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  1. DoctorNuriel

    Bigger Boomstick Nearby

    I love this!! Marathon is an amazing game and this is an amazing map, I remade it for Half-Life 2 myself. Great job!!
  2. DoctorNuriel

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    No problem! I'll stick with Noroi for this pack, then.
  3. DoctorNuriel

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    I'd like to make another submission - Nobody Fucks With The Jesus, my first attempt at a Slaughter-style map, but in a very condensed form. This map takes under 5 minutes to complete, and is not terribly hard. TIGC_NobodyFucks.zip
  4. DoctorNuriel

    How would you want a future Quake title to look and play?

    A friend of mine recently tweaked an RE8 screenshot and added the QC nailgun - the result looks remarkably close to Q1's style and atmosphere, closer than much of QC imho.
  5. very stupid question here, as I'm a total newbie at doom mapping/modding beyond just making maps for gzd: how would I best ensure pr-boom+ compatibility?
  6. Here's the first version of my submission: Return to Cinder Set in a demonic torture temple built into the side of a volcano, this map features claustrophobic room-to-room action and liberal use of teleporting monsters. I generally aimed for early game difficulty (E1, early E2) but feel free to plop it in any ol' mapslot if you will! Tested in GZDoom, music is Splash from Marathon. See attachment below for download. Screenshots: prcp2_doctornuriel_returntocinder_v0-1.zip
  7. DoctorNuriel

    Restricting the classic monster roster to 3

    Oh wow I completely missed that thread, so there is an actual CP ongoing for it? Awesome!
  8. If you could restrict the classic selection of monsters to a mere three types, for a mapper to craft a map, an episode or even a megaWAD around, which three would you pick and why, keeping in mind the way they work together or affect player behavior? What kind of gameplay would you ideally see emerge from an exclusive reliance on those three? - Lost Souls will not count as an extra monster if one of your three picks is the Pain Elemental - Pinkies and Spectres count as the same monster type
  9. DoctorNuriel

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    I've made a small adjustment to the map and I think it's ready for inclusion in the wad now! :) See the attachment. Also I don't have a particular preference in terms of music - Noroi only uses d_runnin here because it's the default, but it could be anything really. yureimap01_noroi v2.zip
  10. Ayyy, awesome! Thanks for checking it out, man. The light textures are used to represent the sliding paper panels often used for doors and windows in traditional Japanese architecture, but you have a good point on using sectors to make some more striking lighting. Thanks again, hope you get some solid rest soon!
  11. Hi, new mapper here! Feel free to check out my Japanese-styled map Noroi if you'd like :) It's a quick and punchy map, I intend to change the very final encounter up a bit but I'm mostly satisfied with it.
  12. DoctorNuriel

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    Here's my submission! Noroi ("Curse" in Japanese) MAP01 replacement for Doom 2 Author: DoctorNuriel Tested in: GZDoom Multiplayer support: co-op only Size: Small //// Noroi is a small setpiece map inspired by Japanese architecture and folklore! Very basic layout and short playtime (no more than 5min): intended as a simple challenge map for traditional play (no jumping, crouching). yureimap01_noroi.zip
  13. DoctorNuriel

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    Sign me up! I've been working on a small (~5 min playtime) casual map recently and would like to submit it when it's done :)
  14. Is there a definite rule or consensus on damaging liquids? Plutonia was pretty inconsistent (damaging water, nondamaging slime)