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  1. Degree23

    [TAS] Doom EP1 + EP2 Pacifist + reality

    I may be wrong, but I think he's using it to glide off it for some extra speed? I'm not sure whether you can avoid damage in that section otherwise since it's such a long distance to travel.
  2. Played through this all on Zandronum on UV continuously. Some thoughts. + This was quite fun to play overall. I quite like slaughtermaps so the last few didn't bother me. + The music selection is awesome! (What is the track from E1M1?) + The progression in the maps was pretty good. I liked that it wasn't entirely linear and that you had some choices at places. - I didn't come across a RL until E1M4. When you have Barons to fight, and no SSG because this is Doom 1, that is way too long to not come across a RL as part of the standard paths with no secrets. Shotgunning or Chaingunning Barons is not fun, and if you have to do it once it's maybe not so bad, it just means that you're more inclined to want to rush past them rather than fight them. - The large amount of Demons on E1M5 just made me want to run around them rather than fight them. I certainly didn't want to use the Berserk pack on all of them! - E1M8 has way too much health. There's also an abundance of ammo given that you give the BFG at the start. Whenever you place a BFG into a map, it generally makes any large fights significantly easier, doubly so if there's no shortage of Cells. Overall this was really enjoyable to play!
  3. Degree23

    Experiment: a small level

    Fantastic map. The only comment I have is that if you find the BFG, it makes the end of the map quite trivial. Even with the Cyberdemon, I'd be tempted to give a Plasma Gun maximum. I agree that the end maybe needs some work as it feels like it has quite a lot of potential, but is just somehow lacking. Maybe have the door to the final area open only after some time has passed so you can't just run past the Cyberdemon? Or maybe have two doors open that both reveal Cyberdemons, and also lock the door back out to the previous area? The section the Cybderdemon comes into is quite a good one for a fight, and fighting two Cyberdemons with a PG would be in keeping with the difficulty of the map. But overall that was a fun map to play!
  4. Uh oh, guess I better start saving up for a new computer. This does look amazing. Will it be playable in co-op?
  5. Degree23

    Hydrogen - new classic map - tell me how it plays

    This was very fun. (On UV) I didn't work out how to get the BFG before the final fight, but I was able to deal with it anyway. I half expected a Cyberdemon to be behind the final door, and I wonder if that would have been better, also with a slightly larger arena to fight in. The reason I say that is that you've already used Arch Viles a couple of times earlier on in the map, so it doesn't really have the same impact, and there is a decent amount of ammo to play with. Nevertheless, a really fun map to play!
  6. I came to this WAD, but not from this thread, so I didn't realise you needed to use Rockets to open the extra ammo sections! As a result, I found ammo to be quite tight throughout virtually all the map, but it was beatable (on UV). The only part I thought was slightly questionable was the red key battle, as due to the non-linear nature of the map, it is possible to arrive there entirely understocked on the ammo front, and there's not really enough in that area to deal with the battle, so like Worm I also skipped that battle. Otherwise, the map was ludicrously fun! Would love to see another one like this in future.
  7. Degree23

    Cascade - first map

    This was quite fun! (Played on UV) - The Chaingun that you can't quite get to (which rdwpa referred to) is indeed extremely annoying because it looks like you should be able to get to it, and therefore when you can't (and may be taking damage from the floor around it) it's nothing but frustration. - I also ran past the Arachnatrons before the yellow key because there is too much stuff in a small area. I agree that some tweaking may help it. - The lack of a SSG is major drawback since there are so many enemies that take more than one rocket to kill. - I had well over 300 Cells before getting remotely near the PG. (Which I only did as an afterthought as I was at the exit and realised I didn't have the blue key) - I also am unsure why the MegaSphere is a secret. Overall this was enjoyable to play, and may benefit from a few more Stimpacks dotted around in the areas where there are a lot of hitscanners. The RL and PG are quite easy to miss though, and without a SSG to give some firepower, a lot of battles are unnecessarily long. For a first map this is really impressive though!
  8. Degree23


    These screenshots look amazing. Will the maps be playable in co-op? (e.g. with teleporters etc. to get into locked rooms?)
  9. I hope that "if" becomes a "when" as this map was a great early (first?) effort.
  10. Really enjoyed playing this (on UV), though didn't find the RL or BFG. Only comment I have is that the ending was a bit anti-climactic as I didn't shoot the Spider Mastermind once. It shot some Arachnatrons and then they all took it down for me. It's quite an easy fight to cheese like that.
  11. Degree23

    Unhealthy and Brutana (new Doom 2 maps)

    I also managed this. I think in theory you can make the path a bit longer so you always take 5 damage blasts from the lava regardless of when you start running. I think the path would need to be exactly 5 times longer than the distance between two damage tics when straferunning at full speed? (I'm sure someone's done the maths on that already at some point)
  12. Degree23

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Really enjoyable run to watch. I like the health management strategy at the end of the penultimate map!
  13. Degree23

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    If you wanted him to be relaxed, then your original post was not the way to go about it as it comes off like you have an agenda of your own, and your above post is also passive-aggressive.
  14. Degree23

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    This is one of the very few things in Doom I feel strongly about too. I fairly recently played a WAD where I could make no progress because I didn't realise for a long time that the BFG was an essential pickup, but I already had one and 600 Cells, so I was unable to do that. Simply having a trigger that you just have to run over is a lot better, and triggers like that on consumable pickups is even worse. I'm not sure I've ever seen the stylistic need to do this, and it's just something that at best allows normal map progression, and at worst frustrates players, which really makes me feel it has almost no use.