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  1. roadworx

    Does anyone find Tech Base maps boring?

    that...isn't even close to the intention of that? i was just curious, cuz i used to be really confused with layouts as well back when i was less experienced with the game. you srsly gotta chill tf out, man
  2. roadworx

    Does anyone find Tech Base maps boring?

    in that case, i suppose it's understandable that you find them more confusing. either way, there's plenty of techbase maps out there that you probably wouldn't find confusing; i recommend the techbase maps within bourgoise dm and going down, as both primarily have small maps that are fairly difficult to get lost in. bruh, the only person being condescending is you. actually, i'd go as far as to say that you're just straight-up being an asshole. i've only been playing the game for 9 years in my case, so i'm not an "oldtimer" like you seem to make me out to be (not that being a doom veteran would somehow make me better than you?). i was just trying to share what personally worked for me as a way to possibly help someone with similar circumstances overcome their struggles. in fact, i even gave indicators that it may just be something that only worked for me, with things like "in my experience" and "likely". that's meant to clue you into the fact that it's something that worked for me, but may not work for everyone else. there's no need to be a dick about it. and no, i didn't miss the colorblind part. it's just that techbases that make heavy usage of TEKGREN aren't exactly uncommon, so i'm not really sure why that'd matter you obviously have a much better memory than i do, because i'm unable to remember something as long as that.
  3. roadworx

    Does anyone find Tech Base maps boring?

    i actually quite like techbase maps, e s p e c i a l l y ones that make heavy usage of either brick textures or COMPBLU. not entirely sure why, i just absolutely adore it. okay, so...i'm confused by this. first of all, expansive, winding layouts aren't exclusive to non-techbase maps. you can look at the vrack series for a prime example of a techbase with a massive layout, and revolution for a wad with plenty of easy-to-follow maps without techbase theming. there's really not much of a correlation between that theme and layout other than that many wads tend to start you out in techbases near the beginning of the map, meaning that they're typically smaller secondly, idk if you're newish to doom or not, but in my experience as someone who also has adhd, the more custom wads i played (and after having made a map myself), the easier it became for me to navigate the more confusing layouts. i definitely still get lost and don't know where i'm going half the time, but it's a far cry from how bad i used to be at finding my way through abstract layouts. it's likely that you just need more time in order to adjust to abstract layouts, because eventually you're gonna start recognizing certain elements of maps that'll clue you in to where you're meant to be going (if they're properly signposted, that is) third...you say you don't like confusing layouts, but you somehow manage to love city levels? wat
  4. i'm sure there will be, but i honestly hope not. i may be in the minority with the opinion, but i feel as though good franchises should come to a close sooner rather than later so that they don't go on and on and end up turning into utter dogshit. that way, people will look back and remember it fondly as a fantastic franchise that came, left its mark, and went without ever overstaying its welcome. realistically, however, the series is unfortunately gonna continue until it runs out of steam
  5. roadworx

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    yeah, ofc. it's just that, because of cultural shifts, proper jokewads that aren't steaming piles of shit look much different from how they once did. plutonia 7, 50 shades of graytall, and doom in spain only are three good examples of modern jokewads; while they differ significantly from something like community is falling or mock 2, they're still primarily focused around some form of joke. it's just that, nowadays, jokewads tend to be much more meta and less obnoxious with their comedy
  6. i finally managed to get this working with doom32 last night!! thus far, it's been an absolute blast to play; i'm on z1m4 rn, and not only is this a really fun wad, but this is also by far the most impressive vanilla mapset i think i've ever seen. the level of technical prowess shown off in nearly every corner of the maps is astonishing, to say the least. not only did you manage to implement various zdoom-like details into the maps, but you also got scripting in fucking vanilla. you've really outdone yourself.
  7. i actually did do that. the issue is that dehacked seems to do a verification process, and unfortunately this causes it to not recognize doom2.exe despite the file (albeit a modified version) existing and dehacked.ini correctly pointing to its location. iirc @Altazimuth (i think it was him, anyways) said something about dehacked not being able to detect the file if a header or something isn't in the correct place? i don't remember the specifics, but i do know that doom32 is different enough that it can't be read by dehacked
  8. unfortunately doom32 doesn't work with dehacked, at least not when i tried it on my win98 pc ;-;
  9. roadworx

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    what is wrong with me
  10. i didn't realize that i used gzdoom, thank you for informing me
  11. roadworx

    Fake software look in recent games

    not really, you'll get negative responses no matter what you do. hell, you of all people should know that, considering you're the lead dev of doom's most popular source port
  12. i feel like another thing that has yet to be mentioned is that, in japan, swords are just seen as a lot more culturally significant than guns are. swords and swordmaking are kind of a big part of japanese tradition; in fact, hand-crafted swords made in japan are literally considered pieces of art as opposed to weapons. obviously, that's gonna be a bit of a hurdle for the fps genre to overcome there, considering that...you know. 99% of them use guns lol
  13. would btsx even run on the computers of the time? maybe it's because i was running it in prboom, but it was kinda choppy even on my 400mhz pii