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  1. you think this is not (almost) a 15 years old?
  2. 14 but 15 in November :)
  3. playerunknown's battleground + doom
  4. That sounds really interesting.
  5. New trick, best trick yes. Doom 1 E1M2, will revolutionize the uv-max of this level, but don't forget, the most important part is to call this trick with its proper name: j4riostones Have a nice day. best_trick_EU_around_USA_too.7z
  6. Very nice! Actual tactics, and not just a silly dice roll. Good job.
  7. New source ports have a lot smoother movement than vanilla. Just check any demo that has vertical mouse movement on (or uses mouse strafe), and you will see that the MF and SL/SR commands will have jumps in vanilla demos.
  8. So which ones have different pattern?
  9. That page is wrong.
  10. Don't forget the lit emojis 👌
  11. Ok, this is some crazy stuff :D RIP many runs for sure. Doom2 map17 major skip no17xwtf.zip
  12. Have to hit the damn exit! Fuuuu
  13. Doom2 Map07 in 1:13. Ok it just shows how to hit the exit from the lower ground, but this could be the very first time ever :o Maybe someone has hit it by accident in 23 years, and told his big bro and no one believed. Here's the proof now. Credits for Zero-Master for finding the Map15 switch press and 4shockblast for finding PL04 switch press. I'm sure this won't be the only good place for the trick, especially considering TASs. no07-113.zip
  14. It's balanced, but to the difficult side :D