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  1. Degree23

    My first map

    So it's a large arena with a lot of ammo no weapons in sight? Not a good idea.
  2. Degree23

    (v0.4) Emerald Coast, Coop-focus WAD

    Just wanted to post to say this looks interesting. I love WADs designed with coop in mind as I like playing them with my brother, so I'll definitely want to check this out when all maps are done!
  3. Degree23

    No Survivors - new map

    I still can't find it. After the switch behind the first yellow door opens the Arch Vile, it's natural to expect that something within this area is going to open the final door. There's not really incentive to wander anywhere else on the map, especially if you've killed all the monsters. I'm not sure why you have something beyond the second yellow door blocking progress, especially as there aren't even any enemies behind it, there's only the exit. Edit: Ok, after a bit more wandering around I found it. There is no other way into that garage area, so you're unlikely to stumble into it randomly, and if you're extremely observant you might remember that there was a wall in there that is the same texture as other walls which eventually opened to reveal things behind it, but it's a bit of a stretch. After the AV fight, you need to give the player some idea that they need to return to that area, since now that I've found it, I realise it does serve a purpose.
  4. Degree23

    No Survivors - new map

    I played on Zandronum so I may have run into a couple of issues that were the fault of the program rather than your map, but I couldn't escape from the Soul Sphere secret near the start of the map, and the door beyond the yellow door to the exit didn't seem to open either. Combat was nice and it was good fun to play through.
  5. Degree23

