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  1. Degree23

    30nm1244 (TAS)

    I was just about to go to bed when I saw this thread title. Naturally the only sensible thing to do was delay going to bed to watch this immediately. I had to watch that back a couple of times to work out what happened. How does that idea even come into someone's head? No, it really does deserve it. Incredible stuff by ZeroMaster yet again!
  2. Degree23

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    He posted more than once in the past aggressively defending his view of nobody else taking over the project, but also several times "restarted" this only to ultimately do not much useful. I became incredibly frustrated in my interactions with him because it basically looked like "nobody is allowed to lead the project but me, although I won't actually do anything with it". (As project leader, surely the first part of point 2 is his job?) In May 2018 this project received a whole bunch of feedback. He seems to have let that feedback go to waste. A hell of a lot of work is required to finish this off unfortunately, as many things need changing, and some mappers may not be around any more. However, this was completely played through by at least 4 people, and others played parts of it, and feedback was left. To me he has clearly demonstrated that he is incapable of finishing this project, and that someone else needs to manage it.
  3. Degree23

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

    Map 30: I save-scummed the hell out of this map. There was not enough health and far too many slow Rocket Launcher parts. At this part I actually ran out of ammo, despite entering with nearly full. When all those Hell Knights and Barons are released, that section should really have a ton of ammo in it, or have only about half the number of enemies. (That would be my choice) The cage part near the end was awful, as there was mainly only ammo for the Rocket Launcher, and it was far too repetitive. (And there was very little health there) Overall + An incredible effort for one person, and clearly a lot of thought has gone into it. + The soundtrack was awesome for more or less every level. + The levels were really detailed. - There were too many sections during the WAD where it was Rocket launcher v Revenants/Hell Knights for minutes at a time, which got boring very quickly. - There were also too many sections where you seemed to want the player to fight a Cyberdemon with a Rocket Launcher. - There are a lot of places where enemies could get knocked off ledges, which would make it difficult to kill every enemy, so I think you need to go back through and check for this. Particularly when you have a lone enemy (e.g. a Cyberdemon) on a ledge, they should not be able to be knocked off. Arch Viles are also prone to this when they are attacking. - Particularly in the earlier levels, but also later, there was very peculiar choices of sound block lines. There were many times when I opened fire in a room and no enemies moved. I think you need to go back through the whole WAD and check for these as well. Overall, this was a really fun WAD to play! I don't know how long you've been mapping for, but there were some really impressive levels here, and apart from your tendency to want players to use the Rocket Launcher, I think you had some really good monster placement in a lot of these levels. I hope more people play this to give you some feedback as there are some really fun levels here!
  4. Degree23

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

    Map 28: It's possible to be Arch Vile blasted up to the exit platform from the start, and therefore I've been able to skip this entire map. Map 29: The switch you need to hit to lower the BFG and open up the blue key area is NOT obvious and I spent over 10 minutes tracing the main loop over and over trying to find what I'd missed. (That sort of switch is good for a secret, not for main progression) The BFG should probably just be lowered automatically, or via a nearby switch, as you really need it for this map.
  5. Degree23

