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  1. Buu342

    DoomWare **Open Beta**

    It'll be fixed whenever I update next. It's because I forgot to disable gravity on the object Xdd
  2. Buu342

    DoomWare **Open Beta**

    Server is up! You can find the server by searching DoomWare Open Beta 1.8 What's new? Added 10 new minigames Added Spectating after death by pressing O (or puke 988) Bug fixes Code optimization and shuffling 6 Tie Breaker minigames Small gameplay polishes such as leader hat Lag fixes in certain minigames
  3. Buu342

    DoomWare **Open Beta**

    Sorry about a MASSIVE delay on the project's upcoming update. I've had a few unexpectedly busy weeks, mixed with the fact that I've been rewriting some of the wad's code (which broke a lot of things that had to be retested), it's been slow. However I am confident that the update will be coming in the next 2 days.
  4. Hey guys, I'm not quite dead yet. More suggestions would be nice as I'm hitting a creative wall here. Just 20 more games for that 100 I've been aiming for.
  5. Buu342

    DoomWare **Open Beta**

    What if I told you there's an update next week?
  6. Not yet, but next update will be near complete. Will still be in beta as there are still more games to add, and I want to bug test the current ones I'm making. Glad it caught your eye! The pokémon minigame will only be in the next update however, which will take a bit to arrive. The current version running is rather old and buggy, due to the fact that I have just recently come out of my exam month I can return to continue the project.
  7. Buu342

    DoomWare **Open Beta**

    Yeah it's already been fixed in the version I'm working on. It's got a lot of polish and some new minigames under way.
  8. 1) Yeah, but that's the point. You gotta look for it and then run to it fast. Strafe running is a must on higher speeds. 2) Can I get a screenshot of the specific blocks you're reffering to? 3) Will try that out.
  9. Thanks for the multitude of suggestions as always! I already had one like the balloon one planned (open the doomware_testbeta1_6d.wad and open the TODO lump, you'll see it there), but you gave me an extra idea for that one. Here's what I have planned so far. The ones that are starred are planned for the next update. I already added in your new suggestions
  10. A suggestion, make the sprite for 320x200 but don't instantly cut off the sprite on it's width. I use a 16:9 resolution, and I would really like to see the other end of the bow, and not one where the sprite gets cut off on its sides. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Here's how the bow looks for me on Ghoul 3. Please make your sprites longer than 320x200 if necissary. Make 'em like this:
  11. Buu342

    DoomWare **Open Beta**

    Both have been fixed. Thank you!
  12. Hey guys. I'm trying to push out 11 new games for the next update (leaving the game count at 80). Issue is, once that's done, I have 20 to go to 100 but only 3 ideas left from my pot. I need to suggestions to keep coming in!
  13. Buu342

    DoomWare **Open Beta**

    Damn, sad to hear. Looks like I've got work to do then. I don't seem to have permission to use that command. Also, the "Spam X" was stolen inspired by this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odTFoXZjpsQ
  14. Buu342

    DoomWare **Open Beta**

    1) Yeah the circus dive game was completely removed and replaced with that one because the old one was not software friendly, and there was really no easy way of making it so. 2) There are deadspots, I just won't reveal them ;) 3) Great idea, will do!