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  1. Godsdoomer

    PlayerClass change

    I got it to work it seems, but it's to ghetto for my liking. ( no crouch, move bob, etc) Is it possible to force the player to use a particular skin? I would settle for the actors appearance being changed, I don't really care about the actors logic anyway.
  2. Godsdoomer

    PlayerClass change

    This seems like it should be working, but it's not: MorphActor(0, "DoomPlayer", "", 9999999, 0, "", ""); I have this loading upon enter to the map, I want to morph the custom class I have as default on all my maps into the doom marine. Am I missing something?
  3. Godsdoomer

    PlayerClass change

    I will attempt to morph the class of the player using ACS upon enter into each map and see if that works. Thanks for the idea's
  4. Godsdoomer

    PlayerClass change

    Hi all, Is it possible to set the player class for individual wads? If so, Is it possible to do it through ACS? So far I have tried to make individual KEYCONF lumps for each wad, which clear all player classes then define the unique one for that wad. I have 5 wads; each containing one map in a .PK3. The player classes do not seem to change according to each wads respective KEYCONF lump though. Any help is very much appreciated Thanks.
  5. I've never seen the Weredragon with wings or the Goat demon with a shield. Ive never even seen that shield actually. Looks really cool dude. I like your stuff anyways.
  6. Godsdoomer

    Winter-esque level I made in about 5 minutes.

    Looks neat, is this your one of your first mods? I always did like wintry stuff. Also, what did you use to record that vid?
  7. Godsdoomer

    Heavily plot-oriented wads?

    If I recall correctly, Legacy of Suffering had a decent plot to it.
  8. Godsdoomer

    More script help

    Thanks for the help everyone. I really appreciate the support here on the forums. Archi and Cat; I dident even know about ThingCount, which is an a lot easier way to do the sort of thing I'm attempting. I rewrote my script in a manner that's similar to the one you posted cat, Thanks a ton man.
  9. Godsdoomer

    More script help

    Hi again, I am trying to make a script that checks the health of 4 different monsters. If the health is 0, then it will execute the next script. It doesn't seem to be working though, and I'm not sure if ACS supports the "then" expression. Here is my code so far: if (CheckActorProperty (16, APROP_Health, "Disciple") = 200) { then ACS_Execute (9, 1); } Is it something obvious or am I just completely off the mark? aha
  10. Godsdoomer

    I Arted

    Holy crap your good. Is this stuff entirely digital, or are there some hand drawn aspects too? I'm interested in your process.
  11. Godsdoomer

    Triggering new sounds with zdoom in hexen format?

    Enjay, Do you still have that example wad by chance? I'm struggling with defining a sounds in SNDINFO to be played in game.
  12. Godsdoomer

    Leaf spawner in Hexen

    Ah, I understand now. Thanks a lot, I got it to work now.
  13. Godsdoomer

    Leaf spawner in Hexen

    So in order to use this in doom you need to use inheritance right? What I've done so far is basically name an actor that inherits all of LeafSpawners, leaf1 and leaf2's attributes. I have also put all of the leaf textures into my wad. I can see the actor in the decorate section in doom builder just fine, however in game no leafs are spawned. Is there something else that needs to be done?
  14. Godsdoomer

    Leaf spawner in Hexen

    Thanks man, I've isolated the necessary code and textures. Is there anything I need to modify in the code for this to work? Haha, perhaps another day when I have more experience. I'm still very new to this code, but would love to make my own someday. I'll stick to using/editing pre-existing stuff till I feel more comfortable making my own things.
  15. Godsdoomer

    Leaf spawner in Hexen

    Hi all, On the seven portals hub, and a few other maps in Hexen, some dead leafs spawn off a tree, and blow into the wind, simulating fall/ early spring. My question is, how do you go about extracting the spawner from the Hexen Iwad, because when I open it up in slade, I don't see any decorate files, or any other files that could be used to make such a thing. Thanks.