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  1. FanTazTiCxD


    You should consider not using such a boring name for your wad ;P
  2. I have NO ******* CLUE why I suddenly can't change anything regarding the speed of the imp ball! I've changed the imp's ball to be a baron's ball for a greater difficulty when playing, and I started out with this: //=========================================================================== // // Imp fireball // //=========================================================================== ACTOR BaronBall { Game Doom SpawnID 10 Radius 6 Height 16 Speed 15 FastSpeed 20 Damage 8 Projectile +RANDOMIZE RenderStyle Add Alpha 1 SeeSound "imp/attack" DeathSound "imp/shotx" States { Spawn: BAL1 AB 4 BRIGHT Loop Death: BAL1 CDE 6 BRIGHT Stop } } So everything seems fine. It shoots green balls instead of the red ones, but I noticed they were going extremely fast ingame, even though the setting was on "fast monsters: no" So I changed "speed 15" to "speed 10", with no difference. Now I've changed both "Speed" and "FastSpeed" to 1, and it STILL goes fast! WTF?! Help me! I'm using slade to edit the zdoom.pk3, and I'm making sure to save everything before playing everytime. EDIT: I found the problem. For some reason, I had to edit the properties of the baron ball in the txt files containing the properties of the Baron. Strange... Anyways it works! You can mark this as solved or delete the thread, whatever
  3. FanTazTiCxD

    What is a flawless wad to you?

    That's why I'm asking what a flawless level is TO YOU :-)
  4. FanTazTiCxD

    What is a flawless wad to you?

    I'm trying to distinguish between 'flawless' and 'perfect'. While I believe that no wad is perfect, I still believe that a wad can be flawless, without mistakes that needs to be fixed. Think about the shareware episode. There aren't really anything worth pointing out as a mistake, or something that was done wrong. Not if you ask me. That's how I think of the idea of a wad being flawless
  5. FanTazTiCxD

    Things id got wrong

    Forgot something to my list :P Too many monsters share the same sound effects. Zombieman, shotgun guy, chaingunner = same sound effects. Most monsters have the same pain sound (as the demon's sound), and the same "active" sound as well Oh, and the pistol doesn't look like a pistol... More like this:
  6. FanTazTiCxD

    Things id got wrong

    There is only one sound for the doomguy's pain The chaingunner shoots the chaingun, yet the firing sound is taken from the shotgun firing sound?! The Spider Mastermind should drop a super-chaingun! The cyberdemon should drop the rocket launcher The arachnotrons shoots plasmaballs, but why are they green and not blue? Like the shotgun guy, zombieman, and the chaingunner, we need an enemy with the supershotgun The cyberdemon's death is too non-dramatic. Just a little "wroo!" and an explosion. It should have been longer and more dramatic
  7. FanTazTiCxD

    What is a flawless wad to you?

    Thanks for your opinions! Some think that there are no real flawless levels, others think there might be... To me, I would say that the levels from the shareware episode are flawless. I'm not saying that a little extra secret here and there wouldn't improve them, or a little extra monster here and there, but those are things that aren't really worth pointing out for me, and therefore I consider them flawless :-)
  8. FanTazTiCxD

    What is a flawless wad to you?

    By flawless I just mean the kind of levels where you'd be like: "Cool map! It was fun to play, keep creating!" where nothing is really worth pointing out as a flaw, such as too little/much health, too many/little monsters etc. It doesn't have to be the most awesome level ever :P
  9. FanTazTiCxD

    What is a flawless wad to you?

    Thanks for pointing that out! I also think this is true. If not lower unpegging the doortraks next to a door is your own way of doing it, then it isn't incorrect :P I asked about "correct" anyways, since many people here seems to have an idea of what is correct and what is not in doom editing
  10. FanTazTiCxD

    What is a flawless wad to you?

    Hello! I've been thinking about something. Everytime I go to a thread where someone has posted their level in doom, including mine, it seems that everyone always has a flaw or two to point out. Maybe there were too many monsters in that and that room, too few in that. Too little ammunition, too much... secrets too easy to find, too hard to find. Design too simple, or odd textures and bad allignment. Too much maze, or too linear. Too easy to beat or too difficult to beat etc. My questions is, what is a flawless wad to you? And I'm not talking about the perfect wad that has all the details and stuff. Just a wad that you can't criticize for containing flaws. I hope you get what I mean :-) The kind of wads, where only quantity is a thing that could be improved, but not quality... So I'm not asking about the levels that will take you several weeks to create, but the kind of levels that were created in the most "correct" way, when you consider the time that was spent making it. I hope I'm explaining myself in an understandable way here. I'm just curious to hear what you think :)
  11. FanTazTiCxD

    A wad for y'all to try.

    I can't figure out how to play your map :-/ Which configuration should I choose? I have been through all possible configurations (doom 2, zdoom in hexen format etc.) but no maps appear
  12. FanTazTiCxD

    5-level wad release! Worked for long on this!

    Yeah, I tried figuring out how to make a script in doom builder, but it didn't seem to work for me, so I just chose to make it start at MAP14. The good thing about starting at MAP14 though, is that you will have different music than the usual kind, so why not? :)
  13. FanTazTiCxD

    5-level wad release! Worked for long on this!

