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    Probably because meme music and this sort of culture are interesting for people the average age of whom is, like, one third of the average DW member? :P
  2. That does it! - I exclaimed upon having seen the following one... I cannot even begin to describe it - and I won't either. Look it up yourselves, but at your own expense. Just to tell you in advance, this might be one of the grossest, most squicky, merciless and gruesome ways any video game character has ever become done for. I wasn't playing the actual game, but watched a sort-of introductionary video of it instead - Breath of Fire IV. At some point of the plot in the beginning, it is revealed that the eldest princess of Wyndia, Elina has gone missing. And it isn't even disturbing up until the time - and the condition in which - the heroes actually find her. The worst part of it? The bastard responsible for the events to turn at her demise becomes a Karma Houdini, because the game devs had run short of time before the release date.
  3. Perhaps it have already happened to you and anyone else who has been into gaming to a prolonged extent. You were exploring a game on your first playthrough, somewhat still learning the ropes, but getting casual with the more basic stuff, then something really sudden and/or unexpected happened that differed so much from the experiences so far and/or the game's general build-up that left you stunned and fazed for at least a couple of seconds. (A subtrope of this is doing second, third explorations after finishing the game once and discovering secrets or non-madatory content that fits the description. Bonus points if this was actually recently newfound, or at least long after you had been thinking you knew the game by heart.) Mine was a first-timer on Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (it actually happens identically without the patch as well). I just found out after quite a long time of guessing how to progress further after the far end of the second world, the desert, but it wasn't the actual thing, instead it was the music in the palace levels - it started off quite "normal", but after a good forty? fifty? seconds into it, suddenly a deep female voice started singing in an Arab-like language. Note: it starts at 0:46. I haven't looked up this track for ages and "40-50 seconds" was just a wild random guess. I was genuinely believing that the game was glitching out or something, because literally none of the other OST had any singing in them (though to be fair, the more hell-ish ones from both the first and the second games, in fact, had desperate, otherwordly yells most presumably created - and distorted - by humans). And the series of the surprises didn't essentially end here either, because seconds after discovering and activating a portal at the bottom of the cellar I was running around on stone platforms supported by metallic pillars in outer FKN space. In a medieval-themed game, that is. It is quite medieval for the setting tho'. So? I am interested in your left-me-stunned encounters.
  4. Cell

    How did you come up with your username?

    It's part of my long-term plan. Once I get rich enough, I want to buy a powerhouse and name it Mytochondria.
  5. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In E3M3, the water is damaging. But I am not only speaking about the "heavy water" around the bridge leading to the secret "furnace" area with the Berserk, the Backpack and the raising floor with the Pinky(ies). The "sink" just before the Invulsphere in the "cellar" (Sector 51) also does a good number on you if you decide to bathe a little. In fact, it's more damaging than any blood or nukage in the same map. Also, the inaccessible parts of the nukage in the southeastern room (Sectors 12 and 15) are harmless - justified as they cannot be reached via nonlegitimate play -, and a small portion of the outside part of the "fenced balcony" next to the bloody pipe room with the BFG (Linedef 919) is (not set im)passable. Okay, okay, I checked the map in DBuilder to be convinced that the Invul-water is indeed damaging and found more than I was inclined to.
  6. Cell

    Random Image Thread

    On the topic of Santa...
  7. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Recently I caught one of my friends watching a video on their laptop, which featured a dude giving instructions on how to clean a glass eye, being in possession of one. However, it was just the exact moment the guy took his faux eye out of its socket, leaving a sorta-gaping dark red hole behind. In a matter of mere seconds, I felt an ultimate weakening chill striking and leaving me trembling heavily with "phantom cold". I didn't even know why - I used to watch Happy Tree Friends on a regular basis back in the days, and it featured a fair number of onscreen, fleshed-out eye losses and/or empty sockets left wide open (the most infamous IMHO is Lumpy's struggling with a spinning top towards the end of the episode "We're Scrooged!"). Perhaps the sudden nature of the aforementioned experience or that the footage was an IRL thing was responsible for me becoming "grossed out"? I quickly took everything into account and analysed the subject thoroughly, eventually coming to the conclusion that I might be mortally afraid of handicaps in general. Not because I'd be an "Abercrombie snob" who regards people with disabilities as "broken" or, far worse, "vermin", but because I cannot help but imagine being in their shoes in a vivid, realistic manner with all the pain and/or impediment being almost completely life-like. It is like being mortified of becoming a handicap to put it short.
  8. Cell

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Ostrich Policy. Every projectile vanishes into oblivion the moment you turn your back to them.
  9. - Being a fan of a genre is okay.
    - Being a bias of a genre is, um, acceptable.
    - Being a bias of a genre by
    degrading other genres to the extent of ridding them partially to fully of their description is, however, definitely not cool.