    Imagination Beyond Demo

    As someone who's never made a single map, I don't always comment on other people's works. Some first mapping efforts are amazing, some aren't so great, but all are better than mine as I have made no maps. I wasn't necessarily going to write anything about this, but then I got to Map 4, and boy did I enjoy it, so I went back to Map 1 and played through again, this time paying more attention to the maps. I played continuously in Zandronum on UV. (It would help to mention what the compatibility settings are in your first post. I know you say to play with GZDoom in the text file, but it helps to have this info easily readable in the thread) Before I go through the maps individually, I think it's safe to say that you're better off focusing on a few maps at a time if you're new to it. Take people's feedback on board and work on those first before carrying on with more maps. Map 1: Seems to be a HOM in the sky. Map 2: This secret was weirdly textured. The map would be quite tedious for someone who didn't find this Shotgun secret, though it is fairly short. The texturing choice (Wolfenstein blue) in the Chainsaw secret feels really out of place, even for a secret. It also wasn't clear where the exit was, and first time through I exited before being able to explore the whole map. Map 3: Are you intending the maps to also be completable from a Pistol start? If so, you'll want to give at least a Shotgun in the opening area. The barriers at the start go through the floor, but this map was also full of frustratingly narrow locations which hinder the movement and make the map feel a bit clunky. I wasn't too sure what the platform after the yellow key was for as you can't get the Red Key from there, and you come back to this part of the map later on anyway. The Baron by the exit doesn't really serve any purpose other than to be an annoying fight in a very narrow walkway area. There's a notable increase in monster density here. You introduce an AV, and also have a mini-slaughter section with HKs and Barons. It's not a problem as such, but it did catch me off guard based on how Map 2 played. Map 4: Awesome. Especially from a Pistol start, there's nothing you can really do except press forward as there is too much incoming fire from the other side of the canyon, so that's basically what I did until I was all the way on the other side by the Mancubii. There seems to be just the right frequency and density of monsters here to allow you to push forward with the SSG, but still have danger of being trapped, especially by the Demons across from the Cyberdemon. Once you're round there, it's more plain sailing on the way back, but the narrow ledges mean you do have to be careful. It probably wouldn't hurt to have a couple of teleporters down at the bottom in case anyone does fall off. All in all, this was one of the most fun maps I've played in months. I'd maybe also consider a Backpack here, because although there's a lot of ammo, I did have to backtrack a couple of times as I was running as I got near the end, and had to go back quite far to fill up. Map 5: Of the first 5 maps, this is probably the one that needs the most rethinking. It kind of feels like masses of monsters have just been thrown in with less thought than in the previous maps. However the start is a nice combat piece and it's certainly challenging, though cover is provided to be able to dodge the AV shots. It's easy to die here, but it's also at the start of the map so not much time would be lost. The route to the Blue Key is a bit of a slog if you go this way first. I used the RL to clear out a bunch of monsters, but otherwise using the SSG is fairly tedious, and it's not that dangerous. The mass of HKs are easily killed with the ample amount of BFG ammo you provide. I'd probably thin out the number of monsters here. How do you want the combat to play out? For example, it seems you want players to use the RL in the Red Key area, but it's perfectly possible to get the BFG first and use that to really decimate the enemies. Where you give player choice, it may alter how they approach the encounters. You probably also don't need 2 Invulnerabilities in this section here either. The Soul Sphere secret is also not much of a secret as it's obvious as you walk past it how to get it. The Yellow Key path was quite interesting, though the end fight was a bit of a drag as you provided an Invulnerability which completely trivialises the encounter. I just grabbed it, rushed the room that had the mass of AVs and killed them all. In all three routes, there were no enemies that spawned in after you collected the Key. One common approach to using AVs is to have them spawn in previous areas, often once a Key has been collected. Given that you're using them in this map anyway, I would consider having an AV spawn back in the central location (or near the entrance to this route) after collecting the Blue Key, as it might make its way towards you and start resurrecting enemies. This is less useful for the Red Key (as you can just circle your way out) or the Yellow Key (as many of the monsters are AVs themselves) but could still be done. You also provide way too much ammo for the BFG in this map and while I would still get rid of some, if you had some post-Key ambushes, it would justify some of it. I'm exiting the map with 50 Rockets and 300 Cells, which means my experience on subsequent maps will be wildly different to anyone who Pistol starts. I'm not sure if you're planning to balance for both of these approaches, but it's something to bear in mind that once you've given the BFG, it has the potential to trivialise fights that you may intend to be very difficult for someone Pistol starting. Overall this one felt like a mini slaughtermap, though there's more to these kind of maps than just throwing monsters in a room together. Map 6: There's some wacky HOM on the boundaries which made this quite the eyesore! I'm not 100% sure what you want the player to do here, as you can go behind the starting location and make your way to the exit in under 20 seconds shooting no monsters. To me this layout looks like something which would benefit from having switches at the end of sections which raise walkways or lower teleporters to the next section which ultimately leads you to the final platform with the exit. A bit like Map 4, there's a lot of projectiles flying around, which again encourages you to be on the move. Map 7: Pistol starting this seems extremely difficult. The dark section in the caves is honestly annoying. Not being able to see for a while is ok, but the narrow hallways making it hard to dodge homing Revenant rockets are getting a bit repetitive now. There's a HOM just outside the Hell Knight cave section. (And at the exit) Map 8: More HOMs in the distance. A map like this is a good case for providing a bit of a "stash" at the start. Clearing the initial area is no mean feat as projectiles from the far end of the map will eventually make their way over to you. I'd probably move the Soul Sphere from the nearby secret to make it obvious, then give a SSG, CG and RL at the start. The Yellow Skull Key seems more or less pointless as the door it opens is right beside it. The Mancubii in the narrow sections