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  1. Does this count?
  2. If I've never played a level before, ITYTD or HNTR, depending on how hard I'm expecting it to be. If I've played a level a little before, HMP. If I've played through the level many times before (Say, the IWAD levels) UV, or HMP if I'm looking for an easier game. If I'm really bored and just want to see how long I'd survive, Nightmare.
  3. I played that, never really liked it myself. I used to have FFVII and FFVIII, but in actuality they were my mother's. I never really got anywhere in them at all, I was far more interested in driving games on the PS1 such as Gran Turismo as a kid. Then my mother sold them both. Recently I bought X-2 (It was dead cheap), V Advance and VI Advance (Both very cheap also), and re-bought X (Another one my mother had on the PS2 which she sold). I don't really play them as I suck at RPG games. Collection purposes only, really...
  4. Desktop: HP Pavillion a6000 AMD Athlon X2 Dual-core @ 2.4ghz 2GB DDR2 RAM 512MB ASUS Video card (Nvidia chipset) 160GB SATA DVD-RW drive 3 1/2" Floppy drive Windows Vista SP2 Netbook: ASUS Eee-PC R101 Intel Atom Single core @ 1.66ghz 1GB RAM 80GB HDD Windows XP SP3 I'm saving to build a new desktop now... Currently have £410 saved. Would be my first built computer so not sure what to actually get.
  5. Never been drunk in my life. I just don't drink.
  6. I've never made a deathmatch level in my life.
  7. Once I stopped hating and actually tried it, Ponies is probably the best thing to happen to me in 2011.
  8. Late for me (7:16am), but happy new year. I had work yesterday and have again today, so had a normal night's sleep. Waking up to see everyone's "drunken" Facebook statuses shows I haven't really missed anything anyway.
  9. Fuck that shit, I'mma fail like usual.
  10. Heh, I'm surrounded by people like that my age... ...I hate most of my generation.
  11. Some books I don't care about (One was about video games, and stated that the beserker pack was new to Doom II... I never trusted printed sources for video games). Some snack foods. Several wash kits. All of which could have been good money towards getting a new PC to replace the failing piece of crap I'm stuck with at the moment. WHICH IS WHAT I HAD ASKED FOR. Sigh.
  12. Dear god what have they done to pac-man.
  13. </thread>
  14. Alien Trilogy (I have the PS1 version, I believe it is also on PC) is quite a fun game, very Doom-esque. I also have this game on the Megadrive called "Battle Frenzy" (also known as "Bloodshot"), not bad graphics for the Megadrive, especially since it had no extra hardware in the cartridge like Virtua Racing did.
  15. A beserker packing man-and-a-half. Because someone already took Fluttershy.