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  1. Danfun64

    New PC build vs Doom

    Zandronum 3.0 is based on the GZDoom 1.8.6 codebase. It doesn't have some of the rendering changes the latest versions of GZDoom have, and doesn't support ZScript. That it has somewhat lower system requirements than GZDoom 3.5.1 isn't that surprising.
  2. Danfun64

    EDGE 2.1.0 Impending Release

    How is the whole "Split Screen supports multiple controllers" thing going? Will it be completed in time for the final 2.1.0?
  3. Danfun64

    Playstation Doom on PS2

    GBA Doom (1) says "Hi!". GBA Doom is probably the last port ever to be based off the Jaguar codebase. And even though Doom 64 is an original game instead of a port, it still uses an engine very similar to the PSX Doom engine... which of couse was based off the Jaguar codebase.
  4. Danfun64

    GZDoom to Zandronum

    Ruisu, you say you switched ports because of "performance issues". Would you be willing to say what your system specifications are?
  5. Danfun64

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    Well then, show me a pwad in one of these that has a Linguortal. I'll wait.
  6. Danfun64

    HocusDoom giving me trouble in Gzdoom 3.1.5

    First of all, do you mean GZDoom 3.1.5, 3.5.1, or something else entirely? 3.5.1 is the newest version of GZDoom as of this writing. 3.1.5 doesn't exist...unless if you really mean 3.1.5 you mean an SVN build in between 3.1 and 3.2 . Second of all, have you tried doing a completely fresh install of the latest GZDoom on a computer you never ran GZDoom on before? Third, what are your system specs? A lot of different computers can run Windows 10 64bit, let alone GZDoom. Fourth, what do you mean by "windows registration files"? If you mean .reg , that's a file that adds or deletes information from the Windows Registry, and such a thing should have no business in any GZDoom distribution. As for .ini , that's how GZDoom saves game settings. While it's possible that it might be corrupted or messed up in some fashion, the fact that you apparently deleted it (along with the rest of GZDoom) multiple times makes the file corruption theory a lot less plausible. If you still insist on your GZDoom .ini being "troubleshooted", I recommend zipping it and uploading it here as an attachment. Fifth, what is the file name of your Hocus Doom PK3? Normally I'd ask what version it is, but this mod seems to go by dates instead of version numbers. Sixth, try adding +logfile log.txt to the command line associated with the Hocus Doom PK3 (assuming you're using a shortcut, batch, or loading it in the command prompt). After it crashes again, I recommend you zip the resulting log.txt file and upload it as an attachment here. Seventh, you mentioned that your gzdoom folder has many different wads. How is your gzdoom folder organized? I'm sorry if all this is overwhelming, but your post was fairly vague. In order to troubleshoot your problem, we'll have to look at the problem thoroughly.
  7. Danfun64

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Can somebody explain what this quote of the PrBoom (not Plus) page on the DoomWiki means, and whether it affects complevels 9 and 11 or not? Also could somebody provide citations for that quote? Reason I ask is because PrBoom-Plus's netplay capabilities are considered broken in comparison to the original PrBoom, and PrBoom seems to be the only way of recording a cooperative demo of a limit breaking Boom wad/map (like Community Chest 2 MAP32, or IIRC all of Community Chest 4)
  8. Danfun64

    Eternity Netplay

    I've gotten other p2p doom methods to work though, like vanilla doom and dos boom. Just because something is p2p doesn't mean it shouldn't work at all.
  9. Danfun64

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    @MAJ This issue carries over from upstream Chocolate Doom. Chungy and Fragglet, for some inexplicable reason, decided to prioritize people who wanted the image stretched to the whole screen than people who wanted aspect ratio correction turned off to make the aspect ratio 8:5. If you want the correct incorrect aspect ratio, you'll need to turn on integer scaling. While it won't fill the entire vertical resolution, it'll still be in the correct incorrect aspect ratio.
  10. Danfun64

    Eternity Netplay

    I know that this source port isn't the preferred choice for netplay...but I wanted to know if it could be done. If I follow the instructions concerning the "-net" parameter, Player One is stuck at "Check Netgame Status. Sending network start info..." while Player Two gets further but is frozen while waiting for P1 to connect. Again, I know this port isn't necessarily idea for netplay, but is it supposed to work at all?
  11. How's your life situation going? Are you still working full time? Is there any chance that you'll be able to fully update your BananaSplit branch of Eternity to the latest upstream code before Christmas?

    1. Edward850


      Yes I'm still working, I don't intended to stop. :P

      I'll try and get it updated to the current master before the end of this year.

  12. Danfun64

    what's the state of the art in node builders?

    ZokumBSP's default settings work with any port that would normally run the map if it was run through a different node builder (and sometimes even more so, to the point of squeezing in some maps into vanilla compatible that wouldn't normally be. However, if the zero header setting is set to "no zero header", it provides maps that are compatible with vanilla and chocolate doom and modern ports like GZDoom or Eternity, but break in MBF. There is a third zero header setting, where it is a zero footer instead of a header. Unlike the other two settings (no zero header allowing for slightly more optimized maps for ports that support it, and zero header running on anything normally compatible with the map) the zero footer setting has no real advantage...instead causing demos to desync. I recommend leaving the zero header in the default setting of it being on. Even with the zero header, ZokumBSP is supposed to provide more optimized blockmaps than Zennode does.
  13. Danfun64

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm wondering what wads would be good choices for stress testing real dos hardware (with categories being vanilla, doom-plus, boom 2.02, and mbf 2.03 with fixes). Demo recordings would be helpful for a more objective result.
  14. Danfun64

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    Force the directsound backend? What about those of us who aren't having these sound issues and want to use different backends? Also, shouldn't such a change be implemented in upstream Chocolate Doom first instead of a Crispy specific change?
  15. So has this been canceled this week? Cause it's not showing up on the ZDaemon Launcher for me.