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  1. The_MártonJános

    The story behind your custom avatar

    The occasional temporary change. Two days ago I officially entered my thirties.
  2. The_MártonJános

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    One map or several but with atrocities that make speedrunning stategies just impossible: - 89/91 (or 179/181, 269/271, 1/359) degree walls to hinder wallrunning. For the thingrunning alternative, each thing stacked right next to the other is given one exact pixel indent relative to the previous one; - 31 pixel wide gaps between columns/walls (also things) to prevent gliding; - needing to do a whole map roundabout just to override a 25 pixel high height gap; - higher height differences being just too tall to Archvile jump over; - speaking of Archviles, they cannot access areas where you could effectively use their thrust; - other monsters being more of an annoyance than an actual menace, blocking pathways and/or acting as ammo sponges. Extra credit for them being locked at the bottom of an abyss you need to clear out by taking another route before jumping over; - for maps which could theoretically be cut short by voidgliding (like how ZeroMaster did in E2M3 and E2M6) just adding thin inaccessible sectors right outside the outer border of the map layout. Any other ideas are welcome to make this theoretical mod even more awful.
  3. The_MártonJános

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    As if it wasn't obvious for the past 30 years, it only just dawned on me. Doomguy doesn't sink on any liquid surfaces (well, originally) because he's a MARINE
  4. The_MártonJános

    Varis Alpha MIDI Files

    Hey, I may get rekt for bumping this, but there's been a something I've been wondering ever since I played TNT:Revilution a while ago isn't the MAP26 music (God Ov Julenca) a rendition of "Rise", an unused music from the 2013 Plutonia Midi Pack?
  5. The_MártonJános

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A Plutonia pWad called "Rustonia" which is fairly the same tier gameplay as Plutonia, but the COMPSPAN and CEIL5_1/TLITE6_1 pedestals (the staples for the whole Plutonia premise) are replaced with METAL and CEIL5_2/TLITE6_4 ones. Relics from an era when people were unaware of plastic covers being superior to metal ones.
  6. The_MártonJános

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Cybers (and also Spiderdemons) are indeed naturally more resistant to rockets since they're hardcodedly immune to splash damage. Also a few observations to add: - Cacos should be added to the Nobility&Arachnotron group since their attacks are plasma balls (in fact they deal the same damage as a player or Arachnotron bolt) - Speaking of which, maybe the "BFG secondary damage" (called a tracer, in fact) should be moved to the Baron and HK instead - Revs have missiles which deal grievous damage, but no splash attack. Archies attack with explosion (and a bit of hitscan) and Mancubi - which were left out for some reason - use heavy flames which explode with the same animation as a rocket. So I'd put these together with the Cyb - Also move Spider Mama with the Shotgunner since her chaingun's rounds deal the same damage as a Shotgunner attack - Pain Elementals should be just in general resistant to any pain in general, given their name (har har.) Assuming the above resistances were around 50% each, let's give them 33% for everything to keep it balanced - Pinkies, Spectres and Lost Souls would be more resistant to any melee attacks, whether fist, Berserker or chainsaw. Again 50% here, and a 33% would go for any other monster which has both a ranged and a melee attack - Imps and their fireballs? Ehh, just put them with the Caco and the Arachnotron then. I may be putting too much thought into a stupid mod, but them's the breaks I guess?
  7. The_MártonJános

    Things about Doom you just found out

    People have regularly been sharing their dislike towards the Doom II iWad claiming "it's too brown." It only recently dawned on me that the new beastiary added to the roster may also have been a contributing factor. In the first Doom, the only majorly brown enemies were the Imp and the Cyberdemon, and, to an extent, the Baron and Spiderdemon. Three of these four are bosses, and the general color palette of the enemy roll is rather diverse otherwise. Cue Doom II, and we're introduced to at least four more majorly brown monsters - the Hell Knight, Pain Elemental, Mancubus and Archvile (some props to the latter for turning yellow during its attack.) Two more which are partially, but still remarkably brown - the Revenant and Arachnotron. The Chaingunner is literally the only one who's much rather red/maroon instead of brown, and even it has spades of it. The other enemies are much more diverse in color, but even those are niche and/or hidden - them being the Wolfenstein SS, Commander Keen and the Romero head. As a bonus factor, the only added weapon's - the SSG's - pickup sprite is also majorly brown. This is a bit nitpicky at this point as the Shotgun and Plasma Rifle pickups are also of brownish shade, and the only other colors present in any weapon are grey, barring the yellow of the Chainsaw.
  8. The_MártonJános

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod that swaps the behavior of Pinkies and Lost Souls, minus the flying ability of the latter.
  9. 13 years on this site, time really flies, huh?

  10. The_MártonJános

    Horror music renditions of classic Doom tracks?

    Basically anything from the E1M3 track on in The Thing You Can't Defeat is a good contender, especially if you're well aware of the premise.
  11. The_MártonJános

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Never said it wouldn't have been useful. I think the stupidity would majorly derive from all the nitty-witty details included (opacity, itemcount "protection" and the like.)
  12. The_MártonJános

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    NRW gameplay mod, standing for "No Resources Wasted" If you pick up any health kit or ammo unit while close to max, the remainder doesn't get wasted and will sit there for you to later pick up if needed. Emptiness rate would display as a form of opacity, the more opaque the item is, the less it has left. For combined rewards, as in backpacks and Megaspheres, the item would gain opacity alongside more prominent and less prominent colors representing the form of resource left (backpack: dark green for bullet ammo, bright gray for shotgun shells, bright brown for rockets and dark gray for cell ammo; megasphere: red for health, green for armor.) Items that count towards the itemcount can be "picked up" even if they're useless, but their resources stay at 100% and opacity at 0%; they become pickable again when needed. As a bonus, timed power-ups would also be able to be "toggled off" mid run when not needed and used later (akin to how Duke Nukem 3D uses them.)
  13. The_MártonJános

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    A while back I coined a term, spelled and stylized AWESO-meh, describing nearly anything and everything that starts out great but then progresses and/or finishes on a lesser, inferior note, essentially invoking a sense of disappointment. The Doom confession part is how I considered compiling a list of maps, mapsets and MIDIs fulfilling this quota, but eventually scrapped the idea to avoid needless controversy.
  14. The_MártonJános

    The perfect HUD doesn't exist-

    Everybody is in awe of the HUD, but no-one is mentioning how the tester put at least 100 secrets in the map with the showcase. :P
  15. The_MártonJános

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Speaking of E1, recently I burned through a plethora of maps that tried to emulate the E1 style, texturing, etc. to more or less success. A good ratio of them were decent, but there also were a few ones which I found rather jarring. It took me several takes until I figured the reason out. It may have been one of Romero's rules which he himself forgot to add to the written list, but in the og Knee-Deep in the Dead, there aren't any areas where a carpeted floor sector is directly adjacent to one which has a nukage floor. Like, they can be somewhat in proximity like the E1M4 toxic pit under the yellow key window (where there is a beige carpet-y floor texture on the higher ledge) or the E1M6 bridge to the blue door branching off the "control room", but never an instance of directly stepping up to an office rug from a pool of nuclear waste. Which is exactly what some of these techbase wannabes kept doing repeatedly. Also, I just found this earlier in this thread... I think that also was the case of that small empty room you teleported into on E3M4 from besides the crooked bridge just left from the start. It didn't have any pickups, but a small window - similar to the E2M6 one - to take all the baddies out instead of facing them head-on in the room with the goodies right ahead.