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  1. xepop

    XDRE RNG question

    I'm still not sure what *exactly* you are asking about. So you are setting a range of tics and parameters for those and then check tic that checks for rng, run it, and after a while it returns with a negative result? If it isn't succesful with the parameters you gave it, then there is no solution for those parameters and you have to make other changes. Bruteforce is only a tool to help *some* tedious work. Btw, keep in mind that bruteforce, for now, leaves the demo "dirty" if no solution is found, so you have to reload the demo in complex cases. Make sure you are running latest xdre also as it was quite buggy for a long time. There probably aren't binaries though, as the author for some reason stopped providing them.
  2. xepop

    XDRE RNG question

    I have used merging extensively doing my built run (maybe someday it gets finished, being stuck on map29 for years.) You just try different things to get the correct rng and then add or remove tics on timescreen or intermission or whatever it's called, until it's original total tics mod 4 (or 2, can't remember which) to sync revenant rockets. Might be time consuming but it's just brainless mechanical work.
  3. xepop

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I don't have a proper solution yet. Currently my workaround of reordering thinkercap in the end of P_UnArchiveSpecials segfaults on some tics when loading. I don't know enough of doom's inner workings to say. I just hack it until it works for my needs.
  4. xepop

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Bug in save/loading routines: Order of thinkers in thinkercap is not preserved. This leads to possible desyncs as rng depends on them being in correct order.
  5. xepop

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    It is technically possible with the control api, though. Is that enough? :p
  6. xepop

    Glide Question

    This style comes from our coop-demo, if I'm not mistaken. You know, when all I got is an easy trick in map21 and I'm just waiting my partner stop sucking so much at this game (:D) to finally get there and then... my fingers stops cooperating failing me miserably at the fast glide, one may agree that something had to be done. The point being that this way of gliding is easy, reliable and because of the keyboard-mouse combo if I get through I already have a good amount of momentum and there seems to be less chance of accidentally "coming back" than in other slow styles. Also there's no need to disable autorunning since controlling speed is done with mouse and yet there's no need for vertical mouse. The awkward 90 degree turn is a small drawback and maybe it's a tad slow, I don't know. I'll just declare without proof that one can do instant glides (the guy slips through without slowdowns) in TAS (spoiler: map2 in 12s) Edit: I heard it's common knowledge already D: Edit2: I mean instant guideless glide ofc
  7. xepop

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    You can try my latest attempt at building something useful but I haven't tested boom formats: http://users.jyu.fi/~jomihaka/xdre/ Not exactly. And not anymore.
  8. xepop

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Andy & jongo: How do you define your "legal tas" rules? For example it is possible to turn while sr50 with -control parameter, but probably not without it.
  9. xepop

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    These demos from hock are not marked TAS: dv02n017 always sr50 dv02n019 always sr50 ks14o011 always sr50 pl03o102 always sr50 pl08o023 always sr50 pl09n040 turbo/tas pl09o044 always sr50 pl09o047 always sr50 pl19o016 always sr50 pl19o024 always sr50 ev17-007 turbo/tas
  10. I was thinking if he deliberately left longtics on. I thought it would be harder to do glides that way. Nice run for marathon though, especially doom1. Ribbiks: I think it's nice they show some tricks, even if they fail.
  11. xepop


    ~2000 national elo (~fide elo). I don't really have much energy to practice which means I'm always low on time. Still making stupid mistakes too and my thought process is nowhere near what it should be. Still, my goal is to get national master title before I turn 30 :D. The most satisfactory move I have made was 2 years ago in this position with white to move (black just played Nc6-d8): What was it?
  12. xepop

    New Partition 36 Album Released (aka, free music!)

    Pretty chill stuff, I like it. Midnight highway sounded a bit like C&C tracks. There's something in the intro track voice that irritates me, though, but I don't know how to express what it is D: Will be listening this for awhile.
  13. xepop

    Election 2012: Conservatards vs Librodouches

    Romney is completely out of touch with reality and allround asshole. I'm amazed there's even a contest. I mean, shouldn't there be a somekind of requirement of rationality for being a president. What the heck?
  14. xepop

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    I don't want to bump my thread so I came here to say that pl03 instant glide is pretty nice. I wonder if it matters what direction your gliding. I don't even remember all the combinations of glides and walless thingys and how they work on different directions D: P.S. The word "impossible" pisses some of us off, please refrain using it :p