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  1. Yeah this one has been organized just a day prior and the content was hastily assembled in the few last hours before the show. Not exactly the most responsible approach, but I understand the desire to get on track with regular updates after that Hexen hub 5 week torture, heh.
  2. ksutra2 map01, btsx e3 map31
  3. Absolutely, it's a fun and very charming game. Also it's kids friendly, you get money for taking pictures of new animals for example, so the switch to mature themes and the intense f-bomb barrage is a little surprising. I guess Ubisoft is betting on the target audience actually being the original audience, now grown up.
  4. Yo, annelid healing gland. Doomguy may savagely rip & tear the demons, but at least he doesn't eat them.
  5. When I saw this fucking thread I automatically fucking assumed it was about the motherfucking Beyond Good & Evil 2 reveal. What are fucking Rabbids, who gives a fuck about fucking Mario and why isn't this fucking thread about the motherfucking Beyond Good & Evil 2 reveal? Because fuck me, this is not what I expected it to be like. I feel both excited how cool the theme looks and mildly annoyed it's such a departure from the original. Fuck!
  6. hardcore_gamer: BFG is overrated, because it's weaker than PG when I use it like the PG. What is tracer damage. Memfis: BFG is overrated, because it's too op and boring. I avoid it to find excitement in this hollow existence, sigh. If we remove the parts that contradict each other, we're left with "BFG is overrated". Checkmate, atheists.
  7. Also technically you should use a separate textfile for every demo, but I didn't want to overload you with crazy old people conventions. :)
  8. Hmm, the latest version still hasn't been uploaded to idgames. @floatRand, stop messing with it and upload, you can't change anything anymore now that there are demos. :)
  9. Amazing. This is quite probably the first time in the history of mankind that such a remarkable idea has been put to words. A pitch black obelisk's mission is completed and the aether vibrates with the tones of Strauss.
  10. How kind of you that you worded it in such a way, shithead.
  11. There were sufficient resources for the original monster count, provided you got the huge caco cloud infighting with the extra cybs, heh. It was kind of awkward and slow, so floatRand cut it. Congrats on beating a pretty tough mapset.
  12. Woah, it all makes sense now. How the base would even fit on Phobos and everything. Wait, that also means cyberdemons are average human-sized, lost souls are just really big mosquitoes and you could probably keep most monsters as rather angry domestic pets.
  13. This was intentional, though not entirely "that was the plan all along". map02 is one of the oldest maps in the set and even the decision to make its gameplay RL-heavy and SSG-less came before map01 was weaved together. Then Tarnsman added the well hidden, challenging SSG tangent to map01 and it just made sense - if you undergo the battle that's way harder than anything else on the map (except the solonet viles I guess), then you get a chance to "cheat" in map02 with a weapon that makes it much safer.