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  1. reality 2.0

    Learning about the Doom Engine

    how much math is there to understand the doom engine? I understand the gist of pre-calculus and am pretty good with college level algebra. is that good enough?
  2. reality 2.0

    Rainbow dash HUD

    It's not bad, but at the same time it's not good. it looks ok, I guess. You really should next time come up with something original next time, MLP and DOOM don't mix well.
  3. That joke died years ago along with any funny or wit it somewhat had.
  4. reality 2.0

    How does doomguy open doors?

    They're so scared of him they just open themselves, because he's the GODDAMN DOOMGUY!
  5. reality 2.0

    Another example that Doom runs on everything

    A printer. wow. next thing you know we'll be having doom in our cars and you gotta drive around to move the marine.
  6. reality 2.0

    Lesbian obesity not just a stereotype

    yeah, you have a more likely chance of health related illnesses such as diabetes or dieing early if it's severe obesity. so yeah, it's a weakness.
  7. reality 2.0

    9 year old girl kills her gun instructor

    @geekmarine It's the nature of politics. People tend to get on their soapbox when it comes to these issues. @geo It might not have been a wise decision, but he didn't deserve to die.
  8. reality 2.0

    9 year old girl kills her gun instructor

    Hey man, she wasn't learning how to fire an uzi, she was learning how to fire FREEDOMâ„¢. FREEDOMâ„¢ means the ability to defend yourself, whatever the cost.
  9. reality 2.0

    So where does your username come from?

    I really liked Telltale games Sam and Max point and click adventure games. My name is from Sam and Max: save the world (aka Sam and Max season 1) episode 5, Reality 2.0.
  10. reality 2.0

    Hellish troubled dev cycle = timeless classics?

    Any game is subject to horrid development cycles. Valve is notorious for this (insert half-life 3 joke here). Valve got hacked by some german kid in 2004 and the game got leaked onto the internet. It showed that they were nowhere near done with the game. yet is ended up being one of the most remembered games ever made. also, Obsidian beat me to the punch, Duke Nukem Forever took 12 years to make yet bombed. personally, I think it has to do with developers that know what to take out and what to keep. The ones that avoid spinning their wheels make the best games despite problems they run into.
  11. reality 2.0

    Waiting In Line 3D (I must survive)

    holy web 1.0 batman! This game is a 10/10, we better get GOTY edition on zdoon soon. Hopefully It'll come with some great DLC.
  12. reality 2.0

    Gaming Journalism 2014: Blogs For Cash

    @FireFish I dunno m8. When sites like reddit, 4chan (not just /v/, but boards like /b/ and /pol/ are discussing this), gamefaqs, funnyjunk, and even the SJW hivemind tumblr are all agreeing on something and calling Zoe Quinn out and these are sites that normally hate each other quite a lot. Something pretty big is happening.
  13. reality 2.0

    Tom Hall and video game violence

    Maybe Tom has soften his stance compared to 20 years ago? We do as humans have a tendency to change opinions as years go on, tom must not be any different.
  14. reality 2.0

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    I haven't played it. I've seen a few let's plays. I wouldn't say it's scary per se. Creepy? Hell yeah. Very suspenseful. You know those little fuckers are gonna pop out at you, just don't know when. The game does it very well.
  15. reality 2.0

    Gaming Journalism 2014: Blogs For Cash

    I should be enjoying myself. Sex scandal? Check. Everyone losing their minds? check. all hell breaking loose in sites I like? check. drama (and lots of it)? check. proof that modern vidya gaem journalism is corrupt to a degree and is lacking in a sense of ethics? check. but you know what, I simply can't give a fuck on what's going on. These idiots want attention and that's how they get clicks on their sites and how they boost their careers. I bet they wanted this to happen and we're doing what they want us to be doing. Let's not give them any more attention.