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

    Maybe so, but in such enclosed spaces, you're forced into a "hit and run" kind of style, and if you happen to not have ammo for the BFG (if you have it) then it becomes a very tedious battle. And if the space is too restrictive you'll just die from splash damage. I'm sure I opened that door before the yellow key, but that would explain it. Map 25: You provide a BFG, but not enough ammo to take out one Cyberdemon, let alone two. Rocketing a Cyberdemon to death isn't terribly fun, and because you have a nice wide corridor here, it's not particularly difficult to do, just time consuming. The Cyberdemon fight here could be made a lot cooler I think. You can't fight him on the stairs to the right, so you're forced to retreat back out to the area in the picture, and I think this could be an excellent battle. If you put a Plasma Gun and 200 Cells on the stairs (and remove a bunch of the Rockets), then I think this would be a really cool fight. The final Cyberdemon fight is... tedious. Do you want the player to snipe him with Rockets from below? I just took the lift and ran past him and got lucky that I didn't die. Map 26: Go go Power Rangers! Absolutely awesome map. I really like the use of Mancubii on the high platforms (out of reach initially) to force you to not stand still for too long. The Revenants on the platform here are unnecessary in my opinion as you can easily duck behind the wall and snipe at them, and after such a frantic pace it just seemed to slow the map down unnecessarily. Visual bug here. You need monster block lines in a lot of places in this WAD to stop enemies falling off the edge. I noticed this particularly here when an Arch Vile got knocked down. This meant that he actually started resurrecting Hell Knights on the long narrow ledge from the bottom of the map. (I don't think you need HKs on both side of this section either) Map 27: This would be a pain to UV Max due to how many enemies are on the outside, but despite the simple layout I really enjoyed this map. I think optimally you want to try to get as many Cyberdemons infighting as possible, and unlike previous encounters I've mentioned, you do have a loop to manoeuvre around this time. That, and there's plenty of health. (The first Invulnerability sphere was a bit weird, as you don't actually teleport into that many enemies) The part outside to hit the switch that opens up the exit seems a bit odd, because you're in absolutely no danger while running through as all the enemies are too high up to really hit you.
  6. Degree23

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

    Map 31: Not sure what to say here really. I've always considered secret levels to be "anything goes" territory. I did pick up all three keys, though I couldn't work out what the yellow one did as there appears to be no yellow door or switch. I guess it has something to do with the exit to Map 32, but I couldn't get any further. Map 16: The lift up to the switch that lowers the blue key is too harsh imo, a HK right in your face above you and Manucubii with little room to manoeuvre. In this area I appear to have become trapped. I can't open any doors, or lower any pillars. (Ah, you actually require the BFG to be picked up to open the doors. This could be a problem for continuous players who have 600 Cells at this point, like I did. Better to have this simply be a trigger you run over, rather than necessitating an item pickup) I had actually sniped the Revenants through the holes in the walls at this point, making the final fight a lot easier. If you didn't want this, maybe place them behind solid walls. Map 17: You have 60 Demons on the upper section but only enough SSG ammo to kill about 24 of them. Yes there is the secret behind you, but is punching/chainsawing 36+ Demons really that fun? Something like 15 Demons on this section would be more than enough, or move the Rocket Launcher to this section with a bunch of ammo. This door closing so quickly really pissed me off as I wanted to duck back out of it. Standard opening/closing time for that one please. Other than that, this was a really fun map. Map 18: Really difficult start with only the weapons provided. I'm not sure what you're supposed to do about the Cyberdemons on a Pistol start as they can easily kill you while trying to run past them, and you don't have enough firepower to kill them until later in the map. Map 19: More high-tier enemies with no RL/PG/BFG on a Pistol start. Map 20: The Revenants/HKs on the side, plus AVs if you decide to ignore them and go straight forward, make for a very unenjoyable start to this map, especially because you can't go onto the middle section apart from the one small set of stairs in front of you when you begin. I've stopped here for now as this was not fun. ------------------------------------------- Map 20: Back on this again. The start is still exceptionally annoying, and seems unfair with the lack of space. You can, however, cheese the fight because if you don't step forward, your wonderful sound blocking lines stop anyone from waking up. Due to how annoyed I was at the start of this map, I just abused this. The red/blue switch traps feel very polarising to me in that if you know what's coming, it's not difficult at all, otherwise you will probably die. Rest of the map was enjoyable. ------------------------------------------- Map 21: This is another poor Cyberdemon fight. It's an enclosed space, and there's no PG/BFG on the map. I had no ammo for them anyway, and I just had to snipe him through the door, which I had to continually open. Map 22: I feel like the "launch rockets into a stream of Revenants that are behind a door" idea has been used quite a few times now and it feels a little repetitive. There's another Cyberdemon fight by the yellow key with the same problems as before. ------------------------------------------- I meant to say this earlier, but many of your doors can't be opened or closed if they're already in the process of closing or opening. It's only a small thing, but it happens a lot and it's mildly irritating to have to wait for it to fully close or open before doing anything. Map 23: Another Cyberdemon fight without a PG/BFG on the map. Map 24: Very questionable first Cyberdemon fight. (Again I appeared trapped until I fired my SSG so I could pick up the one that was placed. I don't know how many of these triggers you have in the game, but it's probably better to replace them all with ones that activate when you run over them, in case the player has full ammo for that weapon at the time)
  7. Degree23

