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  1. Yeah, not sure how it fell through the cracks. It was supposed to namedrop the incredibly expansive, hard-worked sequels (BoA E2 and Inq 3 in particular) that were impressive and enjoyable for a certain crowd, but their flaws made them fall short of an award for the panelists. In the case of Inquisitor 3 we marvelled at the scope of the project and how you can make a functioning child of Daggerfall and Diablo in Doom now, but there was also a ton of grindy gameplay, horde-herding melee that just doesn't work too well in idtech1, and those annoying back trips for heals. "It starts to get better after the first 3 hours" was too much of a burden for it. edit: I considered BoA E2 worse than the first episode for all the reasons my good colleagues mentioned. If E3 is as good or better than E1, I might find myself in Scuba's camp again, I don't believe bundling the episodes in one file is necessarily a red line we can't cross.
  2. I can empathize, but! The feature was meant as very general "This Year In Speedrunning News" to remind the layman that speedrunning exists. I'm also running out of space to expand to in that sidebar even if I did want to go more indepth. And spilling into the main area seems like a poor fit with the rest. I don't think we're going to start giving Cacowards to demos and if it's just a big writeup with tons of different runs dropped, someone's gonna ask who won, heh. What I'd rather see is some reincarnation of the Golden Cybers, a dedicated speedrunning award. Some 15+ years ago they were organized like "IRC Oscars", with nominated strong performances known in advance and the winner in each category announced live. This could be linked with the Cacowards somehow, perhaps, maybe, but I'd say only loosely. That way you can shine greater focus on a bigger number of great demos, have some of them win meaningless png images and even fit in the repugnant memery of the speedrun community, like the enirvana craze. I don't really see a good way how to do justice to all of that under the Cacoward ceremony without possibly derailing it.
  3. LOL, who cares about your sob story, nice redirection attempt though. Is your answer really "artists be quirky, who even knows how their brains work, we must tolerate"? If they're so incredibly talented, they can announce their next fantastic project from their myspace page and fans would flock to them. Don't believe me?
  4. And the question lingers: If it is so important to announce a project on Doomworld to get artistic recognition, why act in a way that gets you expelled forever and hope the entire system gets changed later in order to accomodate your head problems?
  5. Don't put words in my mouth, mister. I may get hurt and leave the community for good.
  6. Sorry, that also qualifies for 2018. But yeah, no need to create a follow-up thread, next year is a wrap.
  7. I enjoy Hitler for the art.
  8. Okay, this is an important distinction to make. Doomworld only hosts a front for the actual /idgames archive. All of these banned people still can - and often do - upload their new projects. They just can't advertise on Doomworld anymore, because they forfeited that right by being shitters.
  9. How much for leaking people's unfinished projects via password sharing banmes, oh sage of second chances?
  10. Have you contemplated the possibility of this actually being the status quo and you merely not seeing the bigger picture of unrepentant shitposting and getting away with it?
  11. I was wondering if you'd get to advocating for Sigvatr... and you didn't disappoint. Well. HAHAHAHAHAHA Educate yourself.
  12. Or as Dime keeps calling it... No One in Sight.
  13. Before anyone even tries, this is no joke. Maxim Skull, Tangerine Dream or TNT: Respectance all fall into the 2018 season already.
  14. But Doom does have idclip. Type it in and walk through the barrier. Checkmate!
  15. You do realize the stronger the competition, the more hated we get for any decision?