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  1. I super-seriously doubt it. 60mil was a fairly standard budget in that era and The Rock did movies both more expensive and cheaper both prior and past Doom. Hell, he did Southland Tales two years after Doom and that movie was under 20mil and hipster as fuck. Let's call it what it is: production and direction incompetence.
  2. Akshully... the Doom movie had twice the budget of Resident Evil ($65mil vs $32mil). The real reason is that P. W. S. Anderson understands directing fun action (to a degree) while Bartkowiak is a career cinematographer who thought he could handle direction as well. And he can't, everything he directed is hot garbage with impressive overdone camera work. Anderson even directed the "real" Doom3 movie - Event Horizon. Interestingly enough it flopped massively and only became a cult classic later.
  3. Doomguy and his gang attend a high school by day and fight demons in hell by night. A lot of cringy young romance, a lot of learning how to gore demons. Directed by Joss Whedon so it's properly dragged across 48 series.
  4. Not really, revived monsters in particular can be an unseen problem, but we're specifically talking archviles. It's a non-issue.
  5. Hell no. But you can go play with the UV-respawn kids.
  6. Did we move from willingly submitting unnecessary personal information to snitching on friends?
  7. Sorry, but this thread makes no sense. Reloading was always around and just because 90's id games decided to ignore the concept doesn't mean we weren't used to it elsewhere. The build engine games all have weapon reloads, except they're automatic. And my PTSD flares up whenever I recall reloading weapons by dragging ammo over them in the inventory panel in System Shock. Pressing R and waiting one second is casual stuff for impatient millenials.
  8. Congrats for proving superiority, Alfonzo. Good showing, 40oz! The second game was quite good and you fought your way back from a considerably deep hole. Also I apologize for my unceasing chatter, I felt pressured to fill any period of silence with words. But good words, strong words!
  9. One of the most ridiculous maps ever. So good we have people like you willing to go nuts with experiments.
  10. Just to explain what Grazza meant, glides go way back to 1999 when @Jonathan discovered them using Zdoom of all things. It was, of course, on map16 and he even coined the accursed term in the textfile. How on Earth did "glide" catch on and not "squeeze" which he also used is beyond my comprehensive abilities. Here's to hoping this new trick gets known as "extended switch", or whatever else other than switch glide.
  11. Guys and gals, since we're purging ugly tricks from uv-speed, I'm banning linedef skips. Hate them. Anyone else wants something removed while we're at it?
  12. Doom speedrunning 1993-2017 RIP, we're into the era of d44m-like ignoring of the mapdesign altogether.
  13. Rip all iwad records.