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  1. Looper

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    CNDoom has actually never worked that great for me. Not sure why, but I have black screen there for long period of time making it completely unplayable. There are some settings for the quick start though. I think it's added time for the first frames, so you dont miss it because of too fast loading screen or something. Not 100% sure though. On/off toggle as a key would be the one I'm looking for. The latter sounds interesting though.
  2. Looper

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    Awesome source port, 5/5. Thanks a lot for it. Just two tiny requests/questions from speedrunning perspective. Is there a way to fix the "quick start"? It seems like the inputs are not correct during/for the wipescreen effect. The quick start is almost as good as in the original doom under DOS, but not quite. For example the first 2 frames of a demo file shows that usually the game only registers one key/input, not two. Meaning only "move forward" command is inserted but not "move forward" + "strafe left/right" from the very first frames of the level, meaning straferun starts a bit slow. Sometimes it just misses 1-2 frames for the input entirely. This is A LOT in speedrunning when doing some serious runs. It would be nice, if there was vertical mouse movement toggle on/off, meaning one could switch between moving forward with the mouse or not during the gameplay. Other than those two things, I think this source port is pretty much as good as it can get for speedrunning. EDIT: Oh, forgot that you can't bind the keys on NUMPAD for some reason :( Would help a lot too.
  3. Looper

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    You can check my failed demos here (to give some legitimacy if someone wonders). It has ALL of my attempts. Some 99% in 37. Some 36(!) seconds but with a bit more missed. Yeah, I did not organize them at all, so have fun... though the demo file size might give you a clue if it is an exit or not. I think in couple runs I got stuck to demons and used IDFA(HAX!!!) to see my item %, so those will desync near end of the demo. Also, I think some IDCLIP used in some of the nomo attempts as I didnt bother with one line def skip every time. (LV18--358.lmp was my first 38 s) And yeah, thanks again. Loopers_attempts.zip
  4. Looper

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    Thanks everyone for cheering and making it fun. Thanks for the money. The idea of this challenge was excellent. Many routes to choose from, lot of fine tuning and thinking. Too bad it ended this way.
  5. Looper

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    Nah, that room is more complicated than it looks. You can cut corners in so many different ways and try fast switch, try the pacifist style (used by memfis in his 39 s) etc. There are so many tiny things you can do there. I'm glad it is there. The amount of items you can get from the room varies from around 28 up to 46. That means you have to optimize the room to suit the rest of the route/run to barely get the 100% with luck.
  6. Looper

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    Good luck, have fun vittu. D2M18-037-Looper.zip
  7. Looper

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    I think Doom1 E1M1, M4, M7 and M8 are great, but the rest is quite garbage, Especially EP2. EP4 has a couple great levels, levels that aren't just about occasional zombies with 0 difficulty with key hunting. The music is great though.
  8. Looper

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    I just wanted to equalize your time with a bit different tactic :-) D2M18-041-Looper.zip
  9. Looper

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Teeth.wad UV-Max TAS in 1:04. te32x104.zip
  10. Just check any Doom 2 Nightmare demo from Steffen Winterfeldt to see how a noob cheater plays.
  11. Only a cheater would leave in such a fashion as Okuplok did when he was being called a cheater, as far as I know. I'm quite sure that, kimoxvirus and Okuplok knew that each other were cheating, probably talking about it out loud in PMs/chat. I don't call kimoxvirus a bad player though, but Oku... sucks horse.
  12. You just complimented Ancalagon the best way possible. Calling him a cheater even though he is not cheating.
  13. Just by looking how broken the GBA Doom is, it makes me think one can run through walls without the RL if you do the 'walless' trick. Should be possible with aligned wall near you at least. Haven't ever played it though. Does Nightmare! increase the HP of enemies on GBA?
  14. Looper

    LAN in Prague

    Lol, I see. He didn't even care! He just wanted KS2!
  15. Looper

    PistolShot gamemode (plus example demo)

    That's doable.... but try beating Doom2 Map18.