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  1. Sokoro

    Epic Games stops development of Unreal Tournament

    Back when I was young, companies released finished products. Nowdays, it is lot of early access, abandoned products and broken promises. I saw some videos of the Fortnite game, the graphics seems to be targeted at teenage kids and the game-play at simple people. If they have fun with it, good, at least I wont meet them in real-life.
  2. I am experiencing the floating plasma gun bug too. It is trippy and dangerous, could cause someone to get killed in-game. I can not find download for monsters only version of smooth doom. Is it discontinued? I guess I can easily make it myself with Slade, or is there anything special I should know? Archviles use their death frame when ressurecting other monsters O.o What is this? Some bad voodoo? Please help.
  3. Sokoro


    well burning papers where the article is printed on is as close to death as it gets, since article is not a living being and can not be actually killed or die by other means. But it would be still on other media etc. And yea, burning someone's properity is violation of laws in most countries, so it would not be doable without some revolution or theft.
  4. Sokoro


    you wont kill the article by just posting "death to article 13" you must burn the papers with fire, crush the hdds and memory devices and erase the idea from politicans' heads. Do it now!
  5. I read a story, how bethesda fired those people from black isle studio, who worked on fallout new vegas, becase the game did not reach high enaugh score on metacritic website. It is ironic how they made fallout 4 with lower score and now fallout 76 with even worse scoring. It is similiar as if you would go to architect and told him, that the house is terrible and he is fired, then you would design the house yourself and the new house would fall apart even before the paint would run dry. Would you not feel like an idiot?
  6. Sokoro

    Last Official Secret of Doom 2?

    It is not a secret, but a bad game design.
  7. Sokoro

    Kate Fox has passed away

    May your soul find a nice place and your body returns to nature. Sorry for being an ass on IRC.
  8. Your counts about map e3m8 of Bedlam.wad is wrong. In my map there is about 250 monsters indeed, but only around 50 lost souls. So it is 200 normal monsters + 50 lost souls. that is 1/5 of all monsters are lost souls. Yeah it might be too much, but it is not as bad is you make it sound. Also some lost souls do not appear or lower difficulties, so try to play on HMP next time.

  9. Sokoro

    Story telling elements Doom can excel at in the next game.

    Excel at? Maybe they should stop retconing the story after almost every new game. That is not what good storyteller does, that is what companies who give a crap about story do.
  10. Sokoro

    ZDoom ceases development

    Hey! It is not april's fools, it is 8th January..
  11. Sokoro

    Good job, YouTube. You fucked up again.

    Is this going to ruin youtube? Probably not, but if it does then that is a good thing! More room for the competetion!
  12. Sokoro

    Selfhate 2 Levels more

    The author must have really pathetic life, why would anyone waste his time creating this garbage? Maybe he should reconsider where he is going, stop being lazy and do something productive so that the world does not remember him as a human trash.
  13. Sokoro

    Why havent you played Doom 2016?

    Give me 1000$ for new computer and then I will buy the game, easy.
  14. Sokoro

    How to choose new game?

    Where is the best place to look for a new games? Steam Store is full of crappy japanese cartoon games and shows titles only avaliable on the Steam. ING has reputation of shit, from what I read Metacritic is full of biased reviews. Why would some reviewers praise expansions to the game which is pay to win and becoming more and more pay to win in time? Do people have no sense of fair-play? Or respect for their money? It seems it is very hard to find some source for good game reviews, from actual gamers. Where do You look for new games to play?