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  1. Degree23

    First Map - In 25 Years

    There is a possible approach to address these together, which is to use monsters to direct a player. Unfortunately I've never been able to find it again, but I once played a map that had me backtracking over areas multiple times, but each time was with a selection of new enemies, which indicated that I should be back in this area again. Despite the size of the map and twisting paths, I never got lost in the map. These prompts can help to indicate to a player that there's something worth investigating if there are new enemies in a previous area. So something like having a couple of the switches spawn enemies in the area the player needs to go next is an option. How much you want to guide the player is up to you though, after all, you're making the map. And if you like switch hunts, go give Eternal Doom a go!
  2. Degree23

    First Posted Map

    Hence, my question wasn't "extremely odd". Nevertheless, really enjoyed this. Only gripe I had is that it's possible to do a hell of a lot of the map and not run across the Rocket Launcher, which was really the ideal weapon for a lot of the combat. I had encountered maybe 250 Rockets before I decided to just summon one and carry on.
  3. Degree23

    First Posted Map

    Well when I open the link, I can't find the file.
  4. Degree23

    First Posted Map

    Why is this an ftp link?
  5. Degree23

    A wild megawad appears

    I got to Map 19 and a lot of this was quite enjoyable, but that's as far as I'm going to play. What's put me off is the insanely large amount of hitscanners you have placed around and the rarity of the health. It makes me feel like I have to sneak around every corner and save every time I kill any hitscan, which for me is not an enjoyable playstyle when it becomes the prevailing theme. Mainly this is because I feel it removes any of the skill of decision making when the RNG of distant hitscan whittles away at your health, which when there is so little around to replenish it, feels like I'm being punished even though I haven't really made any mistakes. Ultimately you should make maps for yourself though, and if that's the kind of thing you enjoy then don't let others stop you.
  6. Degree23

    DOOM2 - Slaugh them all (Single map)

    The exit needs to be signposted a LOT more than it is. I did what Biodegradable did, which was hit the exit switch before killing the Cyberdemons without knowing that it was the exit switch. Whether you want to leave that as an option (for people to just run past the fight) or not is up to you, but it should be clear when you're about to end the level.
  7. I absolutely would not replace them with Revenants. I hate tons of homing rockets flying at me from miles away! That section was the only slightly tedious part for me, having to individually snipe HKs with 3 rockets per platform. Really enjoyable map overall. Given the huge door, and the PG you collect just before the end, I was expecting a Cyberdemon to be in the final room. Otherwise it was a great map.
  8. Degree23

    NoSp2 - Nanowadmo megawad (slaughterwad)

    I've played through the first 6 maps with my brother using Zandronum. Map 2 - There seems to be a closet of monsters that just doesn't teleport in. I played through in single player again afterwards and the same happened. It's the upper left closet on the minimap. Map 5 - Was unplayable once the monsters awoke as it started lagging. (I know that this is can happen on Zandronum though, probably works fine on Prboom. Really enjoyable so far, nothing gamebreaking encountered yet.
  9. Degree23

    Bromine - Limit Removing Map

    That's my only real gripe here. If you go through one of the red doors, you appear to not get a RL (as far as I could tell), and so I spent a sizeable amount of the map wandering around with 50 RL ammo, with more on the ground to spare, that I couldn't use. Given how much ammo there was for it, I expected to be getting a RL any time soon, but it took forever. It may be worth having a RL somewhere behind both red doors, or if there is one behind both, making them more obvious.
  10. Degree23

    NoSp2 - Nanowadmo megawad (slaughterwad)

    I'll definitely be giving this a go. Is it playable in multiplayer or will there be too many places where you get locked out if the player(s) inside die and respawn at the start?
  11. Degree23

