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  1. Wow thanks for the video, I watched it all! Didn't even check my Doomworld account for long, and thought this thread was drowned in the sea of other threads, so I am glad to find that a few people still commented on it, and one person recorded a gameplay! Very interesting mod indeed. Almost makes my map look like something from the first actual Counter Strike game. Your mod allowed you to jump higher, so you cheated several times but ended up finding the secrets anyway. I wonder why the bomb got defused so fast in your video... Probably the mod too You should try my other map "The Stalker" (find it here in another Doomworld thread) using that mod. It has the perfect light setting for the horror setting I was intending when I built that map, so I would be very curious to see you try that map using that mod
  2. Thanks. It is my impression that not many people from here are fans of Counter Strike - or maybe they don't have much experience with it. I would expect more people to find it super interesting seeing a map from Counter Strike remade in Doom, but maybe it's the wrong target audience ;P Maybe I should turn it around and share this with some Counter Strikers who also happen to be Doom fans, haha
  3. Try not standing on the bomb and see what happens :P No, it doesn't explode, but a crusher outside of the map will eventually reach the large amount of barrels below it, blasting damage onto a voodoo player and that way killing the playing player
  4. Neato? Hmm... I wonder what you mean with that :) If you liked it, feel free to add more words about what you liked and vice versa
  5. Hello, I thought I wanted to share a map I made long ago. This is a recreation of the map Mirage known from Counter Strike. In this version of Mirage, you will have to follow the instructions on the ground in the beginning, then use the teleporter to get to the map. (Don't shoot, or you will wake up the final bosses that will teleport into the map at the wrong time...) Note: Instead of setting turbo to 50, you can also simply disable running. It has the same effect. BUT if you want to walk extra slowly, you can do that by holding shift only if turbo is set to 50. I tried to follow the mechanics of Counter Strike by only using hit-scan enemies (except for a certain final boss - guess which! Big surprise :P), and instructing the player to turn on fast monsters, so that you'll have to be quick on the trigger, just like when playing Counter Strike. But if it becomes too hard, it's allowed to be turned off. Yeah, wolfenstein enemies are used too... I know some people always have a complaint if you use the wolfenstein soldier in non-wolfenstein themed maps, but honestly, Doom only has 4 types of hit-scan soldiers, so I wanted to have the biggest variety possible of hitscanners to resemble the variety of weapons you can encounter in Counter Strike... So... Deal with it :P Difficulty: The map is built to be played on "Hurt me plenty" (medium). It doesn't have a different appearance in enemies or pickups in other skill levels, so it's up to you, actually. Source-port: The map is build for GZdoom. It requires jumping, freelook and crouching (just like in Counter Strike) Iwad: Doom 2 (map01) Objective 1: Objective 2: Objective 3: Objective 4: IMPORTANT: Mute the in-game music! Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VCfZciYCtqcRaco1Jm6BxksaPL6jdGtu/view?usp=drive_link Screenshots: I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you enjoyed and possible disliked too. And if you have experience with Counter Strike. A gameplay reaction would be awesome if anyone would feel like recording themselves play the map.
  6. FanTazTiCxD

    Basic doom wad

    Hey there! I just played your map and recorded my reaction/feedback Hope you enjoy :-) Download my video here: https://we.tl/t-8fEpSlLMqk
  7. I watched the whole thing, and I really enjoyed to see your reaction! You downloaded an older version of my map, that I accidentally uploaded to begin with, but he difference isn't so big.
