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  1. dew

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    This is a critical point to make. Even GZDoom more or less forked out rather than take over ZDoom - which got frozen eventually. I seriously doubt any of the pr+ devs feels like they're "the new team", that dynamic is strained and the leaders of the effort clearly think of it in caretaker terms. Why would you endlessly cultivate your neighbour's garden when they moved away and there's work to be done on your own? It's up to the new owner of the garden. Then who is to say prboom-plus is supposed to support wads of a newly introduced standard? After all, it doesn't support already existing standards, like Zdoom, so it's hardly a play-all option in the first place. Yet you namedrop @Bob9001's soon to be announced port that will reshape the world and make the others obsolete. Curious!
  2. dew

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    From what I've heard, Budko already considered prboom-plus feature-complete back when his interest dropped. True, pr+um shifted this goalpost, but the follow-up development was also greatly motivated by the simple fact that pr+ started bit rotting and people had increasing trouble using or building it. In this light, it would be fair to feature-freeze prboom-plus and only make updates mandated by evolving operating systems - much like chocolate-doom. Then it can work as a baseline for future forks and not a constantly moving target. Just my 2c, in the end it's always up to the devs anyway.
  3. dew

    dsda-doom source port [v0.21.3]

    Doesn't it enable monsters that got, say, frozen by a lowered elevator, to essentially jump down?
  4. This is admirable research, thank you for your service.
  5. dew

    dsda-doom source port [v0.21.3]

    Even Budko said not to use multiplayer in prboom-plus, so that code is really neglected and obsolete. I'd say cut the rotting appendix and reimplement it properly from scratch.
  6. By the way, @DCasali, you may want to consider the DSDA-Doom port, it's a fork of prboom-plus that adds a major feature that could avoid worrying about saving too much: ingame rewind using stored frames.
  7. Oh wow, Dario meets Gusta. Fun times.
  8. dew

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    If you mean turn180, then yes, it is allowed under any ruleset, including the old Compet-N one. Well, except rocket jumping wads, it's considered cheating there, heh.
  9. dew

    Questions about UV-Max

    Check the wording on UV-Max rules, it specifically mentions you need to kill all monsters, including archie revives. The exceptions are lost souls (since they've been relegated to "projectiles" of PEs and don't count towards the tally) and icon spawns (since those are unlimited). Any other exceptions, like unreachable monsters, are handled on case by case basis. Maxing in Zdoom is not well handled by the rules, because very little speedrunning happens on Zdoom-based maps due to poor demo stability. However it has been discussed in theory, and the understanding is that "mapper intent" matters in scripting. E.g., there's no reason to exclude scripted spawn-ins, unless the script also takes away your weapons and prints out "RUN!!!".
  10. dew

    New method of cheating

    Actually, we do accept GZD runs, but we still require the demos, even if they're likely to desync with the next dot version. Combined with streaming the attempts it creates a decent layer of safety against these generic methods of cheating common in video-only speedruns of console games. Anyway, that message reads like a kid pretending to be a big menacing adult. We in the Doom community don't even bother with the audio analysis, since it's not how you'd stitch a lmp demo in the first place, but from what I know, being very sure about your clean, undetectable video footage stitches is, uh, famous last words.
  11. dew

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    Seriously? After four iterations spanning a decade, all based on Boom, with a lot of custom content? I don't see any connection to the spirit of CC if this is a lim-rem wad that only allows iwad textures. Where the hell does this come from? CC3 map29 is one of the low-key stepping stones of the slaughter genre, why are we gatekeeping? This won't happen, I guarantee it. A mere year for a project of this magnitude is bound to fail, others have failed with more. Not saying that CC's project leadership cannot change hands, since that happened before, but usurping the project while completely restructuring it is audacious.
  12. dew

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    2004: Hellcore. Inaugural award for "Released project with the longest development time". 2008: Scuba Steve's first deviation from strictly formulaic approach to Mordeth and "development time" in the description gains quotation marks. He skipped over his own Action Doom 2, developed privately and in peace, to point out how messy the public development of Deus Vult 2 was. Which technically still awaits its v2 release... (and guess what got its v2 release this year). 2009: Welcome to the mother of all devhells, Plutonia 2. 2011: Basically a joke about 1994 Tune-up. Get it? It was developed the entire time. :^) 2012: CC4. Longest dev cycle, but also more importantly one of the stormiest, with major beefs and melodramatic departures. 2014: D2INO. Relatively quick dev cycle honestly, but an absolute nightmare due to self-imposed public deadlines and promises broken repeatedly. 2015: ChaosCore CTF. I think Dragonfly even mentioned his Skulldash should've taken the award mathematically, but there was a cautionary tale to be told. 2017: TNT2. Pure drama, makes CC4 look tame. Would challenge even Mordeth E2 itself in 1on1 combat. 2019: SRB2. We deviate further from the dogma and into story mode. Steve points out a major update to a project developed publicly for over 20 years, yet one that perhaps may never be truly complete. 2020: Pacifist speedrunning ruleset reform. We have disattached from concrete form and used the meme award to point out the stalled evolution of a memetic concept. You awake as a hamburger.
  13. Since this is now a curated, pinned thread for non-standard port builds, I suggest this entire stupid conversation is split from it. It has been entirely hijacked by pointless bickering and egotistic grandstanding over why a port WON'T BE HERE. Graf, judas, gibbon, i understand you guys mean well, but you seriously need to stop indulging ketmar in making yet another thread about himself and his fetishes.
  14. As much as I agree with Facebook being one of the worst facilitators of anti-democratic and fascist tendencies in the current world, there is no way the current outage is a conspiracy/attempt to divert attention. FB is bleeding their wallet and their reputation here. They're looking like utter clowns - they'd be far better off with just looking like evil manipulators, heh. It is more than probable that this is an incredible fuckup stemming from incompetence, negligence, bad production pipeline and attitude of, cough cough, MOVE FAST AND BREAK THINGS! Reality is worse than any conspiracy theorist can imagine: there is no hidden hand that steers the evils of our day and age. Those ultra-rich techbros are flying by the seat of their pants and when they trip over their own irresponsibility and cutting corners, it becomes a spectacular shitshow.
  15. dew

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    This is a solid mentionation, but don't be surprised if it doesn't translate into an award this year, or this five-year plan, heh. 4shock is one of the most prominent members of the current speedrunning community, so why print the book with only half the chapters written. To not quote a famous someone, he does not belong in a museum!