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  1. arrrgh

    Duke Nukem Forever - Release Date

    Has anyone else got the early access code for the demo?
  2. arrrgh

    Let there be cars

    Mine look kinda like unicorns.
  3. arrrgh

    Mocha Doom project page + Stark Engine

    Would it be possible for this to be ported to Android? Becuase that would be super neato.
  4. arrrgh

    TF2 Merchandise

    I wish there was an option to turn hats off because they look ugly as shit. Also some of the new unlocks do not fit the art style at all.
  5. arrrgh

    TF2 Merchandise

    Hats are stupid but the game is still fun, although some of the unlockable weapons are incredibly dumb
  6. What exactly was the point of campaigning against mercury-containing vaccines if he knew they were safe anyway
  7. arrrgh

    Toxic Compound

    Sweet, thanks for the demo gggmork! Updated link in the OP with the new version with all bugs (inluding BFG strafejump) fixed.
  8. arrrgh

    Toxic Compound

    Thanks for the feedback, I need to take a bit more time to stop stupid bugs like this from creeping in. 1. Should have picked up on this bug, I've had it happen in other maps before. Fixed. 2. It's surprising that this one didn't crop up in playtesting... Should've noticed this one in doom builder, though. fixed. 3. Argh, I didn't notice this one in playtesting, but I should really check these things more thoroughly in the editor. fixed. 4. Another silly mistake :( Fixed. 5. Yeah, it's just there as a decoration cause it looks cool and doesn't mess up the items percentage. 6. It was fine for me too in PrBoom+ but I shifted it a little just to be safe. Thanks for everyone's feedback, I glad you enjoyed the map! I've decided this map will be part of a 6-map wad I'm planning to make. Consider yourselves given an exclusive sneak peek of my project.
  9. arrrgh

    Toxic Compound

    Small bump, forgot to post screenshots in the OP.
  10. I haven't done anything in the way of Doom for quite a while, for one reason and another, but recently I got back into it and made a map. It's a techbase map, in a classic-ish style. It's pretty much done, but I'd like other people's opinion's on the balance and other pairs of eyes to spot any stupid mistakes or misalignments, before I upload this. Any feedback, as honest as you like would be great. Also, I'm no good at names so I called it "Toxic Compound." This is a stupid name and it needs a new one, so if any of you super creative geniuses could suggest one that would be lovely. http://www.mediafire.com/?v21eatos1dcffl7
  11. I found it extremely useful to play/look at the layout of IWAD levels that you like to see what design decisions, patterns, situations etc. makes them fun. Make small, simple maps and don't worry about detail, but do make sure that your textures are aligned and your architecture is neat. People tend not to be too fussed about detail as long as everything is neat and the map is fun to play, and detail is something to fret about after you have the basics of mapping down, not beforehand.
  12. The difference between 30 and 60 FPS is a big one, if the framerate is stable. A consistent 45FPS will seem much smoother than a framerate that wobbles inbetween 40 and 60FPS. If you play with a stable 35FPS, that will seem smooth after a while, as long as it's consistent. Granted, if you go back to a stable 60FPS after that, you will notice the difference immediately, but the point is that consistentcy is the important thing, unless you are always getting >60FPS, in which case you won't notice a huge difference unless it's fluctuating from 60 to 120 or something ridiculous like that.
  13. arrrgh

    Paying a team to create a mod. Is it practical?

    I think it would be more fair to charge per BSP node.
  14. arrrgh

    Favorite John Romero formspring Q/A

    The Valve Hammer editor allows for prefabs, for complex/repetitive objects and visgroups, so you can separate parts of your map and make them invisible in the editor so editing your map is neater and quicker. You can also cordon off a part of your map so you can compile and test it a bit at a time. I don't know about Doom 3, though. Do you still have to use GTKRadiant?