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  1. Quake 1/2 demake wads?

    u assume correctly. http://www.quaddicted.com
  2. Original third entry in Heretic/Hexen series

    theres also heretic 2 which was pretty cool although 3rd person.
  3. finally!

    yep that helped. i just removed them all and shrunk the size of the start menu back to the size god intended. just felt like i was being bombarded by ads and it was not cool.
  4. im pretty sure bitch died when she disappeared into the ground. mastermind killed her.
  5. finally!

    well i decided to go with win 10 and not 7 so that i could familiarize myself with it, bc eventually my company's customers will be using it, but i hate all the tiles in the start menu lol. just think its ridiculous personally. there must be a way to disable them. i dont mind tiles in a seperate interface for seperate purposes, but yeah. doom wise though, pretty sweet so far... my new machine has a gtx 1070 and so far has been locked at a solid 60 fps with everything maxed in vulkan. pretty dang awesome. i cranked the fov to 100, and im using a 360 pad, and movement feels satisfyingly fast, although i still find myself reaching for a run button when im trying to close the gap. im glad the game features the demon enemies, bc the plot so far revolves around these uac characters, and honestly they are fairly underwhelming as antagonists. not really scary, or intimidating, just kinda blah. i have seen spoilers of what happens at the finale, and i guess the idea is that none of these uac types really know what they are getting into, like when olivia claims she is going to have a seat with the demons bc she helps them... i wouldnt mind getting some exposition from an actual evil villian, and not just these useful idiots working for the uac but oh well. who needs exposition in a doom game i suppose. anyway, the game is good. mantling works suprisingly well. the imp is quick and mobile which is fun. my early impression is 4/5 pentagrams. we will see if the remainder of the game holds up.
  6. finally!

    better late than never, i finally got a new system. installing doom as we speak... windows 10 start menu is a clusterfuck... that is all :p
  7. Sigvatr's Hell Superior

    so does chemical imbalance cause depression, or is chemical imbalance merely the physical manifestation of a negative experience? in which case, is it an imbalance at all or just an honest reaction? what are we trying to do here, reverse engineer happiness?
  8. Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    well i cant come up with a better reason to nerf your own product. doom has the oldest, most prolific modding community out there. maybe they did dumb it down for consoles?
  9. Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    lets face it, the fans are capable of outdoing bethesda, and they will give it away for free. bethesda isnt interested in this type of competition. so the tools are handicapped.
  10. Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    the whole industry is due for a collapse to be honest. there is no such thing as permanent growth.
  11. Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    this is a forum dedicated to a pc game...
  12. I love that demonic lore guy.

    i want to see el satan in a missionpack or something. the serpent sounds cooooool.
  13. A bad impression from poor performance?

    hardware and configuration fuckery is part of the experience! this is how it is supposed to be when id releases a new game, amirite?
  14. A bad impression from poor performance?

    im in ur boat, and waiting for my next paycheck to build a new rig. my machine handled the last gen no problem, but wolf tno chugged and so i know doom will not run right either... waiting, waiting... seems like 4gb vram is a minimum.
  15. Theory for new DOOM Story

    i think it is kinda dumb to suggest that someone would be trying to create utopia by sacrificing people to demons. a person like that would clearly use their monopoly over energy in whatever form to control wealth and power not solve the worlds energy crisis. olivia was basically running the facility. samuel, from the looks of things, just uses the doomslayer to get rid of olivia so he can do the same thing himself. and the demons were basically not doing anything to anyone until the uac started using their demon energy for power, etc. and then creating various cyber demons clearly to work for the uac in some capacity. if anything the demons got uppity and samuel uses the doomslayer to maintain control. maybe there is something i missed.