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  1. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes Portishead - Dummy Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven I would give 5 different names on a different day, it's just a vibe of the moment.
  2. dew

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    Blood curdling. Infuriating.
  3. This is the real issue for any "meme" category and no amount of voting or filtering will pick the right ones. The only possible solution that comes to my mind puts onus on the archive developers, sorry, heh. Basically, a frame to specify notable categories per wad, not per archive. There are wads where collector is absolutely a legit category with great, unique runs/demos, whereas the vast majority is uninteresting and just busywork. So basically what you want, imo, is specifying wads where the expanded tables make sense, and having the fringe categories rolled into "other" everywhere else. Of course the nuclear option is specifying this per-map, but that seems like a good way to hand out a few heart attacks.
  4. The doll continues to fall through the floor infinitely and doesn't lose its momentum while pressing against the blocker thing. Then it continues forward when the blocker gets crushed. There was actually a report by Revenant about the setup failing, which we figured out was the doll sliding off the blocker, since there was enough space on the side and it triggered the wrong specials prematurely. However we could only confirm this for EE, it didn't happen in vanilla/choco/pr+. Is this the cosine value table imprecision for heading, and should it be applied to the doll? Genuinely asking the programmers! This is the borrowed setup from Linguica and NIH, which allows the mikoveyors to work even for ITYTD. As far as I understand it, the explosion normally blocks off the secondary one, and the doll has enough momentum to continue its infinite fall. However on ITYTD the effect is halved and a secondary explosion is needed for the doll to get pushed far enough (and still only take 1% total dmg). This thing is black magic, I suggest looking up the particular research thread, links should be here.
  5. There is one more step to this setup worth mentioning that took some painful debugging and experimentation. No-damage mikoveyors are inherently very slow, so essel devised a fan-like setup for trigger linedefs to activate as many of them as fast as possible. However that is when the vanilla SPECHIT (special hit) overflow strikes, allowing only 8 special triggers per actor at once. This can be benign (think tons of tiny identical teleport lines for a large telecloset monster), but breaks the map if every action is unique and important. So we devised voodoo doll threading where the conveyors are parallelized, 8 actions per thread/doll. Since the dolls move extremely slow, they sync up reasonably well, though general thread safety is not entirely guaranteed.
  6. Just a bonus to your explanation: Crushing barrels is notoriously unreliable, because they can be reduced to gibs without producing an explosion, so essel created a dedicated dehaced thing that generates explosions.
  7. That's a crash when the attract loop tries to play a stock demo on map11. For now start your game quickly (or just -warp from command line straight away), custom demos will have to be provided.
  8. Definitely use -file and not -merge, no matter what port you're using. Command line params should look something akin to: choco/crispy: chocolate-doom.exe -iwad doom2 -file KDiKDi_A.wad KDiKDi_B.wad -deh kdikdizd.deh -warp 13 -skill 4 eternity: eternity.exe -vanilla -iwad doom2 -file KDiKDi_A.wad KDiKDi_B.wad -warp 13 -skill 4 dsda-doom: dsda-doom.exe -complevel 2 -iwad doom2 -file KDiKDi_A.wad KDiKDi_B.wad -warp 13 -skill 4 I tried the crispy setup loader and couldn't get it to work properly either, heh. Maybe something crispy-related that should be brought up with fabian.
  9. I tested across dsda, chocorenderlimits and vanilla, and I do recall the teeth from dsda. But that's the least of it, other custom monsters are completely sparkly because of the palette issues. You'll know. Basically, dsda complevel 2 is functionally perfect, but visually there will be glitches.
  10. Comparable in size, but not in backtrackinggrandeur! Many hours of gameplay have been cut out from z1m7.
  11. 15 years of delays, then fretting over 15 minutes... congrats to getting rid of this albatross around your neck!
  12. dew

    what is the worst censorship in doom

    Absolutely fantastic point, it's really crazy how fraggle single-mindedly sticks to the tired "why do u even care" argument and says literally nothing else on the matter. Glad you caught him redgreen-handed. Another victory for 🧊🍑 and selective quoting!
  13. dew

    Most delicious maps

    I dare you to taste Icarus map11, cowards!
  14. dew

    Doomworld Rules

    And they said early 00's flash animations will never be relevant again.
  15. dew

    DBP50: Emerald City [idgames]

    I liked this map, joe is finally maturing as a mapper. Can't wait to see where his future contributions to the series!