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  1. yayyyy id is going to the star wars mines yayyyyy it means we'll have to sacrifice more members of the community to marty stratton in the hopes that the next game will be better
  2. roadworx

    WADs Based on Real Locations?

    idc how old this post is, you should be ashamed of yourself
  3. roadworx

    duke nukem wad

    yeah, i stumbled across the backstory of this when i was going through your posts to try to find the name of the previous wad you had made. i wish i hadn't, because i saw your reply to me about the source of that audio, and god dammit, now i'm really, really curious about what that radio drama was :p regardless of any criticisms i may have, i really like your work! it's some of the most unique stuff coming out rn, and while it's certainly alienating, i know that there's a lot of people here (myself included) who enjoy that sorta stuff. i do have a suggestion tho - i think that modifying the behaviors of enemies, things, and weapons more heavily could go a long way in what you're trying to do.
  4. roadworx

    duke nukem wad

    okay, so i like how bizarre and offputting this is (similar to barbara & reggie's castle massacre, though i do prefer that one cuz it had an atmosphere that not many wads are able to replicate), but this one has some pretty major issues. first of all, i uh...don't think softcore porn is allowed here, just saying lol. it used to be, but that was ages ago; afaik most of the x-rated stuff on idgames is fairly old secondly, you really, really gotta start crediting your sources. you can't just use whatever you want and not say anything about who made it - it's frowned upon to just take stuff from sources and not give them their due credit, y'know? it can be a lot of work, but it's worth it, especially for those who see an asset they like and wanna reuse it third, it'd be appreciated if you'd remove the transphobic exit message (the chick with a dick one). a lot of us here are lgbt, so it's not tolerated here other than that tho, i do like this. i know you've gotten criticism in the past for your aesthetic and weird progression, but i actually really like it. the progression is definitely weird, but it has its own internal logic that, once you figure out, it starts to become a lot easier to get around. and honestly, the aesthetic is actually pretty charming in its own weird way :p also, despite the excessive nudity not being allowed here afaik, having the bent over girl be a teleporter is pretty funny, heh
  5. roadworx

    Megawads ruined or redeemed by 1-2 maps?

    i've always heard that zpack was redeemed almost solely by vader's maps (thunderpeak, termination, and blackrock), though i've never played it myself
  6. god no. if i really really like a map, then sure, i'll try to get most stuff, but even then 100% of any of the three categories isn't really all that important to me. you're usually not missing out on much by wasting your time looking for a few straggler enemies or some obscure secrets, and even if you are...who cares lol the completionist mindset in general is annoying as hell cuz it can cause people to have a bad impression purely because they force themselves to spend inordinate amounts of time in a map looking for stuff that doesn't really matter that much or cleaning up in maps with larger monster counts. if you can't find a secret or a few final kills, then move on! quit ruining things for yourself, god dammit!!! i think that we as mappers should be combating this by making 100% secrets more difficult. make secrets be more puzzle-like, require difficult platforming in some of them, force players to use speedrunning tricks to get them, etc. if someone is gonna sit there deliberately making things harder for themselves because they wanna see an arbitrary number at the end of a map, then by god i'm gonna make sure they're as miserable as possible! let the fucker spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get a soulsphere behind some bars when the only way to actually get it is to do a glide!! and then make them have to do a zero press to access a switch that opens up a secret on the other side of the map!!!!!!! that's a joke, though i do wish there were more puzzle-based secrets, or ones that require esoteric speedrunning tricks to get. screw what 100%ers think, i wanna hide a secret fight behind a glide :p
  7. YES they WILL!!! here is an excerpt from an interview with JOHN ROMERO HIMSELF that the daily protestant did
  8. no! NO!!! you people are the sort of sickos that the great stan kelly has been warning us about for years,,,you should be ashamed of yuorslef. this is true evil
  9. op, we've found a filthy s*x and dr*g addict. what do we do with him?
  10. is doomguy no longer a yiffy dog boy?

    1. yakfak


      he 100% is, albeit while realizing that part of the internet is still cruel and early 2000s internet enough to punish people for saying furry stuff

  11. roadworx

    Thoughts on Witchaven?

    makes sense that the only one who likes witchaven is a literal troglodyte
  12. roadworx

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    jesus that's a lot of shit. what an absolute pissbaby. i suppose that part of their goal was met, as prior to this i had never known of the existence of hakros or the bloom tc. i certainly know of them now though lol, they're getting recognition even if it's not for what they wanted it is a great idea, but the problem with that is that you cannot possibly turn the doom awards into something great when the whole thing is being done not out of passion, but out of spite, jealousy, convoluted conspiracy theories, and a need for attention. there's really only a few ways that you can go about turning this whole mess into something positive, and when those methods require either the current managers of the doom awards stepping down or completely reevaluating their mindset and worldview, then the chances of any good coming out of it are pretty slim.
  13. roadworx

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    what's really funny is that dbp59 only the made the staff awards, it never got enough votes to actually be a part of the main awards. so to answer your question: nope! even outside of that, dbp59 even isn't that great imo. it's technically impressive, but outside of that...eh? it's okay i guess.
  14. roadworx

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    alternate awards are great and all, i agree (see: the crackowards and the not-cacowards), but when the execution and purpose are this blatantly awful then it kinda deserves all the shit that gets flung at it. all i've seen regarding it is ridicule, and from what i can tell it seems to be completely deserved. it's like if i started my own awards because my own shitty wad didn't get mentioned, but was so incomprehensibly lazy and inept that i couldn't even be bothered to do a masturbatory write-up on my own work and had to get some rando with zero knowledge of doom to do it for me i had actually heard about them blocking people left and right on twitter like dynamo mentioned, i had just completely forgotten about it under the weight of a million other things lol. was there a thread on this already? sorry, i didn't even see it, rip
  15. so, there's this new thing that's popped up called "the doom awards" that seems to be ripping off the cacowards very, very poorly. the entire thing comes across as an ai-generated clusterfuck. here's an excerpt: outside of looking like it's the skinwalker version of the cacowards, there's been quite a bit of drama surrounding it (apparently the discord was full of gigaracists n shit). what do you guys think of this? also, uh, who the hell made this lmao?? information regarding the creation of this would be appreciated because it's honestly kinda hilarious