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  1. Danfun64

    What boom/mbf ports have stable savegame formats?

    I'm not sure if I explained myself properly when talking about compatibility. Basically, I'm curious if demos recorded in ReBoom can be played back in PrBoom-Plus/DSDA-Doom with -complevel 9 (boom demos) and demos recorded in Pooch can be played back in PrBoom-Plus/DSDA-Doom with -complevel 11 (MBF demos). Though given what you said, I'm going to guess "no". As for Woof, it seems that ATM "Savegame compatibility across different platforms and releases has only been added in Woof! 6.0.0. This version is able to read (but not save) savegames from the previous version and even MBF.exe, but may be incompatible with intermediate Woof! releases." So compatibility with saves isn't guaranteed yet, but it looks like it's being worked on.
  2. I haven't been keeping track of the classic Doom community in a while. I've known there were ports that aimed to aim at specific standards (like Chocolate Doom for Vanilla), ports with continuous updates that aren't particularly aiming for things like demo or savegame compatibility (like GZDoom), and some that split the difference, aiming for high demo compatibility but (AFAIK) not necessarily savegame compatibility (like PrBoom-Plus). I've known about Woof (which aims to be an enhanced MBF) for a while, but I haven't given it much thought due to its lack of multiplayer support (for whatever reason I'm fascinated by the idea of recording multiplayer -complevel 9 or -complevel 11 demos). I've recently heard of ReBoom (which aims for Boom compatibility), it's Experimental branch (which is perhaps equivalent to what Crispy is to Chocolate in terms of adding more features and raising limits) and Pooch (an MBF port which is AFAIK more conservative than Woof). Out of curiosity, do Woof, Pooch, ReBoom and/or ReBoom Experimental have 1. Full savegame compatibility with their DOS counterparts like Chocolate and Crispy do, preferably no matter how the ports are compiled or what platforms, architectures, or even endians are used? (provided limits aren't broken of course) and/or 2. Compatibility with PrBoom-Plus or DSDA Doom when recording demos?
  3. Danfun64

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    Using multiplayer with PrBoom+ is not recommended. IIRC the net code hasn't been maintained in any fashion since the original PrBoom 2.5. If you're specifically interested in recording coop -complevel 9 and -complevel 11 demos, there doesn't appear to be any modern, maintained solution for this problem. If you want to do multiplayer with Boom compatibility or better, the best options are the C/S ZDoom based ports (Zandronum for a relatively modern experience, ZDaemon and Odamex for relatively old school ones), and none of them have any intentional backwards compatibility with their native file formats (though Odamex has some support for Vanilla Doom demos). For recording demos that DSDA-Doom can recognize, you're limited to Vanilla Doom and Limit Removing at the moment (equivalent to -complevel 2 for Doom 2, -complevel 3 for Ultimate Doom, and -complevel 4 for Final Doom). You could either go with Chocolate or Crispy Doom if you want to stick to modern executables, or you could try to configure a vanilla doom setup with DosBox/IPXNET or Kali95 (I believe nobody uses Kali95 much anymore though), either with the original executables or hacked ones, along with an appropriate network driver (XTTL's IPXSETUP seems the most popular https://github.com/AXDOOMER/ipxsetup_xttl). There is IPXBoom, which is a driver for the DOS versions of Boom and MBF, but nobody seems to use it anymore, and Boom and MBF don't perfectly match -complevel 9 and -complevel 11 respectively.
  4. Yeah, most (if not all) demo compatible ports autoload built in demos after a few seconds. I don't think anything can be done about that.
  5. Danfun64

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    I'm having a completely separate crash for a completely different reason. I've recently compiled a recent commit of PrBoom-Plus on my x86_64 Windows machine, and after it tries to access my MIDI device it crashes. I know it involves portmidi, as when support for compiling with it is disabled I don't get the crash. Something worth noting is that I normally have Coolsoft's Midi Mapper installed. I uninstalled it thinking the problem might be related, but it doesn't appear to be the case. prboom-plus debug.zip
  6. Danfun64

    dsda-doom source port [v0.22.2]

    (text: "dsda-doom.exe - System Error: The code execution cannot proceed because intl.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.")
  7. Danfun64

    MBF21 Specification v1.2 Release

    Dammit. I've been away from the doom community for too long, just saw this today. I would have requested the ability to record chat in demos as well as respawning items in coop. It annoyed me that those features weren't featured in any of the previous standards.
  8. Fascinating. Do all of the samples in the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth that differ from the SC-55 come from the SC-7 or RAP-10?
  9. 3d polyobjects, huh... Out of curiosity, how advanced are they going to be in comparison to, say, Sonic Robo Blast 2?
  10. So apparently some stuff here is out of tune? Is the old EmperorGriefus soundfont out of tune in those same spots?
  11. This is exactly what I meant. Much like with the original iteration of the Doom Classic engine, MIDI is handled through GUS patches that are (presumably) loaded up by Timidity. Doom Classic Unity uses prerendered SC-55 OGGs for the original IWADs, but PWADS fall back to the GUS patch solution.
  12. Having bought the Unity versions of Doom and Doom 2 recently, what would I need to do to swap the GUS patches for an alternative set? I suspect the only barrier would be accessing wherever they're hidden.
  13. Danfun64

    Splitscreen branch (3.42.03a(h2))

    No offense, but at this point Doom Classic Unity is probably the best PC splitscreen option. Not only has this port not been in development for years, it's missing features like being able to change levels and start matches through just the joystick, the ability to end a game and start a new one without having to exit beforehand, working automap for all players, and faster weapon switching for controllers. This might still be one of the best split screen options for boom/mbf levels though. Experimenting with fake split screen using methods like other source ports combined with NucleusCoop or Universal Splitscreen might yield better results in some cases though... All that said, I'd love to see this being worked on again. Perhaps restarted from the ground up to match the latest version of Eternity if necessary. A LOT has changed with that source port since the last split screen build...
  14. Danfun64

    Blasphemer discussion

    Czars? What are you talking about?
  15. I'm still hoping that this port becomes available in GOG so that I don't have to double dip. On a related note, are the dosbox iwads in the steam release still 1.9 (which they were for the past several years), or are they the versions with the pill graphics and no nazis?