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  1. Danfun64

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    Do you remember the rest of your track replacements? Just curious.
  2. Danfun64

    Is anyone here still using a 32 bit operating system?

    Not counting the old windows 9x laptop my family has that doesn't really see much use..... my main laptop is 64-bit (running Windows 11 Pro). My android phone, on the other hand, appears to use a 32-bit OS with 64-bit hardware, and the thing came out last year (samsung galaxy a13). I am a little worried about its longevity, even by low end phone standards, as the 64-bit transition continues. AFAIK, the very next phone in the line (samsung galaxy a14) is true 64-bit.
  3. Danfun64

    Most "portable" doom port?

    While Jaguar Doom may have been the basis of several console ports, it doesn't have much relevance for anything except very weak systems (like very old consoles). Any computer that can run Calico Doom (source port of Jaguar Doom) can also run Chocolate Doom. I second Chocolate Doom and doomgeneric as the most portable for relatively modern systems.
  4. Danfun64

    chocolate doom brightness

    If F11 needs to be rebound, you might have FN lock on. Granted, I don't know if that's a thing in Mac systems or how to turn it off.
  5. Danfun64

    chocolate doom brightness

    Crispy Doom is a fork of Chocolate Doom, so any increase in brightness is probably done in the same method. So you're saying that F11 has no effect on the image? Gamma Correction Off Gamma Correction Level 1 Gamma Correction 3 (skipping 2 and 4 for brevity) On an unrelated note, is it just me or does Chocolate Doom not support borderless windowed mode? Or at least 3.0.1?
  6. Danfun64


    ...except online multiplayer, AFAIK. Zandronum's design AFAIK is wholly incompatible with ZScript, and the incomplete client/server branch of GZDoom hasn't seen any (public) updates in three years. TBH, I'm not sure how much ZScript in itself is incompatible with good multiplayer solutions. It might simply be that there hasn't been enough work put into a C/S port that supports it. I'm honestly not sure. ...though if nothing else, I'd love to see Zandronum caught up with GZDoom on non ZScript things.
  7. Danfun64

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    If I could make a request... I remember appreciating this list when I first saw of it, and still find it useful. However, I'm curious if anyone would be up to making a new list consisting of only wads available through the Unity Doom console port, plus Doom 64 and its officially released "Lost Levels". For the former, this means Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and everything included as an "Official add-on".
  8. Danfun64


    It's dependent on ZScript, meaning it's only compatible with recent version of GZDoom (to what degree I'm not sure). Not even Zandronum will run it. Plus GZDoom's multiplayer is a bit crap last time I checked. Even if it was playable in multiplayer, it wouldn't be a pleasant experience.
  9. Danfun64


    Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, perhaps?
  10. I believe that's going to happen once it leaves beta, not before.
  11. So if this breaks 32-bit drivers even in 64-bit windows... I will admit that this does concern me a little. I honestly don't know what would be affected by this. Printers, virtual DVD drives, sound stuff? Not being able to run 32-bit operating systems with the latest hardware is less of a concern lol.
  12. Danfun64

    What happened to chexquest.org?

    I guess the problem fixed itself? It's working fine for me again.
  13. Danfun64

    Couch-gaming needs some Doom love!

    None of the Doom split screen ports really hit the mark. I feel like, for all of Unity Doom's faults, it hits the closest to good split screen. It's interface is developed with consoles in mind, which I don't think can really be said for stuff like LZDoom. It's also pretty much the best out-of-the-box solution. You open the game and can load add ons through just the controller, a feature which none of the split screen community source ports have. Other issues include LZDoom utilizing fake split screen (I honestly wonder how GZDoom with Nucleus Co-op would turn out in comparison), the split screen branch of Eternity being dead (though it was nice while it lasted) and IIRC not really supporting the automap for other players, Doom Legacy being a bit archaic (I know it got sdl2 support recently but I don't know how that applies to controller input and, more importantly, supporting analog triggers at all), EDGE..... I know EDGE used to have split screen support but it was never complete and I think it was removed? Etc., etc..... A "good" split screen oriented port would be a big effort, and it's only fair if nobody wants to give it another go. Features that would be nice would include loading iwads and pwads in game and changing combinations whenever you please without closing and reopening, real split screen and lan options, multiple monitor support, console ports (supporting at least the Switch V1, Switch V2 (includes OLED, Lite), Xbox One (original/S/X)/Xbox Series X|S, and Playstation 4 (Pro) (I don't believe the PS5 has been jailbroken yet)), and gyro support where available. Admittedly, this wish list is a bit of a pipe dream, and you'd have to pick which port you'd want to base stuff on (It might not be good to have settings as complex as GZDoom's for example, plus custom actions might not bind to controllers very easily.)
  14. Danfun64

    What happened to chexquest.org?

    Fair. I figured that due to Chex Quest's link to Doom, and by extension the Chex Quest community's link to the Doom community, there would be some chance the site admin would be here. The only other place I can think of at short notice is the ZDoom forums.