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  1. @MrD!zone What mods only work in Skulltag and not Zandronum? And please don't count mods that need skulltag-data.pk3, as Zandronum can load many of those...
  2. WinMBF is closer to vanilla than Chocolate Doom? Huh?
  3. Umm... why? Is your system old? Do you mean Zandronum 3.0? Are you running a port of GZDoom 1.8.6 to an obscure system?
  4. ...since you got no reply, it might be wise to bring back the MBF Blockmap builder to stay on the safe side legally.
  5. Are you talking about the DoomBSP Blockmap builder? You never really confirmed whether you had permission to use it per the GPL...
  6. So... how's the demo compatibility/netplay for this thing?
  7. I bumped into a bug when running using Mupen64Plus's audio plugin (detailed here ) This bug affects other software that uses SDL2, which includes PrBoom-Plus (and possibly the SDL2 branches of Chocolate Doom and Eternity as well, though i haven't tested those two personally).
  8. Crispy Doom for Vanilla and Limit Removing Single Player; PrBoom-Plus for Boom and MBF Single Player; GZDoom for Vanilla, Limit Removing, Boom, and MBF Coop Multiplayer as well as ZDoom, Heretic, and Hexen in both SP and MP (I tried Zandronum, but I found the community horrible (I find some of the content of Brutal Doom, Complex Doom and MM8BDM Unholy Bosses offensive...and there are probably other servers/wads with bad content)); and Eternity's BananaSplit fork for Split Screen (because Doom Legacy bites, and 3DGE's split screen support is still incomplete AFAIK).
  9. Which emulator? I'm pretty sure using something as inaccurate as ZSNES would have made things smoother than they truly were...
  10. There are mods which allow both the TC and Lost Levels to be played at the same time in order though.
  11. Kind of off topic, but I feel like my dream gamepad would have a d pad which can allow you to press both l+r and u+d at the same time, six buttons to the right of the right analog stick instead of the usual four (think genesis 6 button), three sets of analog triggers, the usual clickable analog triggers, the usual 3 to 5 buttons in the center (start, select, xbox orb/playstation button) and all of the face buttons being pressure sensitive. Basically a controller that can allow me to use the same controller for genesis 6 button, n64, and ps2 games. Also gyroscope/ dualshock 3 type "six axis of freedom" and dualshock 4 style touchpad. An all in one gamepad for most uses. Obviously this wouldn't include specialized cases like wiimote, racing car wheel, flight sim type joystick etc... but it would help with reducing the amount of controllers needed...
  12. Is it just me, or is this the first time an ID property was released on a Nintendo console since GBA Doom II?
  13. ...I was under the impression that the Heretic, Hexen, and Strife parts of Crispy Doom are unmaintained. I wouldn't settle on prioritizing that port for that reason.
  14. No love for pre-Steam Counter Strike? Sure, it was before my time, but i'm a little surprised there's no mention of 1.5 or older...
  15. Out of curiosity, what is EE_FEATURE_MIDIRPC? edit: So because of an error regarding 'XINPUT_DLL_A' I decided to give up on XInput through cmake and MSYS2/MinGW-W64 and just compile through Visual Studio 2015. I sure can't wait until Eternity's mainstream finishes SDL2 support... edit 2: Attached are two configuration files based off the Doom 3 BFG control scheme, though each are slightly modified. One of them has support for freelook and jumping, while the other removes freelook, replaces the jump button bind with a strafe button bind and adds support for moving with the dpad. gamepads.zip