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

    These areas didn't open. I expected them to when I picked up the red key, but they stayed closed and I was able to exit the map no problem, but I also couldn't work out how to open those areas. Map 14: Again, here you're able to kill the first enemy, and nobody else wakes up despite being right in the room. On continuous this seems fine, and difficulty seems fine, but from a Pistol start you seem to want people to take out a Cyberdemon without even a Rocket Launcher if they can't work out how to get it. Although it was the classic "rockets v rockets" ending to Episode 2 of Doom, it's really tedious to take out Cyberdemons without a PG or BFG. Map 15: Same comment as before about the Cyberdemon fight after the yellow key and having to use the RL. (In the text on the intermission for the secret level you're missing a d from "hidden")
  8. Degree23

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

    Well hopefully you get other feedback as well as I'm only one person, and others may like some things that I dislike. Map 5: Again, ammo problems here. I think a backpack by now would have been a good idea. During the course of the map I didn't seem to get access to the Plasma Gun, and the Cyberdemon fight is very difficult without it as you can easily be cornered. If there was a "loop" of hallways, you could at least kite it around. Map 6: This floor seems to lower with no way to raise it up when you're down there? The instant-death pits if you fall down are not cool by the way. Map 7: Again, please don't have instant-death pits (near the SSG) with no warning. Your use of sound block lines seems a bit weird to me. After picking up the blue key, firing a shot probably should wake up all the Hell Knights and Revenants in the area. Map 8: Again, I can shoot enemies that don't awaken the ones next to them in a couple of places in this map. Ironically, the big lift from the underground area was where I was expecting a Cyberdemon to appear, and one didn't! That would be a good place to have one, with a bit of extra ammo at the bottom. You are able to hit the blue switch from below, although I don't think that's your intention for this map. If that's the case, you may want to make that ledge a bit wider (or some other alteration) so you can't hit the switch from below. Map 9: I think for anyone doing this from a Pistol start, the Rocket Launcher needs to appear quite a bit earlier in the map. ------------------------------------------- Map 10: As the intermission says, significantly more difficult than the previous maps. If you don't get the MegaSphere, I think health is a problem here, but it's easy enough to see and work out how to get, so I think that's ok. The "lava" in the open area around the Cyberdemon doesn't seem to be damaging, which is very inconsistent with previous maps. I'm still not a fan of your "rapid fire" damaging areas. Map 11: Really, really cool. Easily my favourite map of the WAD so far. The only change I'd make is to have all the Hell Knights on their platforms wake up when you fire, as again I was able to shoot people right next to some of them and they stand idly by doing nothing. Otherwise the layout was awesome, decent ammo as well. At the end there appeared to be some chambers of enemies that didn't open, so I was left with about 20 enemies I couldn't kill. Map 12: Really fun map, with a nice element of having to pay attention to the arrows or basically dying. This presents you with a balance problem however. People Pistol-starting Map 13 will find it considerably harder than those playing continuously. I'm going into the next map with full health and ammo. Most importantly, I have 600 BFG ammo, which will likely make mincemeat of anything difficult you've got in the next map or maps, depending on how much ammo I need to use. This sort of map is maybe better suited to much later in the WAD, when it's possible that people will have stockpiled ammo over the course of many maps and therefore the continuous/single start disparity won't be as big. (If the WAD continues in the way it looks like it's going) Map 13: And this is a perfect example of what I mean. With BFG, the start of this map isn't anywhere near as difficult as I think you want it to be as the Cyberdemons are easily dispatched, whereas there isn't enough initial ammo to kill them if you start from a Pistol.
  9. Degree23

