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  1. Degree23

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    Lack of SSG is a huge negative for me when you're fighting so many mid-tier enemies. Otherwise very enjoyable.
  2. Degree23

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    What a long map! I played on UV, and a few comments. - There's a bit too much use of "enemies popping up with no warning", particularly earlier on in the map. It ended up with two Chaingunners on top of each other in one instance. - The part with the Arch Viles where you first meet your Afrit monsters is really difficult. There's a lot of stuff for you to catch yourself on as you're running and it's difficult to find cover and very easy to die. - The Afrit monsters move a bit too fast for my liking. - The fight where you first meet your Cyber-Barons was really cool and nicely set up. - After you go through the second yellow door into the outside area, there really needs to be some decent health and armour as you're fighting a lot of enemies there. (Not a fan of so many trees blocking the movement either) - Unless I missed something obvious, there's not even close to enough to enough ammo (particularly for the BFG) to deal with the final area, and health was very scarce. I died here twice and just resurrected myself to carry on. It's also frustrating how many obstacles you have to navigate around. Overall, very enjoyable map. Incredible effort.
  3. Degree23

    The Incident - My very first map

    Very enjoyable. The only comment I have is that the exit could maybe be better signposted. I still had about 60 enemies to kill when I hit the switch, so I didn't think it was going to be the exit.
  4. That was the first WAD that came to my mind as well.
  5. I played on UV and enjoyed it quite a lot. I wasn't looking out for textures or anything like that, and the only real comment I have is that it might be worth locking the player in the final room so they can't run back too far and just wait for the exit to open.
  6. Degree23

    [WIP] No Guts, No Glory!

    Maps 11 and 12 (old version, don't know if anything changed) were considerably less fun than the previous ones I'm afraid. Running into large room after large room full of spaced out enemies became incredibly tedious. Plus the maps were so large that progression through them felt like I was doing the same thing over and over with no real change. The size of the maps works against it here because each area adds very little new.
  7. Degree23

    [WIP] No Guts, No Glory!

    Been fun so far. I'm up to Map 9 on UV continuous at the moment. A couple of comments: - I do seem to be running low on SSG/CG ammo quite frequently in the early maps. - I don't seem to have found a PG and I've had 600 Cells for 3 maps now. If there's so much ammo around for it, there really should be a (non-secret) PG somewhere around Map 5/6. This would also have helped with the low ammo I've been experiencing for other weapons. - On Map 8, you seem to only be able to open the blue door once. If you don't go through it, it doesn't seem like you can open it again and get stuck.
  8. Why is there not an easy to find link to the latest alpha near the top of the first post?
  9. Degree23

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Looking amazing so far. Personally, I'm a fan of not many custom monsters, (I do like Afrit as a monster and I liked the way that Resurgence incorporated that and a version of the Plasma Marine that didn't run around like crazy) and no custom weapons at all. So that's the sort of thing I'm hoping for, although I'm just one person of many who seems to be very much looking forward to this.
  10. Degree23

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    The main problem with it is that it is significantly easier than the original map, despite being much later in the WAD.
  11. Degree23

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    But how is ignoring things a solution to this? Some possible steps might be as follows: 1 - A new thread for this project may be in order, with an updated first post, as it looks like this project might actually go through a rebirth now. 2 - Here you actually organised all the current (at the time) feedback by map, which was a phenomenally useful idea as it allowed mappers to see comments about their maps without having to trawl the entire thread. This should be reposted, and updated with the feedback from NuMetalManiak, Jaws in Space and cannonball. 3 - Contact all mappers once feedback has been collected to see where they stand on their map, and possible edits/fixes. 4 - It's clear that some maps need a massive overhaul, or simply replacing. There may be disagreement on which maps fall into this category, but it's clear there are some. I'd welcome the thoughts of people on my tl;dr worst offenders: You have three people who've played the whole thing (once cannonball finishes) just this past week. Do not let the feedback go to waste and sit for years unattended this time.
  12. Degree23

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Looking awesome. I hope this doesn't have too much in the way of custom monsters.
  13. Degree23

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    This sounds like basically what you said last time, and nothing happened. On November 6, 2016 you actually grouped feedback per map which I think was an excellent step in terms of map authors easily being able to see what had been said about them, but since then has anything meaningful been done? Words have been said, although actions have seemed absent.
  14. Degree23

    Huntington National Laboratory

    I found 5 secrets and killed all but 6 enemies on UV. The only real comment I have is that I racked up about 400 Cells before getting to the Plasma Gun, and you do face some large fights before you get to it, so it could maybe be moved to slightly earlier in the map. A thoroughly enjoyable map from start to finish.
  15. Degree23

    Carboxyl v1.2 Slaughermap (UPDATE)

    Possibly not intentionally (?), but you can actually complete the first map pacifist style. It requires a tiny bit of luck in not getting stuck between monsters, but you can essentially let the HKs kill some Imps in the first section, then just circle strafe around the perimeters picking up the keys and hitting the switch, then going around more until the door lowers, and the area with the Cyber/AV trap does require some luck with the Cybers shooting the AVs, but it is possible to beat without firing a single shot.