afterwards aren't difficult, but killing lots of the same monster in dark tight corridors can only be fun for so long. (It occurred to me only now that maybe I was using the wrong light settings as you did mention it in your text file) I've found myself getting stuck on decorations (like trees) a lot as the maps have gone on, which has been incredibly frustrating. The section after this where you emerge back up onto open ground is absolutely insane because the direction you need to travel is almost directly in the line of fire of everything on the far island, which means you have a ton of projectiles heading directly at you. While some monsters may have been killed on the far side from earlier return fire, you have a few Arachnatrons over there and they tend to do well in extended long range infights purely because of their continuous fire. It resulted in an absolute ton of incoming projectiles and it took me multiple goes to even survive this section. After that, the rest of the map isn't too bad, though there was a Cacodemon partially stuck in the curved cave section just before the last part. Having finished it, I now think a Megasphere is probably useful for the start of the map. Map 9: And here is an example of a map which is completely trivialised in continuous play. I have a BFG, so I can just one or two shot the Spider Mastermind and the level is over in seconds. As you identified yourself, texture choice could use some work but my main thoughts would be: - Don't overuse narrow paths with enemies, especially ones that take a while to kill. - Map 5 enemies need rethinking. (Nothing wrong with the layout) - Map 6 possibly needs a redesign, or its purpose made clear. - (A lot of the maps were dark, though as I said, this may have been my own fault) - If you're intending for the maps to be playable from Pistol starts, then particularly in Maps 6 onwards, think about how you distribute weapons in the early parts of the maps. Hopefully others will play this and also give you feedback. Overall this was pretty fun to play through!
  6. Ah ok, yes he does serve that purpose. Maybe a Hell Knight would do there though. Yes I did open it with that. My point was that the yellow skull decoration is usually reserved for doors which need the Yellow Skull Key to open, rather than the Yellow Keycard, and as there is no Yellow Skull Key on the map, it felt kinda weird. There is so much space to move around in the raised area though, you can just circle around the Cyberdemon and dodge most incoming stuff, not to mention the Cyberdemon is highly likely to infight if you divert some enemy attacks up there. Making the raised area a damaging floor (5 damage) would be a nice way of deterring the player from hanging around too long up there though. You could maybe also move all the Revenants to one side and all the Hell Knights to the other as well to decrease the amount of infighting. I played the final fight again to check something before my last comment and both sides had quite a lot of infighting going on. Alternately you could just ditch the timed barriers, but it feels like this fight has potential to make good use of a mechanic like that.
  7. Ok, that would explain some of the frustrations I was having, as it turns out that this start point was quite far through the map! Playing again from the correct start location: - I think the HK is being blocked here but I don't see any reason why he should be. There was also a texture error here. - The narrow tunnels where you're silently teleporting between two different versions to create a whole "dimensional shift" effect was awesome. - The section with the MegaArmor and lots of lowering switches and ambushes is really tough to deal with given I only have a SG and CG. How I didn't die there is some kind of miracle. (I've now realised I could have got the SSG before doing this fight, but that requires knowing to go down the hallway that leads there first, and then backtracking for no obvious reason given that there's a switch that opens a door in front of you. The circular room with the Mancubus ambush just outside the MegaArmor trap is the latest point in the map that I would put the SSG, though I would like to see it a little earlier in the map) - I've killed 243 enemies before I get to the SSG. You need to give this earlier in the map. Many of the encounters are not overly difficult, they are just extremely tedious without the SSG. If you have to kill the odd HK/Revenant/Cacodemon/Mancubus/Pain Elemental with only a SG/CG it's not too bad, but I've had to kill a lot of these. The SSG speeds this process up a lot. It's possible there is a secret RL/PG I've missed somewhere, though I've never been a fan of secrets being mandatory for making good progress. - Blue Key fight was fantastic! When I saw the timed rising and lowering sections, I knew they'd be to use as cover from AVs. - Arriving at the "wrong start" location, it certainly plays a lot better than it did compared to having to start there! The double AV fight where I died originally is still quite challenging, but the SSG makes it more on the "tough but fair" side than it was without the SSG. - The Baron at the bottom of the stairs through the red door was a bit annoying due to the height difference created by the stairs and he doesn't really serve any purpose. I'd just remove him. - I wasn't too sure why there was a yellow skull door near the final fight when you don't actually pick up a Yellow Skull Key. (It opens with the normal yellow keycard) - In the Cyberdemon fight, I'm not too sure what the point of the timed lowering and rising barriers was. You can just run back up to the central raised area where the Cyberdemon is and easily move around between the sections. I thought there was going to be a set piece battle where moving between sections was going to be important, but this turned out not to be the case. Overall this was quite enjoyable, other than needing a SSG earlier than I got one.
  8. Yes, third map! As usual, played on Zandronum on UV. - While there was a long time with just a pistol in your second map, here there is a long time with just the SG/CG and a whole ton of mid-tier enemies to fight. You have Revenants, Cacodemons, Hell Knights, Arachnatrons, Mancubii and Barons to take out up to the Red Key fight. - And I've now stopped at the double AV fight, mainly because I died. I've had to kill over two dozen of the above enemies, and nearly 100 enemies in total, with only a SG and CG, and you now want me to kill 2 Arch Viles (and many other enemies blocking the arena) with only those weapons? You need to give a SSG, or some other powerful weapon, much earlier in the map if you want to have these kind of fights. (Or, if such a weapon is already there, I've missed it, so its placement wasn't obvious)
  9. I agree. The first thing that came to my mind upon reading that is a set of 21 (or however many) levels, where each one is themed around one of Doomworld's most prolific mappers. Everyone has their own style, so a project where someone takes a mapper as inspiration and tries to make a map somewhat in their style.
  10. And I think for 2-shot rooms, don't give more BFG ammo than is necessary, which you can do by using the smaller ammo pickup.
  11. Degree23

