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  1. Porsche Monty

    Lesser source ports

    It's precisely this kind of negligently consenting behavior what has allowed modern Windows to bloat up into the steaming pile of shit that it is today. Had no developer gone the installer way, Microsoft would have been forced to restore the simpler functionality and find a more efficient way of pretending to be saving users from themselves.
  2. Porsche Monty

    Suggestion for standard IWAD location specification

    Yep, why on earth would you want a directory for each iwad? Pwads are a different animal. Sometimes you need to look into the text file to find out exactly which level the map was designed for and sometimes you have deh files and even more than just one pwad, so it makes sense to store these on separate directories to avoid confusion and unnecessary clutter.
  3. Porsche Monty

    Doom gba

    Porn is the exact opposite of the real thing anyways.
  4. Porsche Monty

    Suggestion for standard IWAD location specification

    So you're talking an application that allows the user to manually specify the IWAD paths for any Doom source port to use so we no longer have to go through a per-port IWAD selection process? sounds good to me, but unless most source port developers jump in, it's pretty much useless.
  5. Porsche Monty

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I think "probably" would be an understatement here.
  6. Porsche Monty

    Other alternative names for the Demon?

    This has been discussed to death.
  7. Porsche Monty

    midis, fluidsynth, bassmidi, timidity etc

    Here's a shortcut. Create a single cable in the VAC control panel, default settings (not the best but they can be tweaked to allow bit-perfect recordings in most cases) then go to Win7's sound panel where you get to choose your "Playback" and "Recording" devices and make "Virtual Cable 1" the default for both of them. If done correctly, you should be able to record anything that would normally play back through the speakers using any application, even Win7's primitive sound recording tool. There's a catch, though, you won't be able to hear anything (even what you're currently recording) until you change the playback device back to whatever you were using before. This can normally be circumvented, but it can be a little trickier.
  8. Porsche Monty

    midis, fluidsynth, bassmidi, timidity etc

    What exactly do you need the sound card for? general-purpose high quality audio playback? high quality sampling? retro-quality sampling? high quality audio for modern video games? high quality audio for older video games? low-latency audio for midi, emulators, data acquisition software and the like? there's not a single combination of sound card + drivers in the market that can handle it all, so the wise thing to do here is to settle for the one best suited for the task you consider to be the most important.
  9. Porsche Monty

    Nordic Doom mappers

    Stealing improves absolutely nothing. Scandinavian pirates = good as dead.
  10. Porsche Monty

    Nordic Doom mappers

    Note to self; never google "tentacle hentai" again. What a pile of stupid, pervy shite.
  11. Porsche Monty

    midis, fluidsynth, bassmidi, timidity etc

    In case you're still having that problem: http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm Very reliable, easy to setup and totally worth a try if you can't make it work any other way.
  12. Porsche Monty

    Chocolate Doom

    Thanks for the explanation. I know you're a busy man, but...any chance for a fix any time soon? Regards.
  13. Porsche Monty

    Gamma correction

    I've always wondered what combination of video cards and monitors the original Doom artists at ID were using when they created all the graphics. My CRT monitors from that era (ranging from mid to super-high quality) were bright enough to function properly without gamma correction, provided you had video card with a decent palette DAC. However, out of all the 4 video cards I tried in the lapse of a year, only one allowed Doom to look perfect under default gamma settings.
  14. Porsche Monty

    decent computer to run todays' source ports?

    You'd be surprised how much 1ghz would limit your Dooming on modern software-based engines these days, mostly if we're talking massive, high-detail, FX-ridden user maps. There's a lot more going on than just graphics, and the CPU has to cope with it all. Not long ago I started using "use_libsamplerate 5" with Chocolate Doom, which adds like 15 extra seconds to the startup process for doom2.wad alone, and that's on a P4 3.8ghz. You do the math.
  15. Porsche Monty

    Chocolate Doom

    Unfortunately we'd have to rule that out as well. Someone already asked for OPL-enabled drivers and dogbert basically said "OPL sucks, code it in yourself", or something like that. This is truly a waste of good OPL hardware.