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  1. Voxel Doom by youtuber Cheello (dont know his doom world handle) https://youtube.com/channel/UC1WkHfzyqhCMTOLCeBznygA Giving us 3d monsters and items that look and feel just like the original pixely sprites. Just what we need for VR.
  2. ScottGray

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Official_versions_of_Doom#Original_version 1.0 (December 10, 1993) - Initial release. The internal program number reads v0.99. 1.1 (December 16, 1993) - Fixed some bugs in the 1.0 release. 1.2 (February 17, 1994) - Added support for modem play and new difficulty level called Nightmare. Am going to say tomorrow the 17th, that's the 25th anniversary of Doom we are all use to with Nightmare and online play.
  3. The problem is in the zmapinfo in the LOSTMIX.pk3. The MAP75 definition has a space after LOST20 and before the " e.g Next = "LOST20 ". Deleting the space will fix the problem. Or drop this into your mods folder LOSTMIX.PK3
  4. @Impboy4 that's catwalk fixed map65.zip, Somethings went wrong with one of the past updates. A few of these bugs you've pointed out have been fixed more than once, however this one has survived all the from v2.1. V2.0 was fine. I'll need to be more careful. Again thank you Impboy, It much appreciated if you find anything else please let me know.
  5. @kolko The first post needs updated. This is the latest version here, Download the music again theirs been some changes in 2.135
  6. @kolko from the launcher go into options and turn on "software display mode with brighter maps" it don't work with the lost levels at the moment.
  7. @Erick194 the aspect ratio stuffs is a bit confusing, this image is the settings Blastfrog mentions above. everything apart from monsters XScale 0.875, monsters XScale 0.75, I find them a bit on the narrow side and I don't know why there are not 0.875 like the items. and world AR set to 0.875. He said use 224 visible lines instead of 220, but iv set up for 220 lines in SBARINFO just to see what it would looks like. The middle image is the one you posted above. If I leave the health bonus at xscale 0.8 instead of 0.875 the flasks look more spherical like the middle image. I don't know which one is more accurate, I think we are strolling around splitting hairs here but I get where Blastfrog's coming from, it would be nice to get it accurate. I see the guys had a friendly chat with him about all this on your thread.
  8. @Blastfrog, and @Quasar, Guys am not Ignoring you Iv just not got the time I once had, I was going to dig out the old CRT and PlayStation (Pray they ain't fossilize) and look into it further but I came across this project, I recon this will render the TC obsolete. After we sort out the aspect ratio problem the only major problem left with the TC will be the lighting. Which won't be solved accurately without modifying GZdoom (I would not know where to begin). The only other thing I have is a ACS PlayStation menu. I'll put what I have into a new update with Blastfrog's aspect ratios. Depending on which title you select the menu will chance accordingly.
  9. @Blastfrog, That's amazing information. The problem seems to be aspect ratio. bellow, pixel ratio 0.875, sprite y scale 1, x scale 0.75. With out forcing 5:4 aspect ratio the entrance looks too tall and the enemys look skinny. the first image shows this, the 3rd image same setting but with aspect 5:4 forced. Enemys look very close to the psx (middle image), entrance still looks a bit tall. Where it hits the fan is when someone hits wide screen. Goes back to the problems with the first image. Below we have pixel ratio 0.75 with sprite y scale 1 and x scale 0.7. Looks closer to the psx screen grab in the middle and looks consistent when you hit wide screen. It may not be technically faithful to the psx but we need it to look the same or as close as we can get.
  10. Speaking of lighting problems, in the option there’s “Software display mode with brighter maps”, it includes PSXBMAP.PK3 and switches GL_LIGHTMODE "8" in the PSXDOOM.CFG. It’s an attempted to make the TC look closer to the PSX by bring the brightness of the levels up and setting sector light mode to software in open-GL options. The UDMF TEXTMAP lumps were processed by an application that raised the light levels if between 1 and 199. The lower levels were brightened more. A value of 1 would be lifted by 90, 100 by 45, 190 only by 4. newBrightness = currentBrightness + ((Max range – currentBrightness)/2.2) Max range being 199, the reason, I could see no difference in brightness in game above 200. The 2.2 just came from trying different values and it seemed to work the best. I uses the start of “Entryway” for calibration. The formula is primitive and anyone with a better one that might represent the PSX closer please let me know. This is not an ideal fix. I would prefer not to change the map brightness’s at all, but that would probably require our own lighting mode in GZDoom. Or hopefully with the tonemaps method Blastfrog mentioned above. The results below are a mixed bag, but I think overall it looks closer to the PSX. Left: standard Light mode, Middle: PSX screen shot, Right: software mode with PSXBMAP.PK3 Out of curiosity I tried PSXBMAP.PK3 with GZdoom version 3.0.0, set rendering output to Doom software and switch on truecolor mode and polyrender. The results are very simpler to OpenGL in software mode. Left: software mode, truecolor and polyrender with PSXBMAP.PK3, Right: PSX screen shot. GZdoom version 3.0.0 messes up the status bars. Probably to do with them being scriptable now. I would be nice to hear what everyone thinks about the lighting issue and if the above mod is worth improving on.
