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  1. bgraybr

    Putting this Palette in Doom

    Thanks, didn't know that SLADE had that feature Forgot to link to the palette. I'll see if it works in SLADE
  2. bgraybr

    Putting this Palette in Doom

    I've been trying to get this palette into a wad using DeepSea but I keep getting the "PLAYPAL.bmp is not a 256 color image" error. I also want to generate a colormap using the program from the original Doom utilities source, but I have no idea how to compile them. Is there a download out there that I can just run in a DOS emulator?
  3. bgraybr

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    When I first started playing Doom I had a dream that I was in this place with giant hills of dirt and a dark, overcast sky. There was a huge complex of trenches and tunnels in the area and a bunch of soldiers. I was there with the soldiers trying to fight off a demon invasion, the only thing I remember is shooting a shotgun at a pinky that hopped into one of the trenches.
  4. bgraybr

    Didn't we just have a Shooting?

    Shiites and Sunnis are both Muslim. Sikhs aren't even close (not that it would be any better if he'd attacked Muslims). Since he was a white supremacist I'm guessing he just wanted a place where some non-whites would group together. A Sikh temple fit the bill... I can't tell if you're joking or not. Sikhs have been immigrating to America for at least 100 years IIRC. Also Sikhs come from India and probably wouldn't have experienced the same kind of attacks that Muslims experienced even if they had once called India their home.
  5. bgraybr

    Dicephalus twins live normal lives

    I can't stop giggling.
  6. bgraybr

    Favorite monster to kill with what weapon?

    Revenant with super shotgun.
  7. bgraybr

    No facebook? You're a mass murderer

    The words of a true sociopath. I can sort of see the correlation but if employers actually take having or not having a Facebook into account when hiring then that's just sad. If you have one, then you might post something that will be taken out of context years from now and affect your employment even though it has nothing to do with your work performance. If you don't, then apparently you're an antisocial psycho now. Oh, should I be posting this online?
  8. bgraybr

    honestly, honesty?

    I had to complete similar questionnaires to apply to places like Wal-Mart and McDonalds online, seriously. It was absolutely pointless. I never got anything weird about animals in pain but most of them were (or appeared to be) completely irrelevant to the mind-numbingly easy job I was applying for.
  9. bgraybr

    Return of the Triad!

    I guess what I meant to say was annoying not cheesy. The voices in the original Duke Nukem were okay but from what I heard in the trailer (which admittedly isn't much) I'm not a big fan of the voice acting. I had to disable the voices in Serious Sam and I don't want every game developer to start thinking classic FPS=Duke Nukem voice :P
  10. bgraybr

    Other alternative names for the Demon?

    When I first started playing I thought that they were called hellhounds as well. For some reason I remember them being called that in game.
  11. bgraybr

    Return of the Triad!

    One thing wrong: what's with the player's Duke Nukem-esque sayings? Doesn't fit with the original and seems sort of cheesy to me.
  12. bgraybr

    Return of the Triad!

    I am speechless. I simply can't believe that something this awesome is being made again.
  13. I could have sworn that there was a thread in Wads and Mods specifically for posts about not being able to find some old level but I can't find it now. Anyways, I'm looking for a level that was either part of the Demon Gate:666 shovelware CD or the Master Levels (I'm hoping it's the latter so that there's a chance someone will know what the hell I'm talking about lol). It was a DM map (or a map with no monsters) that took place on the moon. I remember there definitely being a vending machine next to a lift and there might have been an ad that read "Drink Caco-Cola". The lift led up to a computer area. There was an "airlock" and some radiation suits. The floors in the outdoor area caused damage. The sky texture had been replaced with stars.
  14. bgraybr


    The Steam version has them. Look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common or C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common (depending on your OS).
  15. bgraybr


    Yes, it's possible but it would be copyright infringement. I don't think that it'd be a big deal if it was just a few textures but since the entire mod is gothic themed it'd be easier to mod Heretic or Hexen instead of Doom. Do you have a copy of either game's iwad?