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  1. Alfonzo

    DOOMKID.wad - 6 New Maps

    Hi yeah I'm sure these are okay. Where's the damaging floor appreciation fan club? Like where is it held? Can I EFTPOS at meetup or direct to bank transfer? Thanks, forums look great. See you in a few years.
  2. Alfonzo

    Doom Podcast - An Evening with Nirvana

    I felt very humbled to be offered a spot on your show, Nirvana, thanks! It's so great to know that there's talent out there in podcast land keeping people connected in this way and stimulating discussion. It really is invaluable. Some corrections to a few things I mentioned or failed to mention: I did provide MIDIs to Mutiny in the sense that I selected them for the soundtrack, but I didn't compose anything or even include any of my own stuff. I wasn't sure if there was any confusion here but just in case... @sgtcrispy lorded over the first iteration of Doom Radio. You can find those casts in the ancient history section of the (still maintained!) Doom Radio site: http://doomradio.org/series/old-doom-radio/. I'm a bit embarrassed that I forgot this essential piece of history at the time... but then I've forgotten a lot of things. You'll have to forgive me :) essel was the one who jokingly suggested Tango TV as a name for the show. I think she was at the very least surprised that it was actually selected and used. Gubble is the name of the game that Jimmy in particuar took inspiration from for Square's music. Keep on doing your thing! This is great. EDIT: Mandatory Xaser...
  3. Alfonzo

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    I'm so sorry, Sam. My sincere condolences. I can't claim to have known Megalyth all that well, but we exchanged quite a few stories and messages back in the day and would sometimes hit each other up for chats over Skype. This is about ten years ago, now. I still remember the first time we called each other to discuss something other than the game Doom... we spent an hour or two talking about some of the pie-in-the-sky activities we were hoping to do or thinking of doing in the future. I remember it well because it was when I was first finding my feet in the community and we were both getting caught up in the excitement of contributing to something "big", as things go here on Doomworld. Megalyth made me feel welcome, and, among all the names and aliases that I would come to know over the years, he remained one of the few that I actually spoke with... just for the sake of having a chat. Megalyth was an integral part of one of the most celebrated creations of this community in 2011/2012, Doom The Way id Did, and I would sometimes look to his works during development as we shared many similar goals... and also because he was doing a damn sight better job of meeting some of them than I was! There's a great deal to admire about his creative works. We also often played duels together and tested each other's stuff. He contributed one of the most regularly played duel maps during the development of a multiplayer level pack called CGI in 2015. This map — Pot City — is also his first credited work uploaded to the archives from way back in 2002. It's very silly, but we had a running gag for many years that we would some day together create a Scatman John sound replacement mod for the game. Something to the effect of hearing random "bee-bop!" and "skee-bap!" sounds every time you interacted with anything in the game world. I think we both knew it was more funny in theory than it would be in practice, so we were happy to leave it at that. And so we will. Rest in peace, buddy.
  4. Greetings, Doomworld. Are you ready to die? July, 2016: >>> Download Jenesis <<< Leaderboard # SURVIVED: Demon of the Well - My God, he talks the talk and walks the walk! A barnstorming performance on the 25th hour! Well played. # Map26: koren - Volunteered to take part in Hell's exciting new long distance cooking program. # Map26: Anima Zero - Didn't wake up early for the meteor shower. It was a blast! # Map24: ZeroMaster010 - Screwed over by a mancubus and his infinitely tall actor buddies. Only they're not acting, they're for real!! # Map22: Dime - Boned by the ghost of Rayziiksenpai and his baying Twitch associates. Suck it down. # Map20: Jimmy - Struck by the karma bus and the fourth cyber rocket. Where're your blue marbles now?? # Map20: WH-Wilou84 - Adulterated by a host of promiscuous hell knights; an ignoble undoing. # Map17: Rayzik - DEADLINED. # Map15: Veinen - Cornered by the Golden Army. Didn't play the part of Hellboy. # Map12: Ribbiks - Gave a spiderdemon the cold shoulder. Shoulder is now bullets. * = Ironman Hardcore; a permadeath run attempted in multiple sittings instead of one. ** = DNF; became stuck due to a map bug or elected not to finish. Streaming Schedule Post the time and channel at which you plan to stream and I'll link it here in the OP. Rake in an audience for your jaw-dropping, ball bustin' ironman run. Here's an easy-to-read time zone website for ease of planning: http://everytimezone.com 10th - EDT 19:00: Rayzik What is the Doomworld Ironman League? It can be hard to stay alive in today's wonderful world of PWADs... and it can be harder still to care that you don't. To use an analogy popularized by one of the more celebrated streamers on Doomworld, the prolificacy of the community encourages a more casual style of play wherein precise skills and awareness are surrendered in favour of blind luck and a really, really sweet digging action. It's the way of the modern player; die first, ask questions later. And why not? We're a community that makes maps about as often as we play the game we make them for, and we don't always have time to play a slow game and soak up the implications of every release. It's Fast Food Doom! Well, get ready to sit down for a proper meal, then. The Ironman League is here to change the way you play Doom, using the tried and tested method called fear of death. Each month, I'll update the thread with a new megawad/mapset and leaderboard; participants can submit proof of their performance in the form of a demo, video recording or stream highlight in a bid to become the longest-surviving doom marine for that month. That's the gist, folks! try not to die; see how far you get. Simple. Rules and compatability options The honour system is going to be brought into play, here, because not everyone is comfortable with streaming; demos will be accepted. I'll just have to trust you not to be so conniving! Here are the rules:
  5. @Bucket I like these updates and I've always been a big fan of your music. Just wanted to put that on the record! Have never tired of listening to the old versions of these on loop during testing and the changes you've made are pretty seamless and great. TyraNt's Tomb and TyphoN ex Tartaros in particular. Thanks!
  6. We ran the numbers. Turns out we needed the extra TNT to blow up your wrong opinion.
  7. *counts feverishly* 182nd post! props to all logged in trolls!
  8. Alfonzo

