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  1. Deadrawkstar

    Mancubus Drawing.

    woooooooow. Diggin it. love the lines! makes me wonder what you could do a doom style tattoo?
  2. Deadrawkstar


    idk.. seems like the back foot may be trailing behind, like its half stepping, may just be me.
  3. Deadrawkstar

    Video Review - Duke it out in Doom

    Hey guys, here's my second Doom Mod review, i'm trying to review stuff from a general gamer perspective, so if i dont seem like a crazy doom superfan -thats why. Hope you enjoy the video, i'd also appreciate a like or a sub if you think i'm worth it. Definitely would like to make more videos. Also, let me know if you have any suggestions, i'd like to hear it all! Enjoy.
  4. Deadrawkstar

    No Sleep for the Dead

    Haven't finished it but im lovin' it!
  5. Deadrawkstar

    My Dungeon Synth project

    I agree with this 100%, definitely has that castle-y vibe to it.
  6. Deadrawkstar

    Doom³ redux [was] Doomed Duck Pack v. 1.1

    haha, i was imagining this added ducks! i looked at a few of the first screenshots before i started reading things, i was like "Where the hell are these ducks" Looks pretty good, when i get home i'll have to load this up and see how it looks in real life :D
  7. Deadrawkstar

    My creature designs

    Coool!!! What are you using for inspiration? Wouldn't say i'm in love with any of them, but they're definitely neat.
  8. Deadrawkstar

    How To: Darkest Hour in Lastest ZDOOM?

    Don't mean to resurrect this, but couldn't he have played on an older version of Zdoom too?
  9. Deadrawkstar

    Old Doom music

    diggin this, has some good vibes to it, keep it up!
  10. Deadrawkstar

    Doom Mod Video Reviews?

    Yeah, i really think that's some good advice. I really appreciate it. Just finished my review for action doom. Checkout the original post. :D
  11. Deadrawkstar

    Doom Mod Video Reviews?

    I mean, i love a slaughter map as much as the next guy, but i'm looking for stuff with solid content. I try to angle my reviews so normal gamers can understand what's going on, and not just the hardcore folks. If you have a serious suggestion, im all ears.
  12. Deadrawkstar

    Doom Mod Video Reviews?

    I appreciate the input and the advice on Brutal Doom, Currently my review schedule looks like this. Working on: Action Doom Review Action Doom Modplay (Modplays are essentially lets plays without annoying commentation, so you can actually see what the mod is like) Resident Evil 4 Chapter 2-2 with Mods For Future: Half-Life: Zombie Edition Review Double Action: Boogaloo Samsara for Doom/Zandronum Aliens TC for Doom Resident Evil Mods Part 6 - TexMod I'm really excited for Samsara and Aliens TC. Especially Aliens TC, i really want to get in touch with Doom mods because it's been modded for so long!
  13. Deadrawkstar

    CWolf's art bunker

    for awhile i was thinking the grey space underneath the marine was going to be a pile of bodies.
  14. Deadrawkstar

    Doom Mod Video Reviews?

    Would anyone here enjoy Doom Mod Video reviews? I've been reviewing Half Life mods, Half life 2 mods, Resident Evil 4 mods and a few others, and I'm interested in expanding my horizons to doom mods, and i guess what I'm trying to ask is, Would you guys appreciate doom mod/wad video reviews, or since I am a nobody in the community would you simply laugh and me and tell me to get lost. EDIT: Here's an example of a review for Poke646 for Half-Life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BsHtjKbgf0 I try my best to level volume and speak clearly. In my reviews i don't give them a "X out of 10" score because i feel a review should be first and foremost about if the game is fun or not. I'm not a Olympics medal judge, im a dude telling you if a game is fun or not. UPDATE: Action Doom Review! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZYJ3eLuZMY
  15. Deadrawkstar

    Console ports on the actual hardware

    this may be a bit off topic, however if i find a boxed copy of the ps1 port of doom, is 20$ a good deal? i passed it up at a pawn shop a week back, and part of me is sort of regretting it. Just wanted to get a consensus ...