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  1. Ssssh, it is said that if you ask that three times, an army of metal snobs comes out of the mirror and kills the thread with arguing about the exact year thrash became stale. I'm still surprised by Nico and the Velvet Underground on that list. I don't feel like the link is strong enough. Is it Nico's hypnotic voice?
  2. What a petty fight. Everyone knows music was invented and shaped to perfection by Blondie and the Pixies. Nico was sexy though.
  3. @nxGangGirl, I gotta make like Maes and repost my own old crap. Now that your mind is completely blown away with the genius concept of separating "slaughter" from "challenge", the path to mutual understanding is within grasp. Peace out!
  4. Why is Doom 1 and 2 lumped together? Why is Final Doom its own category AND lumped together with PSX Doom? Why is PSX Doom even wasting mapslots here? Why no Jaguar Doom slots? Why 5 entire slots for D64? Do you seriously think 5 good Doom 3 maps can be cranked out at all, by 5 different people nonetheless? Are D44M slots just be codes to snapmaps? ...
  5. Have you paused for a moment to consider that saying DW has been inspired by SA 20 years ago might be completely unrelated to the current state of SA?
  6. Nvm, fingerpointing is bad.
  7. Vinegar on Salad 2 - 0 Black Sheep (r1: udm3m07, r2: laz06) GGs! I got away with a bit of berserker mode frenzy at the start of round 1, plowing through everything and racking up a deciding lead for a minute. Then things settled down to frag-trading, but we already had the upper hand. In round 2 we knew we'd eventually get the upper hand if we kept grinding the BFG, so that's what we did. Good luck to our opponents, they can be a threat with more teamwork practice.
  8. Hmm, that observation leads to two competing theories: a) YouTube is much smaller than we previously believed, b) its fascists are extremely large.
  9. I guess I'll drop some dev notes and maybe clear some questions up. PRCP always gets compared with PL2 for obvious reasons, but it's actually a different beast altogether. Where PL2 was a hulking team project that spanned years, endless iterations and big name authors dropping in and out, PRCP was a "speed" community project that originally aimed for Plutonia's 6 month dev cycle, was open to anyone and we most definitely expected a wild rollercoaster ride of quality across the contributions. But then many really good maps started flowing in and from the conversations with Joshy I could feel the inner testing team started sensing an unexpected opportunity, so even the weaker submissions were consequently pushed to greater lengths revision-wise, much more effort went into polish and vanilla compatibility and the dev time ballooned to slightly over a year. At no point was there a concerted effort to produce certain style of mapping that was perhaps underrepresented, we assembled the final pwad from the hand we were dealt with. Anyway, pretty much no mapper except Joshy even knew what the representation was until the wad was released, heh. The dev thread? Yeah, uh... not nearly as informative as you may think, most of the actual development and feedback happened through PM boxes (and copying the important stuff to Joshy, to keep the project lead in touch), which in retrospect seems like complete lunacy, heh. On the flipside it did feel more personal (boooo) and to me back and forth over feedback felt warmer and less constricted than in open threads. I'm a massive PL2 fan, but I gotta say the rag tag group of veterans and newbies both created something surprisingly good here, perhaps even consistently so. But it may be just my ego speaking. Anyway, I'm probably repeating a lot of stuff that can be listened to here, a 2 and a half hour long post-mortem podcast that took slightly over a year to edit and release, which was an Odyssey of its own. Anyway! map01: Stonewall by Joshy Joshy's first contribution, meant to be the Congo-inspired started from the get-go, but it was actually the second map handed in for testing overall, because ArmouredBlood cranked out his evil bitch of a map in, like, minutes. I don't recall much ado about the balance or anything, we were happy to have such a good map to kick off the mapset with. Not sure how much of an issue VPOs have been here, because Belial was the self-designated visplane guardian, but that center looks fairly heavy on tricky vistas! Joshy and I spent time tweaking the speed route, which is intentional, because our philosophy at that point was that Plutonia without speed tricks is nothing. Actually, the original route was too easy and trivial to mention, so it was axed in favour of the YK grab, which was handily available (and only semi-intentional) as well. map02: Temple of Cetza by pcorf It's funny to see people hating on the (admittedly trivial) boxing parts of the map, because that's what sold the map to us back then. It was a simpler time and just plowing through a useless tide of pink was fun for us, okay?! It's even funnier, because those parts got left almost untouched, while everything else (the manco room, the central staircase, the end, basically the second half of the map) was agonizingly tweaked and rebalanced over and over. The map started as a fairly trivial, pedestrian walk in the park, but Paul was actually very responsive to feedback and in the end a lot of thought was put into the battle design... well, except the gratuitous punching parts, heh. map03: Escape from Ghost Town by Lorenzo I'm not a big fan of this map. I mean, it's a solid effort and anyone whining about the hitscan hell needs to realize that's just music to Joshy's ears (I only realized my terrible, terrible pun right after typing it out, but now it's too late to press backscape oh noo), but let's face it. This ain't no dtwid or a homage, this is a copycat. It twists the formula a little throughout, but never deviates far enough to provide anything original. In fact, this map is the closest one in the set to get booted, because in the final maplist assembly it competed for one last empty slot with another copycat, Philnemba's Compound remake. Both were kinda fine technically and gameplay-wise, but also kinda mehh because of the derivative aspect... in the end it went to sudden death arguments like "Ghost Town has a cool speed trick in the exit room" and "yeah about that sector swastika in Infested Compound..." map04: Emerald Pools by C30N9 and Joshy One of the very last submissions (perhaps even the last?!), it kinda came out of nowhere in early 2011 (the project started mid-2010). ceon's original map was prettttty raw, because he was a newbie mapper, but it showed a lot of spirit and potential for fun. Joshy kind of put ceon under his wings, guided him through the feedback/improvement rounds, fixed some clumsy constructs (the outside nukage scenario had to be reworked functionally, iirc) and applied the final photoshop airbrush. There also were plenty of monster swaps, I think the first room saw the most changes in, um, changing monster types and positions. This map is one of the most extreme cases of ideas over polish in the megawad.
  10. "Subtle". But you're wrong, they're moved under Activity > Status Updates, so it's more like the old Blogs now. That means said reasons stand firm!
  11. Not sure if it counts as a trick, but it will make for a great summer dance of the season. Macarena with demons. The jariospaz.
  12. Sick barrel gambit at 3:37! By the way, there was of course yet-another-update that fixed a huge screwup in a previous bugfix in map12. So 1.1.4 is the current final version and you need to use it for anything map12-related. I should get a btsx version tracker as my custom title...
  13. This is a really cool gesture from id. I feel a bit less cynical about the world for a change.
  14. Our team name is Vinegar on Salad. And the rest of you is our main course.
  15. Thanks for the info, Ralph. This was shocking news to me on today's gloomy and sad morning. He always seemed so chill, gentle and pulling his punches when it came to the usual multiplayer bragging and horsing around. This is probably more hard-hitting for you guys who knew him more closely, but he will be missed by all of us. Rest in peace, DS.