on vanilla. It never crashed on me after all these days of playtesting, except on situations that would also occur without the mod. Crashes happens almost as you might expect from vanilla. I also fixed the intercept overflow issues on v2.2. Of course there will be nuances and differences and I'm prone to improve the compatibility of my mod. But with all due respect, saying it is "extremely crash prone in vanilla" is just ridiculous and false.
  8. Noiser

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8

    Oh yea, I think that's it. If the deh file is inside another folder, you should put the path as you did with the wad
  9. Noiser

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8

    Yes, technically it's pretty easy to make it. The problem is a specific codepointer on the HAR responsible to control some sound effects. For some reason, this action is not allowing the weapon to refire with accuracy. I agree it would be pretty cool to make that happen and maybe I can find a way to solve it in the future. I have good news thought: I was able to make the weapon a bit more stronger. It will be updated on the next release. Also thanks a lot @HorrorMovieGuy and @Grizzly, I will check your files pretty soon and give you an answer! This is very weird... Yes, it happens when the deh was not loaded or when it's conflicting with other dehacked files. @The Civ, can you show me the lines you're using on your bat file? Hi, did you tried to use the -nodeh parameter? D64D2 have his own dehacked file that will cause some conflicts with mine. This mapset in specific also uses some dehacked tricks on their levels, so I recommend to load the map07fix with it.
  10. Noiser

    What level editor should I use?

    I recommend the Doom Builder X, probably the best editor I ever used
  11. The most important is having fun, but be aware that freelook on non-zdoom maps will mostly break some intended combat scenarios and make it a lot easier, unless the author say otherwise. It's up to you playing the way it was intended or not.
  12. Noiser

    Weird glitch with vanilla textures

    One adendum about to the music size: The MIDI limit actually is more or less around 96kb. 64kb refers to the MUS file, which have a smaller size. Any music is automatically converted by the Doom engine from MIDI to MUS. EDIT: I got ninja'd by Diaboluci├│n lol Hey @ArgentFrequencies! You can see some important limits for vanilla mapping on the VisplaneExplorer or Chocorenderlimits (Visplane and Drawsegs are the most common) but you can have a better coverage of other engine limits here: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Static_limits
  13. Here it is! I was able to add a few branches, some new encounters or different routes to these maps. Also they are better texturized and uses some textures from the patch. They are also significantly harder. Title: The Passage EPISODE 1 Music by Psyrus´╗┐ The map can now be traversed from the other side if you choose an specific route. I tried to improve the flow and the left passway is better detailed. Title: Nemesis (I changed the name) EPISODE 3 Music by Ribbiks I was able to add a new area to this map after separating the music from the wad. I put it on slot 21 because of the sky, but I don't have any preference other than being on E3. Btw, this map was called Knightmare before, can you change it to Nemesis? DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mvcr9rhkwnh0bl/64k_noiser_updated.rar?dl=1