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  1. Kotzugi

    Jenesis demos [Boom, complevel 9]

    Well done man. I could feel the nerves through my screen at the cyberdemon fight. I would have had elevated blood pressure for the rest of the day.
  2. Kotzugi

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Nice job guys. Appreciate the effort.
  3. "...speedrunners spend inordinate amounts of time pursuing a goal that holds very little material or social benefit in most cases and is more akin to an artistic statement." Source Why do you speedrun? My own reason for doing it (or at least having done it, since I've decided to more or less stop until I get a full-time job again) was the idea of "I love it when a plan comes together". Seeing effort and planning pay off in the form of something tangible and measurable. Being part of a community that solves a problem together. The thrill of competition. The adoration of the masses (/s). Doom just being a fun game. I think at the time I needed to prove to myself the value of this - if I can be successful in speedrunning because of effort and planning, this will be valid in e.g. my professional life too. So it was in a sense self-inspirational, more than an artistic statement.
  4. You are so right! Without trying to sound smug: We have an ability that not all people have, which is doing the same thing over and over again without getting (too much) discouraged and going on without any guarantee of eventual success. Sometimes I do e.g. an incredibly difficult run (for me at least) without any knowledge whether or not I would be able to finish it competitively. Some people might think that it's a complete waste of time, but for me, speedrunning is a tool to learn a few valuable life lessons. I find that I am able to take this kind of dedication and patience (that I had to learn) and also apply it to other areas of my life.
  5. I used to play classical piano up to a relatively high level, and there are some interesting similarities with speedrunning that I noticed, at least in the way I approach things: - Obviously, practice practice practice, trying to get better all the time. In Doom, this involves moving well, not bumping into things, shooting well, not wasting time, and playing smart and fast in various ways. In piano, this involves technical skills such as have ample finger strength to time notes correctly, having the right touch to play staccato notes, fast passages, play at the correct pace, play with the correct feeling, etc. - In Doom, I often practice short segments over and over, and if I'm comfortable playing it, I play longer segments over and over, etc. I used to do the same with practising music pieces. - Optimizing: In speedrunning, you optimize for things such as the ideal route, which weapons to use where, infighting, using tricks, etc. With classical piano, you figure out which fingers to use in your chords or passages, at which points you turn the page, how to incorporate the pedals, etc. - The performance, whether on a stage, a recording, or in the form of a demo that is distributed. Obviously, there are differences. Music obviously places a higher emphasis on aesthetics, whereas speedrunning's main emphasis is on speed. Some runs however evoke a similar appreciation in me as a well-played piece of music. With both, good technique is important, but with music, this can be to a higher or lesser degree depending on the piece. With both music and speedrunning, thinking on your feet - instinct - is also important. On the piano, your finger could slip and then you need to recover quickly - in Doom, any of a wide variety of things can go wrong and then you need to recover as fast as possible. I guess this is part of why I like speedrunning so much.
  6. Kotzugi

    Doom Archvile But it's Dr. Phil

    It's late right now where I'm living, I think this is enough Internet for today...LOL
  7. Kotzugi

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Thanks kraflab, I understand that you have a whole lot of things to do. I suppose the video links are a "nice to have" thing as well. I'll be following this project with interest (and find the time to do speedrunning again, but I'm super rusty).
  8. Beautiful stuff. Now do nightmare realistic. JK, but looking forward to E3 and E4, hopefully you'll get there.
  9. Kotzugi

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Wow, I'm only seeing this now - not surprising since my last comment was more than two years ago. I'm very happy that a bunch of people are putting in the work in their free time to contribute to more and better Doom speedrunning. Although I'm sure that there will be small niggles for some time to come, so far I'm very happy with the effort - the updated stats feature alone is amazing. I have a few questions (I might have more later): "Videos are linked to demos when possible" ==> Some of my runs don't have links to videos on the official channel, but most of them are on my channel. Can we make suggestions to add them? If so, who do we contact? Also, if we add new videos to our channels that are also on DSDA, can we suggest to add them, or is there a preference for the "DooMed Speed Demos Archive on YouTube" channel? Also if YouTube links expire eventually, are there automatic checks for that? Or do we have to report them? Also last time I checked (and IIRC), Compet-N still was the official source for IWADs and overruled anything on DSDA (some Compet-N records were not on DSDA back then) - is this still the case? If so, shouldn't there be links to the site? Thanks a whole bunch for the brilliant effort! :D
  10. Kotzugi

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 17: Xenophob UV-Fast in 6:28 reb17f628.zip
  11. Kotzugi

    Your dumb Doom habits

    I program. I suppose I have an in-built need to optimize.
  12. Kotzugi

    Your dumb Doom habits

    - Humping walls. - Never picking up that medkit/armor if I'm like 85% or higher. - Never picking up the supercharge if I'm below 100% health. - Never picking up the mega armor if I'm over 100%. - Compulsively picking up every health/armor potion, but feeling bad if I'm below 100%, since I should have picked up medkits/regular armor first, since the potions can go above 100%. - Always fetching the furthest medkit first. - Shooting out exactly 100 bullets/20 shells/etc. (even if there are no monsters) before I pick up the next one. - Feeling bad if I'm only a few short and I pick up the ammo item. Because waste. - Getting rid of that one shotgun shell if I'm uneven. - If I SSG a caco/arachnotron/HK/etc. twice, I switch to chaingun to finish it off, just in case the next SSG shot would be a waste (if it's almost dead). I do this especially when speed running on maps with tight ammo requirements. - Never using my cells because what if. - SSG'ing pinkies/specters when I have berserk on, then feeling bad that I've wasted shells. - Obsessively trying to take out arch-viles, PEs and revenants first, even though there are other, more dangerous threats in the room (but often it IS a good idea). - If I run over an ammo pack and I'm full and don't pick it up, I always switch to that weapon so that I can pick up the ammo later.
  13. Kotzugi

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    UV-Fast in 3:44 Thought the old one looked a bit clunky and could be improved a bit. reb11f344.zip
  14. Kotzugi

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    I hope this doesn't count as a necro, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this, it is incredibly atmospheric (music, sound effects and graphics all combine very nicely), hard mode is quite hard but not ridiculous. Last map I had to cheat at the you-know-what parts, I'm sure there is a solution but couldn't figure it out yet. I actually really liked the ending which I think was fitting with the dark theme. Perhaps the boss could have been a bit bigger though. I'll stop here since I don't want to spoil. Interesting additions to the bestiary although the new monsters tend to be a bit too small. Other than that I think they're mostly good. Not completely convinced that the Hexen monster is necessary, although something like that would still fit with the theme. Someone has mentioned the existence of (mostly lava) pits where you just drop in and don't die, I think it would be more realistic if those surfaces did damage. Someone mentioned that the voices are a bit camp or cliché or whatever, I like them though since they add to the atmosphere. Love the music. Make more! 9/10, Cacoward material.
  15. Kotzugi


    Yes. Could one limit the closed-sourcedness of the code to that particular function / set of functions? And if there is, would it be a good or bad idea in general?