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  1. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    I really love the menu screen for this. I'll have to implement something similar. It definitely adds to the Silent Hill vibe I'm going for.
  2. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    Thanks, Steve. And, don't worry, there aren't any mazes in this one. ;) Although, I do still play through our team map from time to time for fun.
  3. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    Hey, everyone! My previous screenshots are having a few issues because of a new policy on Photo Bucket, so I thought I would share a few new screenshots, including some new stuff I added. These screens are from the Hotel and Hospital maps I'm working on. :) I hope you enjoyed this update. I plan to have a playable demo out sometime in the near future so that people can try the early stages of gameplay. Keep giving me your ideas and feedback! It is much appreciated!
  4. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    Until now! B) Hey guys, sorry it's been a little while. Progress has been coming along slowly due to a busy work and school schedule, but I haven't canned it (nor has Konami xD). I'm really happy to see there is still interest in this project and I hope to continue to work on it until there is a complete, awesome wad.
  5. PhantomTMac

    Possible Unpopular Opinion

    I'm sorry. Allow me to go back through the entire DoomWorld forum scouting for threads on this topic. xP Perhaps you're right. I guess I just haven't seen much love for the first game's design. The second one had some cool maps, but a lot of them feel dull and uninspired at times. *Cough* Underhalls...
  6. PhantomTMac

    Possible Unpopular Opinion

    Not sure how many people will agree with me here, but I find the maps in DOOM 1 to be much more creative and enjoyable than the maps in DOOM 2. However, DOOM 2 introduced a lot of elements that perfected the DOOM engine.
  7. Tried out your map, Voltcom! I think it looks great, but I wasn't sure if you were planning on lower unpegging the door tracks? Right now, they raise along with the door. Just thought I'd mention that. Otherwise, the maps I've played so far in this project seem pretty cool.
  8. PhantomTMac

    Looking for crit on my level

    I think people definitely bring up valid points with their criticism on the lighting and room layouts, but I think it must also be taken into a account that this is one of your first maps, and it looks a lot better than a lot of people's firsts. Some traps work well and there's a decent variety in textures for the most part. I did notice a door or two without the door track texture. Not sure if it was a design choice or not, but I thought I'd mention it anyways. As far as other small gripes, I did get stuck multiple times in the room with the multiple lowering platforms (with zombies on them). I believe Schmerr said the same thing, but it is important that there is a way to get down, whether you put switches up there or some other means. I had to noclip out twice just to continue the map. All-in-all, this is not a bad first try. I think you definitely have some potential. Perhaps we can exchange projects for ideas sometime.
  9. I'm actually pretty interested in this. When's the deadline to submit?
  10. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    ACS compiler problem seems to be resolved. So, I want to have realistic looking weapons and enemies that don't look too Doom-like for this wad. Does anyone know of any realistic weapon mods?
  11. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    Work has been halted for a bit until I can get ACC.exe to run properly. Can anyone help me understand what's going on? I've downloaded the latest ACC.exe file and tried compiling scripts from Slade, Doombuilder 2, and SLumpEd and the compiler crashes every time. The weirdest part is that I've been using the same compiler and programs the last few days and it worked perfectly. It just suddenly stopped today...
  12. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    I'd love to check out yours whenever you get a chance! My hospital area isn't even near completion yet, but I plan to make a Beta sort-of demo version of the wad for people to play once I finish the hospital. Maybe I can draw some inspiration from what you have so far.
  13. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    Just some promotional art for none other than the wad's hospital setting.
  14. PhantomTMac

    Non-Weapon Space Flashlight?

    So, as some of you may know, I'm in the process of making a Silent Hill Doom wad that uses new textures, enemies, sounds, music, and (of course) weapons. However, my main issue is that I'm only familiar with the very basics of "Decorate" and I'm not sure how to mod the Flashlight weapon that I have to not take up a weapon slot. I'm sure many of you have played games like Half-Life or the BFG Edition of Doom 3 where the flashlight is on your body and you can press a key to turn it on and off without cycling through weapons to get to it. I was wondering if there was a way I could have a flashlight in the game, but still allow the players to use weapons at the same time? Also, if there was a way to set up a key to turn said light on and off?
  15. PhantomTMac

    Silent Hill Wad

    I'm trying to include elements that made the first four games extremely memorable, while also trying to create my own personal touch to the series that would work well with the Doom engine. I have a very deep and dark story planned out that will fit the Silent Hill style very well. I plan to have the architecture follow the story for the most part, while also giving the character reasons to explore more of the series staples such as a hotel or hospital.