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  1. Has anyone attempted in a slaughtermap that has the most enemies in a map especially if you make it by the billions to even trillions or even septillion and octillion? Now do a UV Max with the shortest time then you're a true doomer..... (And the Last Map would have nonillion enemies would a thousand Icon of Sins generating google amount of enemies....)
  2. I have to say this is all ego and narcissism?
  3. So in conclusion, there are no actual leftists here, just a bunch of liberals using "muh shoehorn theories" and "why do you have to make everything political" despite everything is. Never mind.
  4. I wonder if there's any Leftist Doomers here? Especially I have yet to see jokewads lampooning the Alt-Reich, GamerGate, etc like having Pepe the Frog, Sargon of Akkad as bosses, etc especially in the era of Trump, we need such wads.
  5. For all Time and Eternity.... Basically Doom can be simply read off as a clever "Eternity in Hell" simulator due to the endless supply of wads available moreso than any game in existence and they're ever growing in a much faster rate ensuring that.
  6. You know the more wads and megawads you make, it's essentially Doomguy trapped in hell for all eternity four episodes or 32+ maps in a time which they have different settings but the outcomes are always the same, fighting against Demons who are 'tormenting' him in constant war or a one-man battle for all eternity (War is Hell...Get it?) eversince he 'died' all the way back in E1M8 at Phobos Anomaly of Knee Deep of the Dead. Get it?
  7. You know I was wondering if you could re add the Arch Vile since Aubrey Hudges released the sounds for them long ago.
  8. Dogs and other pets are notorious for unwanted responsibilities just like kids then again it's also the matter of fact that you made your bed and you have to lay on it due to the very decision of having a pet in the first place.
  9. Still miss the old Post Hell theme:
  10. There's no way anyone would pay money just for that.
  11. Well to tell you the truth, without Post Hell the novelty of this site now feels empty, like it's nothing special anymore. I think there has to be old archives surviving from Post Hell though for us to revisit.
  12. I notice that this forum finally upgraded but it seems Post Hell is gone, what happened to it?
  13. I notice that majority of maps created for Doom are mostly tech base levels which in my opinion are boring well maybe compared to City maps or even Hell maps due to the reason that they're not only abstract but also they inspire nothing and there's nothing interesting to look at with those maps no matter how detailed it is. I wonder if anyone here feels the same? Or rather what makes the map more interesting and what are the ingredients to mix it in? Well at least for me, what makes a map interesting is not only based on or resemble real locations, but also if they're also references to Horror/Sci-Fi movies not to mention Carnival/Amusement Park or Haunted Attraction style maps or maybe even a suburban neighborhood with a Autumn/Halloween feel (with Halloween decorations in most of the houses especially if some of them have home haunt attractions) would be far more interesting than a tech base level for at least in my opinion. For example, Bloody Pulp Fiction's "Nuthouse" and "Backlot" levels fit these criteria and I'm surprised no one has made Doom levels like those. Or another example of interesting maps would be surreal or bizarre maps like this or even ones like Beyond Reality or Engima 13 for example.
  14. If you're talking about me, then the reason why I'm doubting the whole "Technical limitation" argument because I haven't seen any hardcore physical proof since no one has ever done or tested out it before (Even though I doubt these tools to modify the game's scripts even exists at all) since I highly believe that these design decisions were entirely because of consoles (as far as the context of "Technical Limitations" goes) because if the game were for only PC, then the corpses would have most likely stayed. That's why someone needs to find a way to disable the corpse timer to see whose theory is correct and it's the only way to find out till we know the facts through solid proof/evidence since either one of us could be wrong you know.
  15. Has anyone after all this time figured out how to disabled them so the corpses stay?