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  1. i like your profile pic!

  2. Wow that was an outstanding map! I love the flow and monster count. Good job :D
  3. <a href="https://www.moddb.com/mods/star-haven-getting-high-in-the-afterlife/downloads/s-t-a-r-haven-ghia" title="Download S T A R Haven GHIA - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="https://button.moddb.com/download/medium/250923.png" alt="S T A R Haven GHIA" /></a> https://www.moddb.com/mods/star-haven-getting-high-in-the-afterlife/downloads/s-t-a-r-haven-ghia#downloadsform How to play this: 1) drag the file "S_T_A_R__GHIA.pk3" over gzdoom.exe 2) select freedoom2 as the iwad (included in this download) ( you can use any iwad you want but the new maps ONLY work with Freedoom2.wad.) basic gist: - "Star Haven" is about performing Energy Healing on spiritual dimensions. - You use light weapons to calm down frantic thought-forms. - This is a single player experience only for right now and I have only tested it on GZDoom so far. some things you should know about this Doom mod : So for those who may not be familiar with this project, the "Star Haven" doom mod (based on the web comic), is intended to play like a total conversion, where all the weapons, enemies and powerups line up exactly with vanilla Doom (Even though this mod is far from Vanilla compatible in so many ways). The basic premise however is that you take on the role of a spiritual light worker transgressing various dimensions that are populated by workaholic souls who don't know how to relax. As a light worker, you have to blast wandering thought-forms with mental clarity energy that forces them to take a step back and take a nap and re-assess the situation. "Star Haven" is designed so you can replay old Doom wads you're familiar with, but with a completely different theme. You could say it's possibly similar to "Gloombusters" but with more of a spiritual/fantasy setting and more humanoid looking characters. You're basically exploring the spiritual realms of some of the physical locations where bloody battles took place between man and demon. However, although I love playing tons of Doom maps with this Star Haven "overlay,", there might be problems for some people. First of all there's a dancing mushroom girlnamed Flayce who's tripping on shrooms and when you do that in Star Haven you change sizes randomly. Flayce's superpower in the comic is that she can hypnotize others if she's not attracted to them. But in this Doom mod her super power is to dance around in multiplied forms in order to energetically heal the environment. It may not look like it but she's doing wonders to distract some deranged creatures and clean up some dirty energies! Flayce spawns around all the health bonuses, armor bonuses, and clips. She doesn't block projectiles or anything so it doesn't affect gameplay other than being in the way visually, which I like a lot, which is why i did it. But some people might not like that.. I first replaced the Candelabras with Flayce dancing, and then I found out that I liked having tons of Flayces dancing wildly around all the maps on mushrooms. It makes me very happy when I play this now. ...but some people may not like it. Fair warning. -The Blur Artifacts have all been replaced with glistening mini-stars that serve no other purpose than to be visually dazzling and light the area. The reason for this is personal : I survived an abusive relationship with an ex-girlfriend who used to use the Blur Artifact in real life to sneak around the house and steal my stuff so she could pay for her blue jabs. That relationship lasted only 2 weeks, because I was waiting to see if Putin would comment out the code for the blur artifact to keep spawning in her house. kept spawning every morning and I never used them because I'm not dishonest. So she can live in her house with her blur artifacts I want no part of them right now. Too many bad memories lol. Anwyay here's info on the maps :
  4. spacelion88

    Some Dumb Map I Made (Now called Ground zero)

    simple yet sophisticated
  5. spacelion88

    I CHANGED NOTHING but suddenly getting error HELP

    AHHH!! i accidentally somehow copy + pasted "zcommon.acs" into my DECORATE. I was going back and forth between scripting & DECORATE. no idea how i did that but sorry & Thank you !
  6. spacelion88

    I CHANGED NOTHING but suddenly getting error HELP

    Doom Builder version Slade version 3.1.2, I am using these older versions because the new ones have issues, like green flickering screens, fuzziness, and weird errors, but these editors work great, never have any issues till just now!
  7. issue resolved sorry (kept getting error "Cannot find script lump "zcommon.acs") accidentally pasted that into a random DECORATE line, mybad
  8. spacelion88

    Ever wondered why there was grass in hell?

