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  1. Kotzugi

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 19: House of Pain UV-Fast in 5:11 Better tactics at the start and end, with some luck. A bit of nerves, so can be improved a bit still. Happy for now though. reb19f511.zip
  2. Kotzugi

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    The Rebirth Map 19: House of Pain UV-Fast in 5:29 Beat my own 6:00 time from 2016. Can be improved because the surviving imp in the first secret can just be pistoled and then no need to drop back into the elevator later on (only realized after uploading on the OT). reb19f529.zip
  3. Kotzugi

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 19: House of Pain UV-Fast in 5:29 Update of README file. Slomo revealed that I didn't actually kill three pinkies in one SSG shot, sorry :) The other one can be deleted, thanks. Another EDIT: Time can actually be reliably improved by pistoling the surviving imp at the start and NOT dropping down the elevator again (I actually did this in the 2016 run) *facepalm* reb19f529.zip
  4. Kotzugi

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 19: House of Pain UV-Fast in 5:29 reb19f529.zip
  5. Kotzugi

    PrBoom+ 2.6.66 (Jun 20, 2023)

    Well I solved the problem, sort of, but I'm not sure what causes it yet. I'm using software that causes the screen to dim to a sort of reddish/orange color under normal circumstances starting at around sunset (f.lux). After disabling it, the problem stops. However, I still need to manually select the "GZDoom" value even though it is already selected, for it to be applied. F.lux obviously interacts with the software somehow but it's not expected behavior from the side of f.lux (it should not interfere with other applications and it should not randomly deselect gamma settings from those applications). Perhaps there is some system value (or values) that's changed by both the emulator and f.lux. I didn't know before how to change the gamma settings from the menu, I do know now, so I'm good. By the way, before disabling f.lux, changing these values made no difference: useglgamma 6 usegamma 1 but now they do. For the record: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Windows 10 Thanks
  6. Kotzugi

    PrBoom+ 2.6.66 (Jun 20, 2023)

    My OpenGL sector light mode seems to be borked. I'm speedrunning a map but it's quite dark, so I'm trying to use GZDoom instead of GLBoom. Halfway through, the lights go dark again. If I then go back and select the same option, it goes light for a little while, and then goes back again. The same happens if I switch to shaders. It was not much of a problem before, now it happens all the time (perhaps within 30 seconds of playing). I made a 45 seconds nomo demo (where it happened twice) and when I adjust it at the beginning, the switch doesn't happen afterwards. Only when I play or record. I'm no expert so perhaps I'm missing something simple. I haven't changed any of the default options AFAIK. Using prboom-plus-262-w32. Cheers
  7. Kotzugi

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    Dude, I'm loving it. You even improved the segmented run by 2 secs. Some very interesting new routing ideas there - I would love to give it a shot some time, but regardless, a well deserved improvement.
  8. Kotzugi

    Jenesis demos [-complevel 9]

    Well done man. I could feel the nerves through my screen at the cyberdemon fight. I would have had elevated blood pressure for the rest of the day.
  9. Kotzugi

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Nice job guys. Appreciate the effort.
  10. "...speedrunners spend inordinate amounts of time pursuing a goal that holds very little material or social benefit in most cases and is more akin to an artistic statement." Source Why do you speedrun? My own reason for doing it (or at least having done it, since I've decided to more or less stop until I get a full-time job again) was the idea of "I love it when a plan comes together". Seeing effort and planning pay off in the form of something tangible and measurable. Being part of a community that solves a problem together. The thrill of competition. The adoration of the masses (/s). Doom just being a fun game. I think at the time I needed to prove to myself the value of this - if I can be successful in speedrunning because of effort and planning, this will be valid in e.g. my professional life too. So it was in a sense self-inspirational, more than an artistic statement.
  11. You are so right! Without trying to sound smug: We have an ability that not all people have, which is doing the same thing over and over again without getting (too much) discouraged and going on without any guarantee of eventual success. Sometimes I do e.g. an incredibly difficult run (for me at least) without any knowledge whether or not I would be able to finish it competitively. Some people might think that it's a complete waste of time, but for me, speedrunning is a tool to learn a few valuable life lessons. I find that I am able to take this kind of dedication and patience (that I had to learn) and also apply it to other areas of my life.
  12. I used to play classical piano up to a relatively high level, and there are some interesting similarities with speedrunning that I noticed, at least in the way I approach things: - Obviously, practice practice practice, trying to get better all the time. In Doom, this involves moving well, not bumping into things, shooting well, not wasting time, and playing smart and fast in various ways. In piano, this involves technical skills such as have ample finger strength to time notes correctly, having the right touch to play staccato notes, fast passages, play at the correct pace, play with the correct feeling, etc. - In Doom, I often practice short segments over and over, and if I'm comfortable playing it, I play longer segments over and over, etc. I used to do the same with practising music pieces. - Optimizing: In speedrunning, you optimize for things such as the ideal route, which weapons to use where, infighting, using tricks, etc. With classical piano, you figure out which fingers to use in your chords or passages, at which points you turn the page, how to incorporate the pedals, etc. - The performance, whether on a stage, a recording, or in the form of a demo that is distributed. Obviously, there are differences. Music obviously places a higher emphasis on aesthetics, whereas speedrunning's main emphasis is on speed. Some runs however evoke a similar appreciation in me as a well-played piece of music. With both, good technique is important, but with music, this can be to a higher or lesser degree depending on the piece. With both music and speedrunning, thinking on your feet - instinct - is also important. On the piano, your finger could slip and then you need to recover quickly - in Doom, any of a wide variety of things can go wrong and then you need to recover as fast as possible. I guess this is part of why I like speedrunning so much.
  13. Kotzugi

    Doom Archvile But it's Dr. Phil

    It's late right now where I'm living, I think this is enough Internet for today...LOL
  14. Kotzugi

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Thanks kraflab, I understand that you have a whole lot of things to do. I suppose the video links are a "nice to have" thing as well. I'll be following this project with interest (and find the time to do speedrunning again, but I'm super rusty).
  15. Beautiful stuff. Now do nightmare realistic. JK, but looking forward to E3 and E4, hopefully you'll get there.