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  1. I’ll share my post from Reddit. Also I made a video touching on this for my channel. Is there any interest? “So my YT/Twitch content is about crazy custom challenge runs and high difficulty gameplay, but I’m also a musician, and I wondered... what if I wrote custom music tracks to use in wads? I’m no mapmaker, so that’s where the community would come in. Usually it’s just midi files, which I could write the stuff on guitar and create the rest of the instruments in a program like Guitar Pro. What does everyone think of this? I’m a metal musician myself and have been playing guitar for 13 years (and some drums), I’ve been using the Guitar Pro midi program for years... maybe it could work, and I could livestream the process on Twitch? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!”
  2. Old meets new. Pretty cool to see em side by side! 😄
  3. So I recently released a video morphing E1M1 At Doom’s Gate into other songs, but I wanted to do a whole song this time. I got a little crazy at the end lol, maybe could clean up some playing next time, but I still had fun
  4. Yep! That’s something I messed up on some with the music video I just released, too. Usually live I can do alright, but yeah this was room for improvement. Always gotta learn and grow. Thank you for checking it out.
  5. So I decided to remake E1M1 “At Doom’s Gate” in the style of different metal bands... if THEY took inspiration from DOOM, instead of the other way around 😎 what do ya think?
  6. This is a monster/weapon/item randomizer (but vanilla only, although it IS compatible with mods like Colorful Hell!), I hadn’t seen anything else like this. Been working with Greyfalll to get this made, Ive been playtesting and discussing tweaks and rates with him. Credit to Lud for the original customdoom mod - all that’s changed in the modified version (that I’m running alongside Randoomizer) is the display of the stats onscreen - all else is untouched It’s still in beta, as some scripts and the like still need tweaked, but this is looking like how it’ll be! Any thoughts?
  7. So I took a trip recently and decided to document it. And why not put DOOM’s music as the backing, instead of that stuff everyone else always uses? I hope I did Mick proud! Haha.
  8. Everyone had a blast! We will be doing this again! Here is the countdown and discussion of each run!
  9. Allstin

    DSDA on YouTube

    I’d like to see the :28 TAS of Scythe Map 30, Fire and Ice, please! Thanks!
  10. Allstin

    Play Regularly?

    I’m getting into it recording for YouTube, single player campaign at the moment. Then custom challenge runs
  11. That... would be a true nightmare! You’d definitely have to move quickly and keep your eyes on both games
  12. Allstin

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Playing Doom 1 and 2 at the same time with 1 Keyboard, using the same inputs. It’s possible! It’s just a little crazy!
  13. So I’m playing Doom 1 and Doom 2 at the same time, with one keyboard, using the same inputs. Everything is mirrored. And this is very weird 😄
  14. Hey thank you! i tried to put puns and wordplay in there. That’s why I recommended putting captions on for lyrics, as some may slip by! i think I call Duke the winner, then Doomguy. The other two were smooth though!
  15. So I got a wild hair and decided to put my FPS heroes against each other. I didn’t ask “why” but “why not?!” 😎 captions on for lyrics, I tried to put some puns and wordplay in there.