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  1. Last update to Rainbow Rage. For real this time.
  2. Progress is being made. I'm almost ready to start populating the map.
  3. Rorix

    Trigger ambush via linedef when returning to area?

    You can use "setlinespecial" to do it. You can also use a variable to have the ambush activate after certain conditions are met: { if (trap == 1) { ambush } } it's even possible to do in vanilla doom using dummy sectors.
  4. I wouldn't mind doing giving it a shot. 5 weeks should be more than enough time.
  5. I made some minor adjustments to map09, and uploaded it to the drive folder. I added a few extra rockets, and teleporters to escape the pit in the rocket launcher room. I know that the original map's acid is a death trap, but not everyone is as familiar with the original maps as I am. The exit switch displays the wrong texture, and I have no idea how to fix it. The editor displays the correct texture; it's supposed to be BROWN1 with a toggle switch on it. I could change it, but that's the texture I want. It's like the player is shutting down the map, and I like that idea.
  6. i really like the design and layouts of your maps,very dynamic

    there are only 2 wads on id games under your name and some DMP series  maps where to find all your maps?

    1. Rorix


      Thank you <3

      I have a few that I haven't released, and many unfinished. I don't actually release maps that often, but I did make a couple for the Underhalls and Doom2 minus Doom community projects.

  7. All done. I added difficulty settings and coop player starts. Tweaked things a bit according to Cutman's comments. For some reason, my sky windows are displaying HOMs.
  8. First draft of map09 is finished. Any and all criticism is helpful.
  9. Last update to Rainbow Rage. Honest. Also, the map format is limit removing.
  10. Progress is being made. Here's what I've got so far.
  11. The images were taken in GZdoom, because I can't find where Boom saved the damn things :/
  12. Basic version of map09 is done. It still needs secrets, detail, and populating, but I wanted to get some feedback on the map. I tried to make the texturing similar to the original maps; should it have more variety? Is the map "blended" enough, or are the different areas too distinct? Should it look more, or less, like the originals, or is it ok the way it is?
  13. @Johnny CrueltyProgress is slow, but steady. This project is more challenging than I expected. I intend to release the map once it's finished, but before I populate it, for others to critique.
  14. The floor raises, and even changes the effect like it's supposed to. But the floor texture doesn't change. Why isn't it working properly? EDIT: Solved. Fuck me, this game is particular sometimes. EDIT 2: As explained below, the floor texture that it will be changed to is the texture of the floor on the front side of the activation line; the sector that the line is "pointing" to in Doom Builder.
  15. So here's something strange. For some reason, after adding the Doom 1 texture pack as a resource, ASHWALL2 doesn't display when I test the map. Removing the texture pack solves the issue. Does anyone know what could be causing this? EDIT: Solved it by adding the Doom 1 textures unto the WAD manually using Slade.