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  1. Sokoro

    What are you currently reading?

    Antarctic Atlas by Peter Fretwell , a book with lots of maps (around 200pages) about various aspects of the continent and surrounding isles. Not really hard reading, but interesting information.
  2. Sokoro

    Absurdly well known videogame trivia

    John Romero built the level Perfect Hatred in six hours. The longer Icon of Sin (DooM Eternal) stays on Earth, the stronger he will become.
  3. I had a lot of fun in the game, even like most of the platforming. It was a blast. I guess some things could have been done differently, but I still have old doom for lot of classic fun. But before I head into Ancient Gods missions, I have a question for those of you who have played the game too... Did you know that the longer Icon of Sin stays on the Earth the stronger he will become?
  4. Sokoro

    The Ultimate Doom II : Doom II levels reimagined

    The screenshots look very good and I like the idea behind this, but I am a bit confused about the name, the original Ultimate Doom was not a remake, but just a re-release with extra episode. Well, id is not going to make real UD2 anyway, so no big deal.
  5. Sokoro

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I want ID to fix stupid milestone bugs of Doom Eternal!
  6. I have tried dashing into pinky's head several times and no milestone unlocked, what is wrong? And Phew that was close one, is bugged too! stupid bugs... wasted bfg ammo on nothing.
  7. The first time, when I saw a ghost, was in e1m9. I vaguely remember using rocket launcher. Did not end well.
  8. Sokoro

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    Thanks to modern sourceports like Zdoom, we can make gameplay enhancements to them! 1. make them have fire aura which damages enemies around them, 5 hp per second. 2. On death effect which release the fire in them as some fiery homming ball acting as homing revenant missle, doing 25-35 damage on impact. 3. Profit! Imagine playing all those wonderfull maps now.
  9. Sokoro

    What is your greatest fear?

    Death. Ceasing to exist.
  10. Sokoro

    DooM 64 CE

    Yes, it is the one Bingo linked.
  11. Sokoro

    DooM 64 CE

    Hi, I just downloaded this source port for DooM 64 and while it seems very nice, I wonder how is it, that is has all maps, absolution, lost levels, etc, when I did not provide any iwad or any extra files to make it work? Does it automaticaly find the iwads in my steam folder? I bought the official DooM 64 remaster from steam.
  12. Hi, I am enjoying these pdf files, nice read, but is there a list of all Seals of Aproval awarded by all wadazines? those pdf load too slow to check it one by one.
  13. Sokoro

    The man who destroyed id software.

  14. Sokoro

    Favorite TF2 Meme?

    This one has really lot of uses on PoE reddit
  15. Sokoro

    why would someone defend a CEO?

    I do not ask people to be anti-capitalistic, I ask them to not be stupid and buy better products. That would solve things... Also, what does environmental care have to do with political bias? Did your parents not teach you to clean your room? So keep your planet nice and clean too. What am I missing... are many americans like dirty, smelly kids who leave waste all around, like chinesse people?