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  1. dew

    Hell to Pay demos [-complevel 2]

    @bonnie, please add a textfile with basic information next time. You could just copy and adjust the one from Erick's demos, for example. It's much more viewer friendly than adding your nick to the filename, and the additional info helps Andy O. categorize on DSDA. Thanks! edit: ...sigh
  2. To be honest, I was making more of a quip than an argument (maybe I was quoting Einstein on Doom mapping?), but I'll bite. I find memfis' argument, and to a point your defence of it, to be a slippery slope that forbids inspiration by previous generations, so I went for the "all art is derivative" trope. Should we reject skillsaw's vanguard, because its earlier parts resemble Alm almost (heh) too much? What about gusta's padawan pipicz? Just to be clear, I'm perfectly fine with calling out obvious copycats on practicing pure mimicry, but throwing the word "textbook" around feels to me like the concept of "mapping schools" following a popular and "working" trend is somehow wrong. And I'll die first before I see memfis' nihilism take over the matters of taste debate.
  3. Show me an original and authentic author and I'll show you whose textbook they're stealing from.
  4. dew

    Future technology

    indeed. Because declaring it an "ironic joke" implies you owned yourself with it, which you in fact did. What you meant was "sarcastic", because you tried to mock the perceived values of this forum you do not share. You may need to retry that once you grow up a bit.
  5. dew

    Future technology

    Dunno about RFID, but breaking the 4th wall of life should definitely be forbidden by the rules of this forum.
  6. Oh fuck, now that you mentioned it, and with everything that's happening in the world right now, I'm finally able to connect the dots. Welcome to Doomworld, Alex Jones.
  7. Let me guess, you were polishing your gun while typing this. And it discharged when you imagined killing all the stupid leftist girly types.
  8. So we should limit freedom of speech, because the left uses it to paint "concerned citizens" as having right-wing opinions in order to limit freedom of speech. Because they love that Stalin guy so much, he was just pure. I'll be honest, I just gotta call Poe. I don't see how that post could apply in any shape or form without a massive dose of self-own.
  9. By which you're obviously talking about yourself, dictating to the devs of python what they can or cannot do when you feel like their decision is giving "The Other" a win. And we must not have that, brethren. Ban freedom to save freedom!
  10. So let's summarize! You refused to tell if you code in python, or if you code at all. You're doing it for freedom and civility, just a concerned citizen with no political bias or agenda. You're incredibly vague in your accusations, but keep dogwhistling about the left and the evil sjws. You're unhappy that your debate partners aren't as civil as you in this discourse about programming vocabulary freedom. What happened to rational debate??? You have 23 posts since 2012, 20 of which are unrelated to Doom. The last time you talked about Doom was in October 2012. Am I forgetting anything in this filthy disgusting ad hominem attack on your integrity as a poster on Doomworld?
  11. Dude, the python devs won't go on a date with you. Stop with the farfetched whiteknighting ffs.
  12. I already checked your post history and made the conclusion you're just a concern troll myself, but thanks for the confirmation.
  13. And is your opinion based on being a disgruntled python programmer, or rather a participant of the larger scale cultural war in which the lib sjws must be owned for their attempts to silence the (sane, reasonable and beautiful) conservatives, even if you don't really give a damn about the topic at hand? You know, just so that we get informed on your particular bias as well. I program for moneys and I don't care except for one thing: why parent/child, ffs? Every third concept in programming is called parent/child, don't make things more confusing dammit!
  14. E vs E Match of the Century: No END in Scythe