  11. Then, it shall be. nightmareimp.zip @Blastfrog Post your assets here again, am sure there are in there. The differences in 99% of the sprites are minuet, that’s why initially only the lost souls were included. You pointed out converting the sprites to PNG was not accurate, so the sprite lumps form the psx discs were taken directly, not converted to png, along with the playpal which were converted from psx game disc using slade3. The textures are in png format and again were converted straight from the game disc using the appropriate pallet, they look right to me but if it’s still not, then maybe you could give us a hand. ....it was) This is what is currently in place. Left is MGmans, center is psx screen grap and right its your settings. There are similar. according to DefaultMap gravity 686 was your value. If your sure the value should be 1371 to be accurate to the psx version I will change it. about the weapons and gib health am sure unknownna and Gez got stuck into all that stuff back in 2012. List the stuff that you recon is wrong and the values it should be replaced with and we can sort it out once and for all. Using tonemaps solve our lighting problems sounds goods but I don't know anything about them maybe you could give us some examples? @Nevander, thank’s man that’s is running, Im lovein the lights. Also fixed that texture good eyes man. map22.zip
  12. @Nevander, I couldn't find the missing texture is this the area in question? I also noised that about the nightmare imp, probably because it's based on PSXDoomImp, it's really just a test a better version should be made if someones up for it. I would like to put the dynamic lights in the options, it would make a cool addition, but i cant seem to get it to work is there anything else I need to turn on to use it? @NRG01, Nightmare imps are not in any of the levels but one was knocked up to see how they would look in PSXifyD64 when the time comes. Here's the file http://www.mediafire.com/file/ihc4c4asw04420w/PSXNMIMP.PK3, uses the console to go to map TEST01. Its not the finished version, I was hopping a few people might post there nightmare imp ideas, maybe even nightmare cacodemons and psx arch-vile now we have the sound fx. It would be nice to give archi an appearance some where. @Gez, I think I would prefer the Nightmare imp to use normal imp fire balls, I fits better for some reason. We could make them a bit tougher, maybe slightly faster, what do you recon?
  13. @Sylandro, I was just footering about with the NRFTL interpic, I wasn't following any procedure, The only PSXify instructions I know about are on the fist post of the original Lost Levels thread, that's mainly taking about level design. All the sprites and textures (apart from the weapons) were taking from the PSXDOOM.WAD on the doom and final doom game discs, Slade3 can open them if you want too poke around in there. There are slight differences in the textures and sprites but most of them are barley notifiable. The Lost Souls are probably the biggest difference, PC,44x47 PSX,46x53. Here's a tech base door, PC PSX both 128x128 but the PSX has slightly more contrast. Here's our old cannon fodder friend, PC,41x55 PSX,42x56 PSX shaves the top row of pixels of his dome, and adds a row at the bottom on his foot, has a vertical offset of 56 vs the PC's 50. There are other slight differences but nothing that should keep you up at night, certainly nothing worth writing a procedure about.
  14. I was hoping that would be obvious. There's only the launcher, the sound track tool (hopefully self explanatory) and the options for the mods. The intent was to make it easyer for people and to group mods that people ask for together. Also some of the mods have to be loaded in a certain order for overwrite reasons and to get round conflicts between some of them, using them manually would be awkward. I get the feeling you do not approve?
  15. Yeah, that makes sense. Gez I was going to ask you about GZDoom 2.4.0, one of the new features was a fully scripted menu system, would that allow us to create a menu similar to the playstation's start menu? Also for everyone I found a ridiculous error in the original soundtrack tool, the LANGUAGE.ENU that's placed in PSXTCMUS to add the bonus track in game, redefined HUSTER instead of MAPMUS. So it altered the level name in stead of the track to play. ( The dangers of copying and pasting in c++ with brain damage ). So here is the fixed soundtrack tool OSTT.zip. Just unzip it in the mods folder. To fix it, ether run the tool again or extract the LANGUAGE.ENU, open it up in notepad, change all the "HUSTR_" to "MAPMUS_". Save it and stick it back in PSXTCMUS.pk3