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Everything posted by petePESTILENCE


    I am starting to think, Not every gave DOOM 3 & DOOM 4 A fair chance.

    wut? english please?

    does blood need mouselook?

    I believe it isn't

    does blood need mouselook?

    His cheats and secrets section! omg, i remember as a kid the stupid crap people came up with... But this is golden!

    Some little Megawad idea from me

    I could not think of anything more boring....the boss is literally a textured wall with a decapitated Romero on a stick.... Sounds like an excuse to release a map without level design.

    TTC Doom Nukem version 1.4

    I do not know how to feel about this.....
  7. The aliens!!! I swear that I spend hours looking for those bloody aliens! The fact that i'm stoned as fuck is irrelevant.....


    I am also curious as to what happens in the losers forum.....my few attempts only got me helled.....

    Weird psychos that end up in Post Hell

    Is it getting toasty in here? Personally I would like to thank every fool who has made a thread worthy of being hell'd (that includes myself). Its my daily humorous reading!
  10. petePESTILENCE

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    Custom wads!!! (Unlikely) :D
  11. petePESTILENCE

    Objective versus subjective morality

    Negative would be continuously removing trees being oblivious of the repercussions. Researching a renewable alternative would be a positive. Its not only us living on the planet. Cutting a tree or 1000 isn't a negative, cutting them all is....because it affects us negatively.
  12. petePESTILENCE

    Objective versus subjective morality

    I have always been of the belief that doing something good is to affect someone or something positively, Bad is to affect someone or something negatively. And all things done to ones self lies in a beautiful grey where it is your right to do whatever to oneself.... greatest thing is no god required.
  13. petePESTILENCE


  14. petePESTILENCE

    Help A beggining Doom64 Mapper?

    Hello fellow doomers. I am in the process of building my first (probably crap :P) Doom map, (hopefully beats a terry in ratings though....) Anyway.....I have a rough idea on what I am doing, just using standard textures and such in order to learn. But in the future I'm looking to add custom textures/prefabs and such. Now my questions are as follow. Is the process of creating custom textures and prefabs at all similar to regular doom? If I was to use public assets (textures,models,prefabs) from a standard doom wad and move them to doom64, would there be much re-scaling/editing involved? pallet changes? Is there a way to utilise voodoo dolls, and if not how would I incorporate the evil trap in doom64 that freezes player, zooms out of character and proceeds to gibs character? (forgot mapname, happens when collecting a "rigged" body amour or powerup) Thank you in advance for any assistance :) oh and praise be to Kaiser for giving us Doom64ex!
  15. petePESTILENCE

    Help A beggining Doom64 Mapper?

    ummmmm......I fail to see the relevance?
  16. Hows Half-Life 3 coming along ;)
  17. petePESTILENCE

    Help A beggining Doom64 Mapper?

    I'm having another issue where i can't get teleporters to functions. I've set linedef action, set corresponding tags on linedefs and sector, placed teleport destination, but its not working :(
  18. Children....... I Find it fun/funny when a game allows it considering it is such a taboo ;)
  19. petePESTILENCE

    Help A beggining Doom64 Mapper?

    How would I go about looking into those entries? what program would i use, because I'm having trouble opening any doom64.wad map in db64 Edit: Thanks for linking me to that page also :)
  20. When I first discovered doom (Doom95.exe) I was using the default Arrow keys+Ctrl+Shift+Space. When I discovered wsad + mouse in modern shooters I went to implement it in doom95.exe, was during this process that i discovered source ports. Now I use an xbox controller for doom. Left stick = wsad, Right stick = look Left and right (freelook disabled, autoaim enabled). It just feels right :)
  21. petePESTILENCE

    Star Wars is back!

    /thread derailed
  22. petePESTILENCE

    Star Wars is back!

    "Oh lawds!"
  23. petePESTILENCE

    Star Wars is back!

    I suppose we have to wait and see, Disney will get my money just to see if that guy is a legit storm trooper.
  24. petePESTILENCE

    Star Wars is back!

    I think a lot of people are forgetting that the storm troopers are clones, and the original trooper was black....Not hard to see why they chose a black guy for this trooper, Has no one even attempted to watch the prequels?
  25. petePESTILENCE

    Hub systems

    I am fairly new to doom mapping, and I've decided to start with doom 64 ex, I was wondering if it is possible to have the first level as a hub and after each level, be returned to this hub? Is this possible in doom 64?