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  1. Does anyone remember or know for how many $ were respective doom games and their expansions priced, back in ninenteens, when they were new? I would be interested in heretic and hexen prices too.
  2. Sokoro

    Decorate monster behaving incorrectly

    Ah, I see it now, thank you Graf and thank you for GZDoom it is my favorite port for anything, but testing vanilla maps (I use chocolate doom for that)
  3. Hi, I have donwloaded decorate monster Archon of Hell and tried to nerf it. Most of the time it behaves normaly, but on some occasions it skips some frames and uses only last frame when doing a_custommissile, or it throws fireball into different direction than it is facing. I am using latest gzdoom stable build. What could cause such behavior? Here is the code I am using: ACTOR HellstormArchon replaces BaronOfHell { Health 1000 Radius 24 Height 64 Mass 1000 Speed 8 PainChance 20 MONSTER MeleeDamage 10 Obituary "%o was no match for an archon of hell." HitObituary "%o was ripped apart by an archon of hell." BloodColor "20 60 20" +FLOORCLIP +BOSS +BOSSDEATH +DONTHARMCLASS SeeSound "monster/arcsit" PainSound "baron/pain" DeathSound "monster/arcdth" MeleeSound "baron/melee" SpawnID 174 States { Spawn: BOS3 AB 10 A_Look Loop See: BOS3 AABBCCDD 3 A_Chase Loop Missile: TNT1 A 0 A_Jump(128,7) BOS3 EF 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 G 8 A_CustomMissile ("BaronBall",28,0,0,0) TNT1 A 0 A_Jump(64,4) BOS3 ST 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 U 8 A_CustomMissile ("BaronBall",28,0,0,0) TNT1 A 0 A_Jump(64,1) Goto See BOS3 HI 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 J 8 A_CustomMissile ("ArchonComet",28,0,0,0) Goto See Melee: BOS3 EF 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 G 6 A_MeleeAttack BOS3 G 0 A_Jump (128,1) Goto See BOS3 ST 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 U 6 A_MeleeAttack BOS3 G 0 A_Jump (64,1) Goto See BOS3 HI 8 A_FaceTarget BOS3 J 0 A_MeleeAttack BOS3 J 6 A_MeleeAttack Goto See Pain: BOS3 K 2 BOS3 K 2 A_Pain Goto See Death: BOS3 L 8 BOS3 M 8 A_Scream BOS3 N 8 BOS3 O 8 A_NoBlocking BOS3 PQ 8 BOS3 R -1 A_Fall Stop XDeath: XARC A 5 XARC B 5 A_XScream XARC C 5 A_NoBlocking XARC DEFGH 5 XARC I -1 stop Raise: BOS3 RQPONML 8 Goto See } } ACTOR ArchonComet { Radius 8 Height 12 Speed 25 Damage 20 Scale 1.0 SpawnID 251 PROJECTILE RENDERSTYLE Normal +THRUGHOST SeeSound "weapons/firbfi" DeathSound "weapons/hellex" DONTHURTSHOOTER +FIREDAMAGE States { Spawn: ARCB AAAABBBBCCCC 1 Bright A_SpawnItem("ArchonCometTrail",0,0) loop Death: ARCB J 0 Bright A_SetTranslucent (0.67,1) ARCB J 3 Bright ARCB K 3 Bright A_Explode(128,128,0) ARCB LMN 3 Bright stop } } ACTOR ArchonCometTrail { Radius 3 Height 3 Scale 0.75 Speed 0 PROJECTILE RENDERSTYLE ADD ALPHA 0.67 States { Spawn: NULL A 3 Bright ARCB DEFGHI 3 BRIGHT Stop } }
  4. Sokoro

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    These were some of the best ultimate doom episodes I have played. I enjoyed every bit of it, but the e1m0 Tom's Halls map, that one was not my cup of tea. Thank you for making it and keep mapping :-]
  5. Sokoro

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    So I found out that the MAP22: Habitat is fully compatible with doom 2, it does not use any custom TNT textures. Was Christopher not aware that the project uses custom resource pack? Did he just dislike the new textures or was it coincidence? Should I put myself under such restrictions and avoid usage of custom tnt textures while imitating CB map?
  6. Sokoro


    I thought this was going to be some click-bait title for a new wad, but where is the file?
  7. Sokoro

    I've been feeling very sad.

    - The one with super shotgun. - Chainsaw. - Because he does not want to spend money on barber? - No.
  8. Sokoro

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I am currently playing Fallout 4 (melee build). It is fun to not have to worry about ammunition and reloading.
  9. Sokoro

