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  1. Lolled @ the three hell knights tactic.
  2. Doom 2 - Map21 + whole Doom1 ep2
  3. You mean UV-Speed? Pretty sure Romero didn't use -fast parameter and kill all the monsters and round the time up to nearest 30(15) second.
  4. It's not enough because there's still this big problem of random movement by the monsters. There's an easy solution though: -nomonsters
  5. Really? I thought the movies (30nm and 30uv) were not that competed, except now as you and elim are around :-)
  6. 🙃🙃
  7. Cool! So you are only like 8 months younger than me :)
  8. Even though this thread exists, I still think the chaingun is way underrated.
  9. Cool... can't wait to play this in multiplayer.... survival with 1-3 lives :D
  10. Bullshit :D
  11. LuL. A bit difficult to do the ledges with some weird ass mouse sensitivity, strange screen and pretty sure there was some odd mouse acceleration, maybe it was negative acceleration.
  12. I will be playing Doom2 UV-speed @ https://go.twitch.tv/tietoteekkarikilta about 4 hours from this post. The run is after Ultimate Doom Race. The stream is in Finnish :-) Full schedule: https://tietoteekkarikilta.fi/#!/events/326 (timezone is +2 GMT)
  13. I think it's complete bullshit RNG.
  14. "This shit teached me the final lesson. Regard everything I sed before, and I mean everything...couse obviously I'm not the right person to talk about future, I was(am) just a fool who payed too much attention on present and I let that missguide my judgement about tommorow." This is very nice quote which gets disregarded way too many times in speedrunning. I really try to follow this quote because he wasn't a fool who sed this :-)
  15. F12 and learn from the better players. Don't try to mimic their reflexes or aim but something that can be learned immediately. When spectating a better player, try to think as you were playing, what would you do/where would you go in the situation. The better player corrects your tactics then you have to figure out why did he do it different than you.