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  1. This is TOO COOL! Seriously!
  2. Allstin

    Extra Lifer

    I wish there were NM+ specific challenges moreso myself!
  3. Hey can you message me on Discord? Allstin#2525
  4. Was fun to make everything sync up with some fancy GKs!
  5. Glad ya liked it! I think we may end up doing an even crazier part 2 one day! and yeah! The E1m8, we have to remember it came out so long ago - so back then, it was a big deal! Remember too, the barons were brand new - and this was the ONLY place you fought them in the shareware! New sounds, looks, projectile attack looks... dropping onto a wide open, desolate area... lens of 1993! the spinning shotguns were a fun little addition lol, I wanted to spice it up some more! Try to use the DOOM 2016 speedy aiming moves! and Decino is a treat, lol. It’s a case where, he doesn’t just make solid content, he’s a nice guy and really easy to work with, too. That definitely helps! Glad you liked this! 🤘
  6. All in 1 video, spliced together in a really cool way that I haven’t seen on a Doom video before. Rip and tear!
  7. The artwork, Doom release dates commemorated... Does anyone else have this, what do ya think about it?
  8. The content i showed here, is my feelings on the topic, put into video form, rather than text. I’ve left other messages as well, and am involved in Discord as well. if something doesn’t relate to the topic, it’s definitely spam - though if it answers a question or is directly related, I think it fits. but I do see what you mean about discussion. I haven’t posted here as much as I use Discord and such.
  9. theres OOB work in classic; just not much. One discovered more recently
  10. hey there, I can’t quote your post below this, but see my post above to Antroid for my thoughts on this part!
  11. I have hopes that the between fights will still be ok! I’ve seen some footage of a mini fight, and it’s actually a battle. 2016 even had between fights (argent tower first quad damage, dual summoner hallway!) you’ll have to use each mini fight or encounter as a way to help you refill what you may need at that time, which in DOOM 2016 100%, you already have a purpose for them!
  12. When I think line of sight attack, I think of the Hell Razer from DOOM 2016 - which we haven’t seen any of the Razer in Eternal footage just yet, so it very well may not return in Eternal.
  13. Hey there, one thing YouTube likes, is if you DO have other content on your channel (which many Eternal videos use footage from gameplay videos uploaded), that you make it your own. Add something of value over the top. Even reaction channels are able to do what they do because of this, providing no copyright has been violated. What I intended to do here - in my channel and streams, I often do high difficulty/gameplay analysis - so this fit right into it. Hugo himself talking about enemy design, and me adding to it with my thoughts from an Ultra-Nightmare/challenge run perspective - which I feel is more than just watching and agreeing or disagreeing with what Hugo said. But all together, I understand if it’s not something you dig. No worries, rip and tear on March 20!
  14. Hugo has said in places, including the interview I linked, that they hope to make the arena combat better and the areas in between more fun (paraphrasing)
  15. I feel like the new enemies are gonna shake up the meta, for sure! There’s so much strategy wise we can unpack from this video, especially for an Ultra-Nightmare/challenge run perspective. I put all my thoughts into this video, like I mentioned, this interview covers a lot of the “why” of enemy design, and how I feel the enemies should be handled in game, plus their impact!