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    I am starting next map, which will take slot map32 and is imitating Christopher Buteau who made tnt.wad map22 Habitat and icarus.wad map01 Shuttlecraft. Notes about Christopher Buteau usage of editor: He likes to use sector light 255 for outdoor areas and some lights, likes to use high contrast of lighting. He loves monster closets and monsters teleporting into level, he likes to place monsters and even decorations in big groups (he even hides a player in closet icarus map01). He likes to use gradual sector lighting a bit, and shadow cast a bit too in icarus. his light levels seems to be 255 and lot of powers of 16 (128, 144, 160 etc), but also some odd things like 120 and 170. His lowest lighting level was 112 (30 in icarus but only after triggered event), his highest 255. He likes naturaly looking outdoor areas but also symetric interiors (in icarus there is lot of symetry), also long hallways and bit of mazing concept too. He uses bright textures like silver and bright green textures, both maps have a bit of satanic imaginery in them. He is fan of ASHWALL textures and uses good deal of brown textures too. He did not use any TNT custom textures, even crates are using UAC logo rather than tnt logo. He did some layout effect made with lowering floors and other sector effects for some interesting machinery in both maps. Sector heights seems to be random numbers 256, 191, 16, 32, 150 He likes curves and does not fear to use many vertices to create curved lines. He used some liquid detail with linedefs to simulate liquid flowing on floor in both of the maps. He likes to do details with gradual floor increase, or celling decrease, simulating slopes somehow. There are several cases of fake walls in Habitat, one is even mandatory for intended progress through the level. Both maps use all three keys, shuttlecraft requires all of them in order to finish the level, while habitat is supposed to be finished with two, but can actually be beaten without any key. He often uses walkover lines to trigger some geometry or gameplay events.
  10. Sokoro

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    Did some testing, trying to UV max it. So I did another changes and bug fixes. 1. Replaced SSG in flashback room with box of rockets and some shells. 2. Fixed the first small lift, had S1 instead of SR. 3. Fixed obvious texture misalignment I made in b2. 4. Fixed the broken teleporter in secret. (brown caves) 5. Added shell pack and ammo pack behind computer in grey cave area. 6. Found problem with revenant teleporting to wrong place, but it is rare and *leave it in* Also some automap nitpicks but *leave it in* For some reason my chocolate doom act as if there would be 5secrets but the editor shows only 4 secret sectors (as it should be), not sure what to do with it. Maybe it just did not register one of the secrets properly. Reality_Scar_B3.7z
  11. Sokoro

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    New version of my map (beta 2) 1. I changed *disaster area* so that the texture is just a wall and doors are wooden (to avoid making homage to mount pain) 2. I made several lifts shorter (first two by 600units and that broken one by 200 units) 3. I shortened some hallways and added second ssg to that one behind blue doors with barons as trap. (to give player a chance to get it earlier) 4. Placed some hp vials into that tiny cave connected to rocket launcher room, also made the cave a bit bigger. (to make it less useless) 5. Placed rockets onto lifts in that room with romero easter egg. romero easter egg is no longer official secret. (to make it less useless) 6. Added few more medkits and chaingun ammo into room with red key. (to make player more prepared for spider mastermind + revenants fight) Also few more ammo clips and stimpack at the beginning. 7. I changed exit to normal w1 exit, instead of sector effect 11 exit. (because it was lame) Questions: 1. Is megasphere making the game too easy for players who find this secret? 2. I plan to make another map for the project. on slot 32. Theme is going to be desert. There will be few egyptian ruins, but only tiny bit, mostly desert and caves and tech base. Is that original or too much like pharaoh? Reality_Scar_B2.7z
  12. Sokoro

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    Yes, SSG is in later half of the map, in an out of a way room, but it is not in secret. It is in that second *fake* flashback to starting area of the map. I might add another SSG on lower difficulties, or just move this one someplace else. There is one secret with ammo, it is bit tricky and it has one big cell pack. Other secrets are megasphere, soulsphere and berserk pack. The Romero texture is secret too but it has only one health bonus, I think I should change it so that it is not secret sector but just some easter egg. I will balance the ammo, you are right. You have to go through the door behind spider mastermind, there are some lifts in other half of the cave, but they are disabled in second visit of that area, can be activated when you cross certain linedef at later time. The idea behind map is that, as you progress, you get constantly lower, stairs, lifts, some fall, another fall, lift and stairs. I agree the lifts are too tall, I will change them to be shorter, should not be much work. I somehow love the romero room, I will try to change it so that it is more useful, place some rockets there. Are you talking about that hallway that leads to the romero room? or are there any other that seems to be overdoing it? The stairs that go nowhere, I can think only about those stairs in second *flashback* room, well it is supposed to make the player think, that the teleporter malfunctioned and he got teleported into future, where the base is more infested by hell, so he takes the stairs up, to get outside of the base, but then he finds it blocked by marble and barons, so he gets back to *fake exit* and gets teleported back to present timeline. Where is the hidden broken teleporter? The blue key doors are somehow an optional gambling concept, one door does nothing, one punishes you with trap, one gives you armor bonuses with medkit and secret with megasphere. The exit type11 is stupid, you are right, I will remove it and reduce some other quirks. I did not intentionally place any homages, but I guess using *disaster area* texture as a door is too much like mount pain. What other homages did you notice? I can fix the areas so that they look different.
  13. Sokoro

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    I finished my TNT map, almost, this is beta 1 with no difficulty settings yet. Name is Reality Scar (is it correct english ?) episode 2 (currently map14), my own '96 style. Beatable on pistol start without finding secrets. Does it look like something made in '96 and which could be accepted into the original TNT.wad ? Is it fun map? What would you change? Edit: had to reupload the map, forgot to save change to slot map14. RealityScarB1.7z