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  1. Map 10 gave me problems also. I honestly wish the wad ran better in ZDoom.
  2. I quite like the picture! It's very funny!
  3. Will XWE allow me to create new textures, like a gas station with a sign that includes prices of grades, a roadway with a street sign, and big building on the side of the road? I'd also like to put in gas pumps, kind of like what the author of "Doom City" did.
  4. Medeival imp warriors are based on imps and caco-cacodemons are based on cacodemons. So for medieval imp warriors and caco-cacodemons to exist and maps in which they are used to be boom compatible, I should use DeHackEd right?
  5. To create monsters from existing monsters and use them in a wad, should I use XWE or DeHackEd?
  6. Will XWE allow me to create custom monsters for Doom wads?
  7. Well, mods don't nessecerily have to have now levels. Mods normally replace things, like monsters and weapons.
  8. I didn't even have Doom until 2005.
  9. Yeah, that would be awesome!
  10. zap610 said: I remember being terrified in the mid 90s as I saw my dad mow down armies of Homer Simpson. Lol, I didn't play Doom in the 1990s. I was just a little kid back then.
  11. @phi108: I think I have the more polished "Ultimate" version of the mod.
  12. @gemini09: That is a good idea for modders, I like it. :)
  13. Enjay said: In that case, I'm surprised it is as few as 300 and I am also highly suspicious of the "dozen or so" of the others. However, I'd still need to know exactly what was being classed as a "safety violation". A safety violation could be anything from a guy not wearing his ear defenders right through to gross negligence that puts thousands of lives at credible risk. More than 300 eh? I never even knew that they had environmental charges before the oil spill. I just knew that they made their gasoline more expensive in the chicago area. Ex: if normal suburban gas stations charged $2.74/gallon for unleaded, a bp might charge $2.79/gallon. i saw that in February, right before my birthday.
  14. Is there anyone on Doomworld who's heard of, seen, or played Doom with the Simpsons mod?
  15. Wow! BP had that many?