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  1. In 90s (when I didn't know the monster names) I thought that imps are "monkeys", cacodemons are "dragon heads" and knights/barons are "rams" ("барон ада" = "баран ада").
  2. My Hellbound MAP14 NM100S time is actually 2:24. I mentioned that "2:30" as PAR :) Also, Rayzik's MAP27 Max record is 20:53.
  3. Some lucky Halloween sessions resulted in Nightmare runs through two grand cities: MAP14 NM100S in 2:24. MAP24 NM Speed in 1:56.
  4. My 150th demo, HR22 UV Max in 4:51 :) HR22-451.ZIP
  5. TheV1perK1ller's 7:47 UV Max for NDCP2 MAP14 requires NDCP2V2.
  6. Some recent fruits of humankind's progress: Jario's AV201513 -- a new pinnacle of his aggression mastery; Yousuf Anik's AR08-948 -- another outstandingly fast-paced long-distance maxrun; 4shockblast's QUAD1005 -- 900+ attempts resulted in a strong, daring, nearly perfectionistic de-monstr-ation. Gurlugon's ES32-257 -- so much faster than the C-N runs and Peo's TAS NM run; Ancalagon's SU05-545 -- for comparison, Okuplok had 16:28; KingMamba48's SU12N233 -- a state-of-the-art Nightmare speedrun by a very professional newcomer. Most existing NM records have gigantic percentages of room for improvement, but not this one (baring some new progression-wrecking tricks).
  7. Thanks for the cool comments! I have selected a different classic WAD for my 150th demo (coming sooner or later in my next Dooming year), but I can suggest some of Kimo's other maxes which shouldn't be too hard for other UAC Ultra fans to beat by more than a few seconds. For example, the MAP02 record can be upgraded with picking up more bullet boxes to use the chaingun where SG is slow/awkward, and UA08-918 is easily beatable with more aggressive rushing past enemies. Not to mention MAP10 which can go FAR under 10 minutes with a detailed plan of movement and BFG blast distribution (including Phml's tactics mentioned in Kimo's textfile). EDIT (September 18): Sorry for such a delay, I'm just starting to get enough free time for working on #150.
  8. Thanks for the idea! I chose beating Kimo's 5:30 for my 149th demo entry :) So, MAP03 UV Max in 3:59.
  9. When pulling off a challenging run, spending long time to get a single exit is fairly normal for me. For example, in early 2016 I tried to speed through Eternal MAP12 Nightmare with 100% secrets for 8 days (10-14 hours per day), which resulted in 6:53. That first exit satisfied me despite a few overcautious parts. What's odd is when improving a messy but relatively lucky first survival takes a lot of grind. Bringing my UDoom E4M8 UV-Fast close to 2:00 was no problem, but getting under 2 took me some months (on and off). 1:59 is a bit slow for my current taste, but still not bad. @PjSpartacus: good job with runs like AV04-416. As for lengthy planning/studying, I personally don't find it that tiresome. I'd better spend 5 months learning some deadly and tempting challenge with savegames and gradually working out a cool strategy which will allow me to reach a good time within maybe just 5-20 hours of optimizing my reflexes in actual demo attempts, rather than waste tons of months trying to blindly survive a nearly unfamiliar run (which was common for me 10 years ago). For instance, recording ET22S315 took me just one ultra-lazy session after about 10 weeks of nice routing. A hell of a lot of constant fails is not nearly as pleasant for me as a heaven of a lot of productive research work ;-)
  10. In late 2011, when working on A3D4-355 (my 99th released demo), I got 4:00.06 after just one day of recording sessions, but breaking that barrier took me almost a month of retrying the run and reworking the route. Demo is not as fast/clean as I would do in 2014-2016, but still one of my personal unforgettable victories.
  11. I wish DSDA would have a larger amount of speedy, hardcore, innovative NM100S runs through long crowded levels, like Ancalagon's Deus Vult MAP02 demo in 5:44. Now, DV02 NM100S in 3:29.
  12. I don't have THAT much practice with it to reliably increase my efficiency of optimization, as I'm used to comfortable automatic calculation of right moments and angles for "clean turns", and my turning reflexes continue progressing. But maybe someday the 180 turn feature will be useful for me in some special cases, like the exit switch in RQ09-4XX :)
  13. I always appreciate it when my records (especially the later, less cheap ones) get published on YouTube. Thanks for the inspiring comments, guys! As for that textfile, I personally don't consider ANY part of this unforgettable level to be bad (despite millions of natural annoyances during playing it at the fastest pace). The buggy nature of Doom's monster/weapon behavior is not Kim Malde's fault :)
  14. That was a cool surprise during my AV20 sessions, j4rio! Your 15:13 is certainly one of the most professionally done demos in Doom history. Now, MAP20 UV Max in 13:57.
  15. Thanks! I keep using the keyboard-only control, and my key configuration is close to standard. Implementing lots of Strafe50 helps me to optimize my movement (for example, my "above-normal" straferunning ratio in NS10-146 is 39%).