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  1. HavoX

    Calling out Egregor

    Uh-oh. What did he do NOW?!
  2. HavoX

    Random Image Thread

    This one looks like a winner!
  3. HavoX

    k8VaVoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Well, Vavoom C is not for the faint of heart... On the other hand, if one knows how to code in C, than Vavoom C won't be much of a problem.
  4. HavoX

    k8VaVoom: no good thing ever dies!

    To quote the guy from Sonic Colours: "AMAZING!" VaVoom would've been a great port, had it not have many flaws preventing me from running it correctly.
  5. HavoX

    Dung beetles

    Okay, this has gone a bit too far...
  6. HavoX

    The /newstuff Chronicles #544

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't consider BTSX to be truly released until the other episodes have been released. That way, I can play them from start to finish, without the wait.
  7. Coincidence! Just a terrible coincidence, I tell you!
  8. HavoX

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    If Doom was never made, things would be different: Columbine would have never happened... or would it? Quake would have looked completely different compared to what we have today. There would never be a Chex Quest. We wouldn't have the games and engines that were inspired by Doom yesteryear and today. (I'm looking at you, CoD.) Tom Hall would have remained with id. And most importantly, Doomworld would probably be known as Wolf3Dworld.
  9. HavoX

    Skulltag Was Amazing

    Skulltag USED to be amazing. Sadly, it had its drawbacks...
  10. HavoX

    Today is National Cheese Pizza Day

    Rats, I'm having lasagna tonight. Maybe I can convince Mom about having pizza this weekend...
  11. HavoX

    Old farts club

    Sometimes, I don't even understand you. :P
  12. HavoX

    Old farts club

    Gonna turn 34 on the 24th this month. Only one more year 'til I reach middle age! Yet, I'm starting to get a bald spot, so I have to do a comb-over.
  13. HavoX

    What are you listening to?

    This has started to become an annual tradition for me. Every first day of September, this is the first thing I listen to: