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  1. Convert a pk3 to a wad? That's not hard? Also, it is obvious you are oblivious to the map's contents. Care to actually take a look around the map, maybe?
  2. Yeah congrats on the winners, least ArchViles won...
  3. Calling your elders "young man" isn't very wise. I think before doom skills you need some manners.
  4. Yes, my map. If he didn't god mode at the instant he saw an ArchVile he'd get to appreciate the small details all over the place more.
  5. I told you. I'd run a better tournament, with possibly better prize and finish grading in like a day or two... Don't get your hopes high.
  6. The stream is really funny. He just concluded that a map that stole parts and copy & pasted parts of E1 of Ultimate Doom (mind you it's a shitty work, missing textures, dead-ends etc.) a completely different and original work... I lost all hope. Bad fucking game.
  7. See here: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=54386 I'd encourage you to do the same, as this thing has gone long enough as is.
  8. Hmm boring donkey kong games or old ass horror games which you can just watch from youtube to see people play, or the grandfather of fps? Choice isn't too hard...
  9. And you people wanted to be reasonable. There's something called work ethics. You don't treat your fans like this. This is also definitely not how you run a competition. I understand he was sick but still, the guy is too random. He's probably going to pick an undeserving map anyways.
  10. I guess at this rate my grand children will be able to see the winner.
  11. Here are some shots from the possibly last map I've made for aeon. A visual spectacle... A trip to Hong Kong!
  12. I like the sense of responsibility going on with this guy. No info for a while now and streams other stuff. Cool.
  13. I know for sure he'll have to cheat in my map because of the difficulty. There's HMP in case he needs it, but well, it's still hard :)
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxrbhonf2uyv7j7/map20.wad I've made small detailing to the map and I probably won't edit it any further unless there's a crucial bug or unless the map is too ugly or something. Changes : * Replaced the SuperShotguns on the outside of flag room with Shotguns. * Added detail to middle of the bases, added some more flags. * Fixed a bad angle on one of the red spawns. Hopefully it should be better now.
  15. Yeah that was what I aimed with the map, a really fast paced gameplay. The green armors should make it a colorful match too, since the base has so many spawns near the flag. The thing with soulsphere and fast runs were actually intended too, but there's a cool thing ! Your mid can constantly lower the enemy elevator and you will miss the jump because of it. It's a pretty cool thing to have IMO and I can't wait for testing it as well ! (You can also RJ out of flag room, or use the lifts at corners to jump to the window to make it even faster)