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  1. rampancy

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    used to be an ati guy, back in the day. rage pro, fury, 9700. actually my first foray into working with computers was installing a special driver so that i could play glquake2. shouldve been a red flag lol but i didnt know any better. in a way i guess im thankful to ati for that. but, ended up trying nvidia and got spoiled on things mostly just working. and ive never looked back. maybe things have changed for the better, it has been a long time. im about to get a 1080 ti now that prices are finally reasonable.
  2. attempting to force me to install ur crap to play my game hasnt worked yet. good luck todd howard.
  3. rampancy

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    i hope so too bc i am never paying $1000 for a video card.
  4. rampancy

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    Pre, since we both have about the same setup, have u tried setting the quality to high and the resolution scale to around 80%? i never usually mess with resolution scaling, seems like a console problem lol... but it does allow 4k with higher quality at 60fps by scaling the resolution during intensive scenes. i changed my settings to ultra with 90% scaling and its smooth enough for me although im still fooling with it atm. since im downsampling 4k on a 40" 1080p tv i really cant even see the scaling at 90%, esp since its usually during scenes where im constantly in motion. neways ive been fooling with the settings since this thread and thought that might work for you.
  5. cult members like the guys in blood that human centipede thing creature that can dissipate into fog or smoke creature that can burrow into and burst out of the earth creature that can jump in and out of shadows ill keep thinking about it
  6. rampancy

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    lol no op, how much vram does ur 1070 have? how much system ram, and is the game installed on an ssd or what? bc i have same processor and dont have to run on low.
  7. rampancy

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    to those who dont get the need for 4k, ive got a 1070 as well and i run doom16 at 4k with dsr on my 1080p tv. the image quality is really much better than standard 1080p. all settings are maxed and fps stay in the 50s 90% of the time. textures are more defined and aliasing artifacts are greatly reduced. i could see dropping it down to 1080p for multiplayer but otherwise there is honestly no going back. clearer textures, almost no aliasing...
  8. rampancy

    Flaws in Doom 16'

    my main issue with 4 was olivia and hayden. my strongest feeling about the supporting characters is that they were boring. if ur gonna be talking in doom u need to be menacing and vile. other than that, not really much to bitch about... i guess sometimes the arenas were annoying bc they broke the flow and sense of progress.
  9. rampancy

    XBOX ONE X 4K Patch ?!

    fwiw, i have a 1070 and use dsr to 4k res and while its not a locked 60fps results are good. i have more of an issue with the tearing that occurs when the fps get above 60 than any dips or stuttering issues. 4k is not built from unobtainium.
  10. rampancy

    Quake 1/2 demake wads?

    u assume correctly. http://www.quaddicted.com
  11. rampancy

    Original third entry in Heretic/Hexen series

    theres also heretic 2 which was pretty cool although 3rd person.
  12. rampancy


    yep that helped. i just removed them all and shrunk the size of the start menu back to the size god intended. just felt like i was being bombarded by ads and it was not cool.
  13. rampancy

    What happened to Olivia after she became the spiderdemon?

    im pretty sure bitch died when she disappeared into the ground. mastermind killed her.
  14. rampancy


    well i decided to go with win 10 and not 7 so that i could familiarize myself with it, bc eventually my company's customers will be using it, but i hate all the tiles in the start menu lol. just think its ridiculous personally. there must be a way to disable them. i dont mind tiles in a seperate interface for seperate purposes, but yeah. doom wise though, pretty sweet so far... my new machine has a gtx 1070 and so far has been locked at a solid 60 fps with everything maxed in vulkan. pretty dang awesome. i cranked the fov to 100, and im using a 360 pad, and movement feels satisfyingly fast, although i still find myself reaching for a run button when im trying to close the gap. im glad the game features the demon enemies, bc the plot so far revolves around these uac characters, and honestly they are fairly underwhelming as antagonists. not really scary, or intimidating, just kinda blah. i have seen spoilers of what happens at the finale, and i guess the idea is that none of these uac types really know what they are getting into, like when olivia claims she is going to have a seat with the demons bc she helps them... i wouldnt mind getting some exposition from an actual evil villian, and not just these useful idiots working for the uac but oh well. who needs exposition in a doom game i suppose. anyway, the game is good. mantling works suprisingly well. the imp is quick and mobile which is fun. my early impression is 4/5 pentagrams. we will see if the remainder of the game holds up.
  15. rampancy


    better late than never, i finally got a new system. installing doom as we speak... windows 10 start menu is a clusterfuck... that is all :p