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  1. DoctorNuriel

    31, And Then Some (UMAPINFO / Boom-compatible)

    Thank you for playing! And thanks for the SKY issue headsup as well, I have updated the wad (and retooled the map itself a bit as well) - same download link in OP - and it should work now :)
  2. The result of a map sketch I did a few days ago, on my 31st birthday. This Boom-based map uses UMAPINFO and was built using only 310 lines (and 31 monsters). The music is a MIDI rendition of Carpenter Brut's "347 Midnight Demons". Warp to MAP31! //// MAP31 replacement for Doom 2 Boom-compatible / UMAPINFO Author: DoctorNuriel Tested in: GZDoom Multiplayer support: Co-op Jumping: No Crouching: No Freelook: Allowed Size: Small Difficulty implemented: No Est. playtime: About 5 minutes //// Screenshot: Download here!
  3. YES!!! Glad it's out. Great work everyone!
  4. DoctorNuriel

    Community Project concepts that you would like to see?

    The Shores of Chill, a community project based around unstressful gameplay. Easy maps, cozy vibes, and combat that ranges from absent to easy (i.e. infighting is easy to incite, stronger monsters are bunched up with barrels, rockets and/or BFG are provided early).
  5. DoctorNuriel

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just a quick, cozy little run & gun single map I started working on about 2 hours ago. I call it Shotgun Gardening.
  6. My apologies! It's a MIDI rendition of "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria.
  7. It's all in the video! Doom 2, Boom or UDMF should be fine.
  8. Thank you! I'm not seeing that option in the port list though - is there anything I need to download to enable this? Or will using the Boom option suffice? I'm not planning on using any fancy features.
  9. I'd be interested in joining! How do I map for MBF21 in Slade3?
  10. DoctorNuriel

    My House.. Actually - Tiny DOOM II map

  11. As @Egregor suggested, I'm cool with having the RL and rockets changed to a Plasma and (small) cells!
  12. I don't recall the name specifically but it was OTEX, dark blue night sky with a treeline and the Moon to the southwest :) I'll check what it was called once I get back to my laptop!
  13. DoctorNuriel

    Community Project concepts that you would like to see?

    I fully agree. It's a simple concept, but potentially very effective for high octane action - bonus points if the RL replaces the pistol as starter weapon and other weapons do not drop (even from enemies). Sole exception being the Berserk, perhaps.