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  1. The_MártonJános

    Your own "Lost Media"

    The first two map attempts I've committed in Doom Builder back then in late June 2009. First one I didn't save at all, second one I wanted but I somehow overwrote the file. The latter I especially regret because it was an actually extensive attempt at an E1M6 style map which I could expand on once I got the basics of layout and placement 101 down. But oh well.
  2. The_MártonJános

    What are the most coherent original Doom level names?

    The first half is depicting physical pain. The second part is giving you mental pain with all the puzzle thingamajig around.
  3. The_MártonJános

    Offering playtesting

    I don't think E1M2 is deadly enough to die to it even while blind running, so you could go the same route you did with E4M7 :)
  4. The_MártonJános

    Offering playtesting

    I watched your video and enjoyed it a lot (also gave feedback.) Expect me to compile the download I promised in the following 3-5 business days. :) [EDIT] requesting a new submission. E1M2 from the same file I uploaded, called "Neutron Reactor." This one was laid out in 2013 and finished in 2017, 4 years later (basically the last map I finished before I left the project to "rot.") Same settings as for "Forsaken Resort" (difficulty, compatibility, run type, etc.) Soundtrack is "Watz Next?" from the Rise of the Triad OST.
  5. The_MártonJános

    Offering playtesting

    @Astro X I also noticed you do commentary gameplay. I don't know if you plan on doing commentary on these playtests, but if you do, please make sure to listen to how my name (MártonJános) is pronounced on the Hungarian setting of Google Translate.
  6. The_MártonJános

    Offering playtesting

    I'd be pleased. [Upload deleted, separated .wad file is here] Map: E4M7 Title: Forsaken Resort Difficulty: UV Run: Practiced, preferably 100% Compatibility: should be Vanilla, although I never tested on that compatibility myself. If it complains about anything I may have overlooked, try PrBoom+, if that doesn't do the charm either, just use GZDoom with Vanilla settings. Notes: - I made this map over 12 years ago, and while other maps in the wad were tested and reviewed by other users, this one got, by large, overlooked. - At least two of the secrets are rather cryptic, so if you decide to do a 100% secrets run, I definitely recommend checking the map out in Doom Builder first. - The track playing in the map is the same as in valkiriforce's Eternally Yours MAP07 ("Attack Ship - Covert Assault" (Iceplug) [Perfect Dark]) - The (deprecated) zip's name had nothing to do with me asking you to play E4M7 specifically. :)
  7. The_MártonJános

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This weird tripled woodbeam in Plutonia MAP11: Hunted Linedefs 606 (actual border) and 749 (probably accidental split linedef) respectively (Please ignore the custom skybox, it's part of an experiment) Red circle marks the position of it in the map
  8. The_MártonJános

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    Had one about some map I, according to the dream, have done like over a decade ago. The real strange thing is, even though the dream gave me that memory fair and clear, in reality I've never done that map, nor have done anything similar. I didn't load it up in the game, but in Doom Builder instead, but I had vague recalls of its gameplay. The layout included, but wasn't limited to: - a very tall and also kinda spacious marble area with face relief pillars, enough to hold like 4 Cyberdemons without battle cluster, yet only having Imps; also it had a halfway attempt at a lightray propagation effect, coming from the assumed entrance to it - the back side was all lit up nevertheless, despite the pillars. - another marble hallway leading towards the exit - in the northeastern corner, a disjointed (accessed via teleporter) large, dark, rectangular area, must have been holding one of the keys and included a Baron fight - the northwestern corner had the starting area with the same aesthetic like the one of Against Thee Wickedly, and on the 2D mode, it was seen I made it having the shape and features of a monster head, also disjointed - in the southwest, there was yet another detached room with zigzaggy linedefs and Magma Hell visuals. The map overall was rather underwhelming, haphazardly and inconsistently designed, and unless where was stated otherwise, it majorly had orthogonal walls and lines. Which would not have been out of place regarding my 2009-2010 mapping, given it was also laid out in the manner to be perfectly fitted inside a rectangle. But I still insist that I've never made this particular map in my life, ever.
  9. The_MártonJános

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    Delicious Episode 2 details, loving it
  10. The_MártonJános

    What Got You Into Doom?

    Discovered the original Doom and Doom II iWads back then in 2004, rather late after release. In fact, the Doom version was v1.1 which among other things didn't have the E1M1 secret shortcut and the zagged "attic" secret with the item pickups, or had the controversial symbol in E1M4 and the switch opening the door to the red key in E2M2. The Doom II version I'm not sure about, but it had a jarringly high gamma setting which I don't even remember trying to reduce even though it bothered me a lot. Since I played other FPS'es before - Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein 3D - I immediately got immensed. Soon after/around the middle of 2005, I had a brief fall back in interest which resparked once in June 2009, I got the Doom 95 executable which also had Final Doom. During my (re)introduction to Ultimate Doom, I was baffled by the changes made to the maps and kind of believed I was being gaslit all along. Come nearly 15 years later, still going strong.
  11. The_MártonJános

    I owe you all an apology...

    I hate to be that guy, but that wasn't MAP13: Downtown, but MAP15: Industrial Zone instead. All aside, no scorn from me. My early Internet exposure time was worse, and I'd be glad if I could bleach all those memories out from my brain.
  12. The_MártonJános

    things in doom that weirdly scared you back then

    I remember developing trust issues similar to that by E2M6's chaingun room (the vaguely T-shaped optional area with the vines and the rather nonsense secret tag.) The crusher in question also has the diamond shaped light texture on a brown surface, which used to rub me the wrong way for some unknown reason. [EDIT] copied the image link from the DoomWiki if someone was super unsure
  13. The_MártonJános

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    Bold claim to make in this very place, friend.
  14. The_MártonJános

    Things about Doom you just found out

    @DoomGappy so this basically means Sandy was responsible for probably the most OG Doomcute in history.
  15. The_MártonJános

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    I now see where the corrupt memory may come from. I falsely thought Serious Sam was Redneck Rampage.