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  1. roadworx

    Your doom head-canons?

    doomguy eats raw eggs, straight from the chicken coop
  2. well this was the last person who i expected to see posting on dw, i thought you were out of the doom scene for good
  3. glad to see you back, pal!

    1. roadworx


      thanks!! it's good to see you too :)

  4. roadworx

    Let's Talk About "Jokewads"...

    as several others have stated, jokewads are really only good if they're good standing on their own. even if you don't understand the references or get the joke, it's still easy to see that it had genuine work and thought put into it and isn't just slapped together (note that i'm not saying that it has to be fun to play, cuz really, does a wad NEED to be fun in order to be considered "good"?). if they don't have that, then, well...it's shit lol
  5. roadworx

    What is the most tough but fair Megawad you have played?

    definitely scythe 2 for me. i absolutely loved it :)
  6. roadworx

    [FINAL] Literalism (Release Thread)

    good to see this finally be released!!
  7. roadworx

    How do you find inspiration for your maps?

    typically i'll have a setup where two windows are open one being doombuilder and the other being firefox so i can watch videos n stuff while i map. i find that helps quite a bit, but if that's not helping then i have a big folder of screenshots from various maps (an inspiration folder, if you will wink wink nudge nudge) that i look through
  8. you're still able to play games utilizing live, it's just that you have to patch it with a crack in order to get around the drm. it's pretty dumb and annoying, but at least it's still playable
  9. i'm dropping out, my doom hyperfixation has ended. sorry
  10. roadworx

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    if any of you can think of a catchier name for it then feel free to say it. otherwise, i'mma continue calling them boomer shooters; maybe it's because i'm part of the new generation (gen z) but i see zero problems with it. sure, the name isn't accurate, it's hyperbole. but i don't think it's a big deal tbh not really? most of the newer games in the genre are indie, not aaa-titles.
  11. roadworx

    Quake and Doom goofy?

    i was never really scared by doom like some others here - i didn't start playing til i was 12 or so, and it was on an lcd monitor - but i did recognize the atmosphere that was present, and there were definitely some moments that scared the shit out of me due to being unexpected. however, at the time i started playing, i didn't really see any of it as "goofy". in fact, i thought the designs were super cool, with the huge teeth, spikes, evil eyes, claws...nowadays i still think they're cool, but also incredibly cartoonish and, as you said, goofy. they always were, we were just too young to realize it :p
  12. idk what the first one i played was, but the first one i ever beat was demonfear. i used the top 100 list to get good wads when i was younger (that's not to say i didn't browse /idgames, cuz i did), and demonfear was one of those
  13. too bad the irs has been gutted since then
  14. damn, the web design is super professional. you guys did a great job with it :)
  15. yeah, i will agree with those saying to update your game; there's no reason not to. the maps, weapons, enemies, and all that are all the same, it just fixes some annoying stuff