  10. Cell

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Years ago I came up with an unwritten, unofficial (and quite stupid) mapping guideline called "the P1 rule" which is described as: I used to stick to this rule on a nigh-precise level, and feel disdainful seeing others (which is about 99.5 per cent of mappers) nonchalantly breaking it again and again - no matter how classic the map or mapset felt on an eventual basis, here and there they would always use textures and flats well beyond the P1_END and F1_END marker. But I don't harbor hard feelings anymore. Not only because the original rule sounds out-of-boundaries obtuse, but also because even I myself found it difficult not to make excuses for a couple of scenarios, where my final decorative solution with E1 textures anyways felt outright shoe-horned (i.e. not IWad-ish at all), and with that effort, I could've just put the E2+ texture(s) in whatsoever.
  11. Cell

    Share Your Jokes

    Another race joke, an oldie but goodie. A black man says to a white man: - So, white man! Let's settle a couple of things: When I'm born, I'm black, and I remain black as I grow up. I'll keep my black tone after a hot sunbathe, or during I'm freezing with cold. I'm black while I'm afraid, and also while I'm sick. Even when deceased, I still keep on being black. But! When you're born, you're pink. Then you grow up and you'll become fair. You'll turn red after a hot summer afternoon out in the sunshine, and you'll turn blue when you're caught in an ice cold blizzard. While trembling with fear, your complexion becomes yellow-ish. Usually, you're green when you go down with an illness, and if you die, you'll turn grey. And you dare call me a person of color?!
  12. The entirety of Erkattäññe.wad, with the exception of MAP03 (Spandau Ballet - True), and MAP05 (karaoke version of Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face). And before anyone says that instead I should consult the author himself, I'd highlight that last time @nicolas monti was here was more than 3 months ago, so I might as well get an earlier answer here than via PM'ing him. And no, he didn't put those into the description of the WAD. [EDIT] Thanks Eris. Why are wiki pages always much more descriptive than the attached .txt files? :D
  13. Mentioning "effort" and "meme" in the same context sounds like a foreign concept. :P
  14. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Aside from the blood stain, the textures MARBLE1 (patch MWALL1_1) and MARBLOD1 (patch MWALL1_2) also differ a bit in the marble pattern at the top.
  15. Cell

    Share Your Jokes

    A man walks in the bar and orders a beer. While in there, he looks around and suddenly, spots a Chinese man next to him sipping beer from a jug. He asks him: - Say, do you do any martial arts? Jiu Jutsu, Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Taekwondo, etc.? The Chinese gets mad and responds: - Are you asking me because I am an Asian and so I should do any of these? - No, I am asking because you are drinking my beer!
  16. Cell


    "... someone was gonna pay for what happened to Daisy..."
  17. Cell

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    It's been five years I composed anything that I consider sort of finished. I gave it the rather uncreative name Fearless Kickoff as I have never been able to come up with something better. It's not only the title, however, that lacks creativity - the track itself is a rather downgraded cross between two tracks, them being: And: (It is infuriating how YouTube videos can go AWOL without trace like the MIDI upload of this. That sounded more authentic.) And the main melody is based on a note sequence towards the end of: ... Yep, that's a shame. Ever since, I learnt on my expense that I shouldn't really get myself into this composing stuff. After all, the community already has an established clique of musicians, and trying to shoe-horn myself amongst them is not only fruitless, but outright pathetic as well. (This may also give a definite answer to the ones who wondered at the first sentence why I didn't post this reply into this thread instead.)
  18. One of my acquaintances made an interesting discovery while trying ZDoom in Doom mapping out - though it is only his subjective opinion, but he thinks that pasting the texture STONE6 on a floor makes a decent "desert-y" landscape. So... this might qualify as a "legitimate theme" as well.
  19. Cell

    What are your least favorite Duke Nukem 3D levels?

