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  1. the world has more insecure people every day. im pretty sure thats the root of having to be right. or needing people to agree with you in order to feel ok with yourself.
  2. rampancy

    A wild megawad appears

    nice find! gonna check it out if/when i can break away from blood and descent for a while... tbh this is a fine example of gzdooms greatest strength... yes there are a couple annoying zdoomisms in there but 99.9% everything you can download “just works.”
  3. rampancy


    balls deep in the dead?
  4. rampancy

    Does r/Doom make you cringe as much as it makes me?

    lol im just happy the kids like doom. it means more doom for all of us. secondly, if theyre over there being loud and obnoxious, great. it means theyre not here being loud and obnoxious. thirdly, this whole industry has always had its fair share of cringe. it is what it is. tbh i wish i could still get excited about a poorly drawn sword. something lost, something gained 😐
  5. its great that there is an interception 2. thanks to everyone involved.
  6. awesome. the first interception is a real gem so this is great news.
  7. rampancy

    Mapper's Block

    lighting. creeping around dark areas, maybe shafts in the celing that let the light in from way above. could get more hellish once you get down there, a cave, or a whole different structure that no one even knew was down there.
  8. rampancy

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    merlin gold is pretty good imo
  9. rampancy

    BACULUS: 2020 WAD Overhaul

    sorry for the necro but whats up with this project? i was going through my directory of wads ive downloaded and didnt know what this was. and now im hooked on it. i hope the finished product is still forthcoming.
  10. i respectfully disagree. things like this can be resolved privately and directly (without making it a public shame fest). this is not good for the community to attack each other and take sides. i dont want to see anyone driven away. we all agree plagarism is bad. worst case scenario, its a lapse of judgement that only affects two parties, maybe a few people at most. tbh its really no one elses business.
  11. time out... certainly there is a better way to do this?
  12. rampancy

    What wads/mods are you most anticipated for.

    rip and tear, until it is done.
  13. rampancy

    What wads/mods are you most anticipated for.

    why hasnt the community finished this yet? we have sequels to everything under the sun, tons of great wads. hard to believe no ones ever said “fuck it, im going to finish mordeth.” i know the readme says dont.... so maybe im an asshole, but itd be fun for the community. its been 20 years.
  14. lol... outside, clearly