    The Descent - Second slaughterish map (Beta build)

    Hmm. I feel like I have so much to say about this, but at the same time nothing at all. There's a lot of open space here, and as a theme of the map, I really didn't mind it. If it were textured to look like some abandoned base, I even think it would be pretty good. The lightning textures on the wall near the start definitely made me think back to the energy charging sections in Descent! From a gameplay perspective, when you leave the player free to choose where to go, you need to ensure that they have sufficient weapons to be able to handle what's in front of them. Normally I dislike it when multiple instances of the same weapon are placed in a map, but in non-linear maps, it's almost a necessity, especially in this map where you're frequently encountering mid-tier enemies. For example, I didn't find the SSG before the first Imp/Demon wave, and that was tedious to deal with. I was unclear as to where I was going a lot of the time, which felt a little problematic on a map this large. I also wasn't sure if the "prison sections", for lack of a better term, accomplished anything. What turned out to be the fight at the exit was extremely chaotic relative to the rest of the map, and I kinda cheesed it to get the map completed. For such a large map, I do think the textures need to be more interesting than what they are because you're looking at a lot of space. I did enjoy this more than I thought I was going to though.
  12. Fantastic idea, and seems to be really well made. For my own skillset, the yellow key seems by far the hardest to get as I can platform pretty well (easily well enough for the first key anyway) and I can 2-shot Cyberdemons almost all the time thanks to tom19.wad Map 31, where you have to do that to 100 Cyberdemons. Zero pressing, item grabs, and glides, however, are not things I ever use in my playthroughs of WADs, so they will be where I spend by far the most time trying to get a key! Despite that, I do like how you've grouped the levels into general themes. Blue seems to be about movement, yellow seems to be about tricks and red seems to be about combat. I'm also looking forward to a video for the advanced SR50 because that looks absolutely bonkers to complete.
  13. Degree23

    The Green One (DOOM 2 map)

    Great fun. Could have maybe used a few more Shells dotted around the map, but otherwise a very enjoyable nonlinear map.
  14. Degree23

    [cl2 short single map] Pressing matters

    There needs to be probably another 4-8 Shells at the start of the map. The RL comes way too late in the map. The crusher isn't easy to use. Ammo becomes a problem due to how many resurrections the AVs do. A PG would be most welcome. You could do with about 15% more space to run around in, and armour earlier.
  15. Very fun combat. I haven't enjoyed playing a standalone map as much as this one in quite some time. I ran a bit low on SSG at a couple of points, but I later realised that was my fault as I had picked up a Berserk earlier on but then failed to use it. There's also a small HOM on the right structure in the final arena. I also hope you reconsider, because this was an excellent map.