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  1. I'm with fraggle on this one. If you haven't gotten permission from said authors, don't even THINK about posting it. And for heaven's sake, it's 'literally', not litterally.
  2. Abandonware = Warez
  3. Hell's Maw. (Oops, wrong game... :P ) You know, that is a very good question... I haven't played UD as much as I should be. But when I do, I always play the game in order. Unless I'm exploring of course, but you know how I am... ;)
  4. @OP Welcome to the club.
  5. $1,000,000 FOR THIS?  Get the fuck out of here.

    1. KVELLER


      ...How does that price make any sense?

    2. HavoX


      Not sure, but your guess is probably as good as mine! :P

  6. fp! We could really use more tutorial levels.
  7. Doom has a plot?
  8. ^ This; I never got to beat this SOB. They don't call it Eternal Doom for nothing!
  9. I was referring to you. -_-
  10. Dude, you need help.
  11. HA! How'd you like them apples now, Mr. Freeze? Now I can sleep well tonight... NP: Boston -- More Than a Feeling
  12. It's what we Yanks call it... Of course, if you want to call it handegg, be my guest. Meanwhile, the correct term for ice hockey is ice burger. THIS is what hockey is supposed to be like.
  13. If it involves the Pats winning (which automatically makes it a snoozefest), no.
  14. The baby is born, so I am now officially an uncle.

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Congratulations ;)

    2. HavoX


      By the way, his name is Jack Julius [LAST NAME RETRACTED].

    3. HavoX


      Well, he had a fever last night, which scared me to death (I can't risk losing my first nephew!), but he's doing much better now.

  15. No Vikings in their home turf = snoozefest.