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  1. Dangerous Days is easily the best. Raw Power and Satanic Rites are some of the most excellent cases of dark synthwave touching outrun, and it just lights my fire. And I'd say New Model is the "darkest soundiing" one, but often to its detriment. I can take a lot of cheese when it comes to synthwave, but Vantablack breaks my suspension of disbelief, it's a really bad song.
  2. dew

    Some questions about downloading the Zdoom wiki

    What the fuck, why are you stealing the zdoom wiki? Are you some kind of a communist?
  3. Actually, it happens in all the sectors with that ceil height in the map. The other massive sector has floor at 0, but you also wrap around on the target platforms, one of which is mere 2000 units tall. With the immense plasmajump z-axis momentum you're almost guaranteed to have when hitting the ceil... you can loop around several times before regaining control, heh. However I don't think this is the exact same glitch. I have tried to recreate the ceiling glitch in vanilla in the past, but it didn't work. I made the tallest sector possible (1 unit more and the entire sector overflows & becomes impassable), built stairs to the ceiling, added an archvile for the final boost... and nope, nothing. Maybe vanilla needs a magic overflow value as well?
  4. dew

    community top 5s

    Top 5 doom rivalries chewy VS ocelot doomworld VS newdoom unidoom VS kilgore carnevil VS lunchables Tim Willits VS reality
  5. dew

    Cynical hates on NIghtdive Studio

    Wow, what a trainwreck of a thread. Why the hell wasn't cynical's little hate crusade contained in a split yet?
  6. dew

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    The sequence in the first screenshot implies you initiated sr50, lifted your hands for exactly 1 tic from all input, then the next tic you were at full sr50 again. That just doesn't seem very likely under any circumstances. But you just so happened to do it right before a very RNG-ish segment, and such a sequence could actually easily occur if one were to stitch a segment in the middle of a continuous run. I also quickly checked your other demos in this thread and they don't seem to contain a similar hiccup even once.
  7. > "Pan Heil Hitler" > The AI you're supposed to kill here is a crop of the NPC meme that represents brainwashed libcucks > Blighted Moonbase IV has "WHITE :muscle:" sector-written on the map Yeah, I think we have a pattern here. Our boyo here is rolling out some sneaky altright troll.
  8. Looking forward to this!
  9. Four pages of suggestions and the obvious choice is missing? I'm going to assume there was an entire page worth of posts suggesting impse.com that got purged. A cheeky pick that retains "world" would be SpiritWorld, but that's probably too obscure for plebes. And taken. And so is HugeGuts.com, damn. Anyway, why not solve any possible objections inhouse with fraggle and buy, like, soulsphere.com?
  10. dew

    Epitaph (dm/duel)

    I'm sorry, but are you replying to this thread just because of me? I cannot possibly believe YOU would take any interest in this except to shit on my opinion. I mean, look at this, memfis the miserable nihilist is defending a cacoward pick the only time I do not. You are the first person to hate on everything that got an award, you ritually rile against the elitism of the process. This reeks of opportunism. I mean, the defense of the wad you're providing is nonsensical: crudream flips between simplistic and horribly confusing; and its severe pistol starts are the opposite of "basic weapons are given". And I won't let you use the "casual choice" argument either. I was there when FFA was actually played every day, on the craziest variety of wads, by an amazing bredth of players (go check my EXP on Zdaemon if you need to). We never played crudream. You can't make up arguments just because you feel like it.
  11. dew

    Epitaph (dm/duel)

    Dude, let's be honest. You only got a cacoward for that project because the people in charge back then didn't know a thing about multiplayer, which was the same amount of things you ever knew about multiplayer. I would NEVER make the same apalling mistake (and I'm in charge of the MP stuff these days, in case you have been out of the loop for several years and just swooped in with a vanity scan of "is anyone talking about the great ol' me"). Yours truly, a cunt.
  12. Great work & congrats to defeating yeat another legendary "problems of Doom". I wonder at which point we can declare the game "solved", heh. Oh and for those who wonder about repeating this feat non-TAS... let's see. ZM is manipulating the look-up table, so there's no such thing as probability for him, just a lot of patience and the occasional ssg/cg shot to move the LUT index where he wants it. But the index position is opaque to a human player running around the map, so we can treat every cube spawn as an independent random draw with mutually exclusive results - at least from the moment the monsters start fighting and moving the index on their own. To the calculator-mobile! The cube spawn is decided by the current index position in Doom's look-up table that approximates true RNG. There are just two indices that spawn a vile, so we're at 2/256 = 0.78%. ZM says he went for 30 vile spawns, because anything less would be much harder to coordinate for a successful jump that also keeps the attack going long enough to kill Romero. Spawning 30 viles consecutively would get us to (2/256)^30 ≈ 6.0772e-64 (using probability between 0 and 1). For comparison, the winning odds for EuroMillions are 1 in 139,838,160 ≈ 7.1511e-9. But not even ZM's TAS goes for a perfect vile spawn rate. In fact, there are 22 other monsters alive by the end (if my eyes don't deceive me) and the tally screen shows 10800%. That's 107 killed off cube spawns, discounting the sole original revenant. This gives us considerable slack in repeating his feat: getting exactly 30 viles out of 159 spawns equals to (2/256)^30 * (254/256)^129 * binomial(159, 30), bringing us to nice 4.934e-32. But why stop there? Who says we can't get luckier than ZM in our real world run? After all, we can get up to 159 viles! So we sum the previous equation as (2/256)^i * (254/256)^(159-i) * binomial(159, i) over i = 30 to 159 and improve our chances to... uh, 5.101e-32. Fuck. But wait... what's that sound I'm hearing throughout the entire demo? Oh, it's the sound of no lost souls around at all. That's right, girls and boys, ZM also manipulated the IoS to not spawn a single pain elemental. Even a single PE would be game over, because it'd spam the map with lost souls, which would make the terrain more chaotic, harder to navigate, and the skulls would probably randomly charge into some of the viles and constantly disrupt their attention. So we gotta detract that from the adverse result in our formula. Luckily, the PE spawn chance is the same pathetic 2/256 (iirc). We get: (2/256)^i * ((254-2)/256)^(159-i) * binomial(159, i) over i = 30 to 159. And with that, we crater to 1.8403e-32. And that's not all! See anything else peculiar in the demo? Yup, all the viles get spawned on the top platform. Even one of them spawning elsewhere would very likely lead to a quick demise of a non-cheating player, because the vile would unpredictably limit your safe zones and revive killed off monsters. You also can't have any non-vile monster spawn on the top floor, because it'd instantly hurt the dearies and they'd kill themselves in close combat retaliation. What does that mean? There are 13 cube spawn targets on the map, 3 of which are on the top floor. We need at least 30 viles spawn upstairs and everything else downstairs, with no PEs at all. So I think that is: (2*3/256/13)^i * (252*10/256/13)^(159-i) * binomial(159, i) over i = 30 to 159. Here's the wolfram alpha input. The result is 2.8269e-66, which brings us even below the initial pessimistic outlook and it might be less probable that the immediate end of the universe by vacuum decay. I'm probably wrong. I haven't done this crap since uni. And I don't have the balls to factor in stuff like cacos spawning on the top floor, because they can safely float away before joining the shennanigans. Anyway, good luck, marine. You might need it.
  13. <Pandy Richford> Damn, I'm looking poor. <Doomworld> ‾\_(ツ)_/‾
  14. dew

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    What is this "Doom" you speak of and why would we care about it on a site with a maulotaur next to its logo?