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  1. Great work, @Plut! And yes, 9:XX is humanly doable too. I was trying to reach the exit in some of the later years but got distracted by various other things.
  2. SAV88

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP24 Nightmare in 1:56. an24-156.zip
  3. SAV88

    NOVA III Demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP14 NM100S in 3:32. MAP17 NM100S in 1:40. n314s332.zip n317s140.zip
  4. SAV88

    Winter/Xmas Demos Month

    Akeldama MAP11 Pacifist in 3:16. ak11p316.zip
  5. SAV88

    Notable 2021 demos

    The last dooming year was extremely impressive, just like the one before it. Naming all the outstanding records of 2021 is no easy task, so I'll just add several mega‑skillful demos by a few more players who should not be overlooked: Flotsam MAP05 UV Max in 4:04 by @mhrz. Hellbound MAP14 UV Max in 8:47 by @NeilK. SkePLand MAP03 UV Max in 25:39 by @Plut. Bloodstain MAP07 UV Max in 3:39 by @sapphics. Resurgence MAP31 UV Max in 14:39 by @Tezur0. NOVA III MAP22 UV Max in 6:36 by @TheV1perK1ller. KINDa MAP26 UV Max in 9:48 by @Veinen. Memento Mori II MAP10 NM100S in 8:01 by @xit-vono.
  6. SAV88

    Community Chest Series Demos [-complevel 9]

    NM100S runs for two CC4 maps by @Phobus, 9 secrets per each. MAP03 in 2:20. MAP07 in 2:16. c403s220.zip c407s216.zip
  7. SAV88

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Anders Johnsen's 10:34 UV Max for Walkabout v2.0 misses one monster and two secret sectors. It gets 5/6 secrets, but the true maximum is 7/6 as shown in Kristian Ronge's nomo demo.
  8. SAV88

    Jenesis demos [-complevel 9]

    @numberjuan77, you accidentally included your MAP10 demo file instead.
  9. Good job to everyone! This event produced a bunch of impressive new records. I think a similar demo month (where you can choose records by other players for participants to beat) will be fascinating too.
  10. Here's my list in chronological order. The first 7 demos are too slow for my current standards, while the 3 priority bounties are newer, less cheap records. Memento Mori MAP22 NM100S in 3:51. Requiem MAP16 UV Max in 5:52. Realm of Chaos MAP18 UV Max in 6:36. Requiem MAP08 UV-Fast in 8:57. Memento Mori II MAP29 UV Max in 6:55. Requiem MAP15 UV Max in 7:55. Memento Mori II MAP09 NM100S in 5:50. *Hellbound MAP11 NM100S in 3:44. *Plutonia II MAP26 NM100S in 3:47. *Community Chest III MAP20 NM100S in 4:45. Plutonia MAP23 NM Speed in 1:33. pn23-133.zip
  11. SAV88

    Notable 2020 demos

    His DW name is @kmc, and I would also mention his Dark Covenant UV Speed in 37:18. It's not simply a movie run, it's a fast, brave speedrun through an action-packed 12-level wad. As for a personal pick, maybe it would be my demo from December 31, Akeldama MAP16 max. Well, I hate uploading times like 7:03 (might continue trying for sub-7 in the future), but this is probably my best-looking skill 4 demo ever (for now). Initially I only wanted about 7:45 (didn't think I can beat NumberJuan77's 10:06 by over 30%).
  12. SAV88

    Notable 2020 demos

    2020 was truly filled to the brim with state-of-the-art records. Some of the really memorable demos: Plutonia MAP32 -solo-net (loads of extra cybers) NM100S in 2:03 by @Red-XIII. Community Chest III MAP31 UV Max in 9:18 by @Aquasa. Hell Revealed MAP24 UV Max in 6:45 by @Vile. Hellbound MAP16 UV Max in 15:36 by @NeilK. Sunlust MAP13 UV Pacifist in 5:10 by @4shockblast. Reverie MAP08 UV Max in 13:53 by @lirui1001. Epic MAP05 UV Max in 12:21 by @Veinen. Ultimate Doom E3M4 UV Max in 3:33 by @Coincident. Doom II MAP23 UV Max in 1:38 by @Looper. Plutonia MAP25 UV Max in 3:10 by @NightTerror. Plutonia MAP30 UV Pacifist in 3:41 by @Pleymo. Plutonia II MAP23 UV Max in 8:05 by @blob1024. Nova III MAP11 UV Max in 6:46 by @TheV1perK1ller. Dimensions MAP32 UV Max in 8:46 by @Daerik. Akeldama MAP23 UV Max in 15:27 by @numberjuan77 (overall, there are many strong, fast-paced maxes in the table of my favorite 2020 wad).
  13. SAV88

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP16 UV Max in 7:03. ak16-703.zip
  14. MAP26 Nightmare in 4:02, 100% secrets. After the first 740 tries I discovered that it's more playable without BFG :) Kinda ugly time, but the demo itself doesn't look that bad. After pulling off 4:24 I just tried for 4:1X, so probably I won't consider this a failed 3:5X. h226s402.zip
  15. SAV88

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    My Moonblood runs, Roofi's max records for MAP03, MAP05, MAP14, MAP24, MAP27, MAP28, MAP29 and MAP32 of 180 Minutes Pour Vivre and also his MAP14 UV Speed and MAP28 NM Speed aren't uploaded yet (probably because we reformatted the attachment links).