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  1. roadworx

    What level made you quit the session?

    the world's greatest disappointment
  2. so, first of all, this has nothing to do with age because people will act like this regardless of what generation they were born into. secondly, i don't see how this is because they just don't understand doom's legacy. it's fully possible that someone does understand it, knows how important it is, but still likes the repetitive memes. the two really aren't connected in any way. also, "soyboy"? seriously?
  3. unfortunately for literally everyone else in the community, Gamers™ have latched onto the game
  4. roadworx

    Going Offline for the Virus

    from what i understand, there were rumors that wuhan was a center of toilet paper manufacturing. it's not true, but people will believe any sorta shit they read
  5. roadworx

    Has key ambush become a common map design?

    key ambushes and weapon ambushes have always been a part of the series
  6. that tends to happen on reddit. it's practically set up to create toxic echo chambers
  7. roadworx

    Doom Overrated?

    nah, not really. other than the original levels, which i do see a fair bit of criticism for, it lives up to the praise
  8. roadworx

    Going Offline for the Virus

    yeah, honestly, people need to stop panicking. it's just gonna make shit even worse, and getting super stressed out is gonna just hurt your overall health. that's not to say you shouldn't be worried and take precautions tho, cuz you should
  9. roadworx

    I don't want Doom Eternal to be Team Fortress 2.

    is it really that big of a deal that the game isn't pumping testosterone directly into your skull 100% of the time
  10. roadworx

    Favourite song in the soundtrack?

    for me personally, 'sign of evil' from og doom and 'opening to hell' from doom 2 are probably my absolute favorites. they're both so moody and atmospheric, i love it
  11. i'm pretty scared considering my dad is in his 60s and has respiratory issues. i don't want him to die
  12. roadworx

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    we'll call it "the neckbeard chronicles"