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  1. IvanDobrovski

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    I think I liked it more when it was just one map. This seems too much of a clusterfuck to do anything on. I'd have really loved to see what kind of one big chunky map would have come out.
  2. IvanDobrovski

    [RC2] Gomorrah - A UDMF mapset powered by OTEX

    Good visuals for the most part, incredibly boring gameplay. I'll explain: Your main formula is something like this: Rectangular room of varying size + Hallway. You repeat this QUITE a lot it almost feels like something out of Oblige. While the decorations and the sector work in certain parts is quite impressive, they are nothing but simple set pieces. They save no purpose, they just look decent. Some of the advanced stuff like the portal use is clever but I'd really pick better gameplay over those. Gameplay. The combat is absolutely hideous and completely boring. You have a habit of putting 3 monsters together 2 of which is the same type. 2 imps 1 chaingunner, 2 hellknights 1 arachno, 2 lost souls 1 caco... You love 3 don't you? The monsters all feel inorganically placed and sort of just exist there. They felt like an afterthought honestly. Also regarding your puzzles: Also a final thing: I think if you improved only the gameplay this could be great.
  3. IvanDobrovski

    Strife's gameplay balancing suggestions

    I think if you proceeded without comparing every weapon to a Doom equivalent you'd be better off. Different games afterall. Your comparison of a doom zombie getting 1 shot from a rocket of different rate of fire, travel speed and role it fills vs. Strife's in a setting where most if not all enemies are robotic is uhh... You're basically turning the game into Doom at that point, with Strife paintjob.
  4. IvanDobrovski

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    That's actually pretty much what I'd do as well. Nightmare even for coop is a meme difficulty that makes anything beyond Ultimate Doom unbearable. Especially in a scenario with limited lives.
  5. IvanDobrovski

    School of Doom Design Competition

    Your rules aren't very clear and I find them contradicting with each other. Sense of place, keeping it abstract? No real world like things? So how do you get a sense of place? Do you just want a shitty techbase? Work on detailing these further honestly. I'll wait till this whole thing is set in stone. And please get rid of the filler text, it's too long to read and doesn't really help understand the goal any more than "Make maps like Romero did".
  6. IvanDobrovski

    If you were to add any monster in DOOM Classic.

    You don't have to add, but just change existing. SM can be smaller. Barons can be more unique in their behavior so the addition of weaker Hell Knights don't make them worse clones. There you have it an immediately better selection of demons.
  7. IvanDobrovski

    Strife's gameplay balancing suggestions

    Sure but consider the fact that you get level 3 not to fight the Entity, but to fight sections of the campaign that it's intended. Granted it's very easy to hit all projectiles with level 3 if you're sufficiently close to a really large monster such as the Entity, which is why it probably wasn't made to be level 5. The problem of level 3 is that it puts you in a bit of a danger to use it to its fullest potential whereas level 5 doesn't possess such a thing, just the higher health consumption. Entity boss fight is easy once you're fully decked out and know its teleport locations. If you don't get sudden teleport + level 3 attack of it then there's no way you can die. So in ways you might want to change it up yeah.
  8. IvanDobrovski

    Strife's gameplay balancing suggestions

    They each have their own upsides and downsides. First one is great near low ceiling areas as it can absolutely murder a crowd. It's a lot harder to use right IMO than all other levels but its creative use can make the game a breeze until 2nd piece is obtained. Second one is the more direct damaging one but also kind of the jack of all trades, it doesn't really have a best use case scenario. It's a lot more accessible to the generic player. Third one, the ring, absolutely destroys anything if more than half the projectiles hit. For reference, damage range on that assuming all hit is: 20 x (70 - 280) = 1400 - 5600. Let that sink in. For reference, again, Mauler 2nd mode fires 80 projectiles each doing (10 - 40) damage, resulting in a range of 800 - 3200 if all hit. I think I can agree with you on the fact that 4th level might need a tiny bit of damage buff. It's range is 120 - 480 and it just homes. That's basically it. Granted the homing comes in really handy in certain situations but it's usually not very worth it to use even in the normal campaign. It's good against the Loremaster however, very good in fact. I'd say don't touch level 5 sigil at all. Two or three good shots can kill an Entity easily. The trick with that one IIRC is to let it build up lightning as it goes as it creates more the more time it spends flying. The damage on that can be misleading if you look just at the numbers, in practice proper use of that is devastating. It doesn't help however you get very little opportunity to explore the full potential of it as the campaign is almost over by the time you acquire it. But it's a bit tricky to use and proper use of it is pretty effective.
  9. IvanDobrovski

    Cheese tactics!

    Here's a cheese tactic you can do in classic doom: You know the famous "Shambler Dance" from Quake? You can do that on Revenant. AFAIK that's the only one you can easily do that on too, because rest of the projectile monsters throw their projectile when you escape their melee threshold anyway.
  10. Ehh I didn't like either much but if I had to pick 2nd is better.
  11. I thought this game would forever remain obscure. So good to see things like these randomly pop up. I'll give this a try later to see how it feels.
  12. IvanDobrovski

    Do you ever play Doom on I'm too young to die?

    Thankfully I have a fully functional brain and perfectly able limbs so I don't play on anything but UV.
  13. IvanDobrovski

    Bobby Prince or Mick Gordon

    Lee Jackson.
  14. IvanDobrovski

    Strife's gameplay balancing suggestions

    That's alright the Inquisitor is about the top of the food chain, it should have some risks.
  15. IvanDobrovski

    Deformed Doom - deform any Doom map!

    This is pretty good but I'm a bit underwhelmed by the fact that this can't be done in runtime. If it could be done in runtime, now that would be a very huge fucking thing. Still a good thing none the less, perhaps a step towards that even.