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

    Looks pretty good, so I'm going to play through this. Playing on UV continuous. Map 1: Really difficult for a first map. Fighting a bunch of HKs with nothing more than a SG/CG is quite tedious, and the only armour being a secret (long after you need it) is not so good for such a tricky first map, especially given the lack of health. Without the power of a SSG, I ran out of ammo a lot on this map. Map 2: Considering you may enter this map with low health, the start is very difficult. (The Revenants shouldn't really lower until you've picked up the SSG) The very early Armor only makes the secret one at the end of the previous map even less useful, which is another reason that needs to go earlier in Map 1. Ammo wasn't as much of a problem, but this could be made a lot worse by the Arch Vile later on in the map. When placing these, you need to consider ammo counts very carefully, as you need to allow a bit of extra ammo in case it's able to get lose and start reviving some demons. Map 3: HOM in this room. I'm not sure what the purpose of having SO many Demons is. They're just soaking up SSG ammo but I don't see why as they're quite tedious to kill. The lava seems unusual in that it damages you very quickly, and the Radiation Suit doesn't seem to prevent this, so what's the point of it? After the previous maps, there now seems to be an abundance of armour around with two MegaArmors and 2 MegaSpheres. Map 4: The first Cyberdemon fight just seems... bad. You're trapped in an enclosed area and I could only really SSG snipe him. I've then run out of RL ammo by the time I'm fighting the second one. You really need a PG with some serious ammo by now, especially with how many AVs you've put on this map. It's fairly enjoyable so far, but ammunition is just on the wrong side of irritating. Music is awesome though!
  10. Degree23

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    That's precisely what makes them special, as he was one of the original forces behind the game in the first place. I'm not sure anybody said they will be the best levels, or that there aren't better mappers out there. Your question is effectively "What makes these levels special after I remove the thing that makes them special?"
  11. Degree23

    Bloodspeed (Beta 2)

    I forget what map this was on, but I was messing around with the map you can activate that switch from below without needing to be up on the ledge. On map 28, there's a lovely arrow pointing over there, but how on earth do you get there?
  12. Degree23

    Bloodspeed (Beta 2)

    Enjoying so far, despite the death exits. (Which I've never been a fan of) Map 10, however, I'm struggling to enjoy. It's an enormous key/switch hunt, and there seems to be little to direct the player where to go. I think I need to find one more switch to open the final green door beyond the yellow teleporter, but I don't see how it's obvious where I missed it.
  13. Degree23

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    Lack of SSG is a huge negative for me when you're fighting so many mid-tier enemies. Otherwise very enjoyable.
  14. Degree23

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    What a long map! I played on UV, and a few comments. - There's a bit too much use of "enemies popping up with no warning", particularly earlier on in the map. It ended up with two Chaingunners on top of each other in one instance. - The part with the Arch Viles where you first meet your Afrit monsters is really difficult. There's a lot of stuff for you to catch yourself on as you're running and it's difficult to find cover and very easy to die. - The Afrit monsters move a bit too fast for my liking. - The fight where you first meet your Cyber-Barons was really cool and nicely set up. - After you go through the second yellow door into the outside area, there really needs to be some decent health and armour as you're fighting a lot of enemies there. (Not a fan of so many trees blocking the movement either) - Unless I missed something obvious, there's not even close to enough to enough ammo (particularly for the BFG) to deal with the final area, and health was very scarce. I died here twice and just resurrected myself to carry on. It's also frustrating how many obstacles you have to navigate around. Overall, very enjoyable map. Incredible effort.
  15. Degree23

    The Incident - My very first map

    Very enjoyable. The only comment I have is that the exit could maybe be better signposted. I still had about 60 enemies to kill when I hit the switch, so I didn't think it was going to be the exit.