    anyone remember the PDA audio logs in Doom 3? some of the scientists mentioned that when in Hell they experienced tons more physical energy. "Life finds a way," and maybe grass has an easier time emerging in hell, you just don't see it as often cause of all the fire. But having grown up with PSX Doom as my introduction to the series, I remember there being that green-ish RRock19 flat replacing the floor7_1 in Doom 1 that covers some outdoor sectors, and those mountains certainly looked green too. I always use a doom.wad file that has that one flat changed replacing floor7_1 with rrock19, nothing else, as my default iwad. incidentally, this is also what my intermission screens look like :
  9. spacelion88

    how to type A_SetScale for Y & X ?

    Oh yes! you've helped me a great deal thankyou! ima noob that fixed it
  10. spacelion88

    how to type A_SetScale for Y & X ?

    hi every1, I am trying to make an enemy "Deflate" in its death sprite, so in decorate I was going to use the A_SetScale for each frame, looking at the wiki though: https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_SetScale A_SetScale (float scaleX [, float scaleY [, int pointer [, bool usezero]]]) i don't see example on how to type that so it doesn't get an error error_example___((((Expected '(' but got identifier 'scaleX' instead.)))) am I supposed to put a number in parantheses after scalex? like scaleX(0.5), and then a comma? i have very little coding experience except a bit of html & actionscript, so this is confusing basically i want to have this enemy set scale x and y separately so that the y scale gets shorter but the x stays the same, giving it a flattening deflating effect
  11. literally none of those ports worked for me, i tried downloading each one and they gave me different errors when i tried to open them I'm not sure why but i have unique computer problems I Guess, things tend to not work for no reason, and no one ever can figure out why in any forums, (for instance XNALaraXPS never opens anymore, with no error message, and Slade now has a green flickering blurriness in the preview window, as well as other apps flickering green,) Zandronum, Edge & Brutal Doom also are always glitchy AF & half the stuff in them doesn't work right. GZDoom is pretty perfect, it's simple, clean, yet luxurious in its potential. And if GZDoom gets too esoteric for older computers you can just use an older version, I mean to show respect to your wad but I figured why not try it in GZDoom? The rifle doesn't fire right away, so I opened it in Slade to see if there was some simple fix like cancelling out some text in the dehacked or making a simple decorate, but no luck there lol.. wondering if you could make a simple zdoom version? I'm not really sure why there's still a lot of people supporting other ports that don't seem to do as much & have more technical issues. When it comes to social media platforms a lot of people are struggling to spread out users among new platforms, getting away from the mainstream monopolies, but in the doom world there's no predatory profit involved so I don't see the harm in just using the one big best port all the time. Decentralization is definitely very important but I dunno am I guilty for just using GZDoom all the time? So many mods I download they tell you "USE THIS PORT NOT GZDOOM or ELSE" & I'm like "oh well" and I end up tweaking them so they work in GZDoom anyway or they just go in storage. but maybe don't mind me, I have a lot of problems no one else has lolololol
  12. spacelion88

    Star Haven pk3 - not your typical doom mod

    That is weird I changed it like 3 times already Well ok see if it works nowupdated??
  13. spacelion88

    Star Haven pk3 - not your typical doom mod

    Haha awesome profile picture, a stoned baron, now I've seen everything 🤣
  14. spacelion88

    Star Haven pk3 - not your typical doom mod

    google drive Sorry moddb is being weird lately
  15. Star Haven is a pk3 mod for GZDoom compatible with any map pack, iwad, and including 5 new levels so far in their own episode. moddb download link google drive It is a trippy bizarre cartoon TC that aims to give players a whacky yet spiritually healing fantasy festival adventure with uplifting vibes and a silly flashy theme. The new episodes I made for this are way too easy right now, I have to improve them, but have had limited time for testing. gameplay trailer The theme/ story is that you play as a light worker tasked with healing the spiritually insane creatures of the purgatorial spirit wilderness between worlds. You help them regain their humanity by throwing illumination magic at them. See more in readme / descriptions on moddb. Be warned this is not your typical doom wad, it is light hearted & silly, lacking brutal violence & stuff like that. it is silly and cartoonish & may make you uncomfortable if you're in the mood for ketchup gibs & death metal lol.