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  1. HavoX

    You MUST play this Quake map pack.

    Incredible... just incredible.
  2. HavoX


    Too bad Trick-or-Treating was cancelled where I lived. Pin the blame on the pandemic. @Mr. Freeze Nice mask! @Scuba Steve Not all of us here are 40... but I'll forgive you for that, at least just this once. :P @MrDeAD1313 Awww. @Gokuma Let me guess. Was purple the only color you could find?
  3. HavoX

    Arachnotron turns into ham when it dies?

    Good catch. I can see the resemblance already!
  4. I think YouTube has lost their marbles instead... O_o
  5. HavoX

    Opinions on jumping in doom?

    All I have to say is this: If the author has not intended their maps for jumping/crouching, YES, it is cheating.
  6. HavoX

    What Is Your Favorite Doom II Weapon (Poll!)

    The 12g Hand Cannon, otherwise the Rocket launcher should the former not be available. ...until it is done. Amen.
  7. HavoX

    Arcane Dimensions 1.80 Released

    All the more reason to play Quake once again.
  8. But Heretic is powered by a modified Doom engine, so let's not jump into conclusions, shall we? :P
  9. Excellent. Looking forward to this one as well!
  10. I dunno... the RTX 3080 launch was not as good as everyone expected. Out of stock everywhere immediately at release, issues involving crash to desktop, etc.
  11. 502 Bad Gateway Guess I'd better wait until later.
  12. OP: why? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I do however second Doomkid's suggestion of the berserk kit as a possible fifth reaction.
  13. HavoX

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    HEY! Don't listen to those bozos! It's your pizza. Put whatever is edible on it. As a manner of fact, Michelangelo says the peanut-butter-nacho-pepperoni pizzas are truly awesome! (At least according to the manual of TMNT II: Back from the Sewers, see page 9.)
  14. Hmmm, interesting indeed. Wonder how this will play out in the next five years! No such thing.
  15. Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. VERY painful to listen to Same here! It's not that bad, but YMMV.