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  1. Some good picks in the thread already! I've got just one to add. Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith It's shorter but better designed and punchier than the OG campaign, it uses in-engine machinima cutscenes instead of the incredibly hammy FMVs, it doesn't fuck around with saberless intro missions harder than the jedi stuff. edit: whoops, Bauul already mentioned it. Well then. I guess Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games was an interesting take on the game, removing the strategic scope and focusing on better crafted (read: harder) mission scenarios.
  2. From what I can remember, the jury basically Sherlocks the case to completion... they don't just discuss a case presented to them, they solve it on their own where the law enforcement failed. And as far as I can tell, break some general priciples of jury duty in the process.
  3. I loathe watching 2001. There's just too much concept and too little content, it's excruciating to bear. However I respect the movie, because it achieves what it set out to achieve. The concept really is amazing when you swallow the squeaky clean driness... Here's an odd comparison. One of the most impactful movies I've ever seen is the Belarusian flick Come and See. It is an amazing movie, an absolute masterclass in cinematography and a deeply touching experience. But I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you're ready for the director abusing you, the audience. The praise heaped on such movies is deserved and just, but that doesn't make them appealing to Joe Crowder.
  4. Beg pardon? Even Luc Besson would laugh at such a statement. The Fifth Element is fine, but it's rightfully a second tier cult compared to Star Wars. Like, by the critics? Because I'm pretty sure people hated it. I thought it was too pretentious even for Malick, and I fucking love The Thin Red Line. It made profit, but only after the foreign markets reported in. For my choice... hmmm, I think 12 Angry Men is quite overhyped.
  5. dew

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    1) It was a bad idea. You're selling a fantasy reality in which a game dev will suddenly branch into the movie industry, securing the ridiculously high budget modern action movies demand (unless they're direct to whatever garbage). Their motivation? Getting rid of the evil yoke of Hollywood. Do you even know why there is a yoke in the first place? 2) Has it been ever confirmed that id/Beth/Zenimax even want to make the movie, or participate on any of this? I'm sorry to dash your hopes & dreams, but the laughably low budget production this project seems to be operating on points towards Universal doing "the Spiderman". Something akin to renewing the license just before it lapses by creating the lowest effort remake possible, but hey, it's our franchise and we're still developing it.
  6. dew

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Oh come the fuck on, you cannot possibly be this naive. "Make a few indie hits"? Yeah, how laughably easy #1 step. I have a better solution that fits your line of thinking: you find a really totally awesome job that lands you tens of millions of dollars in a very short time. Then you use those money to make the bestest Doom movie possible, because you know the formula to make the money rain.
  7. dew

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    I hate you.
  8. dew

    And the heaven?

    You omitted the most dire possibility. 3. Heaven stuff is actually behind the Hell stuff all along. God is all powerful, but despises you. This is canon, btw. There is no escape.
  9. dew

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    I'm confused. In your OP you mention Doom/Quake clones, so you clearly start the talk about the retro FPS genre as a whole. But then you specifically start knocking off Quake or Wolf clones. Nail the goalpost down, please. Anyway, re: Doom in particular. Even though Unity is accessible and relatively simple to work with, recreating Doom's specific 2.5D movement model and limiting yourself to no room-over-room architecture is a strangely specific set of constraints. The Wolf3D clones are much easier to make and the Quake clones are properly using what the engine has to offer, the middle road makes very little sense. For a proper Doom clone with proper Doom feel, you simply need idtech-1, build, or your own custom 2.5D engine - and therein lies the reason why not so many people rush in to create them, I would say.
  10. dew

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    @RottKing in Kill Frenzy.
  11. dew

    Commissioning mods?

    Oh shit, this whole time I had no idea the esteemed community darling bsp was a disgusting sellout living the good life of a doom mapping professional!
  12. dew

    Commissioning mods?

    I would like to point out that you're talking about patreon begging for your own project with your own direction, which is a completely different topic than commissioned work.
  13. dew

    Epitaph (dm/duel)

    Well, it's not very probable that a DM wad would naturally spark a discussion on DW, so let's help it a little and poke the hornet's nest. Crucified Dreams was a hot mess, a steaming pile of manure. And the only DM wad to ever win a main cacoward, because it looks pretty. There's precisely one map in all of crudream that I genuinely like and recommend: Lee Szymanski's map11. It may be a bit expansive and slow for what's considered modern standard in Doom dueling, but it's a rock solid Quake-themed DM map. The rest? Dysfunctional layouts with inept placement masqueraded by fancy detail. Scuba's mention of Afterglow going over the mapset and pimping the shit out of it is ironically the perfect encapsulation of why it failed so hard. No one ever playtested these maps for real, because someone would've spotted they're not fun to play. Pistol spawns everywhere, wide-eyed fear of balancing maps around the SSG and the BFG, poor man's interconnectivity that doesn't promote fast and intuitive movement... But there sure was 8 years of detailing behind the project! So on top of the bad decisions, you also get bumpy floor detail that throws off your concentration, wall decor galore to get stuck on and immersive lightning, or should I say darkening. All of that is anathema to DM players. They want interesting map ideas, but grounded on established conventions (pistol spawns are an anachronism, maybe unless you know what you're doing very, very well). They don't hate the pretty, but the pretty shouldn't be the busy, because DM is all about fast movement and when you move fast, that grainy hyper-detailed dark detailing will become a headache-inducing mess that also hides the opposing players to your poor eyesight. DM players aren't married to the vanilla/greenwar-style, but the colour scheme and bright lighting just so happens to help with establishing sit-rep. What I describe is no rocket science. Vorpal isn't known to be a DM mapper, but he still instinctively homed on the most painful issues of this particular map. We helped him with the nitty-gritty of the DM item/spawn balancing, but I'd say he made the most important changes by himself: cleaning up the visuals and removing the plasma teleporter connection. For the lazy: where the bfg is now, there used to be a plasma and a teleporter waterfall (made of like, a billion linedefs) to elsehwere. By removing that connection, the map got imbalanced, and it helped. We further pushed it by adding the BFG, because it adds this ... "gradient". One side of the map is "hotter", it has better equipment, but it's more awkward to move in. The other side has weaker stuff, but it's roomier and slower. This is an interesting dynamic that you won't see in a perfectly interconnected (or even symmetrical) arena. It's fun, because it introduces repeatable standoffs that you learn from over time instead of just random encounters at a random map spot. Brain gets engaged. I dunno if this map has a bright future, but I personally like it. I wonder if other crudream maps could be salvaged in a similar manner. Two months ago I'd probably laugh at the idea. Also, I'm not implying mere vanillification of resources and detail, because that's the superficial level. The problems run deeper, and perhaps vorpal got lucky with his pick and some other are beyond repair. I'd love to know either way. (hint hint?)
  14. ITT: people who don't get laid nearly enough. By which I mean at all.
  15. dew

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    I've been needled into this reaction by certain unnamed parties, but I do think it's worth discussing this matter, so even though in the end it's up to you and your patience, let's talk betas. Imo, they're not worth retaining in ~90% of cases. People are jumping the gun when recording demos on unstable betas and it's just migraine-inducing. I'd be perfectly happy if you just nuked all the btsx beta demos, for example. Yes, it took years to put out a final version, but we told everyone and most of the community heeded the warning. Same with Going Down, desynced Unholy Realm stuff, Resurgence first release, etc etc. Yet this is completely different from, say, the Scythe 2 situation where people had no indication a "destructive" update would come years later and the demoing output was nothing but amazing. So yeah, I believe you know what the right approach is, but you should enforce it across the board and don't waver in your resolve! Beta demos are a plague!