    Thank you! I was about to be nervous that my thread wouldn't get comments haha :P The first map was supposed to be linear and easy, just like E1M1 from the shareware episode. But I heard you about the soulspheare, and if I'm going to create more, I'll be thinking about making these secrets a bit harder to find. MAP16: It's funny because those were actually meant to be blatent rip-offs! I purposely copied areas from the shareware episode just to make the map a bit more humorious/fun for oldschool players. You didn't like the idea... Fair enough. Though I hope someone else will, because the idea was that mixing these rip-offs into the level should give the player a funny feeling of playing the old iWad while not actually playing it at the same time. It was kind of meant as a few jokes to keep the map interesting, you know :-) Also, try playing this map again, and when you get through the red door in the room with the two lifts, jump over the poison-gap, and when you get to the end, where you'll find a small room with some pathes that takes you across the green slime, try stepping into the slime for a funny surprise :P MAP17: Well, a small detail, but I will definetely do something about the elevator buttons if I ever make an elevator again :P I don't know if you noticed, but on the third floor with the monsters, there actually was a hint telling you which exit-pad to go for, so you didn't have to guess in the end. Did you play the secret level too? If you haven't, PM me for how to get to the secret exit in MAP15, or simply open the wad file in doom builder and choose MAP31 (use zDoom in hexen format, and if that doesn't work, use "doom 2") Overall, I'm glad you played this, and took your time to comment on it!
  14. Finally, I'm done! Some of you may have seen my thread about the containership.wad I made. That was only one level. Now I'm finally done with my serial-wad. It contains five levels, including one secret level. Before I get too much into this, here is the information you'll need: * Download link: http://www.megafileupload.com/dqeK/5LevelEpisode.wad * Simply open the 5LevelEpisode.wad file you just downloaded with doom builder, choose "doom 2" engine, double-click on MAP14, and press play :) * You have to use zDoom in order to play this, as most of the levels require you to jump and crouch. * Since the second level has a secret exit, which means it HAS to be MAP15, the levels start from MAP14, so that means you have to open the wad in doom builder from MAP14, using the "doom2" engine. The other maps uses the "zDoom in hexen format", so if you want to play directly from a different map, use that engine. First map (MAP14) "But the exit is right there!" A small and simple map to start off with, still with a good amount of secrets though. The design is mostly inspired by E1M7 in the shareware episodes. Second map (MAP15) "Cargo from hell" This map takes you on a trip on the ocean. You're in a boat with your friend trying to escape from hell. However, a container ship with a mancubus as the captain found you, and they killed your friend. As your friend lies dead in your boat, it's time to jump onboard the container ship, and get your revenge! There's a secret exit in this level. I suggest you to try to figure out how to get there by yourself, but if you give up, feel free to PM me, and I will tell you how to get there! :-) Secret map (MAP31) "Methods and tricks" If you don't manage to find the secret exit in MAP15, please message me here on doomworld, because this map is definetely fun to play! In this map, you have to complete small mini-games, and you have to figure out the rules by using your logic. I won't say more, or post any screenshots ;) I'll let this by a surprise! Third map (MAP16) "Nostalgia" Now this is the level over all levels! I consider this the best level I have made so far, and you'll definetely enjoy playing this one, I hope! It's a map that is inspired by the design in the shareware episodes, and the layout of E1M7 (computer station). By layout, I mean the key placements compared to the red-yellow-blue area placements. I tried to focus a lot on this map not being linear, and not be too complicated either. It has all these small references to certain known areas in the shareware episode, that you'll recognize immediately as you see them. It's quite difficult, but not impossible at all. It also has one very special reference to another famous video-game that I am sure most people will recognize as well :-) Fourth map (MAP17) "Night At The Museum" I will let you explore this one. This map is called "Night At The Museum". You'll find out why ;-) Have fun! Oh and one last thing, I would love to see people playing my maps if they feel like posting a gameplay video :) That would be awesome! Especially with commentary! But if you don't feel like talking, then gameplay is fine too :-) I hope you like it!
  15. FanTazTiCxD

    Single-level wad released! Containership.wad

    Thank you very much for putting out this video! It's always a pleasure seeing someone else playing your maps (using "always" even though this is my first time :P) Did you record as you played it through the first time, or had you tried the level before recording? You seemed to know it pretty well some places I'm glad you liked it! I hoped you'd find one of the secrets though... :( There's a rocket launcher, two chainsaws and a BFG and a secret exit. I'll make sure to upload it to idgames some time. I'm working on a small wad where this map is included. I'm not sure if there is going to be more than four levels in it though (secret level included) with this level being the second after a small and easy first level like E1M1... okay maybe a little more complex. Then I'm soon done with the third level, which I will call "The References" I think, due to the high amount of E1 easter eggs in it. It's a level with the design of the shareware episode, full of these small little references to the original episode, like demons in a pool of slime surrounded by barrels that is being shown just after pressing a switch that lowers the wall in front of you (as in E1M8) I think that is going to be my best map so far Seeing people play my maps makes me want to create more :D