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  1. shadow1013

    Vanilla DOOM dirtybox?

    Hey thanks alot for this. I'm making a port very similar to pc doom btw nukeykt. Also with the leaked DMX sources it's a super cool prospect
  2. shadow1013

    Vanilla DOOM dirtybox?

    Does anyone have any info on how the original DOS DOOM updated the screen in planar mode? Out of historical interest I want to see how it was done? Maybe a commented disassembly?
  3. shadow1013

    Episode 4 alot like E.2?

    Oh so it was from an existing wad? No wonder it looked so damn professional. I got excited by the quality!
  4. shadow1013

    Episode 4 alot like E.2?

    Is it just me or do nearly all the new ep.4 maps look like they fit way better in e.2? Or has it just been that long since I've played DOOM?
  5. Why didn't iD just use a variable to store the last "normal" map visited when a secret exit was reached, and then when the game is ready to return back to normal maps, it would go to that map. easily implemented with maybe five lines of code
  6. shadow1013

    "Runworthiness" of the linuxdoom code?

    fawtytwo, I have some really good system interface code with X11 and some midi playing code that I never really did test due to the failures of my system. If you would like I could send it to you... The only difference being that it was written for Hexen, but it is otherwise compatible
  7. shadow1013

    The /newstuff Chronicles #406

    Thank you very much for the advice! I appreciate it very much :) And wtf? The exit is damaging? That is the biggest bug ever. I'm surprised I didn't notice that. But thank you very much!
  8. shadow1013

    The /newstuff Chronicles #406

    Oh god, I'm the author of Invasion of the Damned, and I can't believe I left that bug in. I must have accidentally uploaded the wrong version when I did :/ And yeah, I agree with the reviewer that for the most part E1M7 was a piece of shit. I should have started over on that one
  9. shadow1013


    Yay! :D I'm surprised Choco-doom didn't come with this one first.
  10. shadow1013

    Commander Keen replacement (cat)

    wesleyjohnson, you never played the secret levels on Doom2 have you? at the end of Grosse(32), you have to shoot 4 keens to open the exit. That is the only purpose of the keen inside doom2.
  11. shadow1013

    Commander Keen replacement (cat)

    I like it. I'm also a cat lover and don't take offense to this, so yeah...
  12. yeah. But those can change sizes, as that is dependent on the on the graphic sizes. Also, the coord's are found inside the sources. I think someone made a graphic like yours before on this forum, with every WIMAP shown
  13. Well the coordinates are in fact inside the executable, but I'm pretty sure it's relatively easy to change where the animations are. Change the patch offsets :) but yeah. Let me know!
  14. I don't use DOOM sourceports mainly because I have OCD for originality. And unless I can get the original sourcecode, I still hesitate to clean up the released sources for my (linux) os
  15. shadow1013

    Quake 3 linux music

    Nope. It's weird. This crash only affects the vanilla code, and seems to be completely dependent on the samplerate used, as I'm guessing it had to have worked on other systems.