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  1. that feeling when you find out that one of your favorite anime series is actually Hentai but with the sex scenes cut out.

    1. Memfis


      Sounds like Dream Hunter Rem. :D

    2. Anidrex_1009


      Yosuga No Sora? No?, oki doki then.

    3. DeathevokatioN


      It's not a perfect anime... but damn the concept of it is so cool. :P



    4. Memfis


      Oh. I'm not familiar with Fate/stay night, but I know there are some visual novels that incorporate sex scenes quite tastefully, to the point that I wouldn't really call them hentai since sex is not necessarily the main attraction there.

    5. DeathevokatioN


      Yeah you're, I read into it and the people defending the novel said it's actually a masterpiece (with all the different alternative paths and each one warranting it's own season I can't argue tbh)... I guess it all goes down to where they inserted the scenes, there was this one really cheesy gap where I imagined them placing one and my brain melts everytime I think about it haha. I hope they didn't place one there, but at the same time I'm not sure if I want to find out about the other scenes that might have come between characters that I really enjoy. 

    6. DeathevokatioN


      meant to say "yeah, you're right". :p

  2. Kind of not relating to the map but still on topic but; happy birthday Csonicgo!
  3. I'm kind of boring to be honest, but a friend of mine used to call demons "pig oinks". :p
  4. Damn, I just realized it's 5 years old, haha.
  5. If you enjoy Hacx; Xaser has been working on a sequel to it and it's looking amazing so far. I remember seeing footage of it and his level design really just feels like it was destined to intermingle with the Hacx theme. :p
  6. Oh, the same site with whom Napalm Death was so disgusted at, that Barney Greenway hid their banner with Napalm Death's at a gig? The same site who did some hard hitting journalism and went after Children of Bodom over racist lyrics in their shock band in the 90's when they were kids but in a twist of fate it turns out the interviewer in her 30's feigning moral outrage was bragging about owning Swastika shirts in 2010. The same site who caused Destroyer 666 to be on the receiving end of death threats because of some poorly informed "becuz they hate antifa so does that mean they're actual racist assholes?". Metalsucks is the buzzfeed of metal, the gossip and clickbait site that no one really asked for, and Jesus fucking Christ does that article come across every bit as condescending, scathing and wait for it.. elitist.. as the people they're talking about, not to mention the ad populim fallacy and the [current year] argument, using "normal people" as some arbituary standard for what defines metal or not.. looking at your posting, there's really no ground you can stand on and skawk about elitism, atleast have the decency to double down on your first few posts.
  7. hehehehe surprised? It's no big deal for the Dark Hero to laugh, boast and play the flute at the same time! (I need to find a spaceship and fly it into the sun)
  8. Unreal.
  9. And then there's big companies buying smaller companies and cancelling their games.. like what EA did to Dungeon Keeper and what Bethesda did to a sequel to Fallout 2 by the same team that was on the verge on completion and then destroying the data.. man, soulless AAA profit driven companies really make my blood boil sometimes.
  10. What more context do you need?
  12. Got the results from my final exams and apparently I've finished my degree... I'm calling bullshit tbh. :D

    1. Pegg




    2. DeathevokatioN


      Thanks mate! :)

    3. ShotgunDemolition


      Congratulations!  :)

    4. DeathevokatioN


      Thanks bro... I still don't know how I passed though, haha.. I barely finished more than half the paper and had a "resistance is futile" feeling echoing through my head the entire time, haha.

    5. ShotgunDemolition


      Well, now you can't do anything else about it, but all that matters in the first place is that you got the degree.

      My advise for you is to celebrate!!! At least that's what I would do after getting my degree (4-5 years later for that to happen though).   :D

  13. Nightmarish chainsaw massacre death metal... (the latter half feels more like a relaxing dream though).
  14. Unless you want a collectors edition to smugly parade around like I'm going to do with my Total War: Warhammer II. :P