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  1. phobosdeimos1

    So who's drunk?

    I did that whole being really horrible to everyone when I was drunk then not remembering it. I'm like: "whassa matter why you dont like on me TODAY" - Morgan Freeman
  2. phobosdeimos1

    How do you go about mapping?

    You can never have enough of these threads! I always use a new fad while creating maps in order for them to have a recognisable style, but as I always think up new fads it ironically means that none of my maps have the same style. Ever find it really hard to map somedays and easy on others? Join the other millions of budding mappers, it is one of the biggest problems any amateur level designer faces. The ones who can endlessley create original maps get paid level designing positions.
  3. Good day and welcome to grandad's punk ghetto I'm staying with someone right now who genuinely believes that there is such thing as ghosts. They will argue to the end of the Earth that they are right and I am a skeptic for not believing. They bombard me with stories of why they believe in ghosts, I.E sightings and strange activities. My response is as goes: - I believe that you believe you saw a ghost. - Sight, taste, touch and hearing are technically not always correct in distinguishing an outside stimuli and people could truly imagine anything if their brain accidentally created it. (elaborating further, reality is what you make it. Seeing something unusual whilst 'sober' does not make it actually exist within the universe.) - The nature of existence is physical, therefore something can't exist without physically existing. There is no other type of existing other than physical. - I am equally as ignorant as you as to why existence happened (not that anything can 'happen' outside of existence) but the fact that it is not possible within the laws of the universe that we know so far makes my argument billion-fold more likely to be true than yours. - We are all here by chance and that chance is still going, so I accept the possibility that anything could happen, but again, I'll stick to the hugely bigger odds of the laws of the Universe staying the same. So what's your nine currency disks on the whole Paranormal situation? It's impossible for me to articulate what I actually comprehend and i'm sure all of you have a preconception about my intelligence but I assure you what you think that I think is wrong and vice versa. Pre-conceptions are useful on the surface but can prove fatally wrong in life or death situations. (Of course there's no guarantee anyone else is conscious other than myself.)
  4. phobosdeimos1

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Vapordemo was great i'm glad it was chosen but I would really like to see more classic style WADs from essel after seeing his maps for DTWID
  5. phobosdeimos1

    Health / armour bonuses

    They might have been spawned from the treasure system in the Alpha version
  6. phobosdeimos1

    Doom's All Grown Up - 18 Years Well Spent!

    Could be a She
  7. phobosdeimos1

    Doom's All Grown Up - 18 Years Well Spent!

    Im gonna get real drunk tonight in honour of the game that got me through my horrible childhood. Seriously, if it wasn't for Doom and the ability to create Doom levels, I think i'd be dead. This game was a stroke of genius which won't be matched for centuries to come.
  8. phobosdeimos1

    Would you date someone who is transgendered?

    I think he meant that it's not a problem if they don't mind or like the fact that they are a fetish object. There was a program in the UK on recently about transsexuals and one of them said she loved being trans and went out to bars where men came to meet women who are transsexual so it is possible.
  9. phobosdeimos1

    Can anyone help me here

    Serious Kudos for doing something you actually want to do. Don't give up man
  10. phobosdeimos1

    Post a picture of yourself!

    You've got the same deadly look though congratulations hope you enjoy it!
  11. phobosdeimos1

    Impressive Doom fanart by AzakaChi-RD-17

    Is the artist japanese by any chance?
  12. phobosdeimos1

    My personal reasoning for shunning new-school games

    I am completely with you Goatlord. I'm then assuming that, like me, you find the idea of games like Fallout 3 shitty. I mean what the heck is the point i just get depressed (and i mean depressed to the point where i prefer to sit in silence, genuinely) playing a game unless its moddable and/or multiplayer so doom is perfect plus the gameplay is so simple yet so vast in possibilities. I also used to get really depressed making doom levels before I knew there was at least a couple of hundred other people who made and played doom levels - whats up with that. I'm not using the word depressed lightly here
  13. You'd need a source port wouldn't you?
  14. phobosdeimos1

    DOOM - Evil Unleashed (fanfic... READ IT!)

    great you could sell it
  15. phobosdeimos1

    Post a picture of yourself!

    what is your occupation? You look like cletus cassidy