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    Yes, one of Doomworld's many secret curses is that even asking about there whereabouts of CC5 would cause TGH to delay its inception by a year or more. Just starting a CC5 project without his blessing... I shudder to think. It would probably delay the project so much it would loop back in time and bite us in the ass. Get ready for a most unwelcome groping.
  9. Alfonzo

    CONCEPT : Speedrun Focused Wad

    I'd like to see some speedy heavyweights weigh in on the viability of ideas like this. How many successful speedrunner-focused mapsets or games are there? My sense has always been that games in which broken, blithe or oblivious design allows for the discovery of routes and tricks are the ones that this corner of the community is most attracted to. Breaking your silly game is catnip, whereas baking tricks into the design of the map and then scrupulously testing it to modern standards so that there's no choice but to abide by the rules removes the discovery angle that helps to cultivate a healthy scene at the outset. The developers of Doom 2 The Way id Did were cognizant of the possibility of speedrunning, but the happy medium we discovered was our Leave It In™ policy—the agreement that we wouldn't remove most of the game-breaking shit we saw for the purposes of speedrunning instead of actively making technically demanding bits. That said I think it's an interesting idea! I just wonder the extent to which it would need to be a precise science, or if it even needs to be to compete with the most active arenas. As an experiment it could be neat.
  10. I swear to God if any of you swarming, nameless, ingrate weirdos profit off of making me undergo another fucking sex change you're going to foot the bill.
  11. Alfonzo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sawdust

    Hey neat, cool idea for a comp. alfnz_sawdust_ironman.zip Played horribly in and died on map04, category 1 (I've probably clevved around bits of this before but I remember absolutely nothing). Pinned by a few viles and arachs. Probably the most noteworthy thing to this playthrough other than getting torpedoed at the start of the map by a bomber (??) and dropped to 8 health was the pins and needles in my playing hand. Eventually it went dead and I was just kneading the mouse buttons like it was clay pottery class. Funny, I guess, but maybe I should get that checked out :)
  12. Alfonzo

    Egg Discussion #1: Scrambled eggs

    What I do is sometimes get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie/sausage roll.
  13. Alfonzo

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    I propose that all 2021 arguments nominated in the poll be manipulated by tactical sock-puppetry into heated debates about what Christian name best describes doomguy's face in the hud until this becomes the #1 issue communitywide. Because it's not Flynn. A Flynn wouldn't have a head like that. I reckon he's either an Ernest or a John. Could also be a Michael but I doubt the immaculate stoicism and jawline would have been able to take form after repeat utterances of the word 'Mike'. Huge issue, this. Totally unresolved. Let's put our heads together — aggressively and repeatedly — until all memory of Brutal Doom and difficulty level talk is disappeared under a towering waste paper basket of birth certificates and alphabetti spaghetti.
  14. Alfonzo

    Textures the Way Id Did?

    The team behind D2TWiD were, although the experiment lasted exactly one texture. I grew my curls out, captured some sexy shots, smashed my neck on the sidewalk for some gnarly scab graphics (jks), and after some sobering goes at the editor trying to get the unforgiving Doom pallet to agree with my pasty white skin, the world's greatest 256 x 104 tutti frutti Kevin Cloud imitation was born... ...But the world wasn't ready for BEARDLOW. It died in obscurity, and the disgrace from my failing was so powerful that it stunted my face follicles. I haven't been able grow a beard since 2013.
  15. @Doomkid These tracks weren't made with Doom 2 in mind, specifically. Parade was actually more a Duke 3D Lunar Apocalypse getup. That said... it could fit in a bunch of spots like 05, 06, 12, 13, 15, 21, 24, 25... I'd say 12 is the best option, in a pinch. Salon, though... is Sleazy Underhalls. If it's going to be used it doesn't have many other places to go.
  16. Evil on Parade.mid, from way back in 2016. En el Salón.mid Blues it up. Use minimalism. Keep it simple. Shred solos. Add salsa. Steal riffs from contemporary sources. Be a lawyer.
  17. If you panic when your back's against a wall and smash in IDCHOPPERS to save you I'm not going to cast dispersion, cheese or any other kind of comestible you can cut with a chainsaw. You're actually a champion of the game. More power to you.
  18. Alfonzo

    Keeping Maps Small

    Never make a level that lasts longer than the idea.
  19. Alfonzo

    How does one get good at Doom?

    Just dropping by to add again that yes, Doom was meant to be played with a mouse... ...A mechanical mouse! The dust and lint getting caught in the tracking ball and causing your marine to seize up or trip over is a feature of the game. Being a good Doom player is about keeping a cool head when you need to reach for the microfiber cloth in the middle of a firefight. Remember to pause the game or your marine will start pinwheeling like a ballet on a hardwood floor. Also what NIH said. Good post.
  20. "You take the blue pill... the similarities end, you wake up in TNT: Evilution and believe whatever you want to believe... You take the red pill, you stay in Plutonia and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes...:"
  21. Cannonball! I'm your biggest fan and I love your work. I wish I had something for you to autograph. Cannonballs are hard to come by. Maybe a black bowling ball?
  22. Alfonzo

    MIDI Originals [09/06/2023]

    Exceptional work here, Psyrus. I should have commented earlier. Mostly I've been reading the MIDI versions in a sequencer. I haven't read up but is there a Doom project or other game release that showcases your tracks in action i.e. with you as the main talent?
  23. Alfonzo

    The Alfonzo MIDI Depository

    Hi. I'm making music again. Sometimes, this music is good. Here are some additions and changes to the Alfonzo MIDI Depository: Bloody Rust 3 MIDIs added. Copperhead Digging Up Ghosts Prime Mover Soul Clamp Alfonzone MIDIs added. Examples: Calzone On The Outer Thrummingbird Wet Lunch Some of the stuff has been edited to have better balancing or mixing, but without being versioned because I'm a goddamn monster (but I will let you know when sweeping updates are made so you can check the date of your downloads for personal keeping). The dissociated or "standalone" tracks that were previously just sitting pretty in the parent directory are now in "Extras" instead, because that's what they are. Also, the terrible speed midis have been squirreled away in an Alfonzone sub-directory to minimize the chances of you seeing and downloading them. Stay tuned for more tracks at the turn of the century.
  24. Alfonzo

    The Alfonzo MIDI Depository

    The natives have been getting restless. 'Why don't you upload your MIDIs somewhere so that we can download them, you idiot.' Fair enough. Here they are, courtesy of Wartorn and his awesome service: http://alfonzo.the-powerhouse.net/ Example track #1: Mystic Tides, from Realm of Parthoris (2015) Example track #2: Corrugator, from Bloody Rust 2 (2016) Example track #3: Clippings, (2015) Example track #4: Aerial Tombs, (2013) Please feel free to use anything and everything as you see fit, because it's all been featured in/composed for released titles like Realm of Parthoris or Bloody Rust 2. This stuff dates back as far as 2012 when I first started composing using Sekaiju. None of what you hear here has been registered through instrumental input; it's all been painstakingly (and often poorly) cobbled together by clicks and scrolls of the mouse. I hope you find something worth using in your levels! Check back every other month, as I'll be composing and uploading new material in a desperate attempt to win over some suitors. Cheers.