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  1. IvanDobrovski

    Beyond Sunset - Early Access on Steam!

    I'm glad I wasn't disappointed. This is a great product, and so far one of my favorites of recent. Eagerly waiting for the release :) Good luck.
  2. I wanted to set aside some time for this, and I had a feeling UV would be too easy (your maps generally feel easy for me) and I wasn't wrong. I just jumped into nightmare skill and thankfully monsters weren't respawning so that's a good touch. You even put that as a tip at the end, so that's cool. It was an alright challenge at nightmare, not too hard. Some criticism regarding encounters:
  3. IvanDobrovski

    Quake Remastered

    I'd buy that if it had a Shambler figure, maybe another figure... (fur optional) EDIT: Ok it has a Shambler figure with the actual offer, but it's metal and doesn't have color... I'd at least hope they didn't skip on colors in a figure for a QUAKE game but...
  4. Pseudo-Doom gameplay? What does this map have that is pseudo-doom? I don't get it.
  5. IvanDobrovski

    Beyond Sunset - Early Access on Steam!

    I would say don't worry about what other games are doing (seriously some of them aren't that great, all the shader gimmicks and filters take AWAY from the looks rather than ADD to them) and just do your own thing. This game is right up my alley, so I'm waiting for its release.
  6. IvanDobrovski

    what the fresh hell is this?

    As others stated this is most likely related to off-grid vertices. I'll add to the points of others by saying there's a very helpful tool in UDB: Map Analysis Mode. In there you'll find a lot of check boxes with various important things to check the map for that can cause issues in various formats. Among them is the "Check off-grid vertices". This would automate your process of checking for those as it handles all vertices in the map. It's a good idea to run this once before releasing the map. The mode is under "Mode" tab on the top panel. Shortcut by default seems to be F4.
  7. IvanDobrovski

    [REALMS-DEEP-2021] Basilica of a Thousand Torments

    Not sure what the pauses were about, that might be monsters not teleporting in properly. I'd have to see it in a small video or something showing it, didn't happen for me. The monsters missing could be one of the following: Monsters left in unexplored areas Monsters stuck in the throne room's ceiling area (I've seen it happen but I couldn't come up with a fix in time) Monsters leftover from the final fight (Similar reason to above for the fix) I'm glad you enjoyed it. The map can be played properly with any of the classes, they all have Quake style movement. (VQ3 specifically) I suppose thematically the most fitting one is the Ranger.
  8. IvanDobrovski

    Reloading or no reloading?

    This is what I design around for that situation: Reloading if the weapons are sufficiently powerful. No reloading otherwise.
  9. IvanDobrovski

    Powerslave/Exhumed remaster by Nightdive Studios

    It's so nice to see this game finally getting some attention. I grew up with this game, before I even played Doom. Fingers crossed for modding potential.
  10. I just finished playing your map, some feedback: Oh forgot to add, I enjoyed the map. It's fast and straightforward. I think ammo was way too much, was basically max ammo all the time.
  11. IvanDobrovski

    I finally beat Quake for the first time!

    Congrats, dont stop there, play the mission packs and make sure to play Arcane Dimensions.
  12. Wow really? What are the odds of all of that happening... damn.
  13. I think in this case it's especially unfortunate that the streamer is well... You get it :P I doubt this was deliberate by the company, however I'm really curious how that voice clip ended up getting there in the first place.
  14. Download This is my map submission for the Realms Deep 2021 event, it seemed the link for it was missing except for the README, so I took to putting it here instead. I've finished a map that's for another project which is in a hiatus at the moment. I thought it'd make a good map when finished, and I've went the extra mile and optimized a lot of areas and added Quake monsters to fit the theme. The map itself was around 60-65% done, most of the layout was finished. It was missing detail in some places, thing placement + scripting was missing or broken in a lot of places. Proper item balancing wasn't there etc. In the time alotted I basically touched up the whole thing, polished it and am now releasing it for everyone to enjoy. Screenshots: Good luck and have fun finding the hidden logo :) EDIT: Ok this one last picture won't fit in the spoiler so I take it there's an imagine limit, oops :P
  15. IvanDobrovski

    DBP38: Chronicles of Ghost Town

    Huge tone shift from previous DBP I see. Seems like a mash of Plutonia and a bit of Quake. Will give it a shot later. EDIT: This felt a little uninspired to me, not sure. After having played DBP37 this feels very boring to be quite honest here. The last map as well was especially easy and I didn't expect it to end like that at all. Looking forward to your next hit I guess.