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  1. Degree23

    The Cognition Engine - Single Map

    28:38 on UV with 5/11 secrets. An extremely enjoyable map. The only thing I wondered was the Cell placement. I had about 360 before I found the secret PG, and then I was at the point in the map where I immediately got the non-secret PG. I know people will find secrets at different times, but the amount of Cells I was accumulating made me wonder if I'd missed something as I was playing through. But overall extremely fun to play through!
  2. Degree23

    Disarray (MBF21, challenge/slaughter) IDGAMES

    Certainly trying in Zandronum (which I know doesn't support it), some of the maps you just die instantly and it says "Player was killed by the power of voodoo". I've not seen that before, kind of curious as to what exactly is causing that?
  3. Degree23

    My First Level, Looking for Feedback Please

    I misread that initially and thought you said 6 seconds, and I couldn't work out how you did it! Turns out I'm just blind. A very nice first map, which definitely has the vibes of a first map from a MegaWAD.
  4. Degree23

    A Hitscanner Murder Maze

    Other than the instant-death crusher by the damaging floor, which was extremely not fun, not bad. Quite corridorry, but fun enough to blast through with the new areas opening up. I ran extremely short of ammo near the end.
  5. Degree23

    Fallen Leaves (now on idgames)

    Absolutely outstanding mapset. Only slight letdown was Map 7, which I don't think was as challenging as it could have been, in part because of the fairly simple circle layout and abundance of ammo. I also was drawn to the Cyberdemon after killing nearly all monsters, and so was very surprised that I needed 3 keys to exit. I expected the Cyberdemon to be the final thing to do on the map, so I then spent a few minutes hunting around a quiet map for 2 keys and also finding 2 MegaSpheres that I didn't need. But otherwise some of the most fun I've had in Doom in a long time.
  6. Degree23

    Fallen Leaves (now on idgames)

    There's definitely an issue with the download. Is someone who has it able to upload it somewhere else?
  7. Degree23

    Between The Fissure - Singleplayer map

    This is essentially my only comment as well. Very enjoyable map.
  8. I ran around a little bit in Map 1 just to see what it was like and seems like it could be quite enjoyable, so I'll definitely mark this down for a playthrough! Out of interest, is it playable in co-op or are there too many places where the maps would break if someone died?
  9. And it generally strikes that balance very well, but in the pillar platforming section where you get the RL you have at least one section where you can fall down and not get out, and I was honestly so pissed off at having died there that although I started again, I died a bit later in the map and didn't feel like trying again as my experience was now soured.
  10. Degree23

    Matrix.wad, my first map

    This was definitely interesting. I wasn't so keen on the fact you can basically run through the two large areas, lower the tall lifts and get on them, without having to actually fight anything. I'd prefer there to be some sort of time lock to force you to engage in the fights. Otherwise a very interesting concept and fun to play through, with added replayability.
  11. Degree23

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    True, but you actually get the CG in a number of maps, some of them early on. The SSG occurs later on in a few of these maps. I found that I was having to waste stronger weapons on weaker enemies, which is why I wanted some more Bullets to deal with the fodder, though perhaps a few more Shells would help too. Map 21: Nothing much to say here. Fairly short and definitely a "you're into the last third of the WAD" kind of vibe. Map 22: If you're quick enough you can grab the Chainsaw before it rises up, although it's easy enough to get seconds later so I'm not sure if it's worth doing anything about. Some ammo problems on this map I feel. A box of RL ammo soon after you pick up the weapon would be helpful. The mini-boss was a bit underwhelming. The space it's in is quite cramped, and not knowing what weapons it had, I wanted more room to run around, so I went back out to the hallway, but it couldn't follow through the small gaps and I just sniped it down. Map 23: The feeling of enemies teleporting in right behind me now has reached the point where it's becoming more irritating than anything else. This was a shame because I didn't enjoy the final sections as much as they deserved, mostly because I was frustrated at constantly losing health to the "right-behind-player enemy teleports". Map 24: I really liked the use of the custom enemy in this map, much better than its introduction. In general the monster placements worked particularly well here. Map 25: The gauntlet style section was amazing. After the first Cyberdemon I wasn't expecting a second one for some reason! Will play the last episode soon!
  12. Degree23

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    I really wanted to CG a lot of lesser enemies in many places, but I was having to use much more powerful weapons, and felt like I was wasting them. In many maps there are lesser monsters at a distance where the SSG would be less effective, and had I been able to CG them I'd have had a much better ammo balance for other fights. I feel the balance of RL/PG/BFG ammo is not too bad, and especially you don't want too many Cells lying around as once you have the BFG it can really warp how some maps play. Map 16: I would swap the positions of the Soulsphere and Megasphere here. The last AV placement on the column just felt really weird as well. Map 17: It is definitely feeling a bit repetitive now to have hitscanners teleport right behind you when opening a door. Map 18: For the first time in a while it feels like there's actually an abundance of ammo. I'm exiting here with 207/11/26/258, and that was also with only finding one secret. I'm not sure there needs to be two Megasphere secrets here, one of them can perhaps be just a Soulsphere and maybe the other a Megaarmor. Map 19: Wow, that was a change of pace! Map 20: You have some Cells in the very final part with the death exit, which given there are barely any enemies by the time you get there, seem pretty unnecessary as you're about to lose all ammo anyway. I don't really recall thinking ammo was much of a problem anywhere in this episode.
  13. Degree23


    On a start as hot as that one, I'd say the 100 Armor needs to be in the opening room, not the closet it's tucked away in.
  14. Degree23

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    Map 12: It's possible to hit this switch from outside here. Map 13: Not much to say here, played well! Map 14: It was interesting to have the Invulnerability after the Cyberdemon fight, but well placed as that fight has a lot less space to manoeuvre. Map 15: Monsters teleporting directly behind me is starting to feel a little bit old hat here, especially when your health is whittled down by tons of distance hitscan in large open areas. I spent an extremely long time running around this map trying to find the blue key, and when I did find it, I recalled that I had seen it earlier. But the fight there has an AV which drew all my attention, and because the map was so big and the way to go was very unclear for a lot of it, I spent a lot of time just running around not knowing what I was doing. I didn't bother to look for the red key, I'm just glad to be out of this map. I'm also not sure why you gave a MegaSphere right before a death exit. (I appreciate it may be for the secret exit, but it feels like a bit of a troll) Easily the least enjoyable of the WAD so far for me. Although not as bad as in the earlier maps, I have been running low on ammo at points in the map, which makes me again wonder how Pistol starters will be getting on. I feel like an extra box of Bullets every 2 maps would definitely alleviate that.
  15. I played on UV and this was a fun little map. Just a couple of comments: - I'm not sure why there were so many secrets, when in fact most of them seemed to be just one main secret. - There was probably too much health around for UV. 3-4 health packs can probably be taken out and there still be quite a lot left. Nice map!