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  1. Mortrixs19

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    Laser gun
  2. Mortrixs19

    Favorite Doom Boss

    I say IOS from plutonia. Pretty good level and hard battle overall. A close one was the mother demon, but then I remembered how easy the fight is if you get all 3 demon runes through the game.
  3. Mortrixs19


    Running from evil, the demons dead, the healer stalks, Message for the archvile, shawn's got the shotgun
  4. Mortrixs19

    Any possible Doomguy actors of your choice?

    James Weber Brown he's actually working on the current Doom film
  5. Mortrixs19

    My own Freedoom's C3M5

    Thanks @Erick and @Xindage for showing me these bugs, I'm going to fix them soon. Yes, I'm thinking on adding a separate deathmatch arena but I will do that when I'm completely done with the map itself.
  6. Mortrixs19

    My own Freedoom's C3M5

    I played the latest build of Freedoom, I was surprised that there was a new C3M5 map since Freedoom didn't have one before. But then I played the map... I was disappointed. I'm not saying that is a terrible map, but for me it feels bland and pretty easy compared to the previous levels. So I decided to make my own C3M5, it took me about 2 days to make it using Doom Builder 2. I am not completely done with this map, first I want to hear feedback from other players to see if there's something I can improve. I tested the map with Zdoom, there's a visplane overflow in chocolate doom I am aware of that and I will try to fix it. Some Screenshots: Download --> C3M5.zip Note: I'm not an experienced mapper, this could be considered my very first Single player doom map so don't expect something awesome. Edit: I forgot to mention, use the latest autobuild of Freedoom. This map uses textures from that version. http://freedoom.soulsphere.org/
  7. Mortrixs19

    whats your favorite doom 1 or 2 enemy?

    Crushers and chaingunners.
  8. Mortrixs19

    OK soooooo....

    Both Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 are awesome, Ultimate doom is better than shareware, I mean, Full campaign and it's pretty cheap.
  9. Mortrixs19

    Sorting Doom WADs by Difficulty (Charts are fun)

    I haven't played a lot of Megawads but here's my rank: Easy: Doom/The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT: Evilution, JPCP, Most of Death Tormention, DTWID-LE, ICARUS, Memento Mori, DTWID Medium: Memento Mori 2, The Plutonia experiment, Doom 2 Reloaded, BTSX E1, 2002 a doom odyssey, UDTWID, Death Tormention 3, Whispers of Satan, TNT: Revilution, Reverie, SIGIL, D2TWID Hard: Hell revealed, PRCP, Extermination Day, Valiant, Eviternity, Scythe 2, Kama sutra Expert: Hell revealed 2, Plutonia 2, Urania, Ancient Aliens, Sunlust, Going down, 50 shades of graytall, Sunder
  10. TNT: Evilution had the best music out of the Original IWADS imho, too bad most of the wad was shit, But I agree that there are some awesome atmospheric tracks like ''legion of the lost'' (which is based on a grave digger song btw) and Infinity
  11. I don't like TNT:Evilution but there are some awesome tracks there like the one in map 16/26 Blood jungle
  12. Mortrixs19

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    I pick Final Doom: Plutonia, the level design is amazing, it's pretty hard but not unfair with the player. Most of the levels are short, but they are pretty fun. Also, the plutonia midi pack is awesome
  13. Mortrixs19

    I'm stuck. . .

    It's nice to see people getting into the doom community and thanks god you're not using the new ports for consoles
  14. Mortrixs19

    Classic Doom level inconsistencies

    This also happens in map 06 of plutonia. The fountain with the berserk in the room full of demons
  15. Mortrixs19

    Is Final Doom Canon???

    I always thought they were canon at some point. Plutonia seems to take place after Doom II, the manual says that the UAC was now working with weapons or prototypes to defend earth from another demonic invasion. I'm not sure about TNT, so I believe it takes place after plutonia and before Doom 64. Just my opinion