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  1. spacelion88

    A left 4 dead render

    If you still have the photoshop edit file you should put some demons creeping up behind them, like imps as they appeared on the original doom cover.
  2. spacelion88

    custom doom drawing

    I loved Doom 3 lots but I think that demon you have there would make a much cooler hellknight.
  3. spacelion88

    XWE Tutorials

    Alright! Excellent! Thanks so much for your help!
  4. spacelion88

    how to create your own weapon/item/monster

    OK that makes a lot more sense now thank you very much! I knew you had to write the DECORATE file I just thought it was something you had to download and add to the XWE program like adding the node-builders to DoomBuilder.
  5. spacelion88

    XWE Tutorials

    Yes, DaMan that's exactly where it took me. I installed that.
  6. spacelion88

    XWE Tutorials

    I am just now using XWE for the first time and on Windows Vista the help file is not readable. I was given a link to a plugin which I downloaded and it didn't help at all. Does anyone know if the help file can be downloaded maybe as a PDF somewhere else, like the Doombuilder manual is?
  7. spacelion88

    how to create your own weapon/item/monster

    I followed Pure Hellspawn's link to ZDoom Wiki but where exactly do you download DECORATE?