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  1. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Surprising when they could be vastly different.
  2. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    "Kvothesixstring goes for normal exit but I think they qualify the same", what's the reasoning?
  3. Before I realized, I was expecting a save state bug.
  4. I have personally never used spinners for speedrunning demos. I've used turn180 in Zdaemon though (Doom multiplayer port), where I do find quite a bit of use out of it. There are many situations where simply having a perfect turn180 helps you a lot. One obvious case is in deathmatch, where turning super fast to gain a tiny bit of time to mess up opponent's timing. In original Doom, one obvious case is actually Doom 1 E2M1 nomonsters/UV-speed/pacifist, where one can simply hit the turn180 key after picking the first key, blue key card, and get an easy perfect turn180. This turn is actually really difficult to optimize if you do the turn manually. It is so easy to lose surprising amount of time there. Like 0.14 seconds out of almost thin air. Also, the turn180 provides a lot of consistency which makes the turn trivial, instead of really difficult. Ridiculous. I know there are other maps (pretty much all the maps to be honest), where I could use the turn180 key to make turns a lot more consistent and _precise_. The interesting thing about the turn180 bind is that you can use it for turns that are not 180 degrees. For example, you can use it for turns around 180°+-45° and be faster, as you can combine your manual turn with the turn180. It makes some turns a lot more consistent with some gained time. I have not used the turn180 in the past because I've always thought it is only for the keyboarders AND for the 'meme maps', where people just seem to be fine to use it. So a case by case ruling. Because the game is supposed to be fun, and spamming turn180 in a meme map can be quite hilarious. Now, if the turn180 is allowed everywhere, we WILL be seeing it a lot in the coming speedruns of all categories. Now do we want such a viewing experience, where the runner may unexpectedly make a turn180? The turn180 is really tough to follow from others' perspective, for the runner it isn't that bad to follow, but unexpecting viewer will be like "what happened, I blinked and where did the guy warp to?". I've seen this happen many times online. If the turn180 is disallowed, almost nothing actually changes, because the turn180 is still rarely used to gain any significant advantage, except maybe in some meme maps where you gotta spin 180 every frame, but those maps (or complevels?) can be ruled differently. I am sorry but who are you exactly? I don't think I've seen you ever engage with speedrunning or send any demos. This sentence alone is one of the biggest bullshit statements I've seen in many years. I don't mean to be rude, but the sentence just blew my mind how uneducated it is. I read your other comments and it seems like you do not have any clue about speedrunning. It is just that you are super clueless, and doing harm to the thread by derailing it a shitton. I will read your reply, if you have one, but I won't reply to you anymore to avoid further derailing. And please understand, I don't try to be mean.
  5. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Really nice run, congrats. Don't worry too much about runs getting beaten, I'm sure you've learned something out of the run even if one day it gets beaten by someone... and maybe by then you are even better runner so the times will be easier to get.
  6. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    lv02m059.zip Whee!
  7. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    lv02m100.zip some tips in this demo.
  8. Looper

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E1M7 UV-max in 2:14 E1M7 UV-Respawn in 2:05 e1m7m214.zip e1m7r205.zip
  9. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    It's very nice demo... so is the rumoured Adam H's 46.00 made around 2000-2004, hitting exit switch slow, losing couple frames.
  10. Map26 nomonsters in 59.66 h226o059.zip
  11. The Blockmap bug. It fucks up the melee, the ssg and the bfg. (SG is already fucked up.) Map full of diagonal walls in cramped spaces. Bulletsponge fights: you hold the ssg down for 12 minutes (and 7 seconds) to kill 100 barons without any risk. It's ok when you can just alt+tab and watch youtube meanwhile the fire key is stuck down.
  12. Looper

    What are your "level up" runs?

    Movement wise: Doom 2 Map31 nomonsters and Doom E2M1 nomonsters: The reason for the better movement was obvious though: better source port, but damn it felt good to be suddenly a 'better' player, especially because of read n2m13171.txt. Doom 2 Map24 nomonsters. I tried this run for one attempt (that didn't completely fail the first jump) two days ago with a bad first jump, still got 35.11 (no ending jump). I should probably visit Plutonia Map11 nomonsters again (the normal way). Getting 49 was crazy tough back in Dosbox, Sr40 only. I even used a notebook (good old pencil&paper) to keep track of my times against other runs to see where I lost a frame or two. Back then I struggled to understand what's going on with the game though, as some of the time was seemingly randomly lost for no reason. Now, I would guess the time loss came from not switching from strafe left to strafe right fast enough due to dosbox lagging (I didn't know DRE2 existed back then, there was no xdre). UV-max wise: Doom 2 Map12. I got 3:50 quite early in my Doom career. It was a decent record at that time, but damn it is easy to beat nowadays. Can't believe how much I sucked. I should probably visit Doom2 Map24 UV-max again. That shit was tough. The run looks pretty good even today, I think, but I don't think it can stand the test of modern players and ports. Consistency: My newer Doom2 full run speedruns. Better computer, better monitor, better keybindings, better source port and better player. My consistency is heaps better than what it used to be. I remember playing playing Doom for the first time with my new (this) computer, and it felt like I had super precision over the doomguy. It felt like I had been drunk my whole Doom career, and then one day you play sober for the first time.
  13. Looper

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    Watching El juancho have fun with the E4M3, I decided try my hands on the nomo run. n4m3o849.zip
  14. Looper

    Doom 2 in under 10 minutes [TAS]

    Congratulations! Very high quality TAS of Doom2 after all the years of wating. Happy you didn't stop in Map29, I'm sure that map was annoying to deal with. There were couple tricks, but not many, that were missing, but it's next to impossible to make a full run with no mistakes. Also, building TAS this high quality takes a lot of time, which means that new tricks and strats (even after all these years) pop-up. This could mean changing a thing or two half-way the run, which is a huge pain. Again, congrats!
  15. Funny, my nick was 'Trooper' around 2000-2001, but as it was too common, my cousin suggested to use 'Looper'. Guess I'll try the WAD.