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  1. that map in episode two when you realize that the ceiling is the playable area through the teleporter. that is genius. creepy quake one feels.
  2. this wad has a great “dark, cramped” vibe, as lippeth said. honestly, its great. im still on ep1 but im already thinking cacoward.
  3. i like it quite a bit, thanks!
  4. rampancy

    ZZDoom 2.9.0

    tl/dr if anyone could clarify for me what release i need for 98 and how to enable gl thatd be fantastic. noob questions... i read through the changelog and the readme on github, but im still stuck. zdoom32 286a, how to enable gl renderer? i see the two execs, i read somewhere that one supports sse2 and one does not, which is which? and are the ones on github win98 compatible? i ask bc zdoom32.exe (non n) only runs if i use kernelex in xp mode. i recently got a win98 laptop (pentium m, geforce go 7800) and its a trip going 30 years into the past plus all the shit that wasnt around back then (kernelex, himem, unofficial service packs, etc).
  5. rampancy

    I need a good wad for DooM

    doom base ganymede https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16694 doom2 eviternity https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=19304 this is only the tip of the iceburg... https://doomwiki.org/wiki/List_of_notable_WADs
  6. this is handy. i will switch once you make the update to v2. thanks nash.
  7. looks sweet man keep it up
  8. rampancy

    [released] Meatbox Slam!

    around here prboom+ is probably the most fashionable compatibility wise. gzdoom specific features are more niche. freelook isnt zdoom specific though and i think its more widely accepted. i usually play with it off bc doom but i noticed a couple hell knights early on that i couldnt really target without it, hence the question. usually you will find a note in the text file if the author expects you to freelook to complete the level.
  9. rampancy

    [released] Meatbox Slam!

    this is an awesome map. idk why this isnt getting more attention here. nice execution of a cool concept. are mlook/jumping intended? i couldnt find the answer in the readme. maybe im blind...
  10. rampancy

    Rott!Zone Deathmatch wad *Updated release

    love the r!zone throwback its really well done. screenshots look great.
  11. rampancy

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    for me it really depends on the monitor. on a crt 30+ is fine, but on my oled anything under 60 feels like a stuttering mess. with gzdoom im doing 120 locked and its great.
  12. might want to ask admin to move this over to wads and mods, you would probably get way more attention for your project there.
  13. rampancy

    New rule against offsite harassment

    its a dangerous world; people shouldn’t delude themselves. there is no amount of rules that can make one safe. i’m not excusing shit behavior, but you live at your own peril. act accordingly. expecting dw rules to protect you is utterly childish. a thousand times more so if the offending behavior doesnt occur here.
  14. rampancy

    New Wad - Attack on IO

    this is a very good effort, i liked it a lot. next time you might want to open it up a little bit, some areas were pretty snug. also, you could lighten up on the sector detail just a tiny bit. some areas were overkill. great visuals overall though, and great texture choice. great music. the pacing of the gameplay was good. there was prossibly more ammo than necessary, i was spamming the bfg like a sob. thats not necessarily a bad thing, it is just not what i am used to. there is a slight english error on the intermission text at the end where you go from plural to singular: “...the installation upon io lays a corrupted shell of its former self.” would work better than “...the installations upon io lay a corrupted shell of its former self.” either way very nice. i hope you will stick around, we would love to see what else you can come up with.