    Xar - a mini slaughter map

    I think it was more the fact that the first comment he got was: How would you like him to take that in a "constructive" way? Though not to everyone's tastes, I enjoy Slaughtermaps so I gave this a go. Some thoughts: - Others have already said about considering texture choices. To me they're much less important than the gameplay, but essentially the same texture everywhere is quite bland to look at. There's also a few alignments which look weird as you go around the map. - While at times it's good thematically to have enemies in large groups by theme, there's more to slaughtermaps than just throwing large groups of enemies into a location. The AV section in particular is quite annoying as the platform of Revenants that it looks like you can hide behind actually lowers to the point where you have no cover at all from the AVs, which caused me to die on my first attempt. This kind of trap is probably more functional if there were only 1 or 2 AVs on the far wall, as you can still be caught out but is unlikely to result in certain death. You had many sections of large groups of enemies just appearing, so you may want to think of different ways for this to happen. (Although this can work in moderation. For example at the start you provide a RL and the first bunch of enemies are all weak hitscanners, so I just blasted them with the RL ammo I was given. I didn't mind this as an introduction to the map) - The maze section was fairly annoying to navigate, with long corridors that narrowed to impassable points which had nothing of value. These could be improved by just blocking them off at the entry point and not wasting the player's time. - I'm not sure you need THAT many Cyberdemons in the centre. - I wasn't 100% sure what the Blue Key was for? Judging by Clippy's attempt, you can crush all the Cyberdemons in the centre, but I wasn't clear on exactly what both switches beyond the blue door did as I flicked them (in Zandronum admittedly) but nothing seemed to happen except opening and closing the windows. + I really did like the overall idea you were going for here. The central Cyberdemons forcing you to stay on the move and the idea of having to work your way around the map fighting enemies with some partial cover from the Cyberdemons was nice. It's an idea which I think could have been more strongly emphasised in the map, possibly with some timed rising and lowering walls to provide cover ala Sunlust Map 29. It's not the first map I've seen with centralised Cyberdemons harassing you as you move around the map, but it's quite an infrequent idea, certainly in the maps I've played. If you're interested in making more Slaughtermaps, make sure you've played through WADs such as New Gothic Movements 1 and 2, Slaughterfests 2011 and 2012 and Slaughtermax to see a variety of ideas in this genre. There's some very experienced mappers in those projects and their maps will give you some idea of the kind of ways in which you can turn maps with hundreds of enemies into something more interesting than just holding down fire on the BFG into endless hordes of enemies. If that's what you enjoy then of course go for it, you should make maps which you enjoy playing, and if others happen to enjoy it too then that's great, only that BFGing endless enemies has been done plenty of times. This genre, possibly more than any other, needs more interesting map design, or possibly even some tricks or novelties. (e.g. Sunlust Map 29's AV barriers stunned me the first time I played it. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen that idea before) For a first map, I've definitely seen worse attempts, and this is probably a lot better than what my first attempt at a map would look like! I did enjoy playing through it, and I think if you're able to get more feedback and work on developing your mapping skills, you'll definitely be able to make some great maps! I'd definitely be interested in playing through any other slaughtermaps you come up with.
  12. "Hell Revealed wad is dated so why is it still popular" "Please explain why Hell Revealed is considered to be a true classic" I don't know how old you are, but many people don't necessarily always analyse things in an appropriate context. You're asking a question about a WAD which is 23 years old, and a lot of people fall into the trap of analysing older things in today's context, which usually leads to fallacious conclusions. Given the quality of mapper that exists in the community today, I think you'd be hard pressed to find many people who would argue that the quality of Hell Revealed is better (however you want to measure that) than the quality of some of today's WADs, but a significant amount has been learned in that time. In absolute terms, games like Space Invaders or Pac Man have almost nothing to them, and games today can do many more impressive things, but that's doesn't stop them cropping up near the top of "all time great games" lists. Your initial post gives me the impression that you're not looking at Hell Revealed from the right point of view to get a balanced opinion. By that I don't mean the "it's fantastic" point of view, some people from the time didn't like it, but it sounds like you need to reframe the window from which you're looking at the WAD.
  13. Degree23

    (GZDoom) Drainhole - single map

    Really enjoyable. The only thing I didn't enjoy was that the exit didn't seem to be that well signposted. Considering I'd hit a computer terminal earlier in the level, I wasn't expecting the one at what turned out to be the exit to finish the level. Otherwise that was a fantastic map.
  14. Degree23

    TMNT Fight Theme [MIDI]

    That's absolutely incredible! I've listened to it a whole bunch of times today and it's amazingly close to the original soundtrack. The Teenage Mutant Hero (as they were over here!) Turtles was my favourite show as a kid. It's a shame they haven't released the background music anywhere. I would definitely be interested in checking out any other TMNT work if you put any together. I don't think it sounds all that similar, but if it did then it's Battletoads that did the copying, as the music from the first post comes from the version of the show which started in 1987, whereas the Battletoads franchise didn't start until the 1990s.
  15. Degree23

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    I have to say I think the end room is much improved! I still think the opening is more like Map 29 than Map 4. Now that I've played it again I can see that the rising and lowering pillars near the start are meant to resemble the rising and lowering barriers that hide Shotgunners behind them. For me the map is just still a bit too empty considering how far removed from the original slot it is, but maybe others will feel differently. Overall though I think it's an improvement on the first version, so thanks for taking the time to edit it!