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  1. I think every port has that... TBH, it's not a bug, it's a feature! ;P
  2. Which difficulty do you play at [2018 Edition]

    UV with the -fast parameter, pistol starts, and saving is for wussies. :P
  3. SWEET. It may not be long before I start using this over GZDoom for my mods...
  4. ...looks back into the past 24 23 years of Doom memories... Never!
  5. The Doom2X series. In Chuck Lai's defense however, he didn't know better back then.
  6. 100K

    Not necessary. ;)
  7. Dragonfly definitely hit the nail in the head with that one. There's nothing worse than seeing a new post in a thread, only to find out that the thread is as old as fuck and the replier didn't add any contribution to said thread.
  8. What is your favourite secret Level?

    ^ That's Map31, not Map32.
  9. What is your favourite secret Level?

    Wolfenstein, without a doubt. It's a shame (but understandable) it was censored in the BFG Edition Doom II IWAD.
  10. Jim Flynn

    WHAT?! This can't be! :(
  11. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    ...raises hand...
  12. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    WOW! Happy birthday! :)
  13. Eternity Engine 4.00.00 Völuspá

    Each release? Getting better and better!
  14. Doom mod game lagging question answered

    That's not funny.
  15. Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    Me thinks I'm due for a new one anyway. No hurry though. @Gez 4200 FPS?! Isn't that a bit overkill?