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  1. niguel

    So THAT'S how conservatives form opinions

    and everyone who says that is also homosexual? honestly, you really think people who have strong statement and stand behind their words have somehow poor self confidence?
  2. niguel

    Microsoft have lost their minds

    you fucking geeks.
  3. niguel

    Anyone have Oblivion yet?

    ill try get it when i have the system that can run it. for my surprise ive read about lots of disappointments.
  4. the scene in men behind the sun where victim is put in a pressure chamber and his intestine bursts out of his asshole.
  5. niguel

    Doom tattoos

    those goat faces found in doom walls are awesome. the shitty US blackmetal band goatwhore uses one of them in their logo.
  6. niguel

    What game would you like to see get made?

    a new ultima game with old school 2d graphics.
  7. niguel

    Heavy Metal Suggestions

    definitely check out witchfinder general, pentagram, tank, tygers of pan tang, hell, manninya blade and even znöwhite
  8. niguel


    "WHAT SONG/MOVIE IS THIS"? now WHERE IS THIS QUOTE FROM? when google fails... these have been bothering me: -"i believe in hell so strong that if there wasnt one i'd ask god to start one" -"yes... i will soon be born... i'll kill you first"
  9. niguel

    shotgun guy picture

    worked when copy pasted on internet explorer... very nice zombie.
  10. niguel

    die jack thompson die!

    chat room roleplayers dont sleep?
  11. niguel

    shotgun guy picture

    regardless of copy pasting the link to the address bar i get linked to this same topic.
  12. niguel

    Quake 4 - Fun!!

    the strogg have to be my favorite video game enemies ever. btw, does this game take time in the same time as quake 2 since the lt says in the beginning that good news, some guy has got behind enemy lines and killed makron...
  13. niguel

    Doom 64 prototype scans?

    in those screenshots with the mist... is that monster a fucking gargantuan or just too close????
  14. niguel

    How do you unwind?

    rape my guitar or smash my drums, lift weights, porn, horror/gore movies, doom (although not much of that lately), injecting audial chaos to my ears, just being lazy...
  15. niguel

    Esselfortium's Doom Soundtrack Remastering Project

    these are fucking awesome... im downloading e1m8 atm... i remember i listened alot to sypult's remake of it before doom3 came out (or even before the pre-alpha) - that song went well with the zombie soldier concept art made by the guy from activision (?).