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  1. rampancy

    Mappers' first world problems

    one of the best bits of advice my dad ever gave me was “whatever you have, dont fall in love with it.” youve got to be willing to let go if/when the time comes.
  2. rampancy

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    you cant mape the willing just saying
  3. rampancy

    Bethesda.net issues

  4. rampancy

    Bethesda.net issues

    kinda reminds you of when the egyptians forced the jews to play all their games through some crummy 3rd party launcher. and look how that ended up, fucking raining frogs. im warning you bethesda, let my people go.
  5. rampancy

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    preaching to the choir brother. i keep saying im not a stoner, im a conniseur of fine cannabis. no one seems to care :/
  6. rampancy

    "It's too cartoony"

    og doom was a stylized pixel art depection of a fantastic scenario (as opposed to a realistic depection of actual events). imho this allows the audience to read into the material and flesh it out to their hearts content. for some people the experience became more sinister and dark because of this. and so that is what they are looking for in a sequel. for others the premise was cheesy fun, and so that is what they are looking for. it all comes down to different people liking doom for different reasons. we do all agree that doom is awesome though.
  7. rampancy

    Bethesda.net issues

    Like I mentioned a few posts up, crowd fund it. I have no doubt, none, that id couldve raised all the money themselves. i wont preorder a game from a monolithic publisher like bethesda. that doesnt mean i wouldnt pay id upfront. Too bad its so hard to undo these things. i mean thats what the publisher does anyway. use other peoples money, regardless of what account the funds are drawn from. better to be beholden to the customer alone than middleman who promises the world as he poisons the well. if you need a publisher, fine. but dont be surprised when they put themselves ahead of the producers and the consumers and then complain that they didnt get their moneys worth.
  8. rampancy

    Bethesda.net issues

    they had better be giving the games away if they want people to accept that type of arrangement. as an aside, crowdfunding works... esp if youre a beloved and established dev like id software.
  9. rampancy

    Bethesda.net issues

    sounds like a pickle. the product is digital, distribution is digital. im sure that there are still digital logistical issues for studios, but publishers should be going out of business. time to get a real job.
  10. rampancy

    New locations - concept art discussion

    the first one does seem like men worshipping demons, very similar to what happened to uac. maybe that was the last time shit went down. i bet the first and last are flash backs or before the events of doom16 anyway. the other two are clearly some good old hellish dimensions built for the ripping and the tearing.
  11. rampancy

    Bethesda.net issues

    wait for the inevitable torrent and give the $50 to your favorite charity? i dont want to be logged in. not to steam, not to bethnet, not to battlenet. no no no. this is why i dont play diablo 3, this is why i dont play quake champions. fuxking shareholders ruin every goddamn thing. and thats coming from a capitalist.
  12. rampancy

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    used to be an ati guy, back in the day. rage pro, fury, 9700. actually my first foray into working with computers was installing a special driver so that i could play glquake2. shouldve been a red flag lol but i didnt know any better. in a way i guess im thankful to ati for that. but, ended up trying nvidia and got spoiled on things mostly just working. and ive never looked back. maybe things have changed for the better, it has been a long time. im about to get a 1080 ti now that prices are finally reasonable.
  13. rampancy

    Bethesda.net issues

    attempting to force me to install ur crap to play my game hasnt worked yet. good luck todd howard.
  14. rampancy

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    i hope so too bc i am never paying $1000 for a video card.
  15. rampancy

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    Pre, since we both have about the same setup, have u tried setting the quality to high and the resolution scale to around 80%? i never usually mess with resolution scaling, seems like a console problem lol... but it does allow 4k with higher quality at 60fps by scaling the resolution during intensive scenes. i changed my settings to ultra with 90% scaling and its smooth enough for me although im still fooling with it atm. since im downsampling 4k on a 40" 1080p tv i really cant even see the scaling at 90%, esp since its usually during scenes where im constantly in motion. neways ive been fooling with the settings since this thread and thought that might work for you.