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  1. Sokoro

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    It is fault of the Bandcamp for selling themselves! Rich people or companies can not buy you out, if you refuse to sell. The problem is most people do not care about the world or their work, that much, and sell their beliefs and ideas for loadsofmoney. Easily manipulated.
  2. Are you talking about Path of Exile?
  3. Sokoro

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    Why is the X made of three III instead of two II ?
  4. Exactly, reminds me of a similiarity with houses and many other things...
  5. It is same every year. I understand the enthusiasm, the wads are usually lovely, but one mentionation per project is enough and it would make it easier to read for *judges* and people who look there, to keep track of cool stuff. What do you think?
  6. Sokoro

    Internet Archive is in trouble?

    Yeah, like Einstein did... (stupid low IQ voters) Anyway, you can not do that with one of the kind products or services, how do you pick another, when there is no another? And my chances of starting my own archive, in my country (instead of biased USA), are in same direction as making my own electrical generator for example. I am reliant on other people in many aspects of my life, like everybody, but people sometimes suck... and make environment for worse.
  7. Sokoro

    difficulty/slaughter maps rant

    Just use some overpowered weapon mods, or create some yourself. Then it is fun again. It is not, like this is some online only game, which is controled by devs who might have, or might have not, the creative skill and/or good intentions... (GGG lol) Doom is open, do whatever you want with it...
  8. Hi, this project was mentioned in Cacowards, but I cant find download link anywhere. Is it being worked on?
  9. There is a mission in Paris and one of buildings contains weird sprite which is split in half, one half a man and one half a woman in white dress. I don't get it, is it a bug or some stupid joke?
  10. Sokoro

    Five Rooms of Doom [-complevel 9]

    Hi, I just want to reply as author of map11, that it is hearthwarming to see your attempts to beat my map as fast as possible. 11 seconds. First I was like "this needs to be patched somehow.." , but then I realised it is perfect *leave it in* stuff. I just hope, that you also enjoyed the little chaos from the caco wave and four(on UV) archviles, before making the map look like a joke. Good job both.
  11. That looks very fun, I loved the original kdizd and it is sad the other episodes never saw the light of day, but this new take on 1st ep is nice. Is there any list of problems with GZDoom and this? I would like to play it with gzdoom software mode.
  12. Sokoro

    What type of dog do you own?

    Please delete this post
  13. Sokoro

    What type of dog do you own?

    I have got a king-charles spaniel. It is a dog, right? No, it is not, it is homing missle, who follows you to Mars, Demios, Hell, then back to Earth. It is tramatised each time you leave it alone for more than half of an hour and makes you abandon ALL dog rules. On a 1-to-10 scale of friendliness to other lifeforms, where 1 is hostility to everything unknown and 10 is loving attachment to other beings... It is 42! Perfect.
  14. Final Doomer, I just love it. It feels close to original game, but adds a lot of variety. There are also other mods, that I load for fun sometimes: Trailblazer = Makes you feel like a Terminator Doom RLArsenal = Lot of customisation, can even play whole megawad with focus on shotguns, for example. Meta doom = not perfect, but main menu is just badass and reminds me of all good memories I had playing all the doom games High Noon Drifter = I use it for egyptian wads to feel like Indiana Jones, or just western wads. Thanks everyone for these and other doom mods, this community is awesome.
  15. Can someone explain, what is the problem with map26? Cant you just replace it with ugly experimental map (like original TNT did with habbitat) and claim cacoward? Anyway from the screenshots it looks like my cup of coffee and I am eager to play it when full version gets released. Thank you for this gem.