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  1. MikeyScoots

    I made a filing cabinet! (Doom Builder)

    Did you find that financial report I asked for? I need it on my desk at noon by wednesday or your ass is fired!
  2. MikeyScoots

    Scoot's Dm (Coming Soon)

    Its been a minute since I've released original deathmatch content. 15 years to be exact. Dwango Reborn was cool, but wasn't an original creation of mine (for obvious reasons) and was made mainly as a gift for the Dwango alumni and USQC/MDF communities. Scoot's Dm is where the game is changed. 11 unique maps all crafted with a unique theme, based on original creations and inspired by other franchises such as Dune, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Mortal Kombat. Screenshots Sort of Completed --------------------------------- Map 1 - Lava Arena Map 2- Bounce City 2077 Map 3- Northern Lights Map 4- The Foundry: Doom Edition Map 5- Dune: Battle for Arrakis Map 6- Goro's Lair/Deadpool Map 7- Shipwrecked Isle Map 8- Subway Lockdown: Nyc ---------------------------------- Not started yet Map 9- WIP - Underground Caverns (Sotn inspired) Map 10- WIP (Wild West Valley) Map 11- WIP (Nuclear Refinery) ---------------------------------- Expected Release: Mid August 2020
  3. MikeyScoots

    Doom 2: Re-Imagined (WIP)

    Doom II: Hell Unleashed and Doom II: Re-Build't kinda beat you to the punch buddy.
  4. MikeyScoots

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Now whats I call a Nebula meltdown!
  5. MikeyScoots

    Doom 2 - ErM77

    For a first map this is very impressive. I personally don't like slaughtermaps that much, but there was clearly alot of effort put into this based on your playthrough.
  6. MikeyScoots

    [minimod] Bubble 'Em! (enemy death alternative)

    Demon lives matter. Lol this is great.
  7. Hey look something that doesnt suck and looks intriguing! Good stuff here man.
  8. MikeyScoots

    A Duke Nukem Styled Mapset?

    Like others have said, see this for reference
  9. MikeyScoots

    [GZDoom] Lagomorphs of Gor - now on /idgames!

    Played e1m1-e1m4. Very E1 like and classic styled yet good, which is refreshing to see. Not sure exactly why you chose to go the gzdoom route with it considering the maps are mapped in a vanilla manner, but the alpha rifle was pretty cool.
  10. MikeyScoots

    Hell Unleashed 2014 - Recovered Release!

    Also would like to note for those who haven't checked it already, the Hell Unleashed 2020 development thread is active here:
  11. About 5 years ago the project was cancelled due to life issues at the time and a hard drive/pc failure. I did some email-scanning today in the hopes I had sent out some copies to people and turns out I did! I was able to recover Maps 02 and 04, and an incomplete version of Map01. I've gone ahead and released Maps 2 and 4 to let you all play what could've been the alternative, limit-removing Doom 2 version of HU. GET IT HERE: Idclev to Map 02 and Map 04 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dg4wTgNOm9cJH2WkR-pzHVj18zdGy5cJ/view?usp=sharing
  12. MikeyScoots

    The People's Doom Developement thread: visuals

    I knew I wasn't the only one! This stuff looks amazing my guy.
  13. Whatever happened to the weekly reviews of all the new entries on /idgames?
  14. MikeyScoots

    Colander - 1.0 (Interloper) RELEASED!

    Hey this is pretty neat
  15. Hello community! Back in February I started development on a gzdoom remake of Doom II. After 4 long months of modifying code, gaining 2 musicians and a sprite artist and learning zdoom features as I go, I've finally gotten a build ready. Work originally started on "The Gantlet" and "The Focus" and the current focus is Episode I. We are seeking mappers who would like to help create the best version of Doom II possible. Maps 2, 5, 6 and 7 and 8 are open at this time, although most of us on the team are pretty open about collabing on maps. Hell Unleashed Features: Over 50 new enemies Otex Textures Reloadable weapons Re-worked Pistol to make it actually useful Faster reaction speeds from enemies and revamped code on all beastiary 6 new keys: Green, Black, Silver, Orange, Brown, Pink Gore-Processing Power (Not actually a real thing, just like Blast-Processing Power wasn't either) HellUnleashed does what Re-Buildon't. (We actually like what RoastBeefo on zdoom.org is making, just felt it was a funny jab :)) Screenshots: More Screenshots @ https://facebook.com/HellunleashedD2 Development Discord Server: https://discord.gg/XMRKnup