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  1. Looks like the people behind "In Search of Darkness" are now making a documentary about FPS games Doom obviously included.
  2. Jannak

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    To be honest, I guess I'm the only one with the biggest grip about GZDoom or any source port with OpenGL settings is the sprite clipping issues.
  3. I'm pretty sure that the Kaiju Zombie was just a upscaled version of the normal Zombie since apparently they didn't have enough time to create new models so they first went with existing models to fill in the tight schedule but found that they didn't work so they scrapped them completely thus ending up with we got today.
  4. https://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3636234/quake-level-designer-sandy-petersen-reveals-scrapped-ideas-games-bosses/ For those who noticed that episodes 2 & 3 lacked bosses, well turns out they were cut content as I always suspected.
  5. Jannak

    A major crossover id game?

    Well more like I'm thinking less multiplayer focus but more like if all the id games was a extended universe like the DCU or Marvel and all the games take place in a single universe or rather multiverse. Like for example the Doomslayer visiting areas from Quake and Quake II fighting it's enemies there and such.
  6. Jannak


  7. Jannak

    A major crossover id game?

    What if they made a major crossover game that interconnects Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein into a single setting and you play as the Doomslayer?
  8. Due to the fact that almost everyone plays Doom with OpenGL or Vulkan settings these days if recent videos posted on Doom has any indication despite overlooking the major problems with them due to sprite clipping and such, does anyone still play Doom with software mode as it was originally 'intended' that is? I heard that John Carmack didn't like Doom in OpenGL and refused to release it or something which I wonder if has anything to do with the Sprite clipping?
  9. Eversince I've read this new article, I thought to myself that maybe there's a way to further preserve all this Doom user generated content history in physical format like in CDs and such? Like imagine if Megawads like Hell Revealed 1&2, Memento Mori, Requiem, Alien Vendetta, Eternal Doom, Scythe 1&2, etc got physical copies and I imagine what their CD covers would look like and especially ZDoom gameplay mods as well? Thing is I think that there needs to be some physical formats of these media stored in a library archive to ensure it's history doesn't get lost especially just in case something happens to the internet itself in the far future?
  10. I'm looking or I wonder if there's Megawads that exist that the first half first starts off with only the Doom 1 cast which the Doom 2 enemeis and the SSG don't show up until much later in the megawad? Although the only Megawad that fits this description so far appears to be Eviltech: Soul Of The Megawad although I wonder if there's others though...
  11. First of all does Knightrider post around here? Anyways for those who may already know, "Legend of the Black Sun" is a midi that plays in slaughtermaps like in New Gothic Movement and a few other maps which is one of the most longest midi track in existence which I've been wondering, what's the story behind that song and what does "Legend of the Black Sun" actually mean and more importantly, if the song had lyrics I wonder it'll look like? Also I wonder if that song that long is even performable at all?
  12. Or rather how many years until Doom hits public domain even though the source code was released long ago but imagine if video games like Doom hit public domain, imagine the possibilities... Or basically Freeware is public domain or is it different? Unfortunately, I don't think any of us will be alive once that happens.....
  13. I'm not so sure if this too much to ask for but what about "NSFW" versions of the Summoner and Widowmaker as in entirely naked like the rest of the Demons with visible nipples? Maybe even a Succubus, Lamia/Naga enemy like in Diablo?
  14. Jannak

    Synth Metal

    I've discovered this interesting music subgenre well mainly from "Masterboot Records" which defiantly sounds like Slaughtermap music. Not to mention he did some video game covers as well:
  15. Jannak

    Community Chest 64

    The Green Inferno Skybox and that Tower looks alot like Paul Féval's Vampire City