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  1. I'm looking or I wonder if there's Megawads that exist that the first half first starts off with only the Doom 1 cast which the Doom 2 enemeis and the SSG don't show up until much later in the megawad? Although the only Megawad that fits this description so far appears to be Eviltech: Soul Of The Megawad although I wonder if there's others though...
  2. First of all does Knightrider post around here? Anyways for those who may already know, "Legend of the Black Sun" is a midi that plays in slaughtermaps like in New Gothic Movement and a few other maps which is one of the most longest midi track in existence which I've been wondering, what's the story behind that song and what does "Legend of the Black Sun" actually mean and more importantly, if the song had lyrics I wonder it'll look like? Also I wonder if that song that long is even performable at all?
  3. Or rather how many years until Doom hits public domain even though the source code was released long ago but imagine if video games like Doom hit public domain, imagine the possibilities... Or basically Freeware is public domain or is it different? Unfortunately, I don't think any of us will be alive once that happens.....
  4. I'm not so sure if this too much to ask for but what about "NSFW" versions of the Summoner and Widowmaker as in entirely naked like the rest of the Demons with visible nipples? Maybe even a Succubus, Lamia/Naga enemy like in Diablo?
  5. Jannak

    Synth Metal

    I've discovered this interesting music subgenre well mainly from "Masterboot Records" which defiantly sounds like Slaughtermap music. Not to mention he did some video game covers as well:
  6. Jannak

    Community Chest 64

    The Green Inferno Skybox and that Tower looks alot like Paul FĂ©val's Vampire City
  7. Jannak

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    You know, maybe perhaps Doomguy or the "Doomslayer" could still appear in this movie (like getting Kane Hodder to play the role...) or rather use this opportunity to present the Doomslayer as more of a villain or antagonist who is equivalent to a Jason Voorhees type slasher figure where there's no humanity behind that mask but a invisible force of nature ripping and tearing everything in it's path and should make sense that a movie such as this one should focus on the human characters to have them more relatable since there's nothing relatable about Doomguy or Doomslayer at all but other than a excuse for a FPS protagonist which maybe it should provide commentary of how much a monster they would actually appear from a outsiders perspective. Then again at the same time, I fear that this might be another missed opportunity but we'll see...
  8. Jannak

    PSX Sounds wad including Arch Vile?

    As in you're actually remaking the PSX Doom (and Final Doom) TC by re-adding the Arch Viles to them now sort of like a "Director's Cut" version? Also what about remaking or doing a update on the Lost Episodes by readding the Arch Vile to them as well? Meanwhile I've seen someone doing sprites of the Doom 64 Revenant it's only a matter of time that they'll also do sprites for the Arch Vile as well along with the Chaingunner (a proper one unlike the reskinned versions) and Spider Mastermind.
  9. Has anyone done a update to the PSX Sounds wad that includes the sounds for the Arch Vile that was released by Aubrey Hodges?
  10. Jannak

    Gameplay mod where you play as a Vampire?

    Plus Vampires in Pre-20th century works can walk in the sun but they were weakened by it and plus moonlight made them stronger or rather healed them too.
  11. While I didn't want to necro this thread I've found long ago but I also have similar ideas of a gameplay mod where you actually play as a Vampire or rather the blade/underworld style trenchcoat & katana and sawed off shotguns, drinking blood from a distance LoK style (using the blood sucking sounds from Blood Omen of course) and using your vampiric abilities (like turning into wolf, bats, mist) blood magic and sorcery pretty much not to mention having a Castlevania Dracula style "True Form" you transform into. While I know that Vampire related mods for Doom are rather lacking and of course the one I've linked to is probably the only known one which is probably isn't what I'm thinking of though since I'm imaging is a mod like DemonSteele where the gameplay is fast paced and you play as a Female Leather Jacket clad Vampire to a Selene Trenchcoat one which these Gothic punk aesthetics are inspired from White Wolf's World of Darkness games like Vampire: the Masquerade and such which I wonder if anyone here is interested making such a mod at all?
  12. Found this piece of worse than trash.... Looks like those tapes are now pissed off because we now use DVDs and Blueray. Anyone here still watches films on VCRs and plus is there any tape collectors here especially obscure crap that isn't even on DVD at all?
  13. Has anyone attempted in a slaughtermap that has the most enemies in a map especially if you make it by the billions to even trillions or even septillion and octillion? Now do a UV Max with the shortest time then you're a true doomer..... (And the Last Map would have nonillion enemies would a thousand Icon of Sins generating google amount of enemies....)
  14. I have to say this is all ego and narcissism?
  15. Jannak

    Leftist Doomers?

    So in conclusion, there are no actual leftists here, just a bunch of liberals using "muh shoehorn theories" and "why do you have to make everything political" despite everything is. Never mind.