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  1. Making the maps coop friendly, and therefore more likely to be played and enjoyed by more people, is something that I would have said is more important than a demo. Demos can easily be recorded again.
  2. Am I just blind or can I not find any weapons anywhere?
  3. The music track does have some very annoying high pitched parts though! I got to nearly the end of the map, and there were some good fights. Thoughts below: - The texture choice is very "in your face" at the start, but doesn't really fit with the rest of the map. - There are a lot of very cramped corridors. - You have weapons all over the place. In general, it's neater to simply have ammunition later on, unless you think someone might have missed a weapon in a previous part. - Some of the secrets are behind very obvious doors that most people will open. - The Cyberdemon fight is very poorly designed. You can't really fight him in that closed space but you also can't lure him out to the previous area either. - There are a lot of objects to bump into as you run around, which really slows progress. - There were a few texture misalignments - I couldn't work out the end of the map?
  4. I quite enjoyed this. A few comments: - There seem to be some monster block lines (behind the red door, also where the 2 HKs are nearby) that make cheesing those encounters very easy. - I think you need to be able to get at the SSG more or less as soon as you find it. Due to the non-linearity of the map, you can encounter a lot of enemies that really need more than just a SG or CG. - You can fall into some pits without being able to get back out. - The lack of health forced me into a very boring playstyle. A few more Stimpacks dotted around the map would be good. Again, due to the non-linearity you can't guarantee that people will go in a "health friendly" route, so you need to allow for that. I also beat Map 2 very easily!
  5. There seems to be no way to exit the start room on Map 2?
  6. Gave this a go on UV. + I really like the level layout. There's quite a bit to explore, and it's not 100% linear either. - The start is a real pain. You have to go quite far into the level before you what basically looks like the "armoury" with a few weapons. These all need moving to nearer the start because of how many Mancubii/HK/Revenants you have around. There needs to be at LEAST an SSG where you have the first CG. There was overall enough ammo in the map, but not enough of it is near the start and I ended with quite a surplus at the end. - For me there are FAR too many sniping Revenants and Arachnatrons. These are the worst enemies to have to be able to shoot you from far away as there are either homing rockets or a constant stream of plasma to contend with. - The Armor could probably do with being near the start as well. - If you're going to teleport a lot of enemies into a room (e.g. where the BFG) then you really need to ensure the player isn't going in with anything less than 100/100. (Maybe there was extra health and I missed it, but when you have multiple routes to a place, you should put some health at the common end point) - Oh I forgot to mention. At the blue bars, you can actually skip by them because your bars don't go all the way to the edge of the walkway. The ledge is only slim, but I was able to get past there. Overall I felt very frustrated playing this map, although it definitely has a lot of potential.
  7. Just posting to say that this definitely piques my curiosity. Hope you get some inspiration soon!
  8. I strongly disagree with a project lead posting no updates on what they're doing with the project for several months at a time. (A post in July saying "I'll do stuff over the summer" doesn't count as actually doing anything) If you're on here as often as you say you are, it wouldn't have been difficult to post "just recorded some demos" to update people on what's going on. The lack of information is what is frustrating people.
  9. I played through a lot of this, here are some thoughts: - There are some quite wide open spaces, in particular the area where the AV and Mancibuii are released, are quite bland. That one is particularly annoying as there is nothing to block the AV from hitting you. - It's not clear that you can lower many of the walls. In particular the red key area is a victim of this (and lowering the highest wall reveals some texturing from the entrance and secret passage), and in the yellow key area it's not clear that trying to open the door after you pick up the key will in fact lower all the walls. This is annoying because you are then in a large area where there is nothing to block the AV's line of sight from hitting you. - The ambushes are very harsh in general, and there could do with being some more Medipacks around the level. Fundamentally it has the potential to be quite an enjoyable map I think, just the transitions from nothing happening to all monsters in your face is quite extreme.
  10. How is circle strafing and shooting rockets at 4200 Imps an enjoyable map? (Not to mention everything that follows)
  11. Really unenjoyable because I spent most of the time running around being shot at from a distance and scrounging for health. Unless I missed it, there didn't appear to be an Armor near the start, and that would make this map about 100x better in my opinion.
  12. After so many positive reviews I decided to give this a play and it was very enjoyable, if somewhat tricky. My only comment that hasn't been mentioned is that I was able to cheese the Cyberdemon encounter really hard. I had a Radiation Suit so I simply dropped down below, got the Cyber to shoot the floor next to the Arachnatron and as the Cyberdemon was aggro'd onto me, the Arachnatron did tons of damage to it.
  13. Nice to see that you got this released. I hope my feedback was useful and I hope you got a lot of other feedback elsewhere too. Some things weren't to my taste, but I'm only one person and I'm sure things I disliked others would like. Overall it was a great effort for mainly just one person, so congrats!