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  1. HavoX

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    I don't have this problem. Keeping uBlock Origin's filters up-to-date is vital.
  2. HavoX

    A salad is just a breadless sandwich.

    So, let me get this straight... a salad is a sandwich for herbivores?
  3. HavoX

    Weirdest Ads You've Ever Seen?

    ... ...looks at the uBlock Origin icon via the status bar... What ads?
  4. HavoX

    Ban this Hamas supporter!

    Or just an ordinary troll. Christ, I'm too old for this shit...
  5. HavoX

    Big Half-Life Update

    Managed to nab it, so even if I might not get a chance to play it (Never say never?), at least I'll treasure it as a relic for the rest of my life. By the by, has anyone had any problems with Steam freezing when they launch the store page? I assume the Steam Deck OLED being featured on said page might be the cause..
  6. HavoX


    We used to own three cats during my life. (Not at the same time though...) Now they're all dead. :-( I still have one of my cat's ashes on top of my bookshelf. His name was Bags.
  7. HavoX

    What's your general play style in Doom?

  8. I'm not surprised.. As long as we also get Hexen II and Heretic II remasters, I'll be happy.
  9. HavoX

    Is Plutonia 2 worth playing?

    Is Plutonia 2 worth playing? Absolutely! Is it like the original? Well, that's for you to decide.
  10. HavoX

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    A new monitor. The review from Tom's Hardware won me out. Got it at a great discount, too.
  11. HavoX

    Unity goes full Unity

    But alas.. it appears the damage has already been done. And for the most part, I was never a big Unity person to begin with.
  12. *shameless bump* As you can see, Mom was just going to get a new phone, but then my parents decided to dial the whole thing to 15. We now have AT&T Fiber, and it appears to have DRASTICALLY improved my upload speed!
  13. HavoX

    Doom Eternal Update Removes Denuvo

    About damn time. Not that I had any issues running Doom Eternal... NEVERTHELESS!
  14. HavoX

    Romero's unreleased Doom assets

    Yeah, it's a shame Romero can't release anymore unreleased content. We'll just have to make use of what we've got.