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  1. As someone who went through their entire discography, this is still the nastiest and most disgusting song by them imo
  2. I think this is the worst song by them lyrically. (Not bad, just gross)
  3. My big bro was into some mainstream metal/rock of the early 2000. My first band was System of a Down and toxicity was the first album I listened ever. He showed me Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Radiohead, Muse blah blah. Later, I began listening to some old heavy metal. Like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. And so, I started expanding my taste and got into heavier stuff like thrash, Doom, black and death.
  4. Mortrixs19

    Why Is There So Much Hate For Limp Bizkit?

    This is the funniest shit I've seen today
  5. Mortrixs19

    Water Appreciation Thread

    I love how this room looks in BD64
  6. Mortrixs19

    Favorite band?

    Sodom will remain as my favorite band of all time, but I've been enjoying Urfaust a lot lately.
  7. Mortrixs19

    moments that made you quit a wad

    I was playing Memento Mori 2 for the first time and maps 19-23 are just a slog to play. I stopped playing there, but eventually I beat the wad. Long, hard, tedious, slow. Whenever I replay MM2 those maps are the ones I dread the most, especially map 20 that one is so damn bad.
  8. Mortrixs19

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    An angry bird + baron of hell mashup
  9. Five-finger death punch... fuck no I, either see Ministry or NIN because of the Industrial metal vibe they go for the games.
  10. Mortrixs19

    What are you listening to?

    I apologize for the edgy album cover but this slaps so hard.
  11. Mortrixs19

    Let's blind play and improve Freedoom!

    Some people in the discord server already started on making a replacement for the SS.
  12. Mortrixs19

    What do you think about DOOM's Lore?

    Doom Lore would be better if Repercussions of Evil was canon.
  13. Mortrixs19

    Were old creepypasta's just built different?

    Surprisingly good quality image, tbh considering that we usually get shit like
  14. Mortrixs19

    Were old creepypasta's just built different?

    TBF, Godzilla NES is A tier stuff. Considering the type of things people would write about at the time. But back on topic, I still think that modern creepypastas aren't as scary because a lot of the shit that's coming out today already came out before. Like, we will never see another Russian sleep experiment, when that came out that shit was terrifying, but I don't (or I haven't) seen a modern creepypasta of that magnitude or creativity. Same with Godzilla NES. Godzilla NES is, like, so elaborated. It came out with edited pictures, videos, audio files alongside the text and I think that contributed to the horror, and it didn't look amateurish for the most part. I think that modern creepypastas are like just copies of what came before. Look at how many "The killer" type creepypastas we have now, it was supposed to be Jeff and Jane and now people just type a random name and put "the killer" next to it.
  15. Mortrixs19

    Were old creepypasta's just built different?

    Looking back it's not like creepypastas were really good to begin with. Most of them had horrible writing and used the same tropes over and over again. Do you remember the "My whole family was dead and there was blood on the ceiling, but I didn't care and keep playing the haunted game" thing? Like, I swear to good, all the lost tv episode/haunted game creepypastas had a line written like this. Now I believe it was charming or scary to me because of just one reason. Because I was a 8 year old with unsupervised access to the internet and ,as 8 year old, I'd get impressed easily and didn't really care about bad writing or stuff that the old creepypastas had, I'd still shit my pants. I think we just got older, seeing old creepypastas like Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, Zalgo, the staircase game, Godzilla NES, you get the point with a more mature mind will just point out how stupid and ridiculous these stories are. And no, I tried searching up some modern creepypasta to see if these issues improved over the years, but somehow, the writing, settings and characters are even worse or more ridiculous than the older ones.