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  1. Sokoro

    recent wildfires and sky turning red

    What is gender reveal party? Do those people reveal their genitalia? Are there any pretty women? USA has such weird culture
  2. Sokoro

    Subjective vision of new generations

    The new generation thinks, that they are younger, prettier, do not have that many responsibilities and can have more sex. Which is probably true.....
  3. Sokoro

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod which adds meters for when you need to piss or make a poo. Then you can bind dedicated actions to keys, so that you can piss on a wall or door, leaving a trace until end of map, you could also shit on a floor to create poo pickups, which can be collected for -15 hp.
  4. Sokoro

    What's a good book you would recommend?

    Elements - from Theodore Gray Starmus - from Garik Israelian and Brian May They are both science books.
  5. Sokoro

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Yeah, that one had that unreal feel, when you are alone in unknown territory, trying to survive and get back home. You had only two hands to hold weapons or cards and hearth tattoo to protect you.
  6. Sokoro

    FTC's COPPA will affect YouTube in 2020

    Yeah, I go to youtube mostly for informative and well made videos on games or other stuff, I dont care about those stupid popular videos which are so lucrative for ad companies. I dont want youtube to become "just another tv" .
  7. Sokoro

    Do you do any drugs?

    I play Doom, it is so good, there are so many interesting levels, how do I stop? My wife would prefer to spend all my free time with her, but doom is sometimes more fun than her interests. I also drink coffee few times a week and rarely some alcohol.
  8. Does anyone remember or know for how many $ were respective doom games and their expansions priced, back in ninenteens, when they were new? I would be interested in heretic and hexen prices too.
  9. Sokoro

    Decorate monster behaving incorrectly

    Ah, I see it now, thank you Graf and thank you for GZDoom it is my favorite port for anything, but testing vanilla maps (I use chocolate doom for that)
  10. Hi, I have donwloaded decorate monster Archon of Hell and tried to nerf it. Most of the time it behaves normaly, but on some occasions it skips some frames and uses only last frame when doing a_custommissile, or it throws fireball into different direction than it is facing. I am using latest gzdoom stable build. What could cause such behavior? Here is the code I am using: ACTOR HellstormArchon replaces BaronOfHell { Health 1000 Radius 24 Height 64 Mass 1000 Speed 8 PainChance 20 MONSTER MeleeDamage 10 Obituary "%o was no match for an archon of hell." HitObituary "%o was ripped apart by an archon of hell." BloodColor "20 60 20" +FLOORCLIP +BOSS +BOSSDEATH +DONTHARMCLASS SeeSound "monster/arcsit" PainSound "baron/pain" DeathSound "monster/arcdth" MeleeSound "baron/melee" SpawnID 174 States { Spawn: BOS3 AB 10 A_Look Loop See: BOS3 AABBCCDD 3 A_Chase Loop Missile: TNT1 A 0 A_Jump(128,7) BOS3 EF 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 G 8 A_CustomMissile ("BaronBall",28,0,0,0) TNT1 A 0 A_Jump(64,4) BOS3 ST 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 U 8 A_CustomMissile ("BaronBall",28,0,0,0) TNT1 A 0 A_Jump(64,1) Goto See BOS3 HI 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 J 8 A_CustomMissile ("ArchonComet",28,0,0,0) Goto See Melee: BOS3 EF 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 G 6 A_MeleeAttack BOS3 G 0 A_Jump (128,1) Goto See BOS3 ST 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 U 6 A_MeleeAttack BOS3 G 0 A_Jump (64,1) Goto See BOS3 HI 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 J 0 A_MeleeAttack BOS3 J 6 A_MeleeAttack Goto See Pain: BOS3 K 2 BOS3 K 2 A_Pain Goto See Death: BOS3 L 8 BOS3 M 8 A_Scream BOS3 N 8 BOS3 O 8 A_NoBlocking BOS3 PQ 8 BOS3 R -1 A_Fall Stop XDeath: XARC A 5 XARC B 5 A_XScream XARC C 5 A_NoBlocking XARC DEFGH 5 XARC I -1 stop Raise: BOS3 RQPONML 8 Goto See } } ACTOR ArchonComet { Radius 8 Height 12 Speed 25 Damage 20 Scale 1.0 SpawnID 251 PROJECTILE RENDERSTYLE Normal +THRUGHOST SeeSound "weapons/firbfi" DeathSound "weapons/hellex" DONTHURTSHOOTER +FIREDAMAGE States { Spawn: ARCB AAAABBBBCCCC 1 Bright A_SpawnItem("ArchonCometTrail",0,0) loop Death: ARCB J 0 Bright A_SetTranslucent (0.67,1) ARCB J 3 Bright ARCB K 3 Bright A_Explode(128,128,0) ARCB LMN 3 Bright stop } } ACTOR ArchonCometTrail { Radius 3 Height 3 Scale 0.75 Speed 0 PROJECTILE RENDERSTYLE ADD ALPHA 0.67 States { Spawn: NULL A 3 Bright ARCB DEFGHI 3 BRIGHT Stop } }
  11. Sokoro

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    These were some of the best ultimate doom episodes I have played. I enjoyed every bit of it, but the e1m0 Tom's Halls map, that one was not my cup of tea. Thank you for making it and keep mapping :-]
  12. Sokoro

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    So I found out that the MAP22: Habitat is fully compatible with doom 2, it does not use any custom TNT textures. Was Christopher not aware that the project uses custom resource pack? Did he just dislike the new textures or was it coincidence? Should I put myself under such restrictions and avoid usage of custom tnt textures while imitating CB map?
  13. Sokoro

    I've been feeling very sad.

    - The one with super shotgun. - Chainsaw. - Because he does not want to spend money on barber? - No.