    Half of the secret levels are disappointing and/or uninspired. - Spin Cycle? Ugh, fairly unremarkable piece of general symmetry. - Lunatic Fringe overlaps with itself to mess with my brain. Also, close-quarter Battlelord combats are supposed to be fun according to the author. - Tier Drops is literally the two above combined. Complete with a stupid "if you found one, you found 'em all" secret setup of four. - Faces of Death might qualify as well, but since it's non-accessible by legitimate means, I wouldn't rag on it here. Aforementioned clichés might have been some sort of crazy-wacky when first introduced, but honestly, they aged terribly. The rest of the secret levels is still fun to play, though, at least for me. As for the basic levels? - Lunar Reactor. That biatch chasm. THAT. BIATCH. CHASM. - L.A. Rumble. As a child, it got me 95% the time. As an adult, I still have a really rough time playing it. Distant hitscans to boot, then a jeopardy stunt leap of faith towards the "huge red lady", while being fired at by Assault Commanders and targeted by Sentry Drones. Not cool. - As much as I found both the track and setting cool for Rabid Transit, the madatory risk of getting hit by the trains TWICE makes me rage. Also, out of the blue Battlelord encounters. - I believe It's Impossible, while certainly not living up to its name at its fullest, is still quite a bit difficult and/or convoluted to be the first level of an episode. Could this be trademarked as "Hell Beneath" syndrome? (With the obvious exception here, you wouldn't be hemmed by Battlelords upon opening a secret.) - Layers of Dust Critical Mass - no backtracking options. I know it is a vital part for the level to appear pressuring/dreading, (pressuring having a literal meaning in this context, hehe) but come on, the music does that itself. - The Queen - a huge river of extremely strong purple alien acid which dissolves you in a matter of seconds needs to be traversed ASAP. Right before the hardest underwater battle you'll ever have to endure. This is qualified as ridicule difficulty rivaling Nintendo Hard IMHO. @NuMetalManiak I believe I became a bit cross-savvy over there. :D :D :D :D
  20. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Speaking of release dates, I am exactly four weeks older than the first Doom shareware (one of my classmates from high school was, in fact, only one day younger than it). Also I share my birthday with the infamous Charles Manson. A trivia out there actually exists that most serial killers are born in November, but I really hope this doesn't apply to me.
  21. Cell

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I have never EVER touched anything Doom-related other than the four "classic" IWads. These include both Newfangled Doom entries, and also Heretic, Hexen and Strife (and whatever else). Also, to this day, I am creeped out by the beginning of the SoundBlaster/AdLib version of D_ROMERO. D_THE_DA is a runner-up in this aspect, though because I used to listen to the latter a lot when I was a kid, I got myself quite used to its nature. The strange thing about the former is, however, is that the "post-introduction" part of the midi is extremely soothing to me in both the GenMidi and the AdLib variants. And speaking about OST... D_BETWEE is unironically one of my favourite tracks from Doom II. Particularly saying because as I experienced, it's rather unpopular amongst users here.
  22. Cell

    Post your Doom textures!

    I once modified the stained green marble textures to match the yellow guts/snakes beneath.
  23. Cell

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Unofficial "Throwback Thursday" entry: a "tile storage" from circa 2010. Being the ravish kid I was, I crafted an elaborate lore behind it, stating this is where map builders take their tiles from. Could have ran empty a couple linedefs into mapping if it was indeed so. Featured a few custom textures, too (the little brown cube AFAIK originates from NDCP2), and relied on ZDoom-compatible texturing, i. e. floors on walls and vice versa. And a much more recent throwback to end this nonsense. Amid-August I published some seems-like-a-project images about "Doom Textris" (or how shall I name it), and now did I realize that I flunked a potential chance in it. Heeere ya go, ain't ya lookin' sweet now that Daddy's done a facelift? It was my pleasure to take your time again. :]
  24. Cell

    What wads are underrated?

    I think this one is fairly unrecognized.
  25. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    While I am far more than liable to be proven otherwise, but I believe this scenery in Plutonia MAP10 I suddenly became aware of during a recent replay might be qualified an entry on the unwritten list of "Plutonia doppelgängers" (i.e. MAP21 <-- Doom II MAP11, MAP18 <-- Doom II MAP14, etc.), unless it haven't yet: For me, it seems like a smaller, less fleshy and/or bloody version of the so-called "E3M4 torture chambers".