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  1. Kotzugi

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 17: Xenophob UV-Fast in 6:28 reb17f628.zip
  2. Kotzugi

    Your dumb Doom habits

    I program. I suppose I have an in-built need to optimize.
  3. Kotzugi

    Your dumb Doom habits

    - Humping walls. - Never picking up that medkit/armor if I'm like 85% or higher. - Never picking up the supercharge if I'm below 100% health. - Never picking up the mega armor if I'm over 100%. - Compulsively picking up every health/armor potion, but feeling bad if I'm below 100%, since I should have picked up medkits/regular armor first, since the potions can go above 100%. - Always fetching the furthest medkit first. - Shooting out exactly 100 bullets/20 shells/etc. (even if there are no monsters) before I pick up the next one. - Feeling bad if I'm only a few short and I pick up the ammo item. Because waste. - Getting rid of that one shotgun shell if I'm uneven. - If I SSG a caco/arachnotron/HK/etc. twice, I switch to chaingun to finish it off, just in case the next SSG shot would be a waste (if it's almost dead). I do this especially when speed running on maps with tight ammo requirements. - Never using my cells because what if. - SSG'ing pinkies/specters when I have berserk on, then feeling bad that I've wasted shells. - Obsessively trying to take out arch-viles, PEs and revenants first, even though there are other, more dangerous threats in the room (but often it IS a good idea). - If I run over an ammo pack and I'm full and don't pick it up, I always switch to that weapon so that I can pick up the ammo later.
  4. Kotzugi

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    UV-Fast in 3:44 Thought the old one looked a bit clunky and could be improved a bit. reb11f344.zip
  5. Kotzugi

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    I hope this doesn't count as a necro, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this, it is incredibly atmospheric (music, sound effects and graphics all combine very nicely), hard mode is quite hard but not ridiculous. Last map I had to cheat at the you-know-what parts, I'm sure there is a solution but couldn't figure it out yet. I actually really liked the ending which I think was fitting with the dark theme. Perhaps the boss could have been a bit bigger though. I'll stop here since I don't want to spoil. Interesting additions to the bestiary although the new monsters tend to be a bit too small. Other than that I think they're mostly good. Not completely convinced that the Hexen monster is necessary, although something like that would still fit with the theme. Someone has mentioned the existence of (mostly lava) pits where you just drop in and don't die, I think it would be more realistic if those surfaces did damage. Someone mentioned that the voices are a bit camp or cliché or whatever, I like them though since they add to the atmosphere. Love the music. Make more! 9/10, Cacoward material.
  6. Kotzugi


    Yes. Could one limit the closed-sourcedness of the code to that particular function / set of functions? And if there is, would it be a good or bad idea in general?
  7. Kotzugi


    IIRC there are ways to check the binary if the game was paused during playback. Why is this not possible for detecting segments? For example, would it be possible to program a source port to produce some kind of output whenever the join button is used? PS I would actually consider it the highest form of flattery if somebody suspected me of cheating ;)
  8. Map 25: Cakravartin's miscalculation UV-Max in 8:20 (sixth exit) Really pretty map. jp25-820.zip
  9. Kotzugi

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Thanks, I think that's kinda what I meant as well, but I expressed myself badly. In other words: There are plenty of great WADs out there that offer an amazing experience just on their own without using any mods that change the playing experience significantly such as BD.
  10. Kotzugi

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    So many great vanilla PWADs out there as well, and BD won't be that playable (or at all) on some of them. It's always fun to go through a few Cacowards WADs to get a feeling of some of the best that is available.
  11. Kotzugi

    Doom wads that are actually fun to play.

    I made a similar post some time ago - I was looking for medium difficulty WADs that are also good looking and are well designed. Check it out, I updated the first post with all the suggestions in the thread. Mind that it was in October 2015. Anyways this made me think that there should be a table somewhere where WADs are rated according to their difficulty levels. This is subjective of course but perhaps the community could have a vote in the thread for that specific WAD. For example, out of 10 I would give the following mega WADs the following difficulty ratings: - nuts.wad 9.5 (I haven't actually played it much so this is completely subjective) - Sunder 9 - Deus Vult 2 8 - Going Down 8 - Jenesis, The Rebirth, Doom Reloaded, Coffeebreak 6 or 7 etc. So if such a table existed it would be easy to pick one that you think suits whatever you are looking for (not necessarily your level, but maybe you just want something easier for a change). Note of course that some mapsets may have significantly varying maps in terms of difficulty, the last two maps of Coffee Break are in my opinion quite a bit harder than the rest.
  12. Kotzugi

    Coffee Break demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 10: Fort UV-Max in 6:20 (TAS) Please note that this is not an optimised TAS run. (I think a top runner would be able to reach this time in a single segment.) I simply found the map too hard to do a competitive run in a reasonable amount of time so I made a simple multi-segmented run without slomo, software or any other tricks, with the idea of posting a cool, natural looking run to my YouTube channel. However, since no demos for this map exist yet, I thought it may be useful to watch. This is a new venture for me however so I don't view this run as competitive. cafebrk10tas620.zip
  13. Kotzugi

    YouTube speedrunners

    OK cool, I suppose I'll post it then because that map hasn't been done yet. Obviously I'll be clear that it was a TAS and what kind. Cheers
  14. Kotzugi

    YouTube speedrunners

    I agree with you Memfis. I have a YouTube channel but also contribute here. Once in a while, I tell an interested commentator and/or aspiring speed runner that they should post here and try to help where I can. I always post in the description where the original demo can be found and what software is needed. PS If I remember correctly you posted on one of my first vids around 5 years ago and encouraged me to post to DSDA as well. :) I also post videos for which I don't post the .lmp here. Recently I started doing multi-segmented runs (no proper TAS) that I try to do well but without being competitive, because there is no such category. Just made such a run for one of the Coffee Break maps that I haven't converted to video yet. Apart from maybe functioning as a demo to give someone ideas for tackling the map, I see no reason to post it here otherwise. (But let me know if you disagree.) Hence I agree with guys like RobinSena that not every demoer necessarily does it for the competitive aspect, even if the demos are good. I don't think it's bad that this split exists, it just means that there are different communities that cater to different needs. However I agree that it's good to let more people on YT know about the existence of the DSDA and encourage them to contribute.