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  1. spacelion88

    Xerxesia - Derailed in 3 Posts

    literally none of those ports worked for me, i tried downloading each one and they gave me different errors when i tried to open them I'm not sure why but i have unique computer problems I Guess, things tend to not work for no reason, and no one ever can figure out why in any forums, (for instance XNALaraXPS never opens anymore, with no error message, and Slade now has a green flickering blurriness in the preview window, as well as other apps flickering green,) Zandronum, Edge & Brutal Doom also are always glitchy AF & half the stuff in them doesn't work right. GZDoom is pretty perfect, it's simple, clean, yet luxurious in its potential. And if GZDoom gets too esoteric for older computers you can just use an older version, I mean to show respect to your wad but I figured why not try it in GZDoom? The rifle doesn't fire right away, so I opened it in Slade to see if there was some simple fix like cancelling out some text in the dehacked or making a simple decorate, but no luck there lol.. wondering if you could make a simple zdoom version? I'm not really sure why there's still a lot of people supporting other ports that don't seem to do as much & have more technical issues. When it comes to social media platforms a lot of people are struggling to spread out users among new platforms, getting away from the mainstream monopolies, but in the doom world there's no predatory profit involved so I don't see the harm in just using the one big best port all the time. Decentralization is definitely very important but I dunno am I guilty for just using GZDoom all the time? So many mods I download they tell you "USE THIS PORT NOT GZDOOM or ELSE" & I'm like "oh well" and I end up tweaking them so they work in GZDoom anyway or they just go in storage. but maybe don't mind me, I have a lot of problems no one else has lolololol
  2. sorry i haven't logged in in a while, animation takes many hours out of the day! gotta focus hah ;) haven't had time for social media/doom mods, currently working on a sequel to "Infinite Wilderness," as well as a pumpkin-themed mod

  3. spacelion88

    Star Haven pk3 - not your typical doom mod

    That is weird I changed it like 3 times already Well ok see if it works nowupdated??
  4. spacelion88

    Star Haven pk3 - not your typical doom mod

    Haha awesome profile picture, a stoned baron, now I've seen everything 🤣
  5. spacelion88

    Star Haven pk3 - not your typical doom mod

    google drive Sorry moddb is being weird lately
  6. Star Haven is a pk3 mod for GZDoom compatible with any map pack, iwad, and including 5 new levels so far in their own episode. moddb download link google drive It is a trippy bizarre cartoon TC that aims to give players a whacky yet spiritually healing fantasy festival adventure with uplifting vibes and a silly flashy theme. The new episodes I made for this are way too easy right now, I have to improve them, but have had limited time for testing. gameplay trailer The theme/ story is that you play as a light worker tasked with healing the spiritually insane creatures of the purgatorial spirit wilderness between worlds. You help them regain their humanity by throwing illumination magic at them. See more in readme / descriptions on moddb. Be warned this is not your typical doom wad, it is light hearted & silly, lacking brutal violence & stuff like that. it is silly and cartoonish & may make you uncomfortable if you're in the mood for ketchup gibs & death metal lol.
  7. spacelion88

    I like Freedom a lot!!

    yeah I've heard people complaining about that a bit. Well I will say I'm not too crazy about the Arachnotron replacement. Looks like a mutated flounder in a hammock hahah Gotta love the flying enemies though. I'm sorry I forget what they're called but the PainElemental, Cacodemon & FlyingSkull enemies are pretty fantastic EDIT: just checked manual Trilobite, Summoner & Deadflare. COOL MONSTERS! Also that DarkSoldier's pretty badass too. (Revenant replacement)
  8. spacelion88

    I like Freedom a lot!!

    I just recently found out Freedom wads existed I have legally owned the original Doom wads since like 2005 but I love that so many people cared to make a project that was freely available for those with no moneys. The monsters are awesome and I actually like the overall theme and the music a lot more than the original Doom concept. Freedoom 2 has GREAT music!! , especially the 1st map, Astronomy Complex and Data Center those are my favorites Just a shoutout big thanks to all who worked on the Freedoom stuff so far. Excellent work I think
  9. spacelion88

    Two Lion related Doom mods

    These are two whacky cartoonish comic style Lion-related mods I've been working on. I have hand drawn some new enemy and character sprites, and sprinkled friendly NPC civilians who just sort of roam around the maps. There are 5 new maps in each pk3, but the 4th map is the same in both of them. I have set these so that you can play the default maps on your iwad if you want to (Hell on Earth, E1M1, etc, and there are a few Doom2 maps converted to UDMF format for colored lighting just for fun.) 1st is called "Lion Power," with a new age Spyro the Dragon vibe to it. You play as Winston a small yellow lionman who defends his city from giant viruses and other monsters. Lion Power.pk3 download it here : <a href="https://www.moddb.com/mods/lion-power-2020/downloads/lionpower" title="Download LionPower - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="https://button.moddb.com/download/medium/190915.png" alt="LionPower" /></a> The 2nd project is called "Infinite Wilderness," a more Teen-rated type mod but still pretty whacky and cartoonish, where you play as Arrould the Yellow Lion Warrior who dual wields two pistol grip shotguns I am drawing new monster and character sprites. Hellknights and Barons of Hell are replaced with evil Hell Clowns. There are new whacky bizarre sprites for Arachnotron, Pinkie Demon, and SickImps. Infinite Wilderness.pk3 <a href="https://www.moddb.com/mods/infinite-wilderness/downloads/infinite-wilderness-update" title="Download Infinite Wilderness update - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="https://button.moddb.com/download/medium/191246.png" alt="Infinite Wilderness update" /></a> These have been tested using Zandronum but I'm sure they work with GZDoom. Be warned there is a lack of horror theme or gore in these mods. I'm not really feeling the vibe lately with all that, --not that there's anything wrong with horror and gore! nothing at all I'm just in the mood for something lighter is all Hoping these are enjoyable! any questions or comments you can email me spacelion88@gmail.com here is my instagram : https://www.instagram.com/brianleostar/
  10. spacelion88

    Do you like putting background music while playing doom?

    uplifting trance or Tchaikovsky for me when i play Doom
  11. Doomguy doesn't eat food, he subsists from cosmic prana
  12. spacelion88

    No Hands!

    1st of all this is a template for anyone who wants to make new player characters with new gun-hand-graphics, many thanks to Kilkakon for doing that work for us! Also , as a fan of Timesplitters I do kinda like seeing a floating gun with no hands sometimes lol, but anyway nice upload thanks!
  13. spacelion88


    mild FAIL what's the point of this? Lol there's 20 seconds of my life I won't get back
  14. spacelion88

    cattle mutilatiuon

    worst doom file of any kind to ever be released anywhere it's not even funny at all, there's no alpha on the image so expect to see big white squares everywhere. your mod is bad and you should feel bad
  15. spacelion88

    Final Fantasy Doom (version 2)

    It's not Eviternity but who cares? I like it a lot. Always nice to see some variety in Doom mods with new / different graphics & sounds. The sprites & textures are pretty decent. Dunno why this is getting some harsh reviews here. I have played some hella shitty mods and this ain't one of those for sure. Fun to play through, interesting , colorful, different. I like XD