  8. Oh my god... I just realized that the google drive download link was an older version of my map using different background sound effects and less monsters. Both of the download links has now been updated. If you downloaded from WeTransfer you got the newest version. If you downloaded from Google Drive, please delete the file, and download the one I linked to now instead
  9. Haha, I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about the wolfenstein textures and monsters being used with anything other than that :P Personally, I don't mind it. I wanted to use a painting, and what I could find was either the one with Hitler, or the one with the eagle, so I had to choose one. I haven't learned to use custom textures yet, so I'm just stuck with the vanilla-textures, which is also fine for me :P Besides, that eagle could also look similar to the Ravenclaw logo from Harry Potter, fitting in well with the hogwards theme in that room
  10. Thanks, I added a secondary download link from google drive. Hope I have done it correctly
  11. I present to you my creepiest creation: "The Stalker" - A perfect wad for a true horror-videogame fan Story: Imagine a mashup between Slenderman and Hogwards In this map you are wandering around some creepy and strangely empty marble hallways searching for a way out to the sound of nothing but the sounds of a dungeon and some weird voices in your head... Or are they in your head? Or are they real? Where are all the monsters? Or maybe you are not alone after all? Suddenly, you see something moving, but before you know it, it's gone... You could swear you just saw something, but now you're just all alone again... Every hallway you see looks uninviting and dangerous. But standing still also creeps you out, because someone or something is definitely heading your way sooner or later. So you have to get moving. It's like no matter what you do, it just feels wrong. Concept idea (this may include some spoilers): Important information and gameplay rules: This is a one-level wad replacing MAP01 in the Doom 2 iWad. It's meant to be played using a sourceport that allows jumping and crouching. CAN be played using vanilla doom, but unlocking all secrets would then be impossible without IDCLIP, since jump/crouch isn't an option. When starting the game: - Go to settings and turn off the in-game music. Sound effects including music is a part of the experience (The file-size is big for this reason also) - Recommended "Hurt me plenty" difficulty - When starting a new game, open the console at type "Turbo 45" to decrease your running speed to 45%. In vanilla doom, you can also simply disable running, but that would make you slightly faster, which is an advantage. - Turn off all the lights in your room, play when it's dark outside, and use headphones for authentic experience (Don't worry, there are no jumpscares or other terry-trap alike stuff) ----------------------------------- Download link: https://we.tl/t-77a6SwuENg (If this is the wrong way to share a file, please tell me how I should do it instead) Secondary download link in case first one expires: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rv1wc25yaKOKWUtsd2EGAp0pL84TdCtY/view?usp=sharing ----------------------------------- Tell me what you think. Did it creep you out? I would love to see some gameplay of my map, if anyone is interested in posting it to YouTube :-D But other than that, I just wanted to share my creation and spread some joy... And some creepiness too...
  12. Okay, so I have this weird problem that makes no sense to me. The player fights some Spider Masterminds, and then teleports into a completely different room. In that room, there are three barons of hell that are turning their backs on the player AND they are set to "deaf". But as soon as the player appears in the teleported room, the are alerted, DESPITE having their backs on the player. However, this only happens if you make a noise before teleporting. If you somehow ignore the spider demons and proceed to the teleport, you can teleport to the other room with the barons, and they won't see you. It makes no sense, since, first of all all barons are set to "deaf", second of all there is no straight line of sight from the spider demon room to the barons room, and third of all, this happens EVEN when there are 0-height sectors inbetween that SHOULD be blocking all sound! WTF? I have a video showing the problem here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mr2e5dKS04 Can somebody tell me what went wrong?
  13. Exactly XD Call it a nazi-version of Hogwards, haha! ...In lack of paintings to choose from XD
  14. I remember playing the Harry Potter video game for PlayStation 1 back in the day. And I still remember the nostalgia of the mystical and magical halls and corridors of hogwards. So I got inspired to make a hogwards map in Doom Builder... I mean, it goes perfectly well with doom! You'll have this mystical school to walk around in, where painting can turn into secret doors of good stuff like health, ammo and armor. Monsters that throw spells at you (like fireballs) and even teleporting, which is also pretty magical. Even some textures in doom goes very well with this theme! So I began... But as I progressed, I realized it would be too big of a project for me to have the time to do it. I really don't want to spare the details in this one. Hogwards deserves a lot of effort, so I got the idea, that someone might be interested in taking over, and continue working on the project. Here's some screenshots, and a video that shows some gameplay: Watch some gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wonleO6mjQ4 The map is supposed to be played in gzdoom using the command "turbo 45". I find that standard doom running makes everything silly to play... So... Who would be interested in taking over? Maybe we can do a collabaration, where we finish working on one room each, then share the updated download link with each other, and another person takes over, etc... Until we have a full map Download link